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Volume 8 Chapter 7 Shirogane Lapis, My Troublesome Nii-sam

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 I’m Shirogane Lapis.

 I’m the one and only true sister of Shirogane Aqua, who’s the world’s greatest and toughest… no, I mean, the strongest.

 Today marks the beginning of Getsuku (Monday 9 PM Drama), the show my, yes, my big brother is in.

 It seems like in this show, my brother will be playing the role of someone else’s big brother!!

 Isn’t this a serious matter? After all, my brother is Lapis’ big brother, and no one else’s! So, even though it’s a show, I can’t miss it. As my brother’s legitimate sister, I need to check every detail thoroughly.

 ”It’s about to start, right?”

 Sigh… Mother is entirely carefree.

 Just look at her relaxed posture from earlier.

 She probably thinks everything will be fine for her, but Mother can only be at ease for now. If my brother’s show has a mother character, Mother will surely be as nervous as I am.

 Because Mother is Lapis’ mother, so I’m sure Mother and I share the same level.


 It has begun…!

 For now, I’ll put Mother aside and focus on the screen in front of me.

 ”Is this Ouka-in…”

 The protagonist, Satou Sayuki, also known as Kohina Yukari-san, gazes at the school building, and her image is projected on the screen. According to the drama’s narration, Ouka-in is a prestigious school with a long history, attended by many children from noble families. Satou Sayuki, the little sister of Satou Kazuya (played by my brother), has been instructed by her mother, Sada Yukiho, to enroll in this school.

 ”Uwaaaaan! L-Lapis-chan! M-Mama, a-a different Mama for Aqua-chan!! No, no, no~”

 Earlier, Mother said she’s in the same level as Lapis, but let me correct that. Mother’s level is undoubtedly lower than Lapis’.

 Phew, I told you so. Yet, Mother seems to act as if she has nothing to do with it, munching on sweet potato snacks just a moment ago, which is why things turned out this way.

 ”Ah, as Aqua-chan’s Mama, I have to check if she’s suitable to be Aqua-chan’s Mama! Grrrrrr!”

 I push the noisy Mother aside and focus on the drama again.


 As Sayuki walks down the corridor for the entrance ceremony, the voice that stops her makes the previously noisy mother fall silent.

 Meanwhile, I, hearing my brother’s voice gently calling Sayuki, felt an uncomfortable nausea.


 No!! He’s not yours!!

 I wanted to shout at the TV, but I restrain myself. This is fiction, yes, it’s a fictional drama!!

 ”Congratulations on your admission!”

 Both Mother and I were frozen as we watched brother appear on the screen.

 My big brother, who is also the student council president, is wearing a pure white blazer with black piping as proof of his position. Underneath, he has on a white vest in the same style, and he’s wearing a black shirt with a deep crimson tie. The silver buttons are very elegant, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that this uniform fully embodies my brother’s charm.

 Furthermore, my brother’s black leather gloves are incredibly alluring, making my spine shiver, and I felt like my knees were going weak.



 I went completely overboard and ended up hugging Mother, who was next to me, as we both let out excited screams.

 Ugh… it’s frustrating, but I have to admit, the costume designer and wardrobe team for this drama are absolutely fantastic!!

 ”Even on such an important stage, your ribbon is torn. Let me change it for you.”

 Huh? My brother, just like he always does for me, gently touches Sayuki’s hair and unties the torn ribbon, replacing it with a new one.

 ”Thank you, Nii-sama.”

 Ah, ah, ah! Unfair!! Sayuki’s hand gently touches the chest of Kazuya, the character played by my brother.

 Yes, that’s a foul! I blew a whistle in my mind and showed a yellow card to Kohina Yukari. No, this, combined with the ribbon-tying incident earlier, could even be considered a red card-worthy action. VAR? There’s no way they would allow that!! The camera has captured the evidence! Meh!

 ”Nii-sama, I’m looking forward to your speech at today’s entrance ceremony.”

 ”Yeah, leave it to me.”

 In the scene of the entrance ceremony, Kazuya gives the speech for the current students, and Sayuki delivers the response for the new students.

 Mother had a love-struck and slovenly expression while my brother gave his speech, but these are truly professional actors. Even though they see my brother deliver his speech so handsomely and with a warm smile, they stay composed and continue their performance. It’s genuinely impressive.


 A casual scene where Sayuki gazes at her brother, Kazuya.

 Watching this scene, I understood everything.

 Ah, Sayuki is just like me….

 As someone with experience, it made me feel a bit uneasy thinking about Sayuki’s future feelings for her brother before it turns into love. Kohina Yukari has portrayed it perfectly.

 ”I won’t lose.”

 ”W-Well, I don’t plan to back down either.”

 Sayuki’s classmate, Kasamichi Rina, played by Tsukimachi Ayana, exchange a look in a seemingly ordinary scene.

 In this scene, Sayuki, who admires my brother, takes on the role of the student council while Rina, aiming to become the next student council president, shows hostility. Although Rina had been kind to everyone except Sayuki, she doesn’t hide her antagonism toward Sayuki as her rival.

 Just then, a female student who had witnessed the results of their physical fitness test approached them.

 ”Sayuki-san, Rina-san, I have a favor to ask of you!”

 The girl who approached them is Harada-san, a classmate who belongs to the baseball club. Harada-san asked if the two of them could help out in the upcoming final practice game for the baseball club. It seems that Ouka-in’s baseball club hasn’t been able to recruit many new members, and as a result, they’re on the verge of disbandment after this practice game. Harada-san, who had a deep respect for her upperclassmen, wanted to give them one last game, so she approached the two of them to join as reinforcements. Listening to Harada-san’s passionate plea, Sayuki and Rina agreed to participate as support for the baseball club’s practice game.

 ”Just so you know, I’m not planning to get along with you.”

 Batting third and playing first base, Rina takes the field, her tsundere statement contrasting with her solid performance as she reaches base.

 Following that, Sayuki’s position as the cleanup hitter at third base. In the bottom of the first inning, both teams managed to get runners on second and third with two outs, but the team captain, who was batting fifth as the pitcher, hit a powerful ball that ended up as a center fly out. It was close, but they couldn’t score any runs.

 In terms of defense, they managed to keep the top of the first inning scoreless despite allowing a runner on base. However, in the top of the second inning, they gave up one run, and in the top of the third, they surrendered two more. They were trailing 3-0, but in the bottom of the fourth inning, after holding the top of the inning scoreless, Rina hit a lead-off home run. Right after that, Sayuki followed with a home run of her own, making it 3-2, closing the gap to just one run.

 But then, the team captain, batting fifth, got a hit, but the sixth, seventh, and eighth batters all got out, and they couldn’t continue the rally. Thanks to the captain’s efforts, they managed to hold the top of the fifth inning scoreless as well. In the bottom half of that inning, the ninth batter got out, the lead-off batter walked, the second batter executed a sacrifice bunt, and then Rina, the third batter, hit a timely two-base hit, tying the game at 3-3.

 ”You must hit it, no matter what.”

 Rina had acknowledged Sayuki’s skills as her rival throughout the game.

 In fact, it was probably because Rina was willing to confront Sayuki head-on that she recognized Sayuki’s abilities.

 Following that, Sayuki responded to Rina’s expectations with a timely hit, and with Rina’s speedy slide into home, she managed to score one more run, putting us ahead 4-3.

 Amazing… Tsukimachi-san, an idol, and yet she goes all out without hesitation.


 I cheered along with Mother. Wait, no!

 Come on, Lapis! What are you doing, getting so engrossed in the drama like this!!

 It’s my duty as my brother’s sister to properly check if Sayuki is suitable to be my brother’s sister!

 ”We can do it!”

 ”Just four more innings, let’s do our best!”

 The team captain, batting fifth, got out, and in the top of the sixth inning, the opponent hit a home run again, tying the game at 4-4. In the bottom half, the sixth batter got a hit, the seventh successfully executed a sacrifice bunt, the eighth hit a left fly, and the ninth grounded out to second base, resulting in no runs scored as we entered the seventh inning.

 In the top of the seventh inning, thanks to some fine plays by Rina and Sayuki in the field, they managed to hold the opponent scoreless. However, the turning point came in the bottom half.


 In the bottom of the seventh, the lead-off batter hit a first fly, the second batter got a hit, and the third, Rina, chose a walk. With one out and runners on first and second in a 4-4 tie, it was the turn of the team captain, batting fifth.

 This was the chance for a game-changing hit!

 However, the team captain ended up intentionally hit by the opponent’s pitcher.

 ”Those guys!!”

 Looking at the opponent’s pitcher, Rina realized that it was intentional.

 Rina, who was about to confront the pitcher in anger, was restrained by the team captain, Sayuki, and Harada-san.

 Rina-san, at first, I thought she was an elegant and haughty girl, but her passionate and fiery personality is completely changing the viewers’ image. Given the recent trends in Monday 9 PM dramas, with a lot of drama and malicious bullying going on behind the scenes, this is refreshing.

 ”I-It’s okay… That’s right! If it turns into a brawl, it’s what they want!”

 It may be true, but that doesn’t mean that it is acceptable to violate the rules just because they are about to lose. So, just for today…yes, just for today, I’m going to support Sayuki specially, so you’d better do your best as a sister of my brother, even though you’re a fake!

 ”Gah! Don’t be a coward just because you’re about to lose!”

 While watching Mother vent her anger at the TV next to me, I calmed down just a bit. Also, Mother, if you eat so many snacks in anger, your stomach will feel uncomfortable later, you know?

 With two outs and the bases loaded, Rina was unable to keep her composure after the team captain was hit by a pitch, leading to a ground out. In the top of the eighth inning, the impact of the hit-by-pitch disrupted the team captain’s control, resulting in two runs. In the bottom half, the sixth, seventh, and eighth batters fought hard but were all retired. In the top of the ninth, they allowed one more run, making it 7-4.

 In the bottom of the ninth inning, Harada-san, who had been batting ninth, managed to hang on and drew a walk to get on base. The first and second batters couldn’t continue, but up next were Rina batting third and Sayuki batting cleanup! With this, they had a chance to tie the game, and with the right flow, even potentially turn it around. However, the opposing pitcher intentionally walked Rina.

 ”Ugh!! Come on, fight properly already!”

 Mother was vigorously pounding the cushion she had in her hand. The cushion didn’t do anything wrong, Mother… And eating ice cream after those snacks is dangerous. Ah, if you gulp down such a sweet and syrupy drink like that… you’ll probably end up crying on the bathroom scale tomorrow. Just so you know, I did stop her!

 The opposing pitcher intentionally hit Sayuki with a pitch once again.

 ”Hey! What’s going on with this guy!! If it’s come to this, I’ll show this insolent brat what’s what!!”

 I clung to Mother, who was about to confront the TV, trying to hold her back.

 ”Mother, wait, this is a drama, it’s just a drama!”

 ”Let go, Lapis! Besides, even mom used to be called the baseball demon, the prodigy of baseball in the past!!”

 That’s news to me!!

 I think she’s just saying that offhandedly because it’s Mother…

 ”Hey, you there!!”

 An angry Mar… I mean, an angry Rina once again approaches the pitcher.


 Sayuki, who managed to stand up slowly, reassures Rina.

 But really, Rina, even though you were so standoffish with Sayuki, isn’t there a bit more affection now that you’re showing camaraderie? I guess tsundere types are actually… ahem, never mind.

 ”It’s okay… that’s why.”

 Sayuki gets up and starts moving toward the base. Someone approaches her.

 ”Sayuki… what on earth is going on here?”

 Ah… ah… ah…

 Unlike the usual gentle voice I’m familiar with, my body shivers at the chillingly low tone of voice. He’s angry. My gentle brother is angry. But this anger is different from the passionate and kind anger Kenzaki shows with his Heaven’s Sword. It’s a cold anger without a trace of kindness.


 With slightly moistened eyes, Sayuki gazes at Kazuya.

 With just that, Kazuya understands everything.

 Ah, if only my brother could be this perceptive about my feelings… No, that’s not important right now. Let’s focus on the drama.


 The captain, with a pained expression on her face, dropped the bat she was holding and staggered in place. Kazuya was the one who firmly embraced and supported her.

 ”Don’t push yourself.”

 Kazuya slightly rolled up the hem of the captain’s uniform shirt.


 ”A-A-A-Aqua-chan, no, leave such indecent things to Mama!”

 I covered my reddened face with both hands. A steamy scene? Could it be that a steamy scene is about to start!? With a faint glimmer of hope, I peeked through my fingers at the TV.

 ”I see, I get it now…”

 Ah… the spot where the pitch hit earlier was now red. To confirm this, Kazuya lifted the captain’s uniform.

 ”Umpire, substitution!”

 Kazuya tossed aside the jacket he was wearing and loosened his necktie. Oh no, if he unbuttons one more button, my brother’s bare skin will be broadcasted to households nationwide!

 If such a scene were to happen, some of the women might end up with nosebleeds and fainting. Even the cast members who were exposed to my brother’s overflowing pheromones… Wait, Tsukimachi Ayana-san and Kohina Yukari-san are completely composed. How do they manage to stay so calm? Ah, I see… that’s the professionalism of actresses for you.

 Kazuya, without showing any concern for such matters, picked up the bat the captain had used and headed to the batter’s box.

 ”No, no. It’s not allowed to substitute anyone who isn’t on the registered roster!”

 ”If that’s the case…”

 Kazuya showed a piece of paper to the umpire, indicating that he was indeed on the roster.

 ”Eh… Is this true?”


 To the surprise of those around him, Kazuya smiled ever so slightly with a mischievous expression.

 Kyaaaaaa, no, no! If I see my brother’s wicked smile like that, it’ll make me all tingly down there. I rubbed my inner thighs together, using my hand to suppress the sensations in that sensitive area.

 ”Sayuki was supposed to participate. I made sure to prepare just in case.”

 Aaaaaah, brother, please be nice only to me other than this time!

 ”As expected of Aqua!”

 ”As expected, Nii-sama!”

 Ugh… for some reason, Mother and I were in sync.

 Kazuya lightly took a practice swing and then returned his gaze to the umpire.

 ”I’m the pinch hitter.”

 Isn’t that something the coach should say normally!? Well, there’s no need for such a mundane comment. My brother looks so cool; I don’t care about the details.



 Sayuki and Rina stared at Kazuya with passionate eyes.


 The resounding sound of a wooden bat in the stadium. The game was decided in an instant, as the first pitch ended it all. Kazuya, catching the falling ball right at its core, effortlessly sent it back to center field. It was such a beautiful swing and trajectory that no one could do anything but watch where the ball was headed.

 ”Loooook! Did you see that? This is my Aqua-chan!”

 ”Kyaaaaaaa! Nii-sama, you’re so cool!”

 For some reason, I and Mother hugged each other and rejoiced. After placing the bat on the ground, Kazuya began to make his way around the bases.

 Thanks to my brother’s grand slam home run, the Ouka-in baseball team managed to secure a come-from-behind victory as they faced the imminent disbandment.

 ”Thank you, Rina-san, Sayuki-san. Even if the baseball team disbands, I want to continue working hard as a club. And someday, I’ll revive the baseball team.”

 With renewed determination, their classmate Harada-san embraced Sayuki and Rina warmly. Finally, the two girls firmly shook hands.

 ”Sayuki… I won’t lose.”

 ”I won’t either, so let’s compete fairly, Rina-san.”

 Against the backdrop of the setting sun, Rina and Sayuki nodded at each other with smiles. It’s nice. I prefer this over the heroines in Monday 9 PM dramas who always compete for attention. What’s even better is that they don’t have that strange heroine mentality of trying to please men.

 ”I see… so this is what Monday 9 PM is like this time.”

 I checked the time, and the broadcast was about to end. At the moment of relief for everyone, the camera showed Kazuya walking alone down the darkened school corridor. My head felt a little fuzzy as I saw my brother’s handsome profile illuminated by the moonlight and heard the sound of his leather shoes echoing in the hallway.

 Next to me, Mother had her mouth half-open as she dropped the snack she had been holding into the bag. Kazuya returned to the student council room and took out a familiar ribbon from his pocket.


 Kazuya had a somewhat cold expression as he walked down the corridor just moments ago, but now, as he gazed at the ribbon, there was warmth in his face.

 No matter how I look at it, it’s the face of a caring big brother thinking about his sister, but it’s overlaid with Sayuki’s unconscious adoration of him from earlier. Maybe they’re not aware of it yet, but Kazuya might have feelings for Sayuki that go beyond just sisterly affection.

 Oh… Kazuya and Sayuki are still unaware of each other’s feelings, but they’re actually in love with each other. Huff. I’ll need to find out who wrote this script later.



 Mother looked at my eyes, devoid of highlights, and panicked. She’s asking if I want some snacks, but I’m not a child who falls for that! *Nom nom*. As I greedily ate snacks, someone was waiting for Kazuya as he left the classroom.

 ”Who are you?”

 Kazuya showed signs of caution, but the woman in a black suit smirked.

 ”You’re Satou Kazuya, aren’t you?”

 The woman in the black suit handed a sealed envelope to Kazuya. Although puzzled, Kazuya opened the envelope and unfolded a piece of paper inside. To our surprise, the paper was a DNA test result for Kazuya and Sayuki.

 No blood relation.

 Huh…? Kazuya widened his eyes upon reading the words written there. Mother and I inadvertently exchanged glances.

 ”Just so you know, Satou Sayuki is the legitimate bloodline of the Satou family, which is the head of the Satou family.”

 So, that means… Kazuya isn’t part of the Satou family? The woman in the black suit who had patted Kazuya’s shoulder mumbled.

 ”Seek the truth about the Satou family, Satou Kazuya. That is your real parents’ wish, and… your real sister is here at this school.”

 Huh!? Sayuki alone was already… and there’s another sister? Kazuya tried to stop the woman as she walked away, but when he turned around, the woman in the black suit was already gone.


 Mother and I stared at the TV in surprise. In the background, with Kazuya left alone, the show’s ending theme began playing. Oh, that’s right, the Monday 9 PM theme song was changed from “Beautiful Right?” due to its overwhelming impact in a commercial. The song was chosen from the tracks prepared for an album due to concerns that it was affecting the work, and it was said that the director and others discussed it for that reason.

 The new song began with Tenga-senpai’s cool guitar sound, mixed with elements of an orchestra created by Subaru-chan’s brother, creating an introductory sound that drew people into a different world.

 ’Wakaranai! Nanimokamo subete ga aimai de, hontou no kimi o sagashite samayou ore no kokoro wa nani o omou. (I don’t know! Everything is so unclear, and my heart wanders, searching for the real you.)’

 Ah, no, this is a song that will immediately make a girl swoon. Generally, Kazuya’s songs fall into two categories: one that gently embraces you, slowly unraveling your heart, and the other that forcibly takes everything away even when the girl isn’t ready. This one undoubtedly belongs to the latter category. Thanks to it, my panties were ruined in seconds.

 ’Kyou no machi no keshiki ga kinou to wa mattaku chigatte mieru. Aa, hontou no kimi wa ima doko ni iru? Kinou made mieteita mono ga mou nani mo mienai. (The cityscape today looks completely different from yesterday. Ah, where is the real you now? I can’t see anything anymore that I could see until yesterday.)’

 Sayuki was shown sleeping soundly in her room. Her expression was pure happiness, and when she whispered softly to her brother, she must have been having a happy dream.

 ’Futari de hitotsu datta ano koro ni dou yattara modoreru? Honno sukoshi no surechigai de, mou ore no naka ni kimi wa inai. (How can I return to the time when we were together as one? With just a little misunderstanding, you’re no longer in me.)’

 Meanwhile, Kazuya sat on the bed in a dark room, still in his school uniform. He held Sayuki’s ribbon in his hand, but the look in Kazuya’s eyes as he gazed at it was different from the gentle eyes he had moments ago.

 ’Kimi ga inai kokoro no naka wa mou nani mo nakute, kodoku de shindesou ni naru. (In the heart where you’re not, there’s nothing anymore, and I feel like I’m going to die of loneliness.)’

 The scene switched to Rina, who had returned to her room. She seemed to have just taken a bath, holding a towel in her hand.

 ’Kimi ga ore no ikiru riyuu datta. Kimi ni ore wa ikasaretekita. Tsukiakari ga sou suru you ni, kimi no koto dake o terashiteitakatta (You were the reason I lived. I’ve been kept alive by you. Just like the moonlight, I wanted to illuminate only you.)’

 Kazuya goes out onto the balcony, looking up at the beautiful full moon.

 The scene continues with Sayuki peacefully sleeping under the moonlight, while Rina closes the curtains by the window.

 ’Soshite watashi wa amaku dakishimerarete iru (And I am sweetly embraced.)’

 Huh? A woman’s voice!? Who? Toa-san? Toa-san can make such a sexy voice? The song seems to be the extended version, and it transitions to the second verse. The lyrics gradually become more provocative. The flowing captions finally display the title of the song during the chorus.

 ”Phantom Requiem”

 Sung by Satou Kazuya / Aqua Shirogane

 Composed by Tenga Akira

 Arranged by Nekoyama Toa

 Lyrics by Mayuzumi Shintaro

 Lines by Kasamichi Rina / Tsukimachi Ayana, Satou Sayuki / Kohina Yukari

 Tsukimachi Ayanaaaaaaaaaaa!

 Wow! Isn’t this definitely too much? That blending of my brother’s singing from the first verse with the female voices, it’s too explicit, isn’t it? Can they really broadcast this at this hour? And where is Kohina Yukari…?

 ’Tatoe nani mo shiranakutemo, aishite iru zutto… (Even if you don’t know anything, I love you forever…)’

 Oh, there it isssssssssssss! That blending of Tsukimachi Ayana’s voice with Kazuya’s singing at the end of the first verse and then Kohina Yukari’s voice coming in after the end of the second verse. What? Is this really okay? Isn’t there some sort of ethical code violation here? Despite this great story, the final development and Kazuya’s song took over everything. Or is it because I’m his little sister that I think this way?

 ”Echitchi~no, yoi yoi yo!”

 Ignoring the strange dance that my mom is doing next to me because it’s too late, I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV even after the program ended. By the way, the next program was the news, but the anchors just froze while holding their scripts, but it’s not a broadcasting accident. Yes, I understand.

 ”What should I do…”

 I want to change my panties because they’re soaking wet, but my hips are shattered, and I can’t stand up… I might have slightly soiled the carpet, too. I need to clean it up properly before my brother comes back. With determination and willpower, I managed to stand up and, with wobbly steps, headed towards the bathroom.

 ”I’m home, Lapis! Mom!”

 My brother, who returned home with Shitori-onee-chan, immediately found me after my bath and gently dried my hair with a hairdryer. I used to feel a bit embarrassed and would avoid this, but today I’m a bit different. No matter how much it’s Sayuki, scenes like this shouldn’t have been filmed. Kanon-san, too. She definitely hasn’t had her hair dried by Kazuya. In other words, it’s me, his little sister, who gets her hair dried by brother! Hehe! In internet terms, this would be called Lapis-chan, great victory.

 Little did I know, Sayuki’s scene where she gets her hair dried by Kazuya would be inserted later in the movie.

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