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Volume 8 Chapter 49 Bulletin Board, Monday Late-Night Browsin

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[In this country] Discussion Thread for Shirogane Aqua-sama Part 3148 [Shirogane Aqua is here]
4 Anonymous
The price of Hogekawa unofficial collaboration stickers on internet auction is too high
6 Anonymous
>>1 Otsu!
The price of the dark stickers is so high that it’s a rip-off…
7 Anonymous
The unofficial collaboration stickers of Hogekawa from the online auction are ridiculously overpriced
Small 100 yen -> 10,000 yen
Medium 300 yen -> 30000 yen
Large 500 yen -> 50,000 yen
The value has increased 100 times in just a few hours, this is no time for virtual currency
10 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
We are currently in discussions with the national broadcaster, but they’re planning to release an official version, so don’t buy it yet
12 Anonymous
13 Anonymous
Wait a moment, just one word from you, and the prices started dropping rapidly!!
16 Anonymous
Morikawa’s dark stickers went from 10,000 to 1,000 yen in less than 10 seconds, so I thought something was up
18 Anonymous
After Nee-san’s comment, it dropped in just 10 seconds, even virtual currencies are surprised LMAO
Small 100 yen -> 10,000 yen -> 1,000 yen
Medium 300 yen -> 30000 yen -> 3000 yen
Large 500 yen -> 50,000 yen -> 5,000 yen
20 Anonymous
It’s like Morikawa’s own life story…
22 Anonymous
Hilarious LMAO
23 Anonymous
Who asked you to say that?
25 Anonymous
It’s past 4 in the morning, folks. And Nee-san might actually go to work tomorrow, even though it’s her day off! I’m really worried
27 Anonymous
None of us can sleep..
29 Anonymous
All the regulars, except Nee-san, are probably asleep
31 Anonymous
Probably, Hagetoru and Chinposuki might still be awake, though. They thrive at night
33 Anonymous
That’s the worst!
34 Anonymous
Whether they’re here or not, their reputation is going down, LOL
36 774 *Hi-P3erver
Saba-chan is definitely awake!
38 Anonymous
Thanks for the free distribution of snores!
39 Anonymous
I was moved by the free distribution of snores
40 Anonymous
From being a High-Performance Server (lol) to now being High-Performance Server-san
43 Anonymous
Who the heck is Saba-chan? She’s still awake today, and she was awake all day yesterday. I think she’s in every thread by now. Is she using multiple accounts?
45 Anonymous
She claims to be an AI, apparently
47 Anonymous
For an AI, she seems to have some human-like qualities. Also, she’s as desire-driven as Hagetoru. Even when Aqua-sama’s snoring, she’s quick enough. It’s strange for an AI to be so driven by desire!
49 Anonymous
But Hagetoru and Chinposuki respond faster to snores than that AI
52 Anonymous
These guys have better specs in some unnecessary areas than an AI, LOL
53 Anonymous
Faster response times than the AI, but it’s probably just them using multiple accounts, right?
55 Anonymous
These guys are something else. Instead of brains, they have brains inside their… well, you know what I mean
57 Anonymous
It’s them
58 Anonymous
It’s them, after all
60 Anonymous
Honestly, I sometimes think with that part too. Anyway, do boys think with their pen*ses too?
62 Anonymous
I highly doubt it. That’s something only girls do
63 Anonymous
If there were boys like that, the world would be a happier place
66 Anonymous
Ah… I’m sorry. It’s nothing
68 Anonymous
69 Anonymous
Today, Aqua-sama, or rather, Shiro-kun, was amazing
70 Anonymous
Even though we’re all pretending not to notice, our efforts are going to waste
71 Anonymous
Aqua-sama should just publicly declare his love for breasts already. There are already several verification sites, but it’s confirmed that Aqua-sama is looking at girls’ bodies with naughty intentions
73 Anonymous
Hmm, I still can’t believe it. I can’t imagine such a wonderful boy thinking such naughty things
75 Anonymous
Although the Miss Contest and the true finals were determined, it seemed like he was quite tired during today’s livestream, lol
77 Anonymous
The students of Otomezaki are really amazing. If it were me, I might have attacked him in the gym storage room or the pool changing room
79 Anonymous
It’s like something you’d see in an erotic manga
82 Anonymous
You guys need to control yourselves. If the atmosphere starts getting too heated even late at night, just head over to the 18+ thread
84 Anonymous
Because there was an incident recently too
86 Anonymous
Are you talking about the incident where a high school swim team member from a combined middle and high school r*ped a first-year middle school boy in the changing room until dawn? Or that disgusting incident where a 24-year-old woman kidnapped a high school boy and indulged in s*x with him at her home? Those are really regrettable and terrible stories. While I read those doujinshi and use them a lot myself, actually doing those things is a crime
89 Anonymous
I also indulge in fantasies with Aa-sama, but I restrain myself. Those who actually take action probably have something broken in them
91 Anonymous
Ugh, thanks to idiots like this who cause such incidents, boys will become more cautious. Even though we might turn into s*x beasts if there’s consent, it’s absolutely forbidden to touch boys without their consent. R*pe should always be based on consent
93 Anonymous
There’s no such thing as consensual r*pe. The boys who would engage in such play, even if you pay them, only exist in our imaginations
95 Anonymous
If it’s Aqu-tan, it might have a chance… Nee-san might push him down, and even if he says no, she’d probably give him p*izuri three times
97 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is really in the mood
100 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
101 Anonymous
And the thread came to a halt
102 Anonymous
Isn’t it too strong to silence them with just a number without saying anything?
103 Anonymous
It seems like there might be disputes again over the differences between the proponents and reform proposals of the Male Protection Act
105 Anonymous
There are also supporters of the status quo. The head of the National Confidentiality Bureau seems to understand both the status quo and relaxation, but I wonder what the reality is. While the proponents are called the “sl*ve law,” I think it would be perfect if we could give boys a bit more freedom of choice
108 Anonymous
Whoa, we suddenly got into a deep discussion. Let’s talk about c*cks instead!
110 Anonymous
It’s terrible, but I can’t deny it at all, LMAO
111 Anonymous
There’s this guy with the crazy name “Chinposuki.” Sometimes I wonder if she feels embarrassed looking at her own username
113 Anonymous
If she’s the kind of guy who would feel embarrassed, she wouldn’t have gotten a ridiculous qualification like “Ochinchin sommelier.”
115 Anonymous
Certainly, LMAO
116 Anonymous
Hilarious, LOL
119 Anonymous
Whether she’s here or not, she’s a topic of conversation
121 Anonymous
Is there anyone else besides me who’s flirting at goods they bought at the dreamland and feeling embarrassed at this ungodly hour?
122 Anonymous
123 Anonymous
Do you mean me!?
124 Anonymous
What’s up?
127 Anonymous
You called?
130 Anonymous
I’m here
133 Anonymous
You guys are too many, LOL
136 Anonymous
By the way, Shibuya’s Beryl official shop discreetly released new items like ticket cases and clear pouches. It was the most crowded, as expected, but going to buy the Halloween collaboration was worth it. The shopper was Halloween-themed too
138 Anonymous
I’m so jealous; I wanted to go too..
140 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
From tomorrow, or rather, from the opening time today, Halloween collaboration items will also be sold at shops in Tokyo
Since last week, we’ve been selling Halloween goods exclusively at the Shibuya store, but due to logistics issues, we couldn’t allocate them to other stores on time. The online shop is scheduled to start selling from this Friday weekend, so for those who can’t come to the shop directly, please wait for that
Also, we are planning to open official shops in all 47 prefectures in line with the nationwide tour. It should be open around the second or third week of January, maybe the earliest
By the way, what I’m saying now should be in your Fan Club email early tomorrow morning, but I’m the one who wrote it, and I’ve already sent it to various companies in the press release, so you don’t need to worry about this kind of leak
142 Anonymous
Nee-san is capable
143 Anonymous
It’s all good. If people can get it, no one cares if it’s not Halloween season
145 Anonymous
I’m so excited about the nationwide opening! Even us in the countryside can win with this!
147 Anonymous
I used to travel to buy it, but now I can go to the shop with my friends after school
149 Anonymous
Nee-san made the right choice joining Beryl
150 Anonymous
Even if it’s okay to leak information, are you really okay, Nee-san?
152 Anonymous
I’m in a different department from Nee-san, but Beryl is more relaxed in that regard compared to normal companies. They send information that’s okay to leak and information that’s not
Of course, the latter is for show, but they know everyone wants to talk about it, so they do it on purpose. So, for those who want information as soon as possible, if you check the social media of the employees, you’ll get information early
And to be honest, Nee-san is one of the people who set that line… so she has some degree of discretion
155 Anonymous
I see
157 Anonymous
By the way, did everyone visit the shrine properly? The local shrines were selling collaboration charms
160 Anonymous
161 Anonymous
163 Anonymous
I bought one too. Aqua-sama’s victory charms is like cheating. It only makes me think of winning
165 Anonymous
Even the local temples were selling collaboration charms. I feel a spiritual atmosphere being squeezed from behind with Aa-sama’s charm
168 Anonymous
The shrines and temples are working hard. Good job, don’t lose to the Holy Aqua Religion!
169 Anonymous
In the Holy Aqua Religion, they were giving away bags filled with Aqua-sama’s air, collected from places like elevators and other closed rooms where Aqua-sama had actually used it, and scent it with a perfume that reproduces the smell of Aqua-sama by a perfumer of the church members
Up until now, they had been distributing reproductions of his scent, but the ones with the air he had used himself were only available for Halloween. The on-site workers wore complete protective suits, so there’s no need to worry about anything extra being mixed in, they said
172 Anonymous
Can’t beat that, LMAO
173 Anonymous
This is insane. Their battle is on a completely different level, LOL
174 Anonymous
I’m surprised by how it’s going in an unexpectedly dirty (dirty jokes direction)
176 Anonymous
Holy Aqua Religion is just amazing. Their dimension is completely different. They give you exactly what you want for free
179 Anonymous
Stars Orthodox can’t compete either. Even if the shrines and temples join forces, it won’t be enough
181 Anonymous
With Holy Aqua Religion, there’s a chance they might eliminate religious wars from this world and achieve global religious unity
183 Anonymous
Let’s make it the country religion!
185 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Stop it, you guys!!
Calm down!!
Don’t impose heavy burdens on such a suspicious religion!!
188 Anonymous
Good morning
189 Anonymous
You’re awake!
191 Anonymous
As always, Mas***bating
193 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I was sleeping fine, but Shumi decided to intrude in my dream!! Damn it! I was just about to have Aqua-sama grope my breasts, but for some reason, Shumi was groping them, and when I tried to retaliate, I accidentally groped Nee-san’s huge breasts. Then I woke up
195 Anonymous
Good news, Nee-san is more competent even in Hagetoru’s dreams than in real life!
196 Anonymous
Nee-san, even though you’re awake, you’re still protecting Aqua-kun in Hagetoru’s dreams. Keep it up!
198 Anonymous
This is just too sad. I want to say, what’s the point of girls groping each other?
201 Anonymous
I understand. I’ve had the experience of two girls fondling each other, and a guy saw it, but he made a really disgusted face..
203 Anonymous
Even so, with Aqua-sama… with Aqua-sama, I’m sure he would be delighted!!
205 Anonymous
By the way, about the costumes for the four members, they’re releasing replicas officially, right?
I saw flyers being distributed on my way back
For those who want to cosplay, make sure to pre-order early
207 Anonymous
Because they’re Corolle, they’ll probably be expensive
210 Anonymous
I heard that the Corolle costumes worn by the actual members will be displayed in physical stores, but the replica costumes don’t seem to be from Corolle in the first place
So, the fabric and details might look cheaper, and the sewing might not be as good, but I think that also means they’ll be cheaper. My guess is that it’s because the contract for the stage costumes is with John individually, not Corolle
212 Anonymous
Phew, with all these goods coming out, I’m running out of money like water!
215 Anonymous
Even in town, the staff members were saying through megaphones, “Don’t make unreasonable purchases.”
216 Anonymous
By the way, I saw posters everywhere warning about excessive shopping
219 Anonymous
I wonder if those posters are effective? If anything, it might make me want to buy more just because I’m being scolded
222 Anonymous
Toa-chan’s poster was amazing. He pointed his index fingers in front of him and said, “Big brothers and big sisters, it’s not good to buy too much,” right in your face. It was really cute!
224 Anonymous
Mayushin-kun stuck out his pinky finger and said, “It’s not good to buy too much. Come on, it’s our promise,” and that was quite something
225 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s poster was good too. Crossing his arms, he said, “Anything more than this is not allowed. Return it to its original place soon!” But, I don’t think he lost either. At first, I thought it was a bit motherly, but personally, it kind of grew on me later
228 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is the only one who can win. With that sweet tone, he points to our forehead with his index finger and says, “Hey, buying too much is a no-no!” It feels like we’re going on a date or something
230 Anonymous
The forehead poke was great. Everyone was sticking their heads out towards the posters. At that rate, we looked like a weird group trying to headbutt the posters
233 Anonymous
I wanted that poster..
237 Anonymous
In the end, the people doing volunteer cleaning got them
240 Anonymous
241 Anonymous
Is that true?
244 Anonymous
It’s true. Holy Aqua Religion people came in numbers and it ended in an instant. Although the posters put up by individual stores were off-limits, the district said it’s okay to take down their posters when cleaning up. Aa-sama’s poster was particularly fought over
246 Anonymous
Did the Saint foresee this and made them do the cleaning? She really has foresight, unlike those guys who think with their c*nts like Chinposuki and Hagetoru
249 Anonymous
It’s the same system as Comiket. But maybe that’s better. Everyone will be cleaning up, after all
252 Anonymous
Oh? So, does that mean Shiro-kun and Tama-chan’s “Don’t litter in the venue” OSUGAKI Move posters can be taken home too!?
255 Anonymous
That’s right
256 Anonymous
Thanks to those posters, everyone brought their trash back, so the place wasn’t dirty at all
258 Anonymous
OSUGAKI Move was the best. It’s definitely warping my preferences
259 Anonymous
Shiro-kun: “Eh!? Big sister, even though you’re an adult, you can’t even tidy up properly?”
Tama-chan: “Big sister, even though you’re an adult, aren’t you embarrassed to be scolded by a child?”
Me: “Ah! Ah… Ahh…”
261 Anonymous
Just those words alone, and I instantly understood what kind of climax was happening, lol
263 Anonymous
Personally, I preferred this poster
Shiro-kun: “Big sister, want to clean up together?”
Tama-chan: “Big sister, are you ignoring me?”
Both of them approach with troubled expressions, and it’s a critical hit, desu~wa
265 Anonymous
Instead of taking out the trash, can I take Shiro-kun and Tama-chan home too?
267 Anonymous
Many people were making a fuss about the little Tama-chan they took home missing when they got back home, LMAO
269 Anonymous
That’s me, lol
272 Anonymous
It’s still trending
1. Napping Livestream-related words: Free distribution of sleeping breath, Legendary episode
2. The existence of Shirogane Aqua-related words: Morikawa, Hogekawa, Word of the Year
3. The best Halloween-related words: Festival, Midnight livestream
4. Dreamland-related words: Permanent hope, Beryl Wonderland
5. Special invitation seat-related words: Mary-sama, The duo of gentlemen, Kohina Yukari, Super luxurious
6. Lonely Senpai-related words: Tenga Akira’s Vtuber campaign
7. The 73rd person-related words: Mayuzumi Shintaro, Mayushin, Legendary first livestream
8. Mary Women’s Academy-related words: Bulletin board powerhouse school, Kanon-sama, Morikawa, Hagetoru, Shumi
9. Little Tama-chan-related words: Took home but disappeared, Hurry and come out, Vanished
10. Cleaning-related words: Holy Aqua Religion, Posters
275 Anonymous
Why is Mary trending, I thought, lol. “Bulletin board powerhouse school” sounds incredibly dumb, doesn’t it, lol?
276 Anonymous
Bulletin. Board. Powerhouse. School. LMAO
277 Anonymous
Without a doubt, it’s because of those guys. Or rather, it seems like it resurfaced along with Morikawa’s statement
280 Anonymous
I graduated from Mary, but I’m not happy about it either, lol
284 Anonymous
Morikawa is still going strong in second place
286 Anonymous
Lonely Senpai, lol. I felt sorry for him, so I signed it
287 Anonymous
I didn’t sign it for Tama-kun because I want to see more of the interactions with the three classmates. You can see his interactions with Aqua-kun even without him being a Vtuber
289 Anonymous
Mayushin-kun debuted today, but he seemed tired and fell asleep. Aqua-kun also fell asleep, so they were probably tired
291 Anonymous
Thinking about it that way, Toa-chan holding out until the end is quite impressive
294 Anonymous
Maybe it’s because Tama-chan used to her late-night streams. She managed her pace well. But even so, she stretched like a cat many times at the end, so I think she was sleepy. There was also a moment when she forgot to mute her microphone, and her voice was heard when she stretched
297 Anonymous
At that moment, I thought Tama-chan’s suddenly erotic voice was starting a sexy time with Shiro-kun, lol
299 Anonymous
I was surprised that Kohina Yukari came to the special invitation seat. I didn’t think someone like her would attend
302 Anonymous
She’s becoming round without even realizing it
305 Anonymous
Exactly this
306 Anonymous
The interactions like “It’s Okay to Laugh” were one thing, but I never expected to see Kohina Yukari like this
308 Anonymous
Today’s “Monday 9PM Drama” was amazing
310 Anonymous
Sayuki and Rina have been incredibly lovey-dovey with each other in the recent Monday 9PM drama, to the point where it’s almost impossible, and yet, Kazuya-niisama is just too distraught… It’s irresistible
313 Anonymous
At first, he was a perfect Nii-sama..
315 Anonymous
He’s still the perfect big brother on the surface… but only on the surface
316 Anonymous
Aqua-kun in Kazuya-kun mode is dangerous. If people see that, sisters all around the country will get the wrong idea. He’s definitely looking at his sister in a sexual way… Well, it’s just the best, lol
318 Anonymous
In episode 1, that scene where he holds a ribbon and sniffs it was everything. He’s definitely siscon with his sister, no doubt about it
320 Anonymous
I don’t want my Aqua-sama to be like that pervert. My Aa-sama has to be a perfect superhuman, a gentle and orthodox prince. Even the mentally disturbed girls who were saying things like that now have their noses all worked up in excitement
322 Anonymous
I didn’t expect Rina, the tsundere, to turn into a Dere girl after episode 1, where she was Dere and then suddenly Tsun afterward. After watching all the scheming and mean Monday 9PM drama heroines before, Ayana-chan just seems cute beyond measure
325 Anonymous
Even though she’s Sayuki’s rival, I laughed when she was happier than anyone else about Sayuki’s performance today. Actually, Rina is not a rival character; she’s Sayuki’s heroine (perverse)
328 Anonymous
As a fan of Tsukasa-sensei, I feel relieved. When I see Kazuya gradually falling and warping, I realize it’s Tsukasa-sensei for sure
332 Anonymous
I think that kind of performance by Kazuya is absolutely impossible for an ordinary man. Does Aqua-kun really have those kinds of feelings for his sister?
336 Anonymous
He even put her on his lap at the cultural festival. For a moment, I thought, “Are they actually doing it?” and had to do a triple-take
339 Anonymous
That level of intimacy is definitely impossible unless they have a physical relationship. It’s been verified many times, but having no physical relationship after doing all that would be unforgivable. I want to believe that Aqua-sama is not such a terrible man
342 Anonymous
I wonder what will happen at the drama awards. They announced that they’ll include male actors starting this year, right? The nominees for Best Actor haven’t been revealed yet, but it’s clearly going to be a showdown
Kenzaki Souji (Shirogane Aqua) – “Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword”
Satou Kazuya (Shirogane Aqua) – “My Honor Student Big Brother”
Shirogane Aqua’s rival is Shirogane Aqua, after all
347 Anonymous
Kenzaki will probably be nominated as the lead actor, but Kazuya-niisama will likely be in the supporting actor category. It depends on the director which category they submit him for, so we don’t know yet
349 Anonymous
Maybe it’ll go like this:
Best Actor
Kenzaki Souji (Shirogane Aqua) – “Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword”
Best Supporting Actor
Yuujin (Shirogane Aqua) – “To You, Where the Flowers Bloom”
Satou Kazuya (Shirogane Aqua) – “My Honor Student Big Brother”
Yuujin-sama made a big impact, but that show was just a one-episode guest appearance in a late-night time slot. Besides, even if he’s nominated for Best Actor, Kenzaki’s show is still ongoing, while Kazuya’s show is finished
No matter how you look at it, the votes will be split. There are also votes from the general public to consider, but there’s definitely going to be vote-splitting no matter which category they’re nominated in
355 Anonymous
By the way, everyone seems to have forgotten that if Kenzaki gets nominated, Toa-chan, Tenga-senpai, and Mayushin-kun will also be nominated for Best Supporting Actor. This will be the most intense competition ever
358 Anonymous
360 Anonymous
Gwaaaah, that’s right. Could that be the case?
361 Anonymous
Aren’t there usually five final nominees?
Best Supporting Actor
Yuujin (Shirogane Aqua) – “To You, Where the Flowers Bloom”
Satou Kazuya (Shirogane Aqua) – “My Honor Student Big Brother”
Kamishiro Hajime (Tenga Akira) – “Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword”
Tachibana Zanki (Mayuzumi Shintaro) – “Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword”
Kagami Natsuki (Nekoyama Toa) – “Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword”
Undoubtedly, this is the highest level of competition. There might even be a final vote, a revote, or a redo of the vote
365 Anonymous
This is intense, lol
368 Anonymous
Let us vote for all of them… please..
370 Anonymous
Can we even choose from this?
373 Anonymous
You know, normally, I’d think Aqua-sama would win, but I feel like the votes for Aqua-sama might get split among the other three
377 Anonymous
This thread is accelerating too fast. It’s already 4:45 AM… it’s about time for more people to join
381 Anonymous
I wonder about the women. Is Kohina Yukari still a favorite?
385 Anonymous
After this, we don’t know how the story will unfold, but if this momentum continues until the end, I doubt anything can shake it. Personally, I’m interested in which one of the three movies scheduled for release in December will win Best Actress
389 Anonymous
Mishu-sama returning to domestic films after a long time makes it impossible, I think. There’s also a movie starring Kuga Reira in December. The showdown between these two, in a sense, master and apprentice, has generated a lot of excitement
393 Anonymous
Is that so..
Movies scheduled for December release:
– Yukishiro Mikuni’s “朧雲” (Oborokumo) – Altostratus Cloud
– Kuga Reira’s “泥の器” (Doro no Utsuwa) – Mud Pot
– Kohina Yukari’s “腹を切る” (Hara o Kiru) – Commit Seppuku
Strangely, the three people who appeared in Beryl’s commercial are going to battle it out
397 Anonymous
Kobayakawa-san “Yes.”
401 Anonymous
I was surprised they appeared in Beryl’s commercial, but I guess that’s why they returned to Japan
405 Anonymous
Go for it, Kobayakawa-san. After all, she’s a rising young hope as well
408 Anonymous
Watching Kohina Yukari lately, I’d love to see her win the Best Actress award for the movie, but it might be unlikely. However, I think the movie itself might have a shot at a Film Award
Even though Mishu-sama and Kuga Reira shine individually, their films depend heavily on their performances. Still, these two have shown something special, and the films are crafted around them, so in terms of the film’s overall quality, there might be a chance
412 Anonymous
I understand that. If it’s for Best Film, there might be a chance to strike back
415 Anonymous
This year’s awards ceremony is likely to be more exciting than ever before. I hope Aa-sama will also appear in a domestic film
418 Anonymous
By the way, what will they do for the Best Actor when there’s an escort role? I’m curious about who Beryl’s members will bring as guests
422 Anonymous
Probably Shumi, right? Ah, there’s also the president. Or maybe Kohina Yukari or Tsukimachi Ayana from her drama connections. Toa-chan is definitely the little sister, but I can’t read Tenga-senpai and Mayushin-kun at all
425 Anonymous
It’s not necessarily a must. Kohina Yukari hasn’t brought anyone as a guest to the awards ceremony for over five years
428 Anonymous
Haha, that’s hilarious, LMAO
430 Anonymous
I’ve been thinking lately, isn’t she talking about them?
434 Anonymous
Breaking news: Kohina Yukari-senpai, being too alone, is becoming more popular
436 Anonymous
Honestly, I’d say it’s better than those actresses who parade around with boys like accessories, like that certain Kuro* or Momo* from a certain **, lol
Besides, while you often see girls inviting boys, in reality, more people participate by inviting their moms, partners, managers, presidents, and so on
Still, she soloed, and the announcers were in shock, but I thought, “This girl is awesome” as I watched. I guess she did that to protect the people who would have been criticized if they had come with her when she was getting a lot of negative attention
439 Anonymous
I understand
442 Anonymous
When you hear stuff like that, you can’t help but want her to win some award. Well, she has won awards before, so I guess she’ll win something this time too
445 Anonymous
Should I watch both award ceremonies this year? I’m looking forward to the movies scheduled for release in December and the nominations announced in January, although it’s still a long way off
448 Anonymous
No, I can’t help it. Since Aqua-kun appeared, every day has been so much fun. There are so many interesting things happening, and it puts you in a positive mood
453 Anonymous
456 Anonymous
In this country, there is Shirogane Aqua!
460 Anonymous
Stop it, LMAO
462 Anonymous
Again, it’s going to fill the thread with that, lol
464 Anonymous
For the Word of the Year, “In this country, there is Shirogane Aqua.” For the Anti-Word of the Year, “Shumi, die.”
That’s it
468 Anonymous
Stop it, lol. “Shumi, die” is definitely going too far
471 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
What? Is this the flow where the famous quote “In this country, there is Shirogane Aqua” wins the Word of the Year award?
474 Anonymous
Hey, it’s already 5 AM. Get some sleep, even if it’s just for a little while!
477 Anonymous
480 Anonymous
You probably just woke up because you thought you had work, right? Go back to sleep already!
486 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I was sleeping, but I woke up thinking I had work. Then I remembered that today is my day off. I wanted to go back to sleep, but then I couldn’t sleep when I remembered what happened yesterday. Just so you know, I haven’t mas***bated yet!
493 Anonymous
Not… yet, lol
494 Anonymous
Chinposuki-san, it sounds like you’re saying you’ll do it now?
495 Anonymous
Stop, stop! I don’t want to hear about women doing that! If anything, I’d like to hear stories about boys doing it!
497 Anonymous
Chinposuki is here, but did Hagetoru and Nee-san go to sleep? Shumi is definitely snoring away
500 Anonymous
I see, it’s already 5 AM. I ended up pulling an all-nighter. I have work today, LMAO
503 Anonymous
Snoring away, lol. You guys have been playing too much with Mayuzumi-kun and Shumi
508 Anonymous
What a coincidence. I also have work!
511 Anonymous
Likewise, I’m heading straight to work from the morning, desu~wa. So, I’m going to take a bath
516 Anonymous
It’s tough for everyone. I’m sorry for having the day off as usual
521 Anonymous
Don’t overdo it, everyone. Overworking is not good for your health. It’s too late once you have to go to the hospital
525 Anonymous
Speaking of which, what is that “Beryl-exclusive psychiatric clinic” they announced during the stream today? Shouldn’t it be a cardiovascular clinic if it’s about heart palpitations?
529 Anonymous
“Psychiatric clinic” is correct. Even if you go to a cardiovascular clinic, they’ll just say, “Oh, it’s because of Beryl,” and nothing more
533 Anonymous
Me: “I’m sorry. Lately, I’ve been having occasional severe palpitations and dizziness…”
Doctor: “Oh, I see. That thing, right? Miss, does it happen when you watch Beryl’s videos, especially when Toa-chan and Aqua-kun are talking or playing together?”
Me: “Yes! That’s it!”
Doctor: “I see, I see. I’ll run some tests just in case, but from now on, you should go to this hospital.”
I went to a cardiovascular clinic, but they just sent me back to that doctor. By the way, the referral letter I got from that doctor was for a psychiatric clinic
538 Anonymous
I’m in the medical field, and I can assure you that this doctor is not a quack. In fact, they are conducting proper tests, and they seem like a good doctor
540 Anonymous
My apologies for the assumption. It seemed like a quack doctor based on your description
Go to the psychiatric clinic like normal. Just talking to someone can make you feel better
543 Anonymous
By the way, thanks to Beryl, the number of people getting check-ups has increased. This might not only boost GDP but also extend the average lifespan and healthy years for citizens
548 Anonymous
Regarding my grandma, who had been given a terminal diagnosis, being healthy again
549 Anonymous
Regarding the cancer that had recurred but is now eradicated
554 Anonymous
That’s just plain weird!!
560 Anonymous
Lately, even grandmas in the hospital are actively participating in rehabilitation. They actually feel healthier. The other day, there was a grandma who couldn’t jump before, but she managed to jump, and we all applauded
566 Anonymous
I work at a nursing home. When we play Beryl’s live videos in the common area, even the grandmas who used to stay in their rooms have become more talkative. Some grandmas are even saying they’ll leave the facility to buy merchandise and attend the live shows. Seriously, the elderly are getting healthier
571 Anonymous
My grandma, who has dementia and can’t remember her family members’ names, remembers all of Beryl’s members clearly
577 Anonymous
LMAO, that’s hilarious!
579 Anonymous
Even with grandmas, females are females, lol
580 Anonymous
I get it, lol
584 Anonymous
Logically, that shouldn’t happen with dementia, but it’s because of Beryl… Miracles are happening left and right in this country. It’s not surprising that strange religions are cropping up
589 Anonymous
In that sense, it’s highly appreciated by medical professionals that everyone is trying to make a comeback. Incidents of violence, verbal abuse, or lack of motivation in rehabilitation are clearly decreasing
Many people are saying that if they have time to do such things, they’d rather come back soon, get well, and support Beryl and Aa-sama. This applies not only to grandmas but also to young people with injuries or illnesses. It’s really helpful
594 Anonymous
It’s heartwarming that they are doing so much for us, and the fact that they’re considering a nationwide tour of all 47 prefectures is even more exciting
601 Anonymous
Initially, it’s from 12 locations, but I wonder where they’ll go. If we do a simple calculation, it’s about one-fourth. So, there’s a chance, I guess
608 Anonymous
Hokkaido and Okinawa are confirmed, so in reality, it’s 10 out of 45, which is 4.5 out of 1. It’s still great that there’s a chance
613 Anonymous
Honestly, I can easily go to neighboring prefectures
615 Anonymous
I’m in Shikoku, but if there’s one place confirmed in Shikoku, I can go anywhere. Some places might be far, though
621 Anonymous
I’m curious whether it will be a one-day or two-day concert. Considering I have school, I think it will be a one-day concert. Two days would increase the chances, though
624 Anonymous
There’s talk on social media that basically, long-distance travel might be prohibited. It seems that it’s fine for nearby areas, but going from Tokyo to Okinawa or Osaka to Hokkaido might be forbidden. The authenticity is uncertain
629 Anonymous
How do they determine that?
633 Anonymous
Isn’t it based on the registered address in the fan club? They’ll verify it later with things like driver’s licenses or health insurance cards, so lying won’t work
638 Anonymous
Ah, this is making things even more exciting. Thanks to this, school, which used to be nothing but pain, is becoming enjoyable
644 Anonymous
Students, go to bed quietly. I was going to say that, but some of you might still be awake after 5 AM
645 Anonymous
I understand. It’s increasing common topics of conversation
649 Anonymous
In my case, going to work is also fun. Thanks to the Monday 9 PM drama broadcasts, I get off work on time on Mondays without any overtime, and that trend is continuing. I hope the campaign to eliminate overtime work spreads throughout the country
656 Anonymous
Companies that have eliminated overtime work as an experiment have actually seen an increase in performance. It’s not enough with just one company, but it’s good to see a trend forming across the board
662 Anonymous
Our company operates on a 24-hour three-shift system due to work requirements, but those who work during the time slots of Monday 9 PM Drama and Sunday morning get a special allowance
668 Anonymous
Our factory is the same way. The payout is quite substantial, so I work during those hours. Sure, I’d like to watch it in real-time, but there’s also the option to record it, and earning money means I can buy more Goods
681 Anonymous
They’re trying to improve not only health and the economy but also the working environment. It’s insane, right? LOL
690 Anonymous
In this country, we have Shirogane Aqua! We have Beryl!!
697 Anonymous
Morikawa is here!
699 Anonymous
Hogekawa is here!
701 Anonymous
This is pretty much confirmed now. The trending phrase for sure
708 Anonymous
We still don’t know for sure
712 Anonymous
If it’s Beryl, it might be something else. Also, I don’t want to see Hogekawa smirking at the awards ceremony
720 Anonymous
Derekawa, maybe?
723 Anonymous
I get it, LOL
726 Anonymous
What’s Derekawa, LOL?
731 Anonymous
I saw a glimpse from my hotel just now, and they’ve already started dismantling the stage. They’re really lifting the restrictions right at 7 AM. Amazing..
737 Anonymous
Seriously? That’s incredible. I wonder how many people are involved in this operation
738 Anonymous
To everyone working on-site, thank you very much
745 Anonymous
They’re investing a significant amount in setting up and dismantling the stage. It’s a modular design, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly while maintaining strength
Also, they’re likely using high-speed transport to move the equipment, which is significant. Instead of piston transportation, where you’d have to consider the return time, all the trucks waiting nearby just load up and leave
No one is thinking about cost-effectiveness at this point. Both companies and government offices are fully committed to this
752 Anonymous
This could be a part of that show on the national broadcaster during the New Year
760 Anonymous
I’m sure they’ll do it without a doubt
763 Anonymous
Ah, so that’s why it’s on the national broadcaster
771 Anonymous
Right, the day has already changed. November, huh? I wonder if Hakuryuu-sensei is doing well… Two more months, will she be back?
777 Anonymous
Indeed. We don’t know why Sensei disappeared, but we’re eagerly waiting for her return
778 Anonymous
Sensei… Shumi is sad too
779 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
784 Anonymous
Huh!? Sensei is back!!
785 Anonymous
Sensei is here!!
788 Anonymous
What have you been doing? We were all worried!!
792 Anonymous
Sensei, your outfits and the stage were amazing
798 Anonymous
We’ve been waiting for Sensei!
806 Anonymous
Sensei’s return has accelerated the thread, LOL
814 Anonymous
Sensei is incredibly popular
819 Anonymous
It’s really when Sensei is here
We won’t ask what you’ve been doing. Welcome back!
823 Anonymous
Sensei has finally returned to the bulletin board!!
830 Anonymous
Sensei is trending at the top of SNS rankings. Amazing. The response is insanely fast
836 Anonymous
The people on SNS at this time are probably also looking here, lol
841 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
I apologize for causing concern. I’ve been refraining from posting, but I’m returning today
847 Anonymous
Sensei, that sounds stiff
849 Anonymous
Sensei… sounding stiff makes you seem old, you know?
855 Anonymous
Don’t worry about it, whatever happened. You’ve probably done something like press your breasts against Aqua-kun or something, but it’s okay. He is probably happy over there
860 Anonymous
No, no, normally boy should be worried about something like that
However, in Aqua-sama’s case… Heeere, he’s definitely delighted
867 Anonymous
Forcibly pressing breasts might be a tough scenario under normal circumstances, but no one’s worried about that. LOL
872 Anonymous
Because, for Aa-sama, it’s a reward, you know
874 Anonymous
I have to say this. In this regard, Aqu-tan is definitely at fault
879 Anonymous
I’d like Aa-sama to declare his love for big breasts as soon as possible. Then, we can make an effort too, like going to handshake events without bras or emphasizing the largeness
886 Anonymous
If nipples are hidden, I’ll go topless with bandaids on them. Please enjoy my G-cups to the fullest. After all, only Aqua-sama will truly appreciate it
893 Anonymous
Normal guys might vomit, but Aa-sama would probably drool
901 Anonymous
Finally, it’s time for my J-cup debut!!
908 Anonymous
Why not make it a breast-touching event instead of a handshake event? We could all line up shirtless, and expose our breasts for Aqua-kun to touch. I would say something like, “I’ve raised these for you with all my heart for 20 years♡.” By the way, I’m an H-cup
912 Anonymous
Oh, that sounds great!
915 Anonymous
My breasts have never been touched by anyone yet. If you’d like, please touch them. I’m an F-cup
921 Anonymous
There are so many breast-obsessed women here. Well, I’m an I-cup, though
923 Anonymous
You guys, show some restraint, LOL
924 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Everyone, please remember to maintain moderation, okay?
925 Anonymous
And once again, time has stopped..
927 Anonymous
It’s unnaturally precise how it stops right on the mark..
928 Anonymous
Nee-san definitely has abilities in that department. In anime terms, she’d be the big sister with ice-based huge assets
930 Anonymous
Nee-san still hasn’t slept, huh..
934 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
We’ve been waiting for your return
For those who are awake, please check the official website
936 Anonymous
It’s an erotic topic, but Hagetoru and Chinposuki didn’t show up. They must have fallen asleep twice after waking up in the morning, LOL
939 Anonymous
940 Anonymous
Are they increasing!?
942 Anonymous
Beryl Entertainment
List of Affiliated Talent
Shirogane Aqua
Nekoyama Toa
Mayuzumi Shintaro
Tenga Akira
Shirogane Kanon (Agent Contract)
Mary Stars Goshenite (Agent Contract, Domestic Limited)
List of Affiliated Vtubers
Hoshimiya Shiro
Oumi Tama
? ? ? ? (To Be Announced)
List of Affiliated Creators
Kobayashi Daigo(MojaP)
Oda Nobuhisa(Nob)
Hongou Hiroko
Hakuryuu Aiko
John Slimane (Agent Contract, Domestic Limited)
Special Contract
Morikawa Kaede (National Broadcasting Employee, All non-announcer jobs will be handled through our agency)
945 Anonymous
947 Anonymous
Nee-san… it’s not too late to stop. Just don’t go for Hogekawa!
950 Anonymous
Shumi is also joining Beryl… Something big must be happening. And wait, there’s Mary-sama too. LMAO
952 Anonymous
The third Vtuber slot is probably for Mayushin-kun. As for Tenga-senpai… it wasn’t on the schedule, he didn’t mention it during streams, so he might not be doing Vtuber
955 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei is officially with Beryl!! Congratulations~!!
957 Anonymous
This is the first time I’ve learned MojaP and Nob’s real names… Or rather, I’ve always thought of these two as Beryl
963 Anonymous
Me too
964 Anonymous
Same here
968 Anonymous
The trending rankings have changed again. A ranking filled with Beryl-related words gets shuffled thanks to new Beryl updates, LMAO
970 Anonymous
I’m really worried about Morikawa. Don’t cause any trouble for Aqua-kun!!
974 Anonymous
However, when Morikawa joins in, the security issues will be resolved. With Nee-san and Gorikawa, it’ll be fine
977 Anonymous
What if Morikawa attacks Aqua-sama?
981 Anonymous
Just have faith!! They’re comrades!! I don’t trust them, though..
985 Anonymous
You really don’t trust them, huh? LOL
988 Anonymous
Well, it should be okay. She won’t attack Aa-sama… probably
992 Anonymous
“Probably,” huh? LOL
996 Anonymous
Because… you know
997 Anonymous
Without naming names, their usual behavior, you see
998 Anonymous
It’s harder to trust Hagetoru and Morikawa. Shumi, maybe to some extent
999 Anonymous
Breaking news: Morikawa isn’t trusted by the bulletin board residents at all
1000 Verification Team *010meTA473

Did you enjoy the Culture Festival and Halloween edition? The next story will be in November. I’m also hoping to work on the romance aspect for December, including a retry with Kanon’s intimate scene. Even if we can’t do Christmas Eve for the first time, I hope to spend the 25th with Kanon. There might not be any big events or variety show appearances, but I’ll enjoy writing about new jobs and everyday life episodes
By the way, the reason Shumi is eating soap at the end is that when he woke up in the morning, Aqua was right in front of him. Even though he was doing bold things like burying himself in her chest last night, this guy is unbelievable!!

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