Male Idol V8c48

Volume 8 Chapter 48 Hoshimiya Shiro and Oumi Tama’s Midnight Broadcast

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Hoshimiya Shiro and…”

 ”Oumi Tama!”

 ”‘Midnight Halloween Festival!!’”

 After the Halloween Night Festival ended, I returned home and began broadcasting as Hoshimiya Shiro. Despite feeling more tired than expected, I put in the effort as it was a plan I wanted to do myself.

 ”Yes, that’s right. That’s right.”

 ”Yeah, let’s explain it properly, Shiro.”

 This plan is, so to speak, like a campfire after a festival. By the way, in manga, there is often a scene of a campfire at the end of a cultural festival, but in reality, very few schools do this, mostly due to safety issues.

 Of course, even at Otomezaki’s cultural festival, there is no campfire. Instead, the last event was a beauty pageant. I never thought I would win.

 Hey, everyone… I’m sure you voted for me as a joke, but let’s judge seriously. I’m not one to talk, having given 100 points to my wife, but Subaru-chan and Kukuri-chan were really cute.

 Ku’ ~ I wanted to let Lapis win the beauty pageant, even though it would have been a joke. By the way, among the final candidates, that Church’s Sister was honestly amazing.

 What’s up with that voluptuous figure? She even had an indecent atmosphere, hiding something lewd and dangerous under her sister’s outfit.

 And she’s defenseless. She needs to be more aware of her own sexy body. Her body is too appealing to this Aqua-kun. Will she be arrested for being too sexy? Oops, let’s focus on the broadcast.

 ”Um, so the Midnight Halloween Festival is… It’s a radio broadcast project for all the big brothers and big sisters across the country who can’t sleep because they got too excited at the Halloween Night Festival. Yes.”

 ”Yeah, yeah. Did everyone watch the Halloween Night Festival properly? To the bad big sisters and bad big brothers who didn’t watch, we’ll play tricks on you!”

 I glance at the comments scrolling on the sub-monitor.

 ’I watched it properly!’ ~ User

 ’I actually watched it, but I want to say I didn’t because I want Tama-chan to play tricks on me…’ ~ User

 ’It was fun!’ ~ Tsukki

 ’Let’s make an offering when the album comes out!” ~ Oil Queen

 ’I’ll pay you today’s part-time job pay. Please accept it.” ~ Ramen Hagetoru

 ’Midnight broadcasts are a lifesaver.” ~ Sommelier

 ’Made it just in time for my bath.” ~ Bath Lady

 ’Tricks? Is that a reward?” ~ Nyankosuki

 ’My heart is still pounding!’ ~ User

 ’I watched it at the venue! I’m still excited!’ ~ User

 ’My heart is too loud. There’s no way I can sleep!’ ~ User

 This broadcast is not on each other’s channels but on the official Beryl channel. Therefore, in today’s comments, not only Shiro’s listeners but also Tama-chan’s listeners are commenting.

 ”Well, big brothers and big sisters seem quite childish, huh? Like elementary school kids before a field trip.”

 ”Yeah. And being too excited to sleep at night, what on earth did they get excited about? *chuckles*”

 Yes, yes, whether they got excited about singing, dancing, or the latest technology, performances, action scenes, there are many possibilities, but I wonder which one excited them the most.

 ’Oh! Oh! Oh!’ ~ Nyankosuki

 ’The sudden OSUGAKI (male MESUGAKI) move from both of them!’ ~ User

 ’Gwaaaah!’ ~ User

 ’My brain, my brain, what is happening!’ ~ User

 ’So…cute…’ ~ Tsukki

 ’Just now, it’s confirmed that I won’t be able to sleep tonight.’ ~ 92

 ’This, Tama-chan understands it all.’ ~ Ramen Hagetoru

 ’Shiro-kun seems like he absolutely doesn’t understand the meaning.’ ~ Sommelier

 ’Yeah, I think he just gets excited about singing like a cute little thing.’ ~ 996

 ’Idiot, that’s what makes him cute, shhh!’ ~ Grandma

 ’Off-topic, but Aa-sama seems like a virgin even though he’s married, right? ‘ ~ User

 ’I get it. That’s why even when married, he’s liked by women who are a bit…unique.’ ~ User

 ’Written as defenseless and read as Shirogane Aqua.’ ~ Pego Maru

 I shift my gaze to the secondary PC placed on the opposite side of the sub-monitor.

 So, what should I choose for the first plan?

 I discussed it with Ako-san, but for online streaming, the key is to create a sense of live sharing with the audience in the same time and place. So, this time, I’ve prepared the plan in advance, but apart from the rough outline that needs to be done, I haven’t decided on anything specific.

 ”Well, you know, I think little Tama-chan appearing a lot was exciting.”

 ”Oh, I see.”

 Unfortunately, I couldn’t see it during the actual performance, but I checked during the rehearsal, so I know what kind of performance they did.

 I didn’t expect things to turn out that way just before the live performance, but I feel sorry for Tama-chan and Toa. I wanted to see little Tama-chan flying around on a big stage…

 ”I wonder what’s going on with that?”

 ”Yeah, really. I don’t quite understand the technical aspects, but if they can do that, there are many other possibilities.”

 ”Yeah, it expands the possibilities.”


 This time, the live performance was getting closer to my break as Tama-chan and Shiro. I thought it would be nice if I could perform in that capacity too.

 ’What’s with this married couple vibe?’ ~ User

 ’I see. So, this is what a married couple is like, understood.’ ~ User

 ’Phew.’ ~ Tsukki

 ’These two occasionally flirt, don’t they?’ ~ Yamada

 ’They’re always flirting at any opportunity!’ ~ User

 ’Can you guys stop being so lovey-dovey more than with your cute wife?’ ~ Shumi the Maiden

 ’Well, well, the wife is NTR’ed.’ ~ Ramen Hagetoru

 ’Looks like the wife being NTR’ed is popular, LMAO!’ ~ Grandma

 ’Serves you right!, LMAO!’ ~ Sommelier

 ’What’s wife?’ ~ Pego Maru

 ’Haa… haa…’ ~ Nyankosuki

 ’Ugh… my heart’s pounding…’ ~ User

 ’Guuuh, my chronic condition is acting up…’ ~ User

 ’※If you feel palpitations or discomfort in your heart during the broadcast, please consult the nearest hospital with a specialized cardiac department. You can find the nearest hospital in the description section.’ ~ Berylbot

 Oh! This plan seems interesting. I select a file from the prepared plans.

 ”Shiro, which plan do you like the most?”

 ”Um, I think…I liked ‘Shikiori (Season by Season)’ performed in sign language or ‘Kimi wa Utsukushii (You’re beatiful)’ that we sang with four people the most. ‘Shikiori (Season by Season)’ had people doing sign language in the audience, and it would be fun if we could all do it together someday. As for ‘Kimi wa Utsukushii (You’re beatiful),’ I thought it was the best when we all sang and danced together.”

 ’Kimi wa Utsukushii’ was a song we sang with four people at the wedding. Thanks to Shintaro’s enthusiastic dancing, I think we were able to deliver the best performance to everyone.

 ”Kimi wa Utsukushii’ was really amazing…’ ~ user

 ’Yeah!’ ~ user

 ’Since there was a costume change, everyone looked like princes and it was really cool!!’ ~ Shumi the Maiden

 ’Aa-sama, the orthodox prince, Toa-chan, the cute-type prince, Mayushin-kun, the slightly dark prince, and Tenga Sumeragi, who looks cool on the outside but was hot in his performance, all of them were amazing.’ ~ user

 ’How many girls collapsed at that song…’ ~ user

 ’The editor-in-chief of the weekly manga magazine said that our concept of princes would change. It’s definitely Hakuryuu-sensei.’ ~ user

 ’I never thought Aiko-chan-sensei’s world she drew would become a reality.’ ~ user

 Hakuryuu-sensei’s name appeared occasionally in the comments. I thought it was a good time to reveal some information that everyone didn’t know.

 ”Oh, by the way, the costumes, stage setup, and performance for ‘Kimi wa Utsukushii,’ they were all supervised by Aiko-chan~”

 I open the chat window on the secondary PC and propose a plan for the first segment of the live stream to the general chat. Almost instantly, I receive responses from all directions. Seriously, everyone’s responses are way too quick.

 ’As expected!’ ~ user

 ’Sensei~!!’ ~ user

 ’Only Aiko-chan sensei can win!!’ ~ user

 ’Aiko, are you alive?’ ~ Euris

 ’Sensei, we understand.’ ~ user

 ’Truly, Hakuryuu-sensei never stops being sweet.’ ~ Grandma

 ’Hakuryuu-sensei, I’ll follow you forever.’ ~ Shumi the Maiden

 ’Sensei is truly a great sensei.’ ~ 92

 ’Please, sensei, come back to the board soon.’ ~ user

 ’Sensei-chan, whatever you did, it’s okay now, so come back!’ ~ HP3

 Self-restraint, huh… Now that I think about it, since that date, I’ve exchanged emails with Hakuryuu-sensei through Kirika-san and Ako-san, but we haven’t directly met or communicated.

 When I received an email from Sensei saying, “I’m sorry for kissing you. I’ll pay compensation. I intend to turn myself in,” I was surprised, and I quickly replied that there was no need for that.

 Since then, we haven’t had direct communication. Hmm, is everything okay? I think the bigger issue is my lack of defense, considering I kissed someone other than my wife… Oh, no, I shouldn’t be remembering things like how soft Sensei’s lips were or anything like that!

 ”Everyone really loves Sensei. Probably, Sensei is watching this broadcast too, and I’m sure she’s happy.”

 I pick up the smartphone nearby and send a message, “Sensei, it’s about time you come back. I was also at fault for that, and I told my wife about it.”

 By the way, after Miyuki-san left, when I told Kanon that I had kissed Sensei, she reacted with something like, “Oh, really?” and it felt like I got a cold reception…

 But then, she approached me in a way that seemed like she was asking me to kiss her too. Damn it… If Pegonia-san wasn’t watching!! The sign says, “I am air,” but there’s no way I’m the kind of air that attracts such passionate gazes!

 ”By the way, Shiro, weren’t you planning to do something?”

 ”Oh, right, sorry. Let’s go to the first segment.”

 The name of the segment is displayed prominently on the screen right above Tama-chan and Shiro.

 [2-Person 100 Questions Corner!]

 Huh? Wait, isn’t this different? Did I accidentally convey the wrong segment? I double-checked, fearing I had made a mistake, but it turned out not to be the case.

 Checking the internal chat, it seems one of the staff members mistakenly provided the segment name. Seeing the enthusiastic response from the listeners, I decided to go with it and immediately posted in the internal chat,

 ”Alright, so with that in mind, we’ll answer 100 questions sent by the listeners along with Tama-chan!”

 ”Oh! I’m excited to see what kind of questions we’ll get!”

 Yeah, as expected of Toa. She responds quickly.

 [Shiro-kun, Tama-chan, nice to meet you! I’m a working adult living in a prefecture with sand dunes. Do you both like traveling? I love traveling. If there’s a prefecture you’d like to visit out of the 47, please let me know!]

 Oh, really… Just a while ago, I had talked about choosing 12 places from the 47 prefectures for a nationwide tour, and now I’m faced with a question that’s tricky to answer from the start.

 ”Isn’t this too timely from the beginning?”

 ”Staff, you’re definitely aiming for this, right?”

 The chat was buzzing with excitement in response to this question.

 ’This is intriguing.’ ~ user

 ’Come on, staff-chan!’ ~ user

 ’Come visit where I live!’ ~ Grandma

 ’Wow, an amazing question right from the start!’ ~ user

 ’Everyone, don’t be disappointed if it’s not your prefecture!’ ~ user

 ’Traveling together, huh… Ugh…’ ~ Nyankosuki

 ’Grrr, my heart!!’ ~ user

 ’I’ll go get my medication real quick.’ ~ user

 ’※If you feel palpitations or discomfort in your heart during the broadcast, please consult the nearest hospital with a specialized cardiac department. You can find the nearest hospital in the description section.’ – Berylbot

 Now, how should I answer this? Before I can decide, Toa responds to the question first.

 ”Um, I’d like to visit a prefecture with a Cat Island!”

 ”Oh, that’s a good idea. Cat Islands seem like a lot of fun.”

 I see, that’s a clever response. Cat Islands aren’t limited to just one, so this answer doesn’t specify a particular prefecture.

 ”What about you, Shiro?”

 ”To be honest, I’d like to visit all 47 prefectures. So, I can’t choose just one.”

 ”Shiro sure is greedy.”

 ”Well, you see, every prefecture has so many delicious foods. Ugh… I’m getting hungry.”

 Grr… Ah, even though I had a little snack earlier, it seems onigiri alone isn’t enough. It’s not really a good idea, but I’ll have to eat something proper after the stream.

 ’Yay! There’s a Cat Island in my prefecture! I’m going to win!’ ~ user

 ’We have islands in our prefecture, but not a Cat Island…’ ~ user

 ’Tomorrow, all the islands in the country will become Cat Islands, it seems.’ ~ user

 ’Local governments suddenly promoting themselves as Cat Islands, classic.’ ~ user

 ’Just now, the Twitter account of a nearby island changed to Cat Island in seconds. LOL.’ ~ Grandma

 ’Only grass will grow LMAO.’ ~ Grandma

 ’Oh, Inu-san, so pitiful…’ ~ Yamada

 ’Shiro~kun is a big eater, huh?’ ~ Tadano

 ’I want to stuff Shiro~kun’s belly with my home~cooked meals.’ ~ Deleted comment

 ’Rather, I want Shiro~kun to stuff my belly…’ ~ Deleted comment

 ’※ Inappropriate comments will be automatically deleted. Please be aware that repeatedly posting inappropriate comments can result in a ban from commenting for a certain period.*’ ~ Berylbot

 Somehow, it seems like a few comments were deleted. I wonder what kind of comments they were… Since many sensible people are around me, I’m sure there wasn’t anyone making weird comments. Everyone, please follow the rules. At the top of the screen, the next question is displayed.

 [Shiro-kun, Tama-chan, good evening! I’m a high school girl belonging to the home economics club! Do you both have favorite dishes or foods? Please tell us if you don’t mind!]

 Grrrr, this question is making my stomach growl. Staff, you’re definitely aiming for this, huh? Why do you want to make me so hungry?


 I naturally muttered that. Sweet agemochi atop kitsune udon, plenty of wakame on wakame udon, meat and green onions for a meat udon dashi, and egg-dropped onto tsukimi udon—eating udon late at night feels so sinful.

 At first glance, it seems light and refreshing, but once you’ve drunk up the broth, you end up consuming too much salt and sugar. And when it comes to udon, you invariably drink up all the broth. Damn, this is bad. I need to think about something else to distract myself!

 ”Katsudon bowl, hamburger, takoyaki…”

 No way! All of them are food items!! For some reason, Sayamu Inko-senpai seems to have possessed me.

 ”Ah… Shiro, when it comes to things outside of work, you’re quite… or rather, very indecisive, aren’t you?”


 ”Also, you seem really easy to persuade. Especially when it comes to girls, it feels like you can’t refuse if they come onto you or ask you for something.”

 ”Grr… That’s true.”

 Now that it’s pointed out, I do feel like that sometimes.

 ’Yeah, yeah, you’re easily persuaded.’ ~ user

 ’So, if we push, we can win him over, right?’ ~ user

 ’At first, you were about to say Aqua~kun, that’s hilarious.’ ~ user

 ’Hmm, I see. That’s enlightening.’ ~ 996

 ’His weakness for breasts and his persuadability. Especially when it comes to girls, he’s a pushover, huh? Maybe a bit lewd.’ ~ Grandma

 ’Actually, I’d prefer if he stays that way. That way, I might have a chance.’ ~ Deleted comment

 ’I understand…’ ~ user

 ’I want him to remain forever like an eternal virgin.’ ~ user

 ’Ah, I can imagine the grumbling in his heart right now. LOL.’ ~ Pego maru

 Grrr! By the way, Tama-chan’s answer that follows is “crunchy”…

 Oh, I see, they’re using character roles for questions like this. We continue smoothly, answering the questions that follow.

 [I guess this might get cut, but I’ll ask anyway! Do you like big women? I’m big in various ways, like height and other things.]

 W-What!? “Big in various ways”? Could you please elaborate on that? I’m asking seriously here.

 ”Well, I don’t really mind things like that. My manager is a very tall person, but I’ve never really paid attention to her height because of it.”

 Certainly, Kirika-san is tall in various ways. When we met at the gym, I secretly looked at her chest area, buttocks to thighs, around her abdomen, and more. It’s not cheating, and it’s not lewd.

 Just like how people visit art galleries to appreciate art, I’m only admiring aesthetics. Sometimes, I feel a sharp gaze and get nervous, but lately, it’s become a bit of a habit, adding some spice.

 Rather, I’d prefer it if she gave me a more displeased look or a scornful glance… Oops, the conversation is veering off track.

 ”This, you know, it’s not about liking or disliking. It’s not on that level.”

 ”Here we go again.”

 ”Is it alright? Being big gives off a sense of embracing everything. When you hear the word ‘big,’ don’t you feel a warmth that envelops everything?”

 ”Sorry, everyone. I know it’s a hassle, but please listen to… Shiro properly.”

 ”So, let me say this. What’s wrong with being big? I think it’s great. Of course, I also think being small is wonderful, but today, let me talk about being big. As I mentioned earlier, Tama-chan’s manager. She’s also big in many ways, and every time I see her at work, I feel happy. Let’s do our best today. We can do our best tomorrow too. When you see someone big, doesn’t it make your heart feel lighter? So, let me express my gratitude to you, for being big!!”

 Oh, uh… Tama-chan seems to be giving me a really icy glare. I-I was just trying to encourage her, you know? That’s right, I didn’t have any impure intentions or anything like that…

 ’Wow, Nee~san totally dead.’ ~ Ramen Hagetoru

 ’Confirming the death of our Nee~san!’ ~ Sommelier

 ’Hmm, you’re looking at Nee~san like that, huh?’ ~ Shumi the Maiden

 ’Sorry, Shiro~kun, for the trouble, but please listen to… Shiro’s story.’ ~ 996

 ’So, Toa~chan gets it, LOL.’

 ’Go, Toa~sama!!’ ~ Nyankosuki

 ’Cool.’ ~ Yamada

 ’Shiro~kun likes big women, huh? This guy, LOL.’ ~ Tadano

 ’This guy’s something else, LOL.’ ~ Pegomaru

 ’You know, pretending you didn’t notice is tough too, you know?’ ~ Tsuu~chan

 ’This guy, he’s not even trying to hide it. Deserves to be punished.’ ~ Yukari Gohan

 ’Sorry, I even thought Aqua~sama might get attacked.’ ~ Grandma

 ’I want those who protect to understand the hardship too (serious face).’ ~ HP3

 ’In times like this, I might like Shiro~kun the most. Cute… I like him.’ ~ 996

 ’I wonder how many women were saved by this statement.’ ~ user

 ’Could you talk about the smaller ones too? You always talk about the big ones, it’s unfair…’ ~ Lapis Lazuli

 The comments section flows by with tremendous speed. We regain our composure and continue answering more questions.

 ”Yes, this is the last question of this surprisingly lengthy segment!”

 The final question is displayed above us on the screen.

 [First of all, I want to thank both of you! Shiro-kun and Tama-chan, and everyone from Beryl, meeting you all has made my days so enjoyable! And, my question is, do both of you have someone you’d like to express gratitude to? If so, I’d be happy to hear about it.]

 To this question, Toa responded first.

 ”I want to express my gratitude to many people. To everyone at Beryl, to the staff members, to my family, and to the fans, I want to say thank you.”

 ”Tama-chan and I feel the same way. This event was successful thanks to the cooperation of many people. Personally, I think I’ve been helped by a lot of people.”

 ”Even now, many people are staying late at the company so that we can livestream. I’m really grateful, and I can’t thank them enough.”

 ”Yes, absolutely. Everyone, sorry for keeping you up so late.”

 ”And to the big sisters and big brothers who came to see us today, thank you so much!!”

 ”Gratitude to everyone!!”

 ”We’re grateful!!”

 I checked my secondary PC, thinking of starting a new segment, but I received a message from the staff asking me to stop. Ah, I see, it’s that time already.

 The staff member who made the mistake apologized, but I told them not to worry. After all, everyone makes mistakes, and instead of getting angry about it, it’s best if we can cover for each other.

 Besides, everything is a learning experience, and there are things you won’t understand until you try. Even for this segment, I had other ideas, but I didn’t expect it to take up so much time.

 Maybe it’s partly my fault for talking too much. I thought I should rethink this part for next time.

 ”Sorry, everyone, it looks like we’re coming to an end. But since we’re here, how about I answer one more question as an extra?”

 ”Sorry~ My eyes are getting all teary.”

 I reached into the question box, where all the questions had been pre-checked, so there shouldn’t be any strange questions. Now, what will come up?

 [Good evening! I’m just a housewife. I was wondering if Beryl is going to debut any other Vtubers? I’m really curious. Also, I really like the group of four boys from Beryl Entertainment. Do they have a group name when referring to the four of them? If so, please tell me!!]

 A group name… I didn’t think of that. It might be useful since there are times when the four of us sing together.

 ”Wow, what a surprise question at the very end.”


 ”Well, for the first question, I was actually thinking about making an announcement here today about adding one more member, but…”

 ”Yeah, you were sound asleep in the car. We’ll save that for another time, so everyone, please look forward to it.”

 ”We couldn’t do a lot of segments today, so I hope the three of us can do more next time.”

 ”It’ll be me, Shiro, and Mayu… Uh, the new member.”

 Toa, that was way too obvious. But the chat is getting excited, so it’s fine.

 ”And for the second question…”


 ”Since we can’t decide, we’re taking suggestions!!”

 ”Wait, Shiro, isn’t that…”

 ”Please think of a name for the group of four on the official site or on Twitter!”

 ”I wonder if it’s okay. That…”

 ”It can’t be helped. It just didn’t come to mind all of a sudden.”

 Honestly, I’m really tired now. I feel a bit alarmed that my thoughts aren’t flowing as well as I thought. Doing a late-night livestream after a live performance was probably a bit too much.

 ”So, with that, this is truly the end!”

 ”Thank you, everyone, for being here today!”

 The comment section is filled with many messages.

 ’Oh no, don’t end it!’ – user

 ’Don’t leave the big sisters behind!’ – user

 ’Thank you so much for today! It was so much fun!’ ~ Tsukki

 ’I’ve warmed up the futon for Tama~chan!’ ~ Nyankosuki

 ’Honestly, I was already sleepy, so this helps.’ ~ Yamada

 ’Now I can do my job tomorrow, thanks!’ ~ Tadano

 ’Sleepy Shiro~kun looks cute. I’m sure his sleeping face is also incredibly cute. Hehe.’ ~ 996

 ’A chance to play a prank on his sleeping face!’ ~ Yukari gohan

 ’Let’s meet in our dreams.’ ~ Ramen Hagetoru

 ’I might have happy dreams tonight.’ ~ Sommelier

 ’Today was really tiring.’ ~ 92

 ’Rest well.’ ~ Shumi the Maiden

 ’Thank you for so many wonderful memories!’ ~ Grandma

 ’Have sweet dreams!’ ~ Pego Maru

 Oh, oh? I need to close the stream…

 ’Hmm?’ ~ Ramen Hagetoru

 ’Hmm?’ ~ Sommelier

 ’Hmm?’ ~ Granma

 ’Hmm?’ ~ 996

 ’Hmm?’ ~ Pego Maru

 ’Hmm?’ ~ HP3

 ’Shiro~kun?’ ~ user

 ’What’s wrong, Shiro~kun?’ ~ user

 ’Everyone, be quiet for a moment!!’ ~ user

 ’Hey, this can’t be true…’ ~ user

 Zzzz… Zzzz…

 ’His snoring came in hahaha! Hagetoru~chan, great victory!’ ~ Ramen Hagetoru

 ’Whoa, whoa, our night is just beginning!’ ~ Sommelier

 ’Well, well, I wonder if Aqua~sama knows he’s cute himself.’ ~ 996

 ’●REC’ ~ HP3

 ’Please provide high~quality recorded data later. Let’s negotiate a price > HP3.’ ~ Grandma

 ’Now’s your chance, you useless wife! Go for it!!’ ~ Pego Maru

 ’Hagetoru and Sommelier reacted to the snoring within seconds, it’s too much LMAO.’

 ’Several people noticed it really quickly, they’re too sharp lol.’ ~ user

 ’Yep, this is definitely the community.’ ~ user

 ’This is definitely going to be new material for Nijuso~san.’ ~ user

 ’This isn’t good; you guys are showing the not~so~good side of the bulletin board.’ ~ user

 ’The legendary dozing~off livestream has come at the very end!’ ~ user

 ’Wow… the snoring is sexy…’ ~ user

 ’Is it okay to broadcast this?’ ~ Lapis Lazuli

 ’This is bad. Not Hagetoru, but I’m getting excited normally.’ ~ user

 ’Someone draw on his sleeping face! Stuff something in his nostrils!’ ~ Yukari Gohan

 ’Shiro~kun, great job.’ ~ Tadano

 ’Tama~chan looks so confused.’ ~ Nyankosuki

 The sound of the door to the room opening can be heard. Who is it? Someone gently places their hand over mine on the mouse and presses the button to close the stream.

 ”Really… You shouldn’t be nodding off in a place like this.”

 I do as the person tells me, summoning the last of my energy as I move toward the bed. I don’t know what it is, but there’s a wonderful scent, and it feels like my whole face is wrapped in something soft.

 ”Well, you were cool just a moment ago, but I understand why some people find this cute.”

 Oh, I can’t do this anymore. I can’t think of anything. Overwhelming drowsiness envelops me.

 ”Hehe, you’ve really worked hard today. Rest well. Goodnight, Aqua.”

 That day, I felt like I had a very happy dream. In that dream, I couldn’t see the person’s face, but I felt like someone said thank you to me.

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