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Volume 9 Chapter 11 Miyuki Heliodor Yui, Mom

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 What should I do… After that, I had a feeling that something terrible was going to happen, so I brought my mom and Aa-sama with me to the room for s*men extraction.

 ”Oh… so this is how it looks like here.”

 My mom observed the room, looking around. The s*men extraction room was previously installed in a large shopping mall with Aa-sama, and it is mandatory by law to have it in public facilities, large facilities, and parks.

 To enter here, you need the ID of a male or a s*men extraction officer, so there are not many women who have used the s*men extraction room. That’s why my mom must find it interesting.

 ”Let’s wait here for a while. I also contacted Kirika-san from the company just to be sure.”

 ”Ah, thank you, Miyuki-san. I’m really sorry… because of what I said, it caused a commotion.”

 Indeed, Aa-sama’s confession was shocking. We all had a vague idea, but it’s completely different when he declares that he likes breasts himself, rather than us interpreting it on our own. I’m sure many women were saved by that declaration.

 At least I was saved by Aa-sama’s words. He sees me as a girl, he understands me… I understood that properly.

 ”Aqua-sama, please look up. At least I was saved by your words. No, even before that, since the day you treated me as just a woman, not a s*men extraction officer, I started to like you as just a woman.”


 Somehow, today… no, since a while ago, I feel like my body has become a little lighter. When I met my mom after a long time, my body stiffened as past traumas flashed back. But now, even when I look at her, I can see that the surface of my heart is calm without any ripples. This is surely because of Aa-sama’s passionate feelings that gave me confidence. And the voice of the heart that he spat out to protect me gave me the determination to face my mom.



 I faced my mom again. It’s okay, now I should be able to convey my feelings. Because the boy, Aa-sama, showed me such a cool scene for my sake, I also wanted to do my best. No matter what form it takes, I want her to know about myself at that time.

 ”Mom… I always had a hard time with you. Why did you treat me so harshly? I wanted to rely on you like other children.”

 When I was a child, I envied the girls around me who were close to their mom. But my mom, under the guise of discipline, scolded me harshly and never let me be even a little spoiled.

 Should I have been more adorable? Or maybe, for her, I was an unwanted child? When I was a child, I thought about various things under the blanket.

 At first, it was my fault. I wondered how I could make mom like me, if she would love me. But being dependent on someone was difficult for me, especially since I am clumsy. One day, I realized that it was impossible for mom to love me. From that moment, my emotions gradually faded away.

 ”No… no, that’s not true. Yes, that’s right. I hate you. How about that? Are you satisfied?”

 So, it was as I suspected. Even if I wanted to be loved, there was nothing I could do if I wasn’t loved from the beginning. It’s not surprising, and her response was one of the expected answers. So I was prepared… why does my heart hurt so much? A sinking heart, but Aa-sama’s voice lifted it up.

 ”Wait, mom, is that really your true feelings? I don’t believe that those words came from your true heart. Miyuki-san… your determination to protect your daughter Yui-san, even against a man like me, was undoubtedly the love of a mother. So please don’t lie to yourself.”

 Aa-sama? Indeed, even after mom realized that Aa-sama in disguise was actually Aa-sama, she continued to attack. It’s not normal for a woman to cling to a man, especially to Aa-sama. But I didn’t notice such things.

 ”Why are you like this?”

 My mom muttered quietly.

 ”It doesn’t have to be Yui, right? Even if what you said earlier is true, there are plenty of women with bigger breasts, younger and more beautiful than Yui. At least, you have plenty of choices, don’t you? So why did you choose Yui? Did you think it would be easy to deceive her because she is s*men Extraction Officer? Or did you think that a girl who is not used to men would become a mere obedient sl*ve?”

 ”Mom, that’s not true.”

 Aa-sama immediately denied mom’s words of resentment. And he gently held my trembling hand.

 ”Indeed, I have been greatly indebted to Yui-san. I won’t deny that. She is, even from my perspective, an attractive woman. But I never wanted to deceive her or make her an obedient sl*ve. I was genuinely happy when she confessed to me. That’s why I wanted to go on a date with her, not just have a relationship based on s*men Extraction. I wanted to get to know her more, Yui-san.”

 Seeing Aa-sama’s serious profile, my heart fluttered. Our joined hands were warm, and my cold body slowly thawed.

 ”Mom, I want Yui-san to be happy. That’s why I can’t overlook the relationship between you and Yui-san right now. Not as the idol Shirogane Aqua. As just one man, Shirogane Aqua, I want both Yui-san and you to be happy.”

 ”Not just Yui, but me too…?”

 My mom showed signs of agitation. Aa-sama looked at my face and let go of my hand. Ah… just as Aa-sama saved me, now he is trying to save mom.

 ”Yes. You said it in the lobby earlier, right? That Yui-san is with me… I don’t know the details, but maybe you have something in common with Yui-san from your past?”

 Aa-sama took mom’s hand and looked at her face, which was slightly lowered with a gentle expression. It is because he treats every woman equally, without discrimination, that I fell in love with him.

 ”Mom, please be honest with yourself. We children take our parents’ words to heart, so if you don’t tell us properly, there are things we won’t understand. Maybe Yui-san is not good at reading between the lines like me, so I think you need to tell her the truth.”

 ”But… what should I say to Yui…”

 ”Mom, there are no words like ‘too late’ when it comes to making someone smile.”

 Aa-sama’s warm words enveloped me and mom’s hearts.

 Why does this person give us the words we want so much?

 ”It’s okay, no matter what happens, I will make Yui-san and both of you smile. Don’t worry, neither you nor Yui-san are alone. I am here, so why not gather a little courage and have an honest conversation between parent and child? Fortunately, we are the only ones here.”

 ”You’ll be by our side…?”

 ”Of course, I am listening from the corner over there.”

 Aa-sama took my mom’s hand and then took my hand, making both of us sit on the bed.

 Aa-sama leaned against the wall and nodded at me with a gentle face.

 This is my first and last chance for me.


 I turned my gaze to my mom who was next to me.

 I couldn’t see her face well earlier because of fear, but when I looked closely at her face again, she looked a little older than the last time I saw her. It must be because time has passed.

 My mom responded to my call with a trembling voice.

 ”When you were born, I… thought that I had to make you a strong child rather than being happy. I thought that you wouldn’t be able to survive otherwise.”

 I can tell at a glance that I have foreign blood from my appearance.

 Due to the strictness of my grandmother’s house, my mom must have been criticized by others just like me. When I was a child, I couldn’t think about such things, but as I grew up and learned more, I began to see those aspects.

 ”I had to discipline you more strictly than other children. I had to make you a more perfect child. But…”

 She bit her lip and a look of pain appeared on her face.

 ”As you grew up, I became anxious when I saw how well you were developing. Because of me, you had to start your life, Yui, from a negative place, and I was afraid that you would become even more unhappy because you resembled me.”

 She reached out her trembling hand and gently touched my cheek.

 Ah, I feel like there was one time in the past when she touched me like this.

 ”Yui, I’m sorry for that time. I still remember the day I hit you, and I haven’t forgotten. When I saw the emotions disappearing from your red face, I realized that I shouldn’t be by your side. I really think I was stupid to believe that you would be happier without me back then. But because of that… I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Even though I know that apologizing is just self-satisfaction and that I can’t regain the lost days for you, I can only apologize. I’m truly sorry… It’s because I was weak, I caused you so much trouble, and yet I still acted like a mother just now…”

 Mom trembled and shed many tears.

 I gently placed my hand on her shoulder.

 ”…Earlier, I remembered when mom touched my cheek. After you slapped my cheek, you immediately ran towards me and gently touched my cheek, repeatedly saying sorry. At that time, my mind went blank and I had forgotten until now, but I still remember mom’s expression and voice from that moment. Mom, I am no one else. I wanted to be loved by you…!”

 Memories with mom overflow in my mind. It’s true that I may have been disciplined strictly, but not all of the memories were like that. When I caught a cold, she would sing a gentle lullaby for me, and on my birthday, she would buy me a cake. They are all precious memories to me, so I kept them hidden deep in my heart, so as not to hurt them. Because if I didn’t, I would feel lonely.

 I thought mom had disappeared and abandoned me right in front of my eyes, and I thought I wasn’t loved, so I sealed away the happy memories along with the desire not to get hurt.

 ”I’m sorry, Yui. Mom is weak, and I’m truly sorry. It’s all, all mom’s fault, so you can resent me… I will make it up to you with the rest of mom’s life. Maybe there’s nothing I can do, and even if I make up for it now, I can’t change the past. But if there’s something I can do, please tell me. If you don’t want to see my face anymore, I will disappear from your sight. I intend to go far away and never see you again.”

 ”Fool! I want to see you, mom. You really don’t understand anything about me!!”

 I raise my voice and tightly embrace mom. Tears overflow and fall.

 ”Mom, I studied really hard. I got a good job and now I’m a responsible official for wonderful people, so… so… please praise me properly! Stroke my head and say I did well, spoil me a lot!! I want you to listen to me more…!”

 ”I see, that’s right. Yui, you’re hardworking unlike me, so it must have been tough. I’m sorry for causing you so much trouble. I should be the one to say that you’re a wonderful girl, but I’m sorry.”

 ”Come on, mom, you’re just apologizing all the time. I’m asking you to praise me.”

 ”I’m sorry… ah.”

 I meet mom’s gaze.

 ”I’m such a…”

 ”Hehe, well, mom, I can’t help it.”

 ”Ugh, but my mind is all messed up, I don’t know what to do.”

 ”I feel the same way. But there’s one thing that’s clear.”

 My face is reflected in the mirror behind mom.

 ”Talking to mom like this, I’m happy.”


 I practiced smiling a lot to make Aa-sama like me. But I didn’t need to do that. Aa-sama, he brought back even my natural smile.

 ”Both of you, it’s good.”

 Aa-sama tightly embraces us and gently strokes our heads. Hehe, mom, your face is all red. I’m surprised because she has never had a man do that to her. But this is Shirogane Aqua. Right? Anyone would fall in love, right? Surrendering to a calm and relaxed time.

 ”Are both of you a little calmer now?”

 ”Yes, thank you.”

 ”S-Sorry for showing you such an embarrassing sight…”

 I meet my mom’s gaze. There are still some awkward parts, but I believe we’ll be okay. My smartphone in my pocket vibrates.


 It seems Kirika-san has come.

 I invite Kirika-san, who came to greet Aa-sama outside, into the milking room.

 ”Aqua-san, your words have caused a great stir in this country.”

 According to Kirika-san, Aa-sama’s declaration from earlier was recorded and spread on the internet. In response to that, the Prime Minister is holding an emergency press conference, which surprised me and my mom.

 Next to them, Aa-sama listens quietly to Kirika-san’s words.

 ”Aqua-san, let’s go home for now. Let’s inform the school and cancel work until things calm down in society…”

 ”Kirika-san, I have a favor to ask.”

 Aa-sama interrupts Kirika-san’s words and shows a serious expression. It’s a special expression that only Aa-sama shows, not a boy’s expression. He has made a decision, and once Aa-sama is like this, no one can stop him.

 ”Could you… and also, call Shintaro and Senpai? It will cause trouble for the three of them, but they are absolutely necessary to perform that song.”

 ”…Understood. I think the president would say the same, so Aqua-san, please do as you wish.”

 Kirika-san responds with determination to Aa-sama’s words. Aa-sama takes out his smartphone from his pocket and makes a phone call somewhere.

 ”Rihito-san, I’m sorry. I’m coming over now, so please find a way to get me, us, to the press conference. Please!”

 Rihito-san, is that Kuga Rihito-san? And asking to be brought to the press conference, what exactly are they planning to do? I don’t know what Aa-sama is trying to do, but my heart is pounding. My heart is excited, and I feel restless.

 ”I’m sorry, both of you. I’ll go.”

 Ah… Aa-sama is moving away from me. It’s just like that time. Aa-sama leaving and my mom’s figure overlap. At that time, I should have cried out to my mom, “Don’t leave me behind,” even if it would have been embarrassing. But I couldn’t do that. I can only see them off, and I feel like bowing my head. But at that moment, someone gently pushes my back with both hands.

 ”Yui… mom is here, so go.”


 It was my mom who pushed my back.

 ”You really like him, don’t you? If that’s the case, you have to see what you can do by his side. Even if it’s impossible to follow him, there’s a difference between saying it and not saying it. I don’t want Yui to make the same mistake as me.”

 ”Mom, thank you…! I understand, I’ll try saying it!!”

 I start running. I’m no longer the person who gave up without doing anything. I want to be by his side, even if it’s just a step or a little bit.

 I don’t want to be just a s*men extraction officer. I want to convey my feelings to Aa-sama without holding back. And if it comes true, I want to support Aa-sama up close. Because I’m sure he will make many women happy.

 Just like he saved me, I’m sure he will bring smiles to many more people. But I’m sure it’s a very difficult thing to do. He is trying to do such a difficult thing. I think there will be times when he gets tired and discouraged.

 At those times, I want to be able to gently embrace him and support him. That’s why I’m running. To the person I love…

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