Male Idol V9c1

Volume 9 Chapter 1 Shirogane Aqua, There is No Husband who Hates a Naughty Wife

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 The day after the event, when I woke up in the morning and saw my wife’s pie in front of me, I was surprised, but I pretended to be asleep and enjoyed my wife’s pie just a little bit.

 According to what I heard later, it seems that I fell asleep before closing the distribution because I was exhausted. Thanks to Kanon, who noticed it and closed the distribution, I was saved, but if I had said something like “I love breasts” or “hehehe” in my sleep, it would have been more than just a flame. There might have been a forced retirement.

 Normally, fans wouldn’t like an idol who loves breasts. To avoid such things, I thought I needed to calculate my physical strength properly and do my job. It’s probably a warning not to rely too much on training and push myself too hard. This event had many points of reflection for me personally.

 Thanks to the efforts of the three of boys and the staff, we were able to avoid any problems, but I don’t know what would have happened in the worst case scenario. Thinking about it, I don’t think there will be a second trauma, but it might be reassuring to go to the hospital once. I don’t want to worry Kanon anymore…. I look at Kanon, who is relying on her grandmother.


 ”Oh my, Kanon, you’ve become more spoiled than when you were over there. Hehe, that’s good. I’m glad that you can rely on me properly and I’m happy about it.”

 Seeing Grandmother Mary and Kanon hugging each other, I shed a tear. Grandmother Mary’s long trip ends today. Well, it’s not like I’ll never see her again, but considering Grandmother Mary’s position, I don’t think we can meet easily.

 ”Aqua-sama, thanks to you, Kanon has become able to rely on others. Thank you.”

 Grandmother Mary walks a little away from Kanon and comes closer to me.

 ”She’s a handful, and she can be a little troublesome, but please take care of her.”

 ”Haha… but that’s what makes Kanon cute. Please leave it to me.”

 When I answered like that, Grandmother Mary smiled gently, and Kanon puffed up her cheeks a little and made a “geez” face. You see, that’s the part where Grandmother Mary says it’s troublesome, but I say it’s cute. Kanon’s reaction is too cute, so I gently stroke Kanon’s head.

 ”Oh my, Kanon is loved. I envy her for having someone to rely on.”

 ”You can rely on me too, Grandmother. Because I am your knight. If something happens, I will fly to the Stars.”

 I kneel in front of Grandmother Mary and take her hand, placing my other hand on my chest. This is a recreation of the scene where Yuuji rushes to the heroine’s rescue in Hana-ata. Grandmother Mary said she was a fan of Yuuji, so I hope she will be pleased….

 ”Oh… well… as expected, Aqua-sama is so wonderful. You looked just like the real Yuuji-sama.”

 ”Thank you. I was worried what would happen if you didn’t notice.”

 I stand up and hug Grandmother Mary.

 ”I pray that you can return home safely. It’s getting cold, so be careful not to catch a cold, Grandmother.”

 ”Yes. Thank you so much. Thanks to Aqua-sama, I was able to spend such a long time with my granddaughter and I was very happy.”

 I slowly let go of Grandmother Mary. She changes her direction and turns her face towards Pegonia-san.

 ”Pegonia… everything depends on you. I’m counting on you for various things.”

 ”Yes! Please leave everything to this Pegonia, Your Highness the Former Queen.”

 Pegonia-san has a rare serious expression. Hmm, when that person has a serious expression, she’s usually thinking about something ridiculous. Well, I don’t think Grandmother Mary would come up with any strange plans or anything, and Pegonia-san might just be listening seriously because it’s Grandmother Mary’s words.

 Well then, I guess that’s okay, because Kanon seems to be enjoying it. Kanon and Pegonia-san sometimes have exchanges like sisters. At first, I felt guilty about marrying Kanon off from the royal family, but when I see Kanon as just a girl, I think it might have been for the best.

 ”Well then, everyone, see you later!”

 ”Goodbye, Grandmother!”


 I blow Kanon’s nose with a tissue in my hand.

 She’s so cute, really.

 So, we returned to our original life as a trio starting today.

 Yes, that’s what it means.

 ”Well then, Master, Miss, good night.”

 Pegonia-san, wearing a negligee after taking a bath, says her goodnight greetings and heads to the maid’s room assigned to her. Since the maid’s room is located right next to the kitchen, it is the farthest place from the main bedroom in this maisonette-type property. In other words, it is a place where someone can’t hear any small sounds.


 I let out a light breath.

 I’ve been holding back until now. Yes, I’ve been enduring it.

 It’s been over two weeks since I started living with Grandmother Mary, and of course, I haven’t done anything like that with Kanon even once. On top of that, I’ve been busy with work and school events, and I haven’t relieved myself since the day Miyuki-san came to the house until today.

 I’m also a healthy high school boy. To be frank, I want to have s*x with Kanon. No, I will have s*x. After all, I can’t bear to wait any longer. And to prevent Kanon from feeling lonely without Grandmother Mary, I think I need to fill her with my love. Yes, that’s right, I want to fulfill various things.


 Kanon reacts with a small body twitch when she hears my cool voice.

 I don’t need any unnecessary tricks. I take a breath and lean back on the sofa, showing a relaxed posture.

 ”Take a shower… and come.”

 I said it! I said it, yes!!

 With this, even the slow Kanon should understand what I want to convey. Did you see that, Kanon? I’m not a virgin anymore. Don’t compare me to the me who had no confidence when I was a virgin! This is the new Aqua who has lost his virginity!

 ”Uh, yeah… but, um…”

 Kanon, who clasps her hands and fidgets with her fingertips, looks at me with a shy face. Huh, are you nervous? It’s okay, Kanon. Trust everything to Master Aqua-kun, who has graduated from being a virgin. I return a confident smile to Kanon.

 ”Well, I just took a bath earlier…”

 Oh no! That’s right.

 If you look closely, Kanon today has her hair in twin tails and her sleepwear is not matching. She’s wearing a cute babydoll with lots of pink ribbons and frills, and underneath it, you can faintly, no, clearly see the simple and minimal black panties that I chose.

 Oh…my goodness! I almost kneeled down and worshipped her like a God. The harmony created by the cute babydoll on the surface and the simple and practical underwear worn underneath boasts a level of perfection like a full-course meal served at a five-star restaurant.

 ”Could it be…even though I just took a bath, am I smelly? Or maybe you didn’t like my outfit or hairstyle…”

 ”I’m sorry!! I was a virgin until just recently, so I was nervous and tried to act cool, but I failed!! I was trying to show off and act cool for Kanon!!”

 I immediately prostrate myself when I see Kanon’s face about to cry.

 Yeah, I shouldn’t have gotten carried away just because I had s*x once after being a virgin until recently. I should apologize honestly here. If it makes Kanon sad, I don’t need this strange pride.

 ”O-oh… I see, Aqua is still making me nervous.”

 Hm? Kanon seems really happy for some reason. Huh? Don’t girls prefer boys who are confident? I tilt my head, and Kanon shows a slightly apologetic smile.

 ”Well… I think it’s selfish and extravagant, but… I’m happier when you’re nervous than when you’re normal. It gives me confidence that I can still make Aqua’s heart race.”

 I hug Kanon tightly in an instant. What should I do… my wife is too cute…! Even though I won the final round of the beauty contest, Kanon is always number one in my heart.

 ”Oh, I also want to be nervous with Kanon, like it’s our first time, always. Even now, I’m as nervous as when we first had s*x, or maybe even more.”

 ”Yeah, I’m also as nervous as that night.”

 I release Kanon’s body slightly and we gaze into each other’s eyes. No words are needed. We slowly bring our faces closer and gently press our lips together.

 First lightly, then a little longer, then more passionately, and finally we passionately seek each other.

 Haa… haa…

 We kiss each other passionately, to the point where our breaths mix together.

 ”Shall we go to the bed?”


 Kanon clings tightly to me. I gently place my hands on Kanon’s back. To be honest, I’m at my limit. My er*ct p*nis is pushing against my pants so hard that I’m afraid the fabric will tear. Kanon looks at the bulge with heated eyes.

 ”Wh-what should I do…”

 ”Hm, is something wrong?”

 Kanon’s face turns red and her eyes become teary.

 ”I-I’m sorry. When I saw Aqua… um, I…”

 Kanon slightly crosses her legs and gently places her hand over her babydoll, as if hiding her panties. When I look closely at Kanon’s lower body, from the hem of the babydoll to her flawless white legs, there are sparkling droplets that resemble diamonds dripping down.

 No way… right…? That means she wants me to penetrate her right away, right? Huh, even cute girls like Kanon get excited and think about s*xual things…

 The contrast with her usual self is so exciting that my p*nis, which is already throbbing, becomes even bigger.

 ”I’m sorry for being a naughty girl.”

 ”No, I’m actually happy that Kanon is naughty. I also want to be with this Kanon every day if possible.”

 My primal instincts are taking over my mind. I want to mark Kanon as mine, to fill her w*mb with my seed and make her mine, no matter how much I pretend to be a gentleman or hide it.

 Now, I bring Kanon into the room and lock the door so that no one can disturb us. It’s a signal that I won’t let her escape today. Kanon seems to understand the meaning, as she looks at me with a melting expression when she hears the sound of the lock.

 ”Kanon… today, is it really okay without protection?”

 ”Yeah. Because it feels better for Aqua without protection, right? And… today, I want you to fill me up completely with Aqua’s.”

 Kanon slowly strokes her lower abdomen and looks into my eyes with a girl’s face.

 ”Please make everything, my whole body, completely yours, Aqua.”

 Ah… I can’t take it anymore. I can’t hold back any longer. I strip off my clothes and push Kanon onto the bed.

 ”I’m sorry. I might not be gentle today.”

 ”I-It’s okay. This body and my heart have been completely yours since that day, so do as you please.”

 I grab Kanon’s chest from above the babydoll. I’ve wanted to touch this for so long. I wanted to squeeze it.

 Well, there may be other big people, but what I want to touch is these breasts.

 ”Mmm, huh…”

 They’re so soft! And yet firm, fitting perfectly in the palm of my hand. The size is just right, not too small, not too big. I want to squeeze them over and over again. Maybe I’m more excited than the first time.

 And then, I hook my finger on Kanon’s panties and slide them down to her ankles.


 The wet cr*tch and the sweet scent of honey-like droplets running down her inner thighs excite me even more. I take off the panties Kanon was wearing and hook them on one ankle. Hmm, why are girls’ underwear so erotic? It’s not just the design, but the fabric itself is seductive.

 ”Kanon, things are getting intense. Have you been excited for a while now?”

 ”Oh, um… I’m sorry. I-I’ve been expecting it since I thought it would happen today, so, um, for a while…”

 ”For a while? Does that mean since this morning?”

 ”N-No… um, actually, since the day I found out we would be living together, I’ve been looking forward to it.”

 I’m surprised by the unexpected answer. I thought she was getting excited since this morning, but it seems like my wife has been excited for weeks. Oh, wait? Could it be that my wife is even more perverted than me?

 ”I-I told you. Sorry for being a naughty girl! Aqua, it must be unpleasant to have a girl who’s been excited for so long, right?”

 ”That’s not true.”

 I quickly respond with a smile, like a refreshing young man from a trendy drama. There’s no trace of meanness. There’s no way a husband wouldn’t be happy knowing his wife is even more erotic. It was a moment when my pure and innocent ulterior motive showed on my face.

 ”Look, Kanon, my thing is just as amazing as yours, right?”

 I show Kanon my son, who is throbbing and dripping pre-cum, as if urging her to let me do it already. Kanon covers her face with both hands, embarrassed, but she peeks through her fingers and gazes at my p*nis.

 ”Ah… It’s, it’s amazing. This is going to enter my… v*gina…”

 Kanon’s scent becomes stronger. She must have been excited by my son as well. The sweet scent of Kanon fills the confined space. My mind is filled with thoughts of Kanon.

 ”Okay, I can’t wait anymore. Can I insert it now?”


 Kanon slowly opens her legs and guides her finger to her own womanhood. Then she spreads her precious part a little to make it easier for me to insert. It excites me to see her begging for me to insert it quickly.


 I press my p*nis against her entrance and slowly penetrate it. Yes, it’s going well. Seeing Kanon’s expression, I know I can go deeper. I thrust my p*nis all the way in.


 Kanon’s face contorts in pain. Damn it. It’s because I couldn’t hold back and inserted it all at once. I apologize to Kanon.

 ”Kanon, I’m sorry. Did it hurt?”

 ”Y-Yes. But, it’s kind of nice. And…”


 Kanon turns her face slightly away and shyly glances at me.

 ”W-Well, it feels really good to have you inside me. It makes me so happy that I can be one with Aqua, just like that.”

 Phew… Kanon-san, you shouldn’t say such provocative words in front of a h*rny man like me. It’s hard to control myself.

 My Aqua-kun is definitely at a higher angle inside Kanon’s womb. Yeah, for my wife’s sake, I need to make sure she understands that men can be dangerous.

 ”Kanon… You shouldn’t say things that provoke men.”


 I almost lose control when I see Kanon’s innocent face. Hehehe, my wife is too cute. But, I turned my heart into a demon. This Aqua-kun never lost his composure. I grabbed Kanon’s waist, starting slowly and gradually thrusting vigorously.

 ”Oh…! Ah! No…!”

 As I watched Kanon’s disheveled appearance, something surged within me. I had been holding back all this time. That’s why I needed to endure it, the other side of me.


 I forcefully covered Kanon’s mouth and slipped my hand into her babydoll. Ah, breasts are truly wonderful. I kneaded Kanon’s soft, natural breasts with my palm. I lightly pinched the tips with my fingertips.


 Amidst kisses, Kanon let out a seductive sigh. The sounds of flesh against flesh, the provocative moans, and the erotic noises filled the enclosed space.

 ”Ah, ahh!”

 Initially, Kanon had tried to stifle her voice, but when I thrust more forcefully, she couldn’t contain her indecent cries. It was more intense than I had anticipated. I could feel Kanon’s soft walls tightly embracing my manhood.

 ”Aqua, Aqua…!”

 Kanon clung to me like a child, seeking affection. Ah, enough already! She’s too cute. Yes, yes, I know what you want without those longing eyes. You want it inside, don’t you?

 ”Aqua-sama, please fill me up inside?”

 Oh, for heaven’s sake! I mentally sighed and smashed about ten walls inside my mind with gratitude. When did she become such an expert at pleading like this?!

 ”Kanon, I’m going to release inside!”

 ”Yes, please fill Kanon’s v*gina, Aqua-sama.”

 Our bodies pressed tightly together as I moved my hips vigorously. The bed creaked loudly, almost as if it was going to break.

 ”Ah! Ah, ah…!”

 My milky s*men gushed forcefully into Kanon. I was relieved that I had endured it. My essence filled Kanon’s w*mb relentlessly, giving me an unprecedented sense of conquest and superiority. Yet, I still believed I wasn’t weak enough to be completely consumed by it.

 ”Kanon, are you alright? You did great.”

 I brushed Kanon’s sweaty bangs aside and gently kissed her forehead.

 ”Reward… more… please…”

 Honestly, this spoiled girl! It’s only because it’s me; otherwise, we’d be going for round two. I planted light kisses on Kanon’s lips.

 ”Inside Kanon’s tummy, warm and cozy with Aqua-sama…”

 Is this regression going a bit too far? Well, it’s cute, so it’s fine. Cuteness is righteousness, after all. This Aqua-san would forgive anything.


 Kanon smiled innocently like a child. But her right hand was unreservedly caressing her lower abdomen, with a world that alternated between an untainted girl and a mother’s sensuality. That contrast stimulated me even more.

 ”Oh… Aqua is getting big again.”

 Noticing that, Kanon innocently grabbed my manhood like a child.

 ”If it’s okay inside Aqua’s little friend, you can use it again with this hole again. So, let’s make each other feel really good?”

 Yes, this is not just a simple sin. This is an urgent arrest case for a lewd and lascivious crime. I grabbed Kanon’s lifted leg tightly.


 The moment Kanon realized that we were going to do something naughty, her innocent face instantly transformed into a submissive face driven by desire. I never knew Kanon was such a naughty girl. As her husband, I will respond properly in this situation.


 I lifted Kanon’s waist slightly and forcefully inserted my p*nis. The condition inside her is just right after our previous sexual activity, and my s*men mixed with Kanon’s honey, making her vagina even more slippery. There’s no need for moderation anymore. I thrust into Kanon’s womb with full force, over and over again.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, it feels good. It feels so good… Aqua, more… do it more.”

 This act of rubbing each other’s pleasurable parts is a base and lowly yet the most noble reproductive activity. We are carried away by the pleasure of s*x, and our minds can only think about that.

 ”Kanon, I’m going to c*m!”

 ”Yeah! Just like earlier, fill Kanon’s precious room with Aqua’s.”

 And now, my s*men is ejaculated with even greater force than before. The new semen that was ejaculated deep inside Kanon’s womb slowly fills her up, mixing with the previously ejaculated s*men. The old semen is overflowing from the gap between our connected parts.

 ”It’s amazing, Aqua’s is still throbbing inside Kanon’s belly.”

 This is dangerous. If we keep doing only pleasurable things like this, I might lose control eventually. Well, maybe I don’t intend to control myself, but considering that I’m still a student, I should exercise some self-restraint.

 Honestly, I was only thinking about im***gnating Kanon during that moment… Even though I talked about Kanon and the responsibility of having a child, I feel pathetic.


 ”Yes, yes, go ahead, kiss me as much as you like.”

 I lie down next to Kanon and pull her closer by putting my arm around her shoulder. Kanon wraps her hand around my neck and we exchange kisses repeatedly.

 ”Mm, chu… Aqua, I love you.”

 Kanon really loves kissing, huh? It’s embarrassing, but should I say “I’ll kiss you goodbye” every morning? Well, even if I do, Pegonia-san will probably smirk, but I shouldn’t mind.

 Maybe I’ll feel embarrassed, but it will surely make her happy. Although, if it were her, she would probably come and kiss me next to Kanon…


 Kanon puffs up her cheeks like a squirrel.

 ”Aqua, you were thinking about another woman just now.”

 ”N-No, it’s just your imagination.”

 Oh no, normally Kanon is a bit clumsy and her sensors are almost broken, but it seems like she’s a bit different now. I hug Kanon tightly to cover it up.

 ”Aqua, how about doing it inside Kanon again?”

 That can’t be true, right? The first time, she was exhausted and fell asleep after just one round, but what happened to her today? I’m surprised by her aggressive state. I’m sorry, Kanon, but I’m already… not ready anymore? Hey, I was fully erect just now. It’s the story of Shirogane Aqua’s er*ction.

 ”Hehe, how about using Kanon’s favorite breasts?”

 Kanon takes off the babydoll she was wearing and reveals her naked body. The sweaty babydoll she discarded looks strangely vivid. Kanon straddles my legs and uses her beautiful breasts to sandwich my p*nis.

 ”I’m sorry. They may not be as big as Miyuki-san’s or Pegonia’s, but if you’re okay with mine, you can use them anytime.”

 Kanon slides her sweaty skin up and down, stroking my p*nis. I gently stroke Kanon’s head as she works hard.

 ”Hehe, do Kanon’s breasts feel good?”

 ”Yeah, it feels really good.”

 ”Okay! Then today, should I give you a lot of service?”

 Kanon gradually increases the speed at which she handles my p*nis in her chest. Each time, her twin tails sway cutely. I gently grab one of Kanon’s twin tails and slide my thumb slowly along it.

 Wow, Kanon is really amazing. No, is this the result of Pegonia-san’s work? Her shiny blonde hair is even softer than I imagined.

 ”E-even though you came so much earlier, you’re already getting excited again.”

 ”I-I’m sorry. Kanon is just too cute…”

 Kanon blushes in response to my words of cuteness. Hey, instead of paizuri, she gets embarrassed about that? She’s so cute, seriously!

 ”I see, you really think I’m cute. Then, I want you to come more than when you came with Pegonia.”

 I see, it seems that Kanon wants me to come more than the amount I came with Pegonia last time… Normally, you wouldn’t expect such a large amount for the third time.

 However, I am Kanon’s man, her lover, and her husband. In order not to make the woman I love sad, as a man, I have no choice but to do it!

 Remember, Aqua! Remember Kanon in the yukata she wore at that fireworks festival! Kanon dressed as a female knight for the cosplay event, Kanon in a swimsuit for the school festival beauty contest, Kanon in her school uniform when she transferred, Kanon in a dress as my escort for the first party, and Kanon in a wedding dress. They were all amazing.

 Remember those images! The Kanon in my head that I’ve been fantasizing about. Okay, just a little, lend me your power! In order to give my wife the best ej***lation she desires, to show her that her breasts are the best, I will now perform the number one ej***lation ever!

 ”Aqua, should you let it out soon? You don’t have to hold back, you know?”

 Kanon’s soft breasts gently envelop my p*nis. The mixture of sweat and fluids creates a squishy sound. I am going to im***gnate these breasts, that paizuri p*ssy!

 ”I’m going to come, Kanon! Catch it with your breasts!”

 ”Uh, okay… Ah…”

 I tremble with an incredible sense of release. My t*sticles rapidly shrink, and at the same time, the s*men I had stored inside is released into Kanon’s breasts with a throb.

 Squeezing out all the remaining s*men from my t*sticles, my urethra tightens so much that it feels like it might cramp. I release everything here, into Kanon’s breasts.

 Haah… Haah…

 I can’t do it anymore. I can’t come anymore. Completely spent, my flaccid p*nis returns, and I collapse on the bed, breathing heavily.


 After releasing my flaccid p*nis, Kanon happily gazes at the large amount of s*men bridges hanging from her breasts. She scoops up each one with her fingertips and, looking a little embarrassed, brings them to her mouth.

 Come to think of it, even when I involuntarily ej***lated on Kanon’s face before, she scooped up the s*men stuck to her face and ate it with delight. I wonder if she’s okay.

 Even though she’s my wife, I’m making a former princess eat something so dirty… But she seems happy, so oh well. Right now, I just want to bask in the afterglow of this pleasure.

 ”Thank you, Aqua. You came a lot. I guess you had a lot stored up, huh?”

 I silently nod.

 ”Hmm. Then, when you don’t have work, should I help you release every day?”

 ”Is that okay?”

 My heart leaps forward, and I unintentionally switch to polite language.

 ”…Sure. But if you want me to do it, make sure to tell me.”

 ”Kanon… Thank you!”

 I sit up abruptly from the bed and tightly embrace Kanon.

 ”Hey, no, Aqua, I’m dirty right now.”

 ”That’s not true. Kanon is always beautiful.”

 I kiss Kanon. Some men can’t kiss a girl after she gives them a blowjob, but my mentor from a past life, Akio-san, told me that. ‘A man who can’t kiss a girl who drank his saliva and s*men is the worst.’

 That’s why I kissed Kanon without hesitation.

 ”But, we’re all sweaty, should we take a bath again… together?”


 I lifted Kanon and unlocked the room’s door, heading towards the bathroom.

 And for some reason, we got excited in the bathroom and went for a second round.

 Yeah… I underestimated the s*xual desire of high school boys. After enjoying the second round normally, we even had fun until the third round in the room.

 Because of that, I’m going to be late for our meeting the next day, and I should have learned from the Halloween festival and managed my pace properly.

 If it’s like this from the beginning, I can’t help but worry about what’s to come! Get it together, me!!

 As I thought so, Pegonia-san, with a smirk on her face, approaches me.

 ”Last night was enjoyable, wasn’t it?”

 Pegonia-san!? I hope there are no surveillance cameras or anything. I’ll check the room when I get back… I left my house while thinking about such things.

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