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Volume 8 Chapter 5 Shirogane Aqua, Spread Your Wwings, Beryl Entertainment

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 ”Everyone, hurry!”

 Upon arriving at the airport, we all board the helicopter waiting for us. Originally, we were supposed to go to the New Shinjuku Baker venue by car, but Chairman Fuji kindly chartered a helicopter for us. We’ve been quite spoiled, first with the chartered plane and now this… I need to make sure to express our gratitude properly.

 ”Aqua-chan, do your best!”

 ”Nii-sama, please do your best.”

 ”A-chan, Kirika-san and I will come later!”

 ”Thank you, Mother, Lapis. Shitori-onee-chan and Kirika-san will join later.”

 The only ones on the helicopter are me, Tenga-senpai, Shintaro, Ako-san, and Director Hongou. Although I bid farewell to my families, MojaP, Nobu-san, Kirika-san, and Shitori-onee-chan will meet us later since they’re employees. And there’s one more person I have to say goodbye to here.

 ”Aqua… do your best. We’re cheering for you, so make sure to bring smiles to the people who’ve come to see you.”

 ”I got it. Leave it to me!”

 I give Kanon a light hug. Alright! Fully charged! With this, I can give it my all!

 ”We’re departing!”

 ”Yes, please go!”

 While on the helicopter, we discuss various matters. Originally, we were planning to leave the hosting to Morikawa-san, but Morikawa-san was detained at the airport due to some kind of seed law violation or something. We were wondering what to do, but Kirika-san, who went to inquire about the situation, said we should leave her behind. Everyone was surprised, but Kirika-san’s smile at that moment was so frightening that no one could do anything but nod in agreement… or rather, we couldn’t refuse. Morikawa-san might get a scolding when she comes back, though.

 ”Let’s all go together for the first half of the talk show. We’ll turn it into a question-and-answer session with the audience, and everyone can answer.”

 ”I think that’s a good idea.”

 ”I agree with that.”

 When I proposed it, Ako-san and Director Hongou also agreed.

 ”At this point, hasn’t Heaven’s Sword aired up to episode 6? We need to keep that in mind.”

 ”We shouldn’t spoil too much.”

 ”Speaking of episode 6, it’s around the time of Ro-Schutz-Marr, Kunka Kunker, Deka-onna, Shi-Shunky, Oomori Asedaku, and PoyoPoyo…”

 ”Tenga-senpai, you have a good memory. By the way, I quite liked PoyoPoyo.”

 Since filming can sometimes be out of sequence, we don’t necessarily film episodes 1, 2, 3 in order. That’s why I think Tenga-senpai’s attention to detail is remarkable. By the way, my favorite PoyoPoyo was a woman who became a Chijou due to a complex about her slightly chubby belly, stemming from being bullied in the past. Unlike other monsters, PoyoPoyo had a unique and slightly squishy texture. There was one scene during filming where I squeezed her, and that sensation was amazing.

 ”Yeah, so something like that… It’s the afternoon talk show, but it should be fine since the Fuji TV host will be there.”

 ”Morikawa-san was supposed to host only the morning part of the talk show. The main event of this Beryl Entertainment-organized event is the stage greeting for Getsuku (Monday 9 PM Drama), ‘My Honor Student Big Brother.’ In other words, the real host is Fuji, which is broadcasting Heaven’s Sword. Morikawa-san was chosen largely due to the recommendations of the top of Takako Matsugaki-san, the department’s head of the Heaven’s Sword Production, and Fuji’s president, Fuji Ranko.”

 ”We’re arriving soon!”


 Already? We arrived at the heliport near our destination in the blink of an eye.

 I thanked the people who had piloted the helicopter, then took the elevator down to the loading area. Inside the elevator, I checked the time on my phone. Thanks to the helicopter ride, we had saved a significant amount of time. Maybe we had a little extra time on our hands now. It should be fine; we’d make it in time.

 As the elevator arrived on the first floor, where a car was waiting to pick us up, I noticed a large crowd of people waiting on either side of the aisle as the doors opened. What… what’s going on!?

 ”Ready, set, go!”

 ””””Welcome back, everyone!””””

 We were taken aback by the thunderous cheers.


 ”Aqua-kun, congratulations on your marriage!”

 ”It must be tough, but do your best!”

 ”We’ll always support you!”

 ”Don’t push yourself too hard!”

 ”Kyaa, Tenga-kun is so cool!”

 ”Mayuzumi-kun, I love you!”

 ”Toa-chan, look over here!”

 ”Thank you! Thank you all so much!”

 Judging by their attire, it seemed like these were all office ladies working in this building. Perhaps they were aware of our plan to use this heliport, which was kindly lent to us. Although there were many people waving banners from the rooftop at the airport, we had boarded the helicopter so quickly that we could only respond from afar. I thought it would be nice to show our appreciation here.

 It seemed everyone had the same idea, as we exchanged glances and nodded slightly.

 ””””I’m back!””””

 As we returned the greeting with loud voices, the office ladies were visibly excited. We expressed our gratitude and waved to them as we made our way towards the building’s entrance. There, I spotted a man. He was in a suit, with his hair neatly styled, but he held a cute light blue fan in both hands, with our names – mine and Shiro’s – attached to it with white tape in our image colors. Huh… could it be? Is he a fan of mine? I unconsciously stopped in my tracks in front of him.

 ”Manager, do your best!”

 ”It’s Aqua-kun, the manager’s favorite!”

 ”I-I’m getting nervous too.”

 ”Hang in there!”

 ”You’ll be fine, Manager. Take it easy.”

 The manager was frozen stiff, looking at me. I turned towards him and approached slowly.

 ”You made that fan with our penlight colors, didn’t you? Thank you very much.”

 I smiled as gently as I could to ease the manager’s tension. In response, he moved his eyebrows slightly and his lips quivered ever so slightly.

 ”Um… um, I’m a fan. I really like Aqua-san’s song ‘Otomeiro no Kokoro (Maiden’s heart),’ and… I’m still not good enough, so I apologize. But I promise I’ll go to your live performance someday to hear Aqua-san sing live. So please do your best! I-I’m rooting for you!”

 Oh…! I’m genuinely happy!! My senpai in the previous world told me that male fans are precious, and I can understand why. Especially in this world where there are so few men, having male fans is even more valuable. I was under the impression that what I’m doing would naturally be met with r4esistance from men in this world, but knowing that there are people who support me like this makes me genuinely happy.

 ”T-Thank you so much! I’ll be waiting for you… So let’s meet at a live performance next time. Until then, I, no, we will keep singing!”

 I extended a fist toward the manager as much as possible. In response, the manager clenched his fist and brought it towards mine.

 ”We made a promise, right? Well then, I’ll be going!”

 ”Yes! Do your best!!”

 I was now on cloud nine. During our ride to the next location in the prepared car, I spoke to everyone.

 ”Um… about the afternoon session, would you all mind helping out?”

 I asked, and everyone nodded without saying a word.

 Although I chuckled at how they readily agreed without even knowing what I was going to ask, I was even more pleased that everyone felt the same way as me. After witnessing that earlier spectacle, there wasn’t a single person here whose spirits hadn’t soared. Tenga-senpai, Toa, Shintaro, they were all standing beside me. When I looked behind, Ako-san, Director Hongou, and many others were there to support us. There was nothing to fear.

 I believed that with all of us, we could go anywhere. That’s why I felt the need to lead everyone even further.

 Forward! Onward! To unseen horizons, I’ll take everyone!

 I made a fresh determination within my heart.

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