Male Idol V9c10

Volume 9 Chapter 10 Shirogane Aqua, Declaration of Liberation

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Today is the day of my date with Miyuki-san.

 However, I am now one of the celebrities appearing on TV, and I am aware that I am famous.

 I can’t just go on a normal date like this, so I asked Pegonia-san to disguise me.

 ”Phew, I must say I look perfect.”

 ”Oh my, Aqua looks even more princely…”

 I have a perm wig with blonde hair and black-framed glasses. I also have colored contacts, giving me a foreigner-like atmosphere. Thanks to the bangs, my face is slightly hidden, so this should be fine.

 ”Pegonia, are you sure about this? I think it will definitely cause a commotion, even though it’s different from Aqua.”

 ”But if he goes on his first date in a cross-dressing outfit, Miyuki-san will feel upset…”

 ”True… But my first date with Aqua was in a cross-dressing outfit!”

 ”Miss… Females who worry about trivial things won’t be popular, you know.”

 Kanon and Pegonia-san are still getting along well.

 The two of them were whispering to each other with their backs turned to me.

 ”Well then, I’ll be going.”

 ”Ah, yes… Be careful.”

 ”Have a good time, Master.”

 I leave the house and ride my bike towards the destination.

 ”Did I arrive a little early?”

 I arrived earlier than the meeting time, but it’s much better than being late.

 After leaving my bike at the parking lot, I buy a warm drink from a vending machine near the meeting place and wait for Miyuki-san to arrive.

 It’s a bit strange to go on a date with someone other than Kanon, but I wonder if it’s really okay. Today, I’ll focus on Miyuki-san without thinking about unnecessary things.

 It’s the utmost respect I can give to Miyuki-san, who confessed to me with serious feelings, and to Kanon, who asked me to consider Miyuki-san’s feelings.

 ”Hey… Is that…?”

 ”Oh no, I can’t see his face well with the bangs and glasses, but he’s definitely cool, right?”

 ”Ugh! Just standing there, he’s too sexy, I might get a nosebleed.”

 ”Oh, is that the legendary streetwalker?”

 ”You idiot, there’s no way that exists!”

 ”If I give him my passbook, cash, and credit cards, will it be enough?”

 ”Don’t do that, don’t do that. They won’t deal with busty women like us.”

 ”I may be busty, but Aqua-sama has a demand for it!”

 ”You’re foolish for believing internet rumors. It’s disrespectful.”

 ”That figure… Could it be!? But if he’s in disguise…? I see, I understand. It means I should read the atmosphere. A-Aqua!”

 ”Again, wandering around defenselessly alone, I’m really worried. I hope there’s proper security. For now… I’ll watch over him as a member of the bulletin board so that he won’t be attacked by strange people.”

 I feel like I’m being glanced at a lot, but is it because I’m a man and it’s unusual?

 I don’t have many opportunities to see men walking around in this world, but I think it has definitely increased compared to before. If I go outside once, I can definitely encounter at least one person. Moreover, I’ve even seen couples on dates from the car that picks me up.

 Maybe this is a sign that men are gradually changing too?

 During the Halloween event, besides Hajime, two other people came, and one of them, a kind-looking middle-aged man, was someone I knew, which made me happy. I talked to him in the dressing room later, and he was a very gentle person, with a warm and fuzzy atmosphere.

 The other bearded gentleman, when I signed for him, he collapsed to his knees and cried, which surprised me a little, but I don’t think he’s a bad person. He seemed a bit strange… Maybe it’s just my imagination?

 ”Haa… Haa…”

 I heard a woman’s voice panting. Could it be Miyuki-san?

 I turn my gaze in that direction. At that moment, I was hit by a shock that almost took my breath away.

 I won’t say anything about it. Just, yes, I can’t help but watch as those two soft mounds in front of me move freely and sway in all directions.

 Oh… what a sight it is. If I could, I’d want to etch this memory into my mind forever! Thank you! Thank you! I repeated my words of gratitude many times in my heart.

 ”I’m sorry, I’m late. Did I perhaps give you the wrong meeting time?”

 Miyuki-san… it’s not good to bend over like that. It’s too ecchi, and I might get arrested for violating city ordinances. Just you placing your hands on your knees and looking up at me turns a healthy high school boy’s thoughts into an 18+ zone.

 Oh! Thank goodness I’m not a virgin! If I were, I think I’d have to excuse myself and say, “I need to use the restroom,” just to relieve the tension before the date. But I’m not a virgin, so I endured it. Thank you, Kanon; you’re like a goddess for taking my virginity.

 ”Don’t worry, it’s fine. I arrived just a moment ago as well. And the time is correct. I came early because I couldn’t wait to enjoy this date with you.”

 I observed the state of the knit fabric, especially the part around her chest, which seemed to be pulled taut. It’s one of the duties of a man. Rather, it’s almost rude not to, and it’s kind of a guy’s job to make sure the ribbed fabric of the knitwear isn’t damaged by her breasts.

 But then… it’s quite tight. Just this alone is quite sexy, but due to running, Miyuki-san had sweated a bit, leaving some perspiration marks on the knit.

 Hey, Miyuki-san, you’re being way too defenseless. Even if the men in this world were different from the ones I know, there’s no way not a single one of them would get excited by this sight. Well, at least I want to believe that. It’s disrespectful not to feel something when you see this.

 ”Uh, I’m sorry if I’m showing something inappropriate this early in the morning…”

 Miyuki-san seemed to have noticed my gaze and tried to hide the sweaty part of her knitwear. I placed my hands on both of her shoulders and tried to maintain the calmest, gentlest expression I could muster. Yes, with a pure smile that conveyed no impure intentions, I spoke.

 ”Miyuki-san, what are you talking about? If anything, it’s me who should be thanking you. I’ve etched the image of those two fruits moving freely in my mind. Ah, what a fortunate person I am. I’m glad to be alive! Thank you so much for making me feel so warm and fuzzy this early in the morning, Miyuki-san!”

 I conveyed my genuine feelings of gratitude to Miyuki-san. Just as I try to bring smiles to fans through singing, acting, and dancing, Miyuki-san also lifted my spirits with her warmheartedness.

 She healed my tired heart and gave me the motivation to keep going tomorrow. Ah, women’s breasts are truly wonderful. If I were the Prime Minister, I’d give the Citizen Honors Award to represent all men to every part of a woman’s body, from breasts, buttocks, belly buttons, armpits, thighs, hair, and the nape of the neck. Thank you for being born as girls!!

 ”Um… Well, thank you too, I guess? So, shall we go?”

 ”Yes, let’s go.”

 Miyuki-san had planned today’s date. She said she would lead, but I wonder where she’s going to take me. After following Miyuki-san, I saw a large building. Um, what’s this? “National Museum of History”? Oh, it certainly feels like that. We headed to the permanent exhibition hall there. It seems they exhibit the history of a world where the male population has decreased.

 ”I talked to your wife about this as well, but I thought we could learn something while enjoying our date here.”

 I see, Kanon and Miyuki-san must know that I have amnesia, so maybe they considered this aspect for our date.

 ”Thank you, Miyuki-san. I’m happy that you brought me here, thinking about me.”

 I reach out to Miyuki-san. Miyuki-san shows a puzzled expression without understanding the intention.

 ”Miyuki-san, since it’s a special date, would you like to hold hands?”

 ”H-hands!? Y-yes!!”

 When I say that, Miyuki-san holds my left hand as if shaking hands with both hands. No, no, Miyuki-san, I’m not a politician campaigning right now. I let go of Miyuki-san’s hand and intertwine her fingers with mine, holding hands. It’s what they call the lover’s grip. Miyuki-san’s usually cool face is slightly pink.

 ”Oh, I’m sorry if my hand was sweaty.”

 ”I’m sorry too if I was sweating from nervousness.”

 To be honest, I think girls should sweat more. The smell of that sweat mixed with the unique pheromones of girls is nothing short of the ultimate perfume. It’s different from the sweaty smell of just men.

 I’ve even smelled Kanon’s used gym clothes, and it was really amazing. But Kanon, who happened to witness it, took them away because it was embarrassing. Kanon also scolded me when I licked her sweat during s*x, I don’t understand…

 Why do girls dislike being smelled so much? It’s not even smelly. Rather, even if it did smell, it would be like a reward for boys.

 ”Um, should we start from here?”


 To be clear, the history written in the beginning is exactly the same as the history I know. So I’ll just skim through this part. By the way, Miyuki-san is very knowledgeable about history.

 ”Aqua-sama, please look. This is exactly the turning point in history.”

 It was in the 1300s, just at the beginning of the Muromachi period. The epidemic that began to wreak havoc in the world was said to have been caused by many meteorites that fell from space. The epidemic exhibited strong infectivity to men, slowly eroding them and steadily reducing their numbers. In response, the birth rate of men also gradually decreased. Moving forward to the Meiji era, the ratio of men had settled to the same as it is now, and it had remained stable since then.

 ”And this is one of those meteorites that fell in our country.”

 Now, in front of me, the meteorite that fell in this country is being exhibited. It’s only about the size of a human face, but this world has started walking a different history from mine because of the meteorites that fell all over the world. It’s hard to believe, but since the world is like that, I have no choice but to accept it.

 ”In this way, the world established the World Agreement for the Protection and Relief of Men to prevent further decrease in the number of men. At that time, the declaration of the heads of state who gave speeches was called the World Liberation Declaration, or the Male Liberation Declaration, which freed the world from conflict and freed men from the seeds of conflict. Well, it’s ironic, though.”


 I tilt my head.

 ”Yes. In reality, there are also movements in some countries that try to control men under the guise of male protection and relief, like the Stars Orthodox Church. And while it’s true that major wars have disappeared, the competition surrounding men within the country has become even more fierce. In other words, nothing has really been liberated.”

 I see. That’s why it’s ironic. I continue to look at the exhibition materials about male protection and laws in the world. Yeah… I once again thought that I was lucky to be born in this country.

 They call it the Land of Freedom, or the Advanced Country of Stars, but the freedom in this country is not like that. The relaxed and overprotective nature at the root is also evident in the country’s male protection bill. Well, because of that, there are more arrogant boys and spoiled boys, but that can’t be helped. In the world, there are merits and demerits, and there is no single correct answer.

 At least I thought I was good in this country. If I had been born in another country, I probably wouldn’t have been able to become an idol.

 ”Thank you, Miyuki-san. I learned a lot.”

 ”No, it’s… um, when you think about it, it was boring, right?”

 I shake my head.

 ”There’s no way I would find it boring when Miyuki-san brought me here and thought about me. I was actually really happy. Thank you.”

 When I thanked her, Miyuki-san smiled happily.

 Seeing her face made my heart skip a beat.

 …It’s nice.

 I thought it was really nice.

 It’s a little awkward and unfamiliar, but it makes my heart flutter.

 I wanted to see more of Miyuki-san’s smile.

 ”Well, then, thank you for today… Hya! A-Aqua-sama!?”

 I pull Miyuki-san’s arm as she tries to end the date.

 ”Do you hate being with me, Miyuki-san?”

 ”N-No, that’s not true! Actually, I want to be with you more.”

 ”Then why did you try to leave?”

 ”Because I thought it might be boring to be with me.”

 A shadow falls over Miyuki-san’s expression.

 She has always used self-deprecating words, but I wonder why she lacks so much confidence.

 I know a lot of wonderful things about Miyuki-san, but maybe she hasn’t realized how wonderful she is.

 Or maybe someone has cast a shadow on her. It’s stuck in her heart, making it hard for her to affirm herself. That’s how it feels.

 ”I have never once thought that being with Miyuki-san is boring. And even now, I don’t want to say goodbye to Miyuki-san here. I want to be with you more, so I stopped you. Do you understand?”

 ”You want to be with me more…”

 ”Yeah. So, shall we go somewhere nearby to eat?”


 Where should we go around here?

 Well, it’s fine to wander around and find a place to eat. It’s fun to decide together with Yui.

 ”Well, I’ll go to the restroom for a moment, so wait for me.”

 ”Oh, then I’ll go to the restroom too.”

 Phew… Why are the men’s restrooms so far away?

 I hurry to the restroom and quickly return to where I was. Then, on the way, I see Miyuki-san returning from the restroom in the lobby.

 Hey! Just as I was about to call out to Miyuki-san, someone else calls out to her.

 ”Yui, long time no see.”

 Who could it be? I quickly hide behind something and observe the situation.

 Calling by first name means they must be quite close, but…

 ”Mom… why are you here?”

 Mom!? I see… It’s definitely Miyuki-san’s genes. I look at a certain spot and become convinced.

 Both mother and daughter truly have something wonderful.

 ”I’m just here for work. It’s been a while for you too… I wonder what you’re doing in a place like this?”

 Hmm? I sense some hostility in Mom’s words.

 It might be meddling, but maybe Miyuki-san and her mom don’t have a good relationship?

 ”Well, um… on a date…”


 Miyuki-san’s mom stares at Miyuki-san with sharp eyes.

 Miyuki-san, being stared at by her mom, pales and trembles.

 ”There’s no way a guy would date a girl like you. If there was such a guy, you’re definitely being deceived.”

 Miyuki-san’s mom grabs her wrist.

 Miyuki-san couldn’t shake off her hand out of fear, but she manages to gather strength in her legs and stay in place.

 However, that was the only resistance Miyuki-san could muster.

 ”Yui! Do you want to be deceived like me!? Go home right now!!”

 Miyuki-san shrinks in fear, and her mom shouts at her even more angrily. This is not good. I stop observing the situation and call out to her mom.

 ”Please wait, mom.”

 ”Mom? Wait, you… a man!?”

 Miyuki-san’s mom looks at me with a surprised expression. At the same time, she hides Miyuki-san behind her own back, as if protecting her.

 I knew it… this person may have a sharp tongue, but deep down, she genuinely cares about Miyuki-san. But she can’t express it openly or show her true feelings, she’s just clumsy that way.

 ”I am the one who is currently dating Miyuki-san. I never had any intention to deceive or trick Miyuki-san. I am sincerely considering my relationship with Miyuki-san. So, could you please let us continue our date? Please!”

 I bow my head towards Miyuki-san’s mom.

 ”What… you… someone who can’t even say their name, how can I trust you!!”

 Indeed, what her mom says is true. And with these words, I am convinced. This person truly worries about Miyuki-san. If that’s the case, I also need to face this person, Miyuki-san’s mom, seriously.

 Phew… I’m sorry, Pegonia-san. You worked hard to set this up. I take off the black-framed glasses and wig that I was wearing on my head.


 ”Aqua-kun, here of all places!!”

 ”Huh? Wait, is that CG or something?”

 ”Oh no, oh no, it’s my first time seeing Aqua-sama in person”

 ”Wow, I never expected to see Aqua-kun in a place like this. Maybe there’s some kind of blessing. Let’s pray!”

 ”Sister here, please contact headquarters. We need more security guards. A-qu-a!”

 ”As a member of the bulletin board, I will protect Aqua-sama’s safety!! And also, I’ll write a post asking Nee-san to come quickly.”

 Oh, by the way, this is the lobby. Many unrelated customers will discover my true identity. But well, there’s nothing I can do about it.

 ”Miyuki-san’s mom, nice to meet you. I am Shirogane Aqua. I apologize for the late greeting. Today, it was my request for Miyuki-san to go on a date with me.”

 I give a slight bow to Miyuki-san’s mom and briefly explain the situation. I didn’t want the people around us to know that Miyuki-san is an S*men Extraction Officer, so I whispered in Miyuki-san mom’s ear in a low voice.

 ”Yui… Aqua-sama’s assigned officer…?”

 Miyuki-san’s mom seems to have known that her daughter works as an S*men Extraction Officer, but she didn’t know that I was her assigned officer.

 ”Don’t… don’t you dare joke around!! A wonderful young man like you would never fall in love with my daughter! Especially with someone like… her, a woman with cow-like breasts. You must secretly find it disgusting deep down, right?!”

 I freeze in place at Miyuki-san’s mom’s words. What did she just say?

 ”Mom, may I speak with you for a moment?”

 In response to my low voice, not only Miyuki-san’s mom but also Miyuki-san and the people around us tremble. If I were still wearing the black-framed glasses, I would have coolly lifted them up like Shintaro.

 ”Woman with cow-like breasts is disgusting? Who on earth said such a thing?”

 I clenched my fist tightly. Blood seeped from my clenched fist and dripped onto the ground.

 ”Big breasts are disgusting? Absolutely not!! Listen, okay? Men, women, old people, babies, we all, in essence, have been living by sucking milk, the source of life, from those breasts!! In other words, breasts are a symbol of motherhood! It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that big breasts are a symbol of great motherhood!!”

 Of course, there are children who don’t drink mother’s milk, but it would be rude to mention that here. At least, in my past life, I didn’t drink it, and I don’t have any memory of drinking it in this life either. That’s why I might be so infatuated with breasts.

 ’Mother… Isn’t it a bit too shameless to be so open about it?’

 When I was living at my parents’ house, there was a time when my mother accidentally ate Lapis’ pudding. When Lapis came home from school, my mother had eaten the pudding that I had made and chilled in the refrigerator. When I confronted my mother about it, she shamelessly admitted it.

 ’Aqua-chan? Sometimes it’s important to be shameless and admit everything!’

 Mother… Even now, I think it’s pointless, but I can understand that feeling a little. Sometimes, it’s important to start over in life.

 ”I like breasts.”

 When I uttered those words out loud, I think my face looked really happy. If someone were to think that liking breasts makes you a mama’s boy, I thought they would think that, so I couldn’t say it for a long time. Everyone has one or two things they don’t want others to know. That’s why I’ve been lying to myself, deceiving, and hiding it in my heart.

 ”Of course, I like big breasts. But you know, I actually like small breasts just as much.”

 I quickly averted my gaze from the two people. In the direction I looked, there was a girl about the same size as Subaru-chan who had come to the history museum with her mom. It warmed my heart to see someone with a similar size to Subaru-chan.

 ”Do you understand my feelings… If I were to say that I like small breasts, I would be thought of as a lolicon, so I couldn’t say it for a long time. But you know, I’m also attracted to small breasts. Not just my sister Lapis, but also that sister Subaru-chan, I’ve definitely used them in my fantasies!!”

 I used to say that I calmed my heart by looking at my little sister’s bra, but that was definitely a lie!! I even smelled it and rubbed it against my cheek!! It was amazing, damn it!!

 But, imagining being served by Lapis with small breasts, or being breastfed by Subaru-chan, I can’t say that… Damn it…! I’m trying to have a serious conversation here, but I’m starting to get a little excited just by imagining it.

 ”But apart from that, big breasts are still a man’s romance, an utopia. Compare this palm of mine to Miyuki-san’s breasts!! It definitely won’t fit in this hand. What a motherly lump! Even if I’m called a mama’s boy, I don’t mind, I want to be spoiled by these breasts!!”

 As I showed a pained expression, Miyuki-san’s mom slowly opened her mouth.

 ”You fool… I’m not saying that. Y-You see, I’ve been called disgusting too, just like this child!!”

 ”It’s obvious that you want be touched, isn’t it!!”

 I mustered up my courage to speak out, as if to interrupt Miyuki-san’s mom’s voice.

 ”So, mom! Please don’t be sad about having such a great thing. Can’t you be proud of these breasts without belittling yourself?”

 Okay… Her mom also knew that Miyuki-san would become like this because she was big… I don’t directly know Miyuki-san’s past. But this chest, these breasts, gently speak to me about their relationship.

 ’Listen, Shirogane? Akio said to be careful of breasts, but breasts solve everything. Don’t forget those words.’

 George-senpai!! I just remembered your words now!!

 ’Shirogane, listen to the breasts. Only by conversing with breasts can you truly be called a breast master.’

 Norio-senpai!! So this is what it means to have a conversation with breasts!

 I can hear it… I can hear the voices of breasts from all over the world!! By abandoning shame and exposing everything, I have undoubtedly awakened now.

 ”I, I like Miyuki-san’s breasts, and I also love Miyuki-san’s mom’s breasts. So isn’t that okay? If there’s a man who hates breasts, I’ll gladly show him the door.”

 I look around at all the women in the lobby.

 ”Listen, everyone! No matter what other men say, Shirogane Aqua will continue to affirm your breasts, all of your breasts as women!! If possible, I want these breasts and those breasts to be all mine.

 I even think about how happy it would be to die suffocated by breasts. Do you understand the love and determination I have for these breasts? So, mom, I fully support your breasts too. Because, just like your daughter, you have something wonderful! Who cares about other men’s needs.

 If you want them to be touched so badly, I’ll gladly do it later. So please, everyone, cherish your own breasts! Can’t you be proud of your own breasts? I guarantee that your breasts, all of your breasts, are the one and only best breasts!!”

 Ughh… I’ve reached my limit! Still, I raise my fist with strength!!

 ”Listen, all women!! I declare here, the liberation of breasts of women who have been oppressed by men, from all over the world, from this country, from men, from complexes!! This is not just some cheap words like world liberation declaration or men’s liberation declaration. This is Shirogane Aqua’s breast liberation declaration!!”

 It’s decided…! There’s no turning back now. Honestly, I was really embarrassed from the middle, but I still went through until the end. Because if everyone can smile because of this, if complexes can be resolved, I will gladly throw away any sense of shame.


 ”Aqua! Aqua! Aqua!”

 ”Shirogane Aqua is the strongest! Shirogane Aqua is the strongest! Shirogane Aqua is the strongest!”

 ”Oh no, the greatest festival in history has begun.”

 ”Just between us, I lied and said I was an F cup, but I’m actually a G cup.”

 ”Yeah, I’m going to stop forcing myself to wear a smaller bra from tomorrow.”

 ”I’ll just take off my loincloth in the bathroom.”

 ”Aqua-sama, amazing! I’ll follow you for life. Aqua!!”

 ”This country has Shirogane Aqua… I underestimated Morikawa’s word.”

 ”This will definitely be in the textbooks.”

 ”I came to the history museum to study, and I witnessed the moment when history changed in real time.”

 ”Hey, who recorded it? You uploaded it too quickly.”

 ”The internet news is filled with this breaking news.”

 ”Breast liberation declaration, congratulations on being the number one world trend!!”

 ”The breaking news is out.”

 ”The Prime Minister is having an emergency press conference!?”

 The lobby is filled with cheers and applause.

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 ”Aqua! Aqua Aqua!”

 Look, world, this is the appearance of idol Shirogane Aqua.

 I have no shame in my actions!!

 By the way, after declaring this liberation of breasts, I was teased by Kohina-senpai.

 Also, mentioning Subaru-chan’s name resulted in being called out by her later for a serious lecture, but that’s a different story.

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