Male Idol V8c6

Volume 8 Chapter 6 Natalia Rosenesta, RE:LIV

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 Finally, the day has arrived. It’s the Getsuku (Monday 9 PM Drama) new release announcement event organized by Beryl Entertainment. I can’t believe it… I actually won tickets for the daytime session. And not just any tickets, but platinum seats!!

 Platinum seats are similar to platinum room tickets, allowing me to bring one companion besides myself. Since I had this opportunity, I thought I’d invite my senior, Sakura Ui-senpai, who helped me a lot when I was still unfamiliar with this country. She’s such a wonderful senior, and that’s why I wanted to invite her. But unfortunately, she said she has an unavoidable commitment, so she can’t make it.

 Furthermore, like Ui-senpai, my classmates Suzu, Leona, and Botan also seem to have important commitments they can’t cancel. Even the student council president won a platinum room ticket. It seems that Runa-senpai will attend the morning session with the president, leaving only Claire, my junior, behind. However, Claire hasn’t been in touch for nearly two weeks, even though she informed the school that she would be absent. I hope she’s okay…

 Well, leaving that aside, I’m wondering what to do with the remaining ticket. I was sitting on a school bench, holding the ticket in my hand and contemplating when a fellow female student approached me. She wanted me to accompany her to the event.

 The girl who spoke to me had helped me out before when I asked for assistance with student council work, so we’re not complete strangers. So I agreed.

 Now, I’m sitting on a bench in a park near the venue, waiting to meet up with her.

 ”S-sorry for keeping you waiting!”

 A girl with stunning golden hair and vertical curls (drill hair) arrived, breathing heavily. Her name is Washimiya Lisa-san, a classmate of Aqua-sama. She had previously helped me with costume preparations during student council work, so today is also a way of showing my gratitude for that occasion.

 ”No worries, I just got here. Let’s go.”

 ”Yes, desu~wa!”

 We showed our tickets at the entrance of Shinjuku Baker and boarded the elevator exclusive to the platinum floor. As we stepped onto the platinum floor, the world of Beryl’s members unfolded before our eyes.


 ”Amazing, desu~wa…”

 According to the president, the morning session had actual Heaven’s Sword equipment on display, but the afternoon session showcased the costumes and instruments everyone wore during the live performance. After completing our registration at the counter, we ordered welcome drinks. I chose an iced caramel latte, while Washimiya-san went for a cool grape squash. Our drinks would be ready for us later, so in the meantime, we headed to the exhibition area.

 ”Rosenesta-san, look, it’s Shiro-kun’s and Tama-chan’s costumes, desu~wa!”

 ”It seems like these are the costumes from the Summer Comic Market.”

 There are two parts to the afternoon session, but do they switch things around between the first and second halves? We participated in the first part, and all the instruments we brought matched those from the Summer Comic Market.

 ”Here, it’s like off-shot panels.”

 ”Yes, it seems so, desu~wa.”

 The off-shot panels we brought included not only those from the Summer Comic Market but also panels from various live events, creating quite a spectacle. Looking to the other side, we saw handwritten sheet music and lyrics in a display case. While I was moved by the raw sheet music of Tenga-san and Nekoyama-san, Mayuzumi-san’s beautifully written lyrics on manuscript paper were astonishing. And what amazed most people was the handwritten original lyrics by Aqua-sama next to them.

 ”Washimiya-san, what’s this?”

 ”This is Shirogane-sama’s… what is this symbol?”

 Huh…? Mayuzumi-san wrote the lyrics from here? Isn’t Mayuzumi-san amazing? I exchanged glances with Washimiya-san, and the people around us were also whispering the same things we were thinking.

 ”Hey, isn’t Mayuzumi-kun amazing?”

 ”How can this original text become those lyrics?”

 ”This is almost at the level of an interpreter.”

 ”Mayuzumi-kun could probably have a translation qualification exclusively for Aa-kun.”

 ”Let’s take notes and study. I want to become a translator for Aa-sama too.”

 ”Huh? If there’s such a qualification, I’ll work hard for it too.”

 ”It’s definitely more useful than an Ochinchin sommelier qualification.”

 ”Getting a qualification like that is just… nuts! There’s nothing else to it.”

 ”Anyway, let’s take photos and make notes.”

 Aqua-sama’s handwriting isn’t exactly messy, but the content is too abstract for us to comprehend. Maybe I should take a photo too? If I can translate this, it might bring me one step closer to Aqua-sama…

 After taking photos with Washimiya-san, we headed to the merchandise corner. In addition to the pop-up shop and official site goods, this time there was a special pamphlet available, and many people were buying it. President Natsuki apparently bought the special Heaven’s Sword pamphlet after the morning session, but for our afternoon session, they were selling the live performance special pamphlet. It was mentioned in the fan club’s PR that these would be available for online order later, but missing this chance could lead to a delay of up to two months.

 ”I’ll take a pamphlet, please.”

 ”Sure, the regular version is 1000 yen, and the super deluxe version with a calendar is 3000 yen. Which one would you like?”

 The only difference between the regular and super deluxe versions is whether they come with a calendar. Of course, both Washimiya-san and I ordered the super deluxe version with a calendar. We went back to the reception to collect our welcome drinks. My drink had Aqua-sama and Merry-san on it, while Washimiya-san’s had Shiro-kun and Tama-chan. Naturally, the contents were separate, so they were each in their own bags to avoid any mess. It’s truly considerate.

 ”Shall we head to the platinum seats soon?”

 ”Yes, desu~wa.”

 We sat in seats slightly more spacious than regular ones, chatting as the time for the live broadcast of the concert approached. With the sound of a buzzer, the lights gradually dimmed. In response, everyone seemed to hold their breath and fell silent.

 ”Nagareta hoshi wa, umi ni ochiru. Yozora ni te o nobaseba. Boku wa ima, shirokuro no sekai no naka… (Flowing stars fall into the sea. If you reach your hand to the night sky. I’m now in a black white world…)”

 The first song that played was “Tama-chan’s Black White World.” I guess they coordinated it with the Summer Comic Market exhibition? Everyone listened with dreamy expressions.

 ”No way…”

 Washimiya-san, in the seat next to me, muttered in a small voice, her eyes wide open. It’s not surprising that Washimiya-san was amazed. The sound was so lifelike, as if we were listening to a live performance. Modern theaters are really something. Or maybe the acoustics here are special? Oh… the people in the regular seats are taking out penlights from their bags. I guess they wave penlights even in movie theaters. Come to think of it, the receptionist earlier mentioned that we could wave them without hesitation when the time comes. So I took out penlights for everyone from my bag.


 Just as the first chorus ended and we entered an interlude, the screen in front of us went completely dark. The audience began to murmur. At the same time, a single spotlight illuminated the stage in front of us.

 It’s coming…!

 I’m not sure if I murmured it, or if Washimiya-san did, or if it was someone else in the audience. But everyone present must have thought the same thing. Why did Tama-chan’s song sound like a live performance? Why does her singing resonate so deeply in our hearts? In that moment, I understood.

 ”Kyoufu de hiekitte boku no kokoro, sore o anata no yasashii nukumori ga tokashite kureru. (My heart, frozen in fear, is melted by your gentle warmth.)”

 Aaaaaaahhhhh! I wanted to scream it out loud, but I held back, my eyes fixed on the stage.

 Just like a smooth landing, Tama-chan from Daikai appears and heads for the final sprint. The same song as back then, even though I’ve seen and heard it many times in videos, my skin tingled. She’s improved. Much more than before…!

 ”Tatoe kono omoi ga tsutaerarenakute mo, kono ooki na uchuu no shita de boku to kimi wa tsunagatte iru. Boku no kono omoi wa mune no oku o amaku shimetsukeru kedo, subete wa shiro to kuro no sekai no naka ni shizuka ni shizunde iku. (Even if these feelings can’t be conveyed, under this vast universe, you and I are connected. These feelings of mine gently tighten my chest, but everything quietly sinks into the black-and-white world.)”

 Tears naturally overflowed… Perhaps it’s also because I read that interview article. Tama-chan and Nekoyama-san seemed to overlap, and my heart tightened with a sense of longing.

 ”Everyone, I’ve come to meet you!”

 The audience responds to Tama-chan’s greeting with loud cheers.

 ”I think you understand, but next is a duet with a friend. Now, everyone! Are you ready? If you’re not ready, I might leave you behind… just kidding! We’ll all go together! So, let’s go!!”

 The piano sound echoing through the venue, everyone here knew what song would come next.

 ”Hoshi o matata sete, sekai o terase! Shiroi iki o hakeba, dokoka de minamo ga yureru (Make the stars twinkle, illuminate the world! As I exhale white breath, the water’s surface ripples somewhere.)”

 Wowwwww! It’s Shiro-kun!

 ”Kimi ga tataita doa no tobira, demo boku wa soko ni inai (The door of the door you knocked on, but I’m not there)”

 A duet by Shiro-kun and Tama-chan. We know the ending of this song. When they first sang it, Tama-chan couldn’t keep up with Shiro-kun’s singing and ended up out of breath. But it’s different now, right? We… no, we know that boys can strive and grow.

 ”Kizu o otta kedamono-tachi wa mata tachiagaru! (When beasts wounded by you rise up again!)”

 In an instant, their voices overlap.

 ””Kono mama ja ikenai! Boku datte mou unzari nanda! Dakara muri o shite mo tachiagare! Ikiteru tte akashi o kizamitsukero!! Ai shiteru kimi ni, kono kimochi o tsutaeru made akiramenai!! (I can’t go on like this! I’m tired of it! So even if it’s tough, stand up! Carve the proof that you’re alive!! Until I convey these feelings to you, I won’t give up!!!!)””

 Perfect harmony, the overwhelming singing power of the two made my heart thump. I grabbed Washimiya-san’s hand and celebrated with her, waving the two penlights I held. After that, we sang this fast-paced song with almost no breaks, perfectly together.

 ”Huff… huff…”

 After finishing the song, I could hear Tama-chan’s breathlessness through the microphone. I thought she gave it her all. Shiro-kun gently embraced Tama-chan.

 ”Thank you, Tama-chan. Leave the rest to me… no, to everyone!”

 With a lively intro, next is “stay here”! The audience gets excited again with the same arrangement as their legendary first live.

 ”Boku wa kimi ni nando mo hidoi koto o shita. Dakara kawaranakya ikenai tte omottanda (I have hurt you many times. That’s why I thought I had to change.)”

 As they began to sing, two members, Tenga-san and Mayuzumi-san, appeared on stage from the left and right sides, each holding a guitar and bass. Spotlights shone only on Shiro-kun, Tenga-san, and Mayuzumi-san in the center.

 ”Kimi no kawari nante, sekai no doko o sagashitatte inai. Dakara boku kara hanarenai de (I have searched all over the world for someone to replace you. So please don’t leave me.)

 From Tama-chan’s sentimental song to the soul-stirring duet of the two, and the soothing pop rhythm, smiles couldn’t help but bloom on our faces. It’s like riding a roller coaster, our hearts swaying as we listen, but that’s Beryl for you.

 ”Machigatte, kuyande, mata machigatta koudou o suru. Soushite boku wa kimi no jikan o ubatte shimatta. Boku wa kimi ga dore dake boku no koto o kangaete kurete ita no ka o wakatte inakattanda (I made mistakes, regretted them, and made wrong choices again. And in doing so, I took away your time. I didn’t understand how much you thought of me.)”

 When the fourth spotlight shone, Nekoyama-san had already taken her place at the drums. The drum performance, seemingly tireless after just a short while ago, earned a response from the audience with their penlights.

 ”Boku wa mou owari da yo. Kimi ga soba ni ite kurenai nante kangaetaku mo nai. Boku wa kimi ni nando mo hidoi koto o shita. Dakara kawaranakya ikenai tte omottanda. Kimi no kawari nante, sekai no doko o sagashitatte inai. Dakara boku kara hanarenai de. Boku wa kimi ni torikaeshi no tsukanai koto o shita kamoshirenai. Dakara ayamaranakya ikenai tte omotta. Datte, kimi no kawari nante, sekai no doko o sagashitatte inai. Dakara boku o matteite! (I’m done for. I can’t bear to think that you won’t be by my side. (I have hurt you many times. That’s why I thought I had to change. I haven’t searched anywhere in the world for someone to replace you. So please don’t leave me. I might have done something irreparable to you. That’s why I thought I had to apologize. Because, there’s no one in the world who can replace you. So wait for me!)”

 When they finished singing the first chorus, the spotlight that had been illuminating the audience gathered and focused on the center. Huh…? Strangely, there was no one there, and the audience momentarily murmured in confusion. But as if to mock us, the spotlight suddenly shifted from the center of the stage to illuminate the seats behind our Platinum Seats.

 No way…

 ”Yatto kimi o tsukamaeru koto ga dekita. Kono te de kimi ni sawatte mo ii darou ka? Kimi no okage de ore wa ai ni kizukasareta (I finally caught up to you. Can I touch you with these hands? Thanks to you, I’ve come to realize love.)”

 The near-screams of the people in the Platinum Seats and the Platinum Room, including us, echoed through the theater.

 ”Ore wa kimi no koto o shinjiru koto ga dekinakattanda. Ima made no kankei o kuzushitakunai kara kowakute ippo o fumidasenakatta (I couldn’t believe in you. I was too scared to take a step forward because I didn’t want to break our relationship).”

 I remained frozen, penlights in hand, staring at Aqua-san’s face. Well, not just me, precisely speaking. Everyone in the Platinum Seats, including Washimiya-san next to me, was stunned by the shocking appearance.

 ”Kimi wa ore no sei de mae o susumu koto o yamete shimatta. Hitori torinokosareta kimi o mite ore wa kono mama ja dame datte omottanda. Datte kimi ni wa ore ga hitsuyou daro? Dakara beibii, ore no soba ni ite kure (You stopped moving forward because of me. Seeing you left behind on your own made me realize I can’t leave you. Because, don’t you need me? So baby, stay by my side.)”

 Aqua-sama sang near our seats, lightly touching our outstretched hands. Then, she descended the emergency stairs to the side and moved to the center of the stage.

 ”Ore wa kimi ni nando mo hidoi koto o shita. Dakara kawaranakya ikenai tte omotta. Kimi no kawari nante, sekai no doko o sagashitatte inai. Dakara ore kara hanarenai de. Ore wa kimi ni torikaeshi no tsukanai koto o shita kamoshirenai. Dakara ayamanakya ikenai tte omotta. Datte, kimi no kawari nante, sekai no doko o sagashitatte inai (I have hurt you many times. That’s why I thought I had to change. I haven’t searched anywhere in the world for someone to replace you. So please don’t leave me. I might have done something irreparable to you. That’s why I thought I had to apologize. Because, there’s no one in the world who can replace you.)”

 It felt like a dream. Despite the sensation of my heart floating gently and my mind feeling ethereal, my heart had been pounding all along. If this was a dream, I wished not to wake up.

 ”Dakara soko de matteite, ore ga kimi o mukae ni iku kara!! (So wait for me there, because I’m coming to get you!!)”

 After the song ended, some of the people in the Platinum Seats couldn’t hold back tears and began to cry. I also wiped away my overflowing tears forcefully with my arm. To captivate our hearts so completely in less than a minute after that entrance was unfair! It’s unfair! But I love it. I love it, so I forgive her.

 ”Everyone, don’t cry. Since it’s a precious live, let’s smile even more. So, to make everyone stop crying, I’ll sing this song next: ‘Maiden’sHeart.’”

 Nostalgic Tenga-senpai’s guitar sound. Wrapped in a sound that was both melancholic and warm, my heart felt as if it was being gently rocked in a cradle.

 ”Kimi no koto o suki ni natta. Demo sono koi wa kanawanai koto o shitte shimatta. Dakara to itte kono omoi o wasureru koto nante mou dekinai kara (I fell in love with you. But I realized that love couldn’t be fulfilled. Even so, I can’t forget these feelings anymore.)”

 I naturally swayed the penlight I held from side to side. The gentle sounds and the voice that soaked into my heart made me feel entranced.

 ”Ima yori mo, kitto motto, kimi no koto ga suki ni naru. Sore ga wakatte iru noni, boku wa kimi kara hanarerarenai otomeiro no kokoro. Boku no kono omoi wa itsu no hi ka mukuwareru no darou ka? (I’ll surely love you more than I do now, much more than now. Even though I know that, I can’t part from you, a maiden-colored heart. I believe that someday, my feelings will be rewarded.)”

 Hey, does Aqua-sama realize? Everyone… everyone loves you, you know? We don’t just like you. We love you… There’s no chance, really, but deep down, I think everyone understands. But you know, right now, listening to this song, I don’t want to give up. I want to keep loving you, to love you even more… I’m sure, just like me, everyone’s feelings for Aqua-sama will grow stronger.

 ”Ima yori mo, motto zutto, kimi no koto ga suki ni naru yo. Sore ga wakatte ite mo, boku wa kimi kara hanarerarenai otomeiro no kokoro. Boku no kono omoi ga itsu no hi ka kimi o furimukaseru to shinjite, yoru no hikari ni sotto kiete iku. (I’ll love you more, much, much more than now. Even though I know that, I can’t part from you, a maiden-colored heart. I believe that someday, my feelings will make you turn around and gently disappear into the light of night.)”

 Ahhhh! Seriously, this song is cheating! Because everyone loves Yuujin-san, right? This song overlaps with him!! Do you understand? I’m a transfer student from Stars, you know!? There’s no girl at Stars who doesn’t like Yuujin-san. Isn’t it obvious? He’s always playing around and seems so experienced with girls, he seems dangerously sexy, yet he has a delicate heart that’s easily hurt. So, Don’t show it, don’t let it get noticed, do it for just one girl.

 Huh? Are there really people who dislike Yuujin-san? Are they out of their minds? They’d naturally fall in love with someone like this.

 Ah, it’s impossible. I’m crying again. I stopped crying for a moment, but it’s impossible. I love her too much.

 ”Hontou wa kono ato, ‘beautiful right?’ o enshutte owari ni shiyou to omottetanda kedo… Chotto yotei o henkou shite, minna de kono kyoku o utaimasu. Yokattara saigo made kiite kudasai (I was actually planning to perform ‘beautiful right?’ and end it after this, but… I’ve changed the plan a bit. We’ll sing this song together. If you’d like, please listen till the end.)”

 Tenga-senpai, Mayuzumi-san, and Nekoyama-san received microphones from the staff, put down their instruments, and came to the front. After a while, a poppy intro played in the venue.

 ’Hey, why do you look so anxious?’

 Ah… this song, it’s the one they played at the wedding!

 ’If you keep walking with your head down, we might miss seeing you.’

 Nekoyama-san sang, followed by Mayuzumi-san.

 ’Let’s walk forward with our heads held high. Show us your wonderful smile.’

 The screen showed an up-close shot of Tenga-san, who smiled gently towards the audience.

 ’We want to convey that to you through this song.’

 After the four of them finished their solo parts, Aqua-sama whispered into the microphone.

 ”Let’s sing the chorus together! So come on, everyone, raise your heads!”

 The girls, including me, who were crying, lifted their faces in response to Aqua-sama’s words. Washimiya-san, who was next to me, gently hugged me and whispered, “Let’s sing together.” I could see tear streaks in Washimiya-san’s eyes too.

 ’Everyone knows how wonderful you are. And yet, you’re the only one who hasn’t realized it.’

 I see… I thought this song was originally sung by a boy to a girl. But it’s not just that.

 ’Come on, lift your head high without looking down!’

 Looking around, I saw girls who had been crying being embraced by the girls nearby, and they were all singing together.

 ’If anyone says you’re not beautiful, we’ll knock them out!’

 We’re not alone. We’re all supporting each other and living together. If we share these feelings with each other, it won’t be painful.

 ’So come on, be brave, and show us your wonderful smile.’

 By the time the second chorus ended, everyone, including me, had stopped crying.

 ”That was… nice, wasn’t it?”

 ”Yes, it really was…”

 I hugged Washimiya-san again after the live. I’m glad I didn’t come alone today. But even if I had come alone, I think someone would have comforted me. The atmosphere in this venue is so warm.

 ”Rosenesta-senpai, thank you so much for today.”

 ”No, it’s me who should thank you for coming with me, Washimiya-san. Hey, if you’d like, let’s hang out again.”

 ”Yes, of course, desu~wa!”

 After the live ended, Lisa and I went to a nearby park and talked about the live.

 ”Thank you so much for today. Also, you can just call me Natalie instead of Rosenesta-senpai.”

 ”Then, please call me Lisa instead of Washimiya-san.”

 ”Understood, Lisa. See you at school.”

 And like this, Lisa and I became friends who both love the same person. I only have about a year and a half left in Otomezaki. So I don’t think my feelings will reach him. But Lisa will be in the same class as Aqua-sama for over two more years. During that time, I hope her feelings are rewarded, even if it’s just a little.

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