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Volume 9 Chapter 12 Kirika Kotono, My One and Only Breasts in the World

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 I looked at my reflection in the mirror and tilted my head with a subtle expression. How can I make Aqua-san like me? That’s what I’m thinking.

 So I tried buying a white dress like the one Kanon-san wears, but when I wear it, I just look like a plain old lady. I guess I didn’t even need to try it in the first place. And around the chest area, I just look like a slut. This is definitely going to end up as unused clothes in the closet.


 I tried buying many cute clothes that are girly, but when I wear them, it just looks like an old lady trying too hard. Ugh, I can’t believe I’m stumbling at this early stage.

 My plan wasn’t well thought out. Maybe it’s better to just stick to my usual suit… No, that’s too ordinary. I need to be recognized as a girl. So I opened my computer and checked the bulletin board for any good ideas.


 In the middle of that, I came across some information.

 [[Spread the word] Shirogane Aqua’s “Breast Liberation Declaration”]

 No, no, no… Please tell me this is some kind of joke or something. Please.


 I let out a light breath. Inhale, exhale, yes, let’s calm down and take a deep breath. I’ve heard that Miyuki-san is on a date with him. Miyuki-san is a very reliable person, so if she’s with Aqua-san, nothing weird should be happening. So it’ll be fine! I trust both of them and click on the video.

 [Woman with cow-like breasts is disgusting? Who on earth said such a thing?]

 Oh, no… It’s definitely him. Thank you very much. And he’s blurting out something ridiculous right from the start. I play it again just to make sure.

 [Woman with cow-like breasts is disgusting? Who on earth said such a thing?]

 Yes, he definitely said it. So why is Aqua-san, with his cool and composed face, saying something so absurd?

 [Big breasts are disgusting? Absolutely not!! Listen, okay? Men, women, old people, babies, we all, in essence, have been living by sucking milk, the source of life, from those breasts!! In other words, breasts are a symbol of motherhood! It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that big breasts are a symbol of great motherhood!!]

 Oh no, Aqua-san, that’s not good!! Women with big breasts already have strong motherly instincts!! If a high-school student like Aqua-san says something that stirs up their protective instincts, all the big sisters in the country will misunderstand and think they have to breastfeed this child. I even checked if I could produce mother’s milk.

 [I like breasts.]

 Oh, no, no! If Aqua-san makes a mama’s boy statement, all the girls in the world will become moms.

 [Of course, I like big breasts. But you know, I actually like small breasts just as much.]

 Maybe Aqua-san actually likes women’s breasts. This rumor has been whispered on the internet. When I was wearing a tank top and serving customers in the summer, I felt like I was being looked at with s*xual eyes.

 I was surprised to be looked at with lustful eyes at my breasts for the first time in my life. All of these were just unverified information, but from the pop-up shop signing event onwards, the speculation among women gradually turned into conviction. I also noticed it after joining Beryl.

 When I talked to Aqua-san when he was tired, sometimes he would look at my breasts while talking.

 At first, I thought that my big breasts might be uncomfortable for Aqua-san, but I couldn’t sense any discomfort or disgust from his perspective. In the midst of that, I had a chance to be with Aqua-san at the gym in our agency.

 To put it simply, he was staring at me. It was tough pretending not to notice when he stared at my breasts while stretching or when they bounced on the running machine.

 [Do you understand my feelings… If I were to say that I like small breasts, I would be thought of as a lolicon, so I couldn’t say it for a long time. But you know, I’m also attracted to small breasts. Not just my sister Lapis, but also that sister Subaru-chan, I’ve definitely used them in my fantasies!!]

 Aqua-san… Can you understand the turmoil in my heart at that time? I’m already 30 years old. I’ve never been in a relationship with a man, and Aqua-san is my first experience of being seen as a s*xual object by a boy.

 If I didn’t have self-control, if I didn’t have the decency of an adult, there’s a possibility that I could have taken Aqua-san to the shower room and r*ped him. Aqua-san wouldn’t want to be attacked by a woman like me, right? So, please understand, it’s time to restrain yourself… Wait, Subaru-chan!?

 S-S-S-S-Subaru-chan, are you saying that he saw her as… No, no, there’s no way that’s true.

 [But apart from that, big breasts are still a man’s romance, an utopia. Compare this palm of mine to Miyuki-san’s breasts!! It definitely won’t fit in this hand. What a motherly lump! Even if I’m called a mama’s boy, I don’t mind, I want to be spoiled by these breasts!!]

 …Well then, why not just touch them!! My breasts may not be as big as Miyuki-san’s, but they’re still pretty big. They say it’s a G-cup, but it’s actually closer to an H-cup. Want to be spoiled? Mama’s boy? If you like big breasts that much, you can suck on them as much as you want.

 After all, my breasts have no demand except from Aqua-san, so you can use them as an outlet for your desires. Do you think I don’t notice how you constantly stare at my breasts, thinking that girls don’t notice?

 I’ve never experienced being looked at like that, and girls are very concerned about how boys see them, so they immediately notice a different gaze from Aqua-san.

 The reason why the girls at Beryl wear clothes that show off their breasts or have slightly open necklines, I don’t think they haven’t noticed, right? They’re all appealing to you because they notice your gaze!!

 ”You’re… saying something stupid. E-Even this child… wants to touch them!!”

 So if you want to touch them that badly, why don’t you just touch the breasts that are right here!! Squeeze them! Jiggle them! Push them! Pull them! I train them every day so they don’t sag, so I have confidence in their firmness and elasticity!! If Aqua-san wants to be spoiled, then… no, that’s not it!

 [So, mom! Please don’t be sad about having such a great thing. Can’t you be proud of these breasts without belittling yourself?]

 Haa, haa… I was led astray by Aqua-san’s speech and my thoughts went in a strange direction. Calm down, calm down, Kotono! You’re an adult, right? It’s your job to protect this berserk Aqua-san! Do your best, Kotono, go go Kotono, ohh!!

 [I, I like Miyuki-san’s breasts, and I also love Miyuki-san’s mom’s breasts. So isn’t that okay? If there’s a man who hates breasts, I’ll gladly show him the door.]


 I can understand if it’s Miyuki-san, who is his s*men Extraction Officer, but why would you touch the breasts of some random mom?! If you’re going to touch them, touch mine instead!!

 Have you ever considered how I feel? Just in case Aqua-san accidentally touches them, I’ve been applying cream every day to keep them in the best condition!!

 [Listen, everyone! No matter what other men say, Shirogane Aqua will continue to affirm your breasts, all of your breasts as women!! If possible, I want these breasts and those breasts to be all mine.

 I even think about how happy it would be to die suffocated by breasts. Do you understand the love and determination I have for these breasts? So, mom, I fully support your breasts too. Because, just like your daughter, you have something wonderful! Who cares about other men’s needs.

 If you want them to be touched so badly, I’ll gladly do it later. So please, everyone, cherish your own breasts! Can’t you be proud of your own breasts? I guarantee that your breasts, all of your breasts, are the one and only best breasts!!]

 Yes, it’s decided.

 Shall I take responsibility and let Aqua-san touch my breasts? I hope you haven’t gotten tired of seeing them every day and now suddenly find it unpleasant.

 Of course, if Aqua-san really doesn’t want to, I’ll stop… But if he keeps insisting on wanting to touch them so much, it shouldn’t be a sin to let him touch them. After all, it’s the person himself who says he wants to touch breasts.

 [Listen, all women!! I declare here, the liberation of breasts of women who have been oppressed by men, from all over the world, from this country, from men, from complexes!! This is not just some cheap words like world liberation declaration or men’s liberation declaration. This is Shirogane Aqua’s breast liberation declaration!!]

 I press the stop button on the video.

 Something unbelievable has happened.

 I don’t know why it turned out like this, but there’s no doubt that this country will be shaken.

 When I look at social media, the trending topics are filled with breasts. There are probably many girls sending pictures of their breasts through DMs on the company’s social media… Hang in there, everyone in the social media support room…

 And when I check the top page of the news site.

 - Prime Minister to hold an urgent press conference at 7 p.m. in response to the breast declaration.

 - Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare calls for calm, saying there are no immediate problems in people’s lives.

 - Amakusa Shikimi, the Chief of the National Confidentiality Bureau, is discussing future measures. An emergency meeting may be held tonight.

 - Dispatch requests to the Self-Defense Forces in various locations based on the national security strategy for maintaining public order.

 - Kokucho Agewa, a radical member of the Male Protection Bill, remains silent about the breast declaration. No updates on social media.

 - Beryl Entertainment announces to wait for further fact-checking.

 - Temporary internet outage, but high-performance server-managed sites remain strong. Unrivaled.

 - The full text of Shirogane Aqua’s “breast liberation declaration” that changed history is published.

 - Each TV station prepares for emergency special broadcasts. The national broadcaster is unable to contact news anchor Morikawa Kaede, causing confusion.

 - In response to the breast declaration, the Stars government may inquire through the embassy.

 Wow… I quietly close the news site, pretending I didn’t see anything.

 To those who are still at the company, my condolences.

 I open the bulletin board again and check the threads.

 As expected, the bulletin board is in a festive mood.

 Look, I’ve already found a dumb-looking comment.

 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki

 Breasts! Breasts!

 Verification Team*07218KADO6

 Breasts! Breasts!

 Oh, it turns out I know them… I’ll pretend I didn’t see it because it’s embarrassing. And the national broadcasting station, here it is. She’s here.


 Chinposuki, check your phone quickly!


 I think Chinposuki should check their phone. Did you receive any messages?


 Chinposuki, phone.


 Everyone is so calm and kind even in times like this, it’s hilarious!

 Really, they must have already noticed her true identity. But they’re still keeping quiet, I think it’s because of their kindness. But Kaede-san is being clueless, she doesn’t seem to have noticed at all…

 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon

 Breasts! Breasts!

 774 *Hi-P3erver

 Breasts! Breasts!

 No good… even relatively normal people have become strange. I quietly close the bulletin board. Hm? I have an incoming call. I flick the button on the receiver and answer the phone.


 ”Is this Kirika-san? Thank you for your help. This is Miyuki, but… I actually have a little favor to ask.”

 Since I already had a vague idea of the situation, I readily agreed to Miyuki-san’s request. I hurriedly leave the house and head to the National Historical Museum in my beloved car.

 It’s quieter outside than I expected. The only difference is the number of cars parked on the roadside. …If you’re going to mas***bate, do it properly at home. I understand that you’re excited, but that’s a public indecency offense, you know.

 When I arrive at my destination, I immediately head towards the milking room. There were a few women there, so I intimidate them with my eyes and drive them away. These eyes are useful in times like this. Just narrowing them slightly and everyone scatters in an instant.

 ”Miyuki-san, it’s Kirika. I’ve arrived.”

 As I announce that, Miyuki-san comes to greet me at the entrance.

 ”Here. Please.”

 Th…this is the milking room, a place that was called the utopia for all girls, even for those who have walked through the corridor. It has a sterile feel to it, but on the contrary, it feels very romantic. When I think that this is really just a room for s*xual activities, my heart flutters.


 As I see Aqua-san inside the milking room, various emotions mix together and my heart feels like it’s about to burst.

 ”Your words have caused a great stir in this country.”

 I somehow manage to compose myself and calmly continue the conversation.

 ”Aqua-san, let’s go home for now. Let’s inform the school and cancel work until things calm down in society…”

 ”Kirika-san, I have a favor to ask.”

 Aqua-san interrupts my words.

 ”Could you… and also, call Shintaro, Toa, and Senpai? It will inconvenience the three of them again, but they are absolutely necessary to play that song.”

 Seeing Aqua-san’s serious expression, my heart skips a beat. Ah, this person is now taking responsibility for their words and statements. I’ve made up my mind. There is only one thing I can do to help Aqua-san.

 ”…Understood. I think the president would say the same, so Aqua-san, please do as you wish.”

 I take Aqua-san back to the parking lot. Along the way, Miyuki-san asks if she can come with us, and I hesitate about what to do, but I decide to take her with us with Aqua-san’s one word saying that Miyuki-san should come along.

 ”Here. Kirika-san!”

 After arriving at the Prime Minister’s residence, we are guided by Beryl’s staff who had already arrived and enter the building.

 ”Aqua-kun, you came well. The other kids are already here too.”

 When we enter the prepared waiting room, Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-san, Tenga-senpai, and of course, Moja-san, Director Hongou, and President Ako are already there.

 ”Hey everyone, I’m really sorry for making you gather even though it’s a day off. But… there was someone right in front of me who was suffering, and I couldn’t just ignore it. So, could you all help me out? I want to sing that song to give women more confidence in the world.”

 That song… according to what I heard from Toa-chan, it was a song we made when the four of us gathered at Tenga-san’s house after the Halloween event.

 After that event, everyone seemed to have something on their minds. Toa-chan also seemed to have grown more mature than before.

 ”Aqua… I have something to say, but it’s okay for now. You’ll understand later, right?”

 Toa-chan says that and high-fives Aqua-san. It’s probably about her little sister. I understand that feeling.

 ”Junior, the place you’re going is where we’re going. Our paths are always connected.”

 Tenga-san follows Toa-chan and high-fives Aqua-san too. I think he’s saying good words if you don’t know anything, but it’s a line from Heaven’s Sword. Thank you very much.

 ”Aqua… so that’s how it was for you…”

 Mayuzumi-san? I feel like something’s off with Mayuzumi-san, but I hope he’s okay.

 ”Your speech really touched my heart.”

 What!? Everyone is surprised by those words. Aqua-san, you shouldn’t be surprised. It’s your own words.

 ”Actually, I… like it too. Women’s… um… breasts…”

 Whaaat!? An inaudible voice echoes in the room in response to this shocking confession. Aqua-san approaches Mayuzumi-san and hugs him tightly while shedding tears.

 ”Shintaro…! You’re… still my best friend!! Thank you for becoming my classmate and friend, really!!”

 Uh, even though it’s a touching scene between boys, I feel incredibly conflicted. But some women are watching with gentle faces, saying things like “Good for you, Aqua-kun” and shedding tears. Huh? Is this still a good story?

 ”Junior… actually, I also like women’s… um… butts…”

 Tenga-san!? Several women turn their backs in response to that statement. Control yourself!! It’s not okay to stick your butt out as if you’re picking up something on purpose, it’s not okay!

 ”Just so you know, I absolutely won’t comment on that.”

 And Toa-chan, thank goodness for being calm. If even Toa-chan started saying weird things, it would have been uncontrollable. Ah… I don’t know what’s going on anymore, there’s been too much happening today.

 For now, I’ll just get caught up in the atmosphere and applaud. After that, we had a detailed meeting with the Prime Minister and KugaRihito-san.

 ”Well, it’s about time. Let’s go!”

 Finally, it’s time for the press conference. Aqua-san and the others leave the waiting room to appear at the press conference. We stay in the waiting room and watch the press conference on the large TV provided.

 [Good evening, citizens. This is Shirogane Aqua.]

 Aqua-san’s press conference begins.

 [I acknowledge that all the statements in the breast liberation declaration video circulating on the internet are my own. I apologize for causing a stir with careless remarks.]

 Aqua-san bows gracefully at a beautiful angle. Wow, his bow is much better than those clumsy politicians. I wonder if Kohina-san taught him that, it’s kind of funny. But really, is there a need to apologize seriously? No one is harmed, right?

 ”Don’t apologize!”

 ”We were saved by those words!”

 ”Raise your head!”


 Um… you guys are from the media, right? Did some fans get mixed up by mistake?

 Yeah. The people from the Prime Minister’s residence hurriedly went to check, but everyone was safe, it seems they were wearing press IDs.

 [But I don’t regret that statement, and I don’t intend to retract it. Because this country is filled with so many wonderful women, why does everyone lack confidence? As I thought about it, I gradually became unforgiving.]

 Aqua-san is definitely cheating…. With such a cool face saying that, any woman would be thrilled, right?

 [So please let me convey to everyone how wonderful you are through this song! ‘Only Star’!]

 The camera perspective of all broadcasting stations changes to Director Hongou’s. Probably, the only idols who will sing at the Prime Minister’s residence are you, now and forever.

 ’No one can replace you. You are my dear family!’

 With the intro, they start singing with four people holding microphones, and the camera zooms in on Aqua-san.

 ’Gazing at the many stars shining in the night sky, gently illuminating the darkness.’

 Aqua-san leaves the press conference venue and goes out into the corridor. There, Mayuzumi-san comes out from next to her.

 ’There are stars that twinkle brightly and stars that shine faintly.’

 Mayuzumi-san heads in the opposite direction, and on the way, she high-fives Tenga-san they pass by. The camera follows Tenga-senpai they just passed.

 ’There are so many stars in the sky (そら), and none of them have the same brilliance.’

 宇宙 (sora) is written as “そら” (sora). I thought this phrase was definitely thought up by Tenga-san. Tenga-san stops and sings, and Toa-chan peeks out from behind her. So cute!!

 ’Each one has a different light, that’s why the sky is so beautiful.’

 Toa-chan holds the microphone and takes a light step forward while facing backward. Ah, ah, you have to walk facing forward! Ah, you’ll bump into something! Of course, it’s part of the performance. Mayuzumi-san gently stops Toa-chan.

 ’We know that you always love us.’

 While Mayuzumi-san is singing with the microphone, Tenga-san joins in with a microphone.

 ’But why do you cloud your face with lack of confidence?’

 And then Aqua-san comes from behind while Tenga-senpai is singing. Now everyone is together.

 ’Come on, let’s laugh together.’

 Everyone’s voices overlap. The beautiful harmony of the four people soothes the heart.

 ’You are the only family in the world for us, a precious person to us. So let’s love ourselves more. We will send our love.’

 I remember the story I heard from Toa-chan about the reason for making this song. After the Halloween Night Festival, I heard that each of the four had something on their minds.

 The love given to them by their supporting families and the love given to them by their supporting fans. Gratitude towards their families, gratitude towards their fans. This song was made with all of that in mind, I heard.

 ’When we are lost and in trouble, your light cheers us up.’

 I heard that Tenga-san has someone he likes. At first, things didn’t go well with that person, and he came to Tokyo, running away from his family…. That’s why he said he’s happy to be able to interact with his family like this, thanks to everyone.

 ’You always warmly watched over us.’

 I heard that Toa-chan was a shut-in because of an experience where he was attacked by a woman. But even at that time, he said that his family always supported him. So now, he remembers saying that he wants to become stronger so he can help everyone.

 ’You always brightly illuminate us with unconditional love. That’s why I was never lonely.’

 I heard that Aqua-san has amnesia. So at first, he didn’t know how to interact with his family. Even so, his mom was always there for him. After Kanon-san and he got married, he said he realized how grateful he was for their presence.

 ’We have always relied on you like that. So now, it’s our turn to brighten up your life.’

 When Mayuzumi-san and his mom studied abroad together, they said he caused a lot of trouble because he was teenagers. But even so, his mom came with him to a foreign country for his sake, and he realized the love of a parent… he said it was thanks to everyone that he was able to be honest with her.

 ’You don’t need to lower your head after working so hard. Be proud of yourself.’

 Toa-chan holds a microphone and sings. Aqua-san also sings into the microphone.

 ’Let’s all laugh together. From now on, I’ll hold your hand and push you forward.’

 And once again, the voices of the four of them overlap.

 ’Now, lift your face and show your smile.’

 A single tear runs down my cheek. Maybe it’s because I remembered my late mom, I felt a little sentimental.

 ’Now it’s our turn to brighten up your life. From now on, I’ll make you the only wonderful lady in the world. That’s why I’ll whisper love to you today too. If you can’t love yourself, let us love you.’

 No… today is a holiday, but I’m still at work. And yet, the tears wouldn’t stop. Aqua-san holds the microphone and sings to us, to me.

 ’No matter where you look in the world, there’s only one of you in this world.’

 Aqua-san… I’m glad I met you. After my mom passed away, I lived trying to hide my loneliness, but I was still lonely somewhere, and you filled that gap.

 ’So let’s be more confident. You are our special one!’

 The four of them point their fingers at us. They don’t usually point at someone, but this is… unfair. Is it okay? Everyone will take you seriously, you know?

 At least now, I can’t stop these feelings anymore.

 Should I wear cute clothes? How should I appeal to you?

 Just thinking about that was already a mistake!! Honestly, Aqua-san is incredibly dense. It’s pointless to be so careful with someone like that.

 If I don’t push, push, and keep pushing, I won’t be able to win over the shy Aqua-san at the crucial moment. If I were closer to him, I should have known what to do! So, what am I doing? Please be prepared. I said that, but I wasn’t prepared myself.

 Let’s stop beating around the bush. Today, I will confess my feelings seriously to Aqua-san. And I’m sure Miyuki-san, who came here with me, feels the same way.

 ”It’s okay if only one of us gets caught. I won’t hold a grudge.”

 ”Of course. I won’t lose either.”

 I firmly shake hands with Miyuki-san and hug her. I’m already prepared to accept whatever happens. Even if I fail, it’s okay if Miyuki-san find out. I can praise myself for trying my best. Stand tall, Kotono. In my heart, I have the one and only breast that no one can beat.

 So, please let me confess to you soon!! Aqua-san, I really, really, really, really love you!!

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