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Volume 9 Chapter 13 Bulletin Board, Breasts! Breasts!

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[Declaration of Breast Liberation] Prime Minister’s Super Emergency Press Conference Room [World Trend #1]
7 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s main thread is filled with breasts
10 Anonymous
Breasts! Breasts!
11 Anonymous
It’s because of trolls like Chinposuki and Hagetoru
15 Anonymous
I took a day off because the company couldn’t work
17 Anonymous
It’s not the time to work!
Saying that, the president went somewhere
The boss also disappeared while skipping, and my colleague said they’re going to the bathroom and went missing, so can I go home too…?
18 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Breasts! Breasts!
20 Anonymous
I think it’s really amazing that hospitals and police are functioning properly even in this situation
And thank you to the Self-Defense Forces for your hard work
22 Anonymous
I found a floating punchline, lol
23 Anonymous
I laughed so hard at the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare’s “There are no immediate problems in everyone’s lives” LOL
If you read into this deeply, it’s like Aqua-kun saying he likes breasts, but not saying there’s a demand for it from you guys, you know, trolling the citizens
26 Anonymous
A slip of the tongue!!
27 Anonymous
I strongly demand resignation!
30 Anonymous
The amazing thing about this is that the minister is actually saying it seriously, lol
I love this kind of trolling from him, LOL
31 Anonymous
It’s because the Prime Minister is like this, there’s no helping it
“Everyone, please calm down. Just now, we received the announcement of the world’s Breast Liberation Declaration from idol Shirogane Aqua. Currently, we are in the process of verifying the facts regarding this matter. We are also considering our response, so I kindly ask all citizens to remain calm and act calmly… as if you can really be calm, Hyahoi! Um, starting from this year, today will be a holiday for citizens!! However, since today is a holiday, Monday will be a substitute holiday!! Now, let’s go for a beer~!! Yay!”
It’s too crazy for an immediate interview, LMAO
I think the emergency press conference will start with an apology, LOL
34 Anonymous
This country is really messed up, lol!
39 Anonymous
Don’t underestimate a country that even accepts Hagetoru and Chinposuki!!
There is no country that accepts diversity as much as this one, LMAO
42 Anonymous
There was breaking news that Aqua-kun came to the press conference room, will he come out today?
45 Anonymous
Shumi, are you alive?
48 Anonymous
If Nee-san is watching this, please come to the main thread quickly
We need you in the main thread
50 Anonymous
Current trend ranking:
1 Breast Liberation Declaration related words: Breast declaration, Shirogane Aqua, emergency special program on Stars
2 Breast Memorial Day related words: Citizen’s holiday, starting today, day off tomorrow, day off the day after tomorrow
3 Aqua-sama’s Free Breast related words: Unlimited groping plan, you can grope for free forever now, pie touch meeting
4 Want to be Aqua-sama’s pillow related words: Breast pillow, breast blanket, breast blanket
5 Shirogane Aqua’s mother related words: Self-proclaimed mom, mass occurrence, breastfeeding squad, self-proclaimed big sister
6 Rapid rise in approval rating related words: Citizens are idiots, the Prime Minister is also an idiot, everyone is an idiot, giving out stimulus money to buy bras, lol
7 Emergency countermeasures meeting related words: Rapid appreciation of the yen, over half of listed companies reaching their highest levels this year, all-time high
8 Hurry, it’s a festival! related words: Circuit breakers triggered due to the economy being too good, market collapse, LOL
9 Shirogane Lapis-related words I also wanted to be born as Aqua-sama’s sister, the strongest position called Shirogane Aqua’s sister
10 Nekoyama Subaru-related words Toa-chan’s sister, Aqua-sama is Toa-chan… sudden palpitations..
55 Anonymous
I laughed so hard at the stimulus money for buying a bra LMAO
They seem to be seriously considering it, not as a joke, lol
57 Anonymous
It’s hilarious that they call it “breast stimulus money” lol
58 Anonymous
The economy is so good that the market is in chaos, it’s so funny lol
60 Anonymous
Hey, who’s the one throwing cash from the Tokyo Tower?
66 Anonymous
There’s also a money-giving lady appearing in Dotonbori (like Times Square in New York City or Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas)
68 Anonymous
There are also people throwing cash from helicopters, lol
71 Anonymous
There are people throwing cash, but I like how everyone picks it up and returns it
Foreigners who saw that were saying things like “Oh my god” and “Beautiful world,” it’s so funny, LOL
74 Anonymous
The Shibuya Scramble Crossing is so lively, it’s like winning the World Cup
Even the ladies in suits who came to work on their days off are high-fiving. Some even touch each other’s chests, they should control themselves, lol
77 Anonymous
There are rumors that Beryl Entertainment will go public starting this month, it’s going to be a big deal. In a sense, it can be said to be related to the Fuji Zaibatsu group, Mori Nagao-related, but it’s not an amount that can be bought
80 Anonymous
With these two sisters, will they be able to go to school from tomorrow?
There will probably be a school assembly for the whole school
81 Verification Team*07218KADO6
Breasts! Breasts!
84 Anonymous
I was feeling down because I thought Aqua-sama only liked big people, but she said she also likes small ones, so I’m happy
86 Anonymous
The latest news is also full of breasts
-Shirogane Aqua arrives at the Prime Minister’s residence, joint press conference about the breast declaration?
-Beryl Entertainment also acknowledges the breast liberation declaration on their official website
-The stimulus money will be expanded to apply to all breast-related products, the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare stated
-Full consideration is being given to making it a national holiday in response to the Prime Minister’s statement. The opposition parties are also fully cooperating
-Major companies, led by Fuji and Morinaga, have issued a joint statement that holidays will be treated as working days
-The stock prices of breast-related companies are soaring, heating up the unprecedented breast boom in the year-end sales battle
-The Prime Minister reveals plans for the establishment of a breast minister and appointment as a breast ambassador
-Morikawa, who could not be contacted, has been found. She is attending a press conference at the Prime Minister’s residence
-G1 Mary wins the Queen’s Cup miraculously, with the first place being number 8 and the second place being number 1, the odds are 8.1
-Corolle CEO is rumored to have asked Shirogane Aqua for a bra design, causing a stir on the internet
91 Anonymous
Even horses can read the atmosphere, it’s hilarious, LMAO
Number 8 is a G cup princess
Number 1 is an A cup, I love it
By the way, the G cup is not about breasts, it’s about the G cup horse race
The A cup means a good cup
93 Anonymous
Does Corolle understand that Aqua-kun is a great artist, LOL?
95 Anonymous
Aa-sama may look like a troll at first glance, but it has the potential to create miracles like a gingerbread house
And if it’s a bra designed by Aa-sama, it’s guaranteed to sell out and be a hit item for every family
98 Anonymous
What were we pretending not to notice all this time…? It was an amazing declaration that blew everything away
100 Anonymous
I’ve watched Aqua-kun’s video declaring breasts over and over again
It’s so cool. I’m getting excited
103 Anonymous
Aa-sama passionately talking about breasts with a serious expression… I fell in love again
104 Anonymous
If Shumi saw Aqua-sama like this, she would be all wet. My body is getting hot
108 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Breasts! Breasts!
110 Anonymous
It’s almost time for the press conference
112 Anonymous
The national broadcast has switched
115 Anonymous
116 Anonymous
Morikawa was there LOL
117 Anonymous
Confirmed Hogekawa’s attendance!!
119 Anonymous
I wonder if Morikawa made it on time…
121 Anonymous
People on the bulletin board are worrying too much about Morikawa LOL
124 Anonymous
The Prime Minister is here!
125 Anonymous
As soon as she appeared, she did a splendid sliding bow LOL
128 Anonymous
World, this is our country’s Prime Minister!!
130 Anonymous
Indeed, she is a woman who rose to become Prime Minister just by bowing. You can feel conviction and pride in her bow LOL
132 Anonymous
I’m really sorry!!
133 Anonymous
Seriously, LOL
135 Anonymous
The Prime Minister should apologize to her family first LOL. Because she gets carried away and appoints ministers in charge of breasts, or breast envoys, or talks about the holidays of the citizens…
137 Anonymous
The Prime Minister may make many verbal mistakes, but she takes action quickly and says everything she thinks. I think it’s good
139 Anonymous
Honestly, I think the Prime Minister is in the same league as Hagetoru. Because on social media, it’s all about breasts! breasts!
142 Anonymous
Summary of our country’s Prime Minister in 3 lines
– Apologize one day and apologize again the next day
– Apologize during the apology press conference for some reason
– Finally, apologize first for no reason and then speak
146 Anonymous
Top 3 legends of the Prime Minister
– She personally repelled and recaptured the Prime Minister’s private plane hijacked by terrorists. Later made into a movie
– She discovered a mysterious flying object that invaded our airspace while inspecting the sky mother by chance. She piloted a fighter jet and took off. Later made into a movie
– She fought against extremists who occupied the parliament building while smoking a cigar and using a rocket launcher. Later made into a movie
Perhaps because of the movies, she is more popular than the big actresses over there in the States. On the other hand, she believes in the existence of aliens and repeatedly attempts to communicate with them, which is a charming side of her
153 Anonymous
I caused a lot of trouble with my thoughtless remarks to various parties… That’s exactly right, LOL
155 Anonymous
You don’t have to apologize for something like this anymore, LOL
159 Anonymous
It’s fun to watch, but I have a doubt whether this person is really suitable to be the Prime Minister, LOL
168 Anonymous
I got excited and my tension went up without reason with the breast declaration, LMAO
170 Anonymous
LOL, hilarious
171 Anonymous
I understand, I understand, Prime Minister. After all, the Prime Minister is just a woman, LOL
175 Anonymous
That’s the reason for the apology, LOL
180 Anonymous
D*mn, if this person wasn’t the Prime Minister of my country but just a comedian, it would be funny, LOL
183 Anonymous
Rather, if this person wasn’t the Prime Minister, there might have been a possibility that Aqua-kun would be at a loss
187 Anonymous
She said it was a holiday because she wanted to take a day off. She wanted to drink beer since morning!! Her own breasts were affirmed and her tension went up
She’s too honest, LOL
192 Anonymous
“The fact that she doesn’t even try to hide it makes her seem noble. I see, so this is the spirit of a samurai…”
Well, it’s hilarious when foreigners say it, LOL
195 Anonymous
Morikawa is here!
198 Anonymous
Could it be a question from Morikawa!?
200 Anonymous
Hey! National broadcast!!
Is it okay to let Morikawa ask a question!?
201 Anonymous
202 Anonymous
Morikawa LMAO
205 Anonymous
209 Anonymous
This is terrible LMAO
216 Anonymous
For those who can’t see LMAO
Morikawa: “Is it true that you are considering a holiday?”
Prime Minister: “Yes…. Morikawa-san, do you think it would be better to have a holiday?”
Morikawa: “Yes! I’ve already used up all my paid leave, so I really want a holiday!”
Prime Minister: “That’s right! (Raises hand)”
Morikawa: “Yay! (High fives the Prime Minister)”
220 Anonymous
Who allowed Morikawa to ask a question, LOL
223 Anonymous
This is too much, LOL
226 Anonymous
Prime Minister!?
228 Anonymous
Prime Minister LMAO
230 Anonymous
Bad news, Prime Minister. Because of the collaboration with Morikawa, she made another verbal mistake
234 Anonymous
Prime Minister: “If you want, let Aqua-kun be the Prime Minister and change the name of the country to Shirogane Kingdom. If you look closely, the national flag looks a bit like breasts, so breasts should be fine, right?”
237 Anonymous
Terrible, too cruel LOL
242 Anonymous
Good news, the birth of Shirogane Kingdom LOL
245 Anonymous
Will Holy Aqua Religion become the state religion, and the saint become the mother of the country?
249 Anonymous
Someone stop them LOL
250 Anonymous
The secretary next door keeps coughing LOL
251 Anonymous
Breaking news LOL
253 Anonymous
It’s bad that it’s being reported in other countries LOL
258 Anonymous
The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare has arrived LOL
261 Anonymous
Whispering to the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare LOL
268 Anonymous
Wait LOL
271 Anonymous
Her voice LMAO
275 Anonymous
The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare’s whispering voice is too loud, the microphone is picking up everything LOL
279 Anonymous
What is this disgrace LOL apologize LMAO
281 Anonymous
It’s okay, the citizens of this country are as foolish as the Prime Minister, so if you apologize, everything will be fine LOL. The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare is as usual, this guy LOL
284 Anonymous
In other countries, this would definitely be a case for dismissal LOL
288 Anonymous
Honestly, it’s the truth, so it’s not a big deal even if it causes an uproar LOL
290 Anonymous
Again, is the Prime Minister and the Minister doing a comedy press conference? LOL
291 Anonymous
Honestly, as long as they do what they need to do, even if they make verbal mistakes, it’s fine. There’s nothing to worry about with verbal mistakes, the important thing is action and results
296 Anonymous
Only in our country can the Prime Minister do a comedy press conference during an apology
299 Anonymous
Did you see, world? Our country accepts the Prime Minister, Hagetoru, Morikawa, and Aa-sama, the monsters of tolerance and diversity
303 Anonymous
312 Anonymous
313 Anonymous
314 Anonymous
Aa-sama is coming!?
318 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is coming!!
322 Anonymous
Aqua-sama has comeeee!
334 Anonymous
Aqua-kun has come!!
336 Anonymous
Oh no… Aa-sama looks cool in a suit..
341 Anonymous
It’s unfair to come in a suit
343 Anonymous
Kyaaaa, so cool!
345 Anonymous
Cool, cool, cooooool!
349 Anonymous
I acknowledge it!
351 Anonymous
It has been acknowledged!
352 Anonymous
Breasts! Breasts!!
353 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Breasts! Breasts!!
358 Hakuryuu*XQshotacon
Breaking news has comeeee!!
365 Anonymous
Don’t apologizeee!
372 Anonymous
No need to apologize, only the Prime Minister should apologize
378 Anonymous
Prime Minister! Now is the time to bow instead of Aa-sama!!
386 Anonymous
When I thought she should apologize instead of Aa-sama, she was bowing while being cut off LOL
390 Anonymous
It’s funny to see the Prime Minister bowing while being cut off next to Aa-sama LOL
393 Anonymous
You’re amazing for being able to apologize. Big sister will give you breasts
401 Anonymous
I want to breastfeed him while saying “Good boy, good boy.”
403 Anonymous
I have no intention of regretting or retracting!!
408 Anonymous
He said it decisively!
412 Anonymous
Too cool..
421 Anonymous
Is there any girl who doesn’t feel excited when seeing this?
430 Anonymous
He’s so cool that my cr*tch is getting wet
439 Anonymous
My heart is pounding too
443 Anonymous
Why is he so cool?
451 Verification Team *07218KADO6
It was a passionate speech like in old-fashioned girls’ manga or classic anime
462 Anonymous
It felt like a moment when history would change
469 Anonymous
Definitely a witness to history
472 Anonymous
Crying while hugging my family
475 Anonymous
My grandma is crying..
484 Anonymous
Shirogane Aqua exists in this country..
491 Anonymous
Good, I’m glad I was born in this country, thank you!!
502 Anonymous
He want to sing!
503 Anonymous
Huh? Singing!?
505 Anonymous
Unexpectedly singing, LOL
509 Anonymous
Everyone is being deceived by Aqua-sama’s face, but he’s just saying he likes breasts
513 Anonymous
He want to sing!
516 Anonymous
Aa-sama, are you trying to sing and make it sound good?
519 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Breasts! Breasts!!
521 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Breasts! Breasts!!
523 Anonymous
Everyone is here!
526 Anonymous
It’s the best
528 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is here!
532 Anonymous
I wonder if Mayuzumi-kun also likes breasts?
542 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai is great!
551 Anonymous
Senpai, please do something about the out-of-control junior, LOL
557 Anonymous
562 Anonymous
I wonder how it feels to have your sister talked about, LOL
567 Anonymous
This song is singing to us
572 Anonymous
Everyone is cool!
581 Anonymous
Regarding the start of the song during the press conference
593 Anonymous
This is definitely a live venue!
600 Anonymous
Prime Minister, LMAO
608 Anonymous
Prime Minister, where did you bring it from, LOL
615 Anonymous
D*mn, the Prime Minister is too playful, LOL
624 Anonymous
Honestly, personally, I was happy that Aqua-kun said he likes breasts. When I think about it from our perspective, he’s just saying something lewd, but I’m happy to know that he’s not just a cool idol on the outside, but a person with the same thoughts inside
633 Anonymous
Penlights are coming out, LOL
641 Anonymous
Did the Prime Minister hold a press conference aiming for a live performance from the beginning, LOL
648 Anonymous
Prime Minister, you’re cheap!! Change those special seats!
653 Anonymous
Breaking news, the Prime Minister’s excited figure is being live-streamed worldwide
669 Anonymous
Even though it’s a great song, the Prime Minister is getting in the way, LOL
681 Anonymous
Wait, the lyrics resonate
686 Anonymous
I’m happy and crying while laughing
694 Anonymous
Everyone is really cool..
701 Anonymous
Do the other three besides Aqua-kun also reveal their fetishes?
708 Anonymous
I’ve never felt so grateful for having big breasts as I do today
715 Anonymous
Even though it’s mentioned in the lyrics, maybe we were too humble. That doesn’t mean we should pretend to not understand the situation, but maybe we can have more confidence in ourselves
721 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I’m going to pick some flowers
722 Anonymous
It’s either one or the other in the world. On the internet, people say extreme things, but in reality, there are kids who behave well. In reality, there are boys who are reluctant but still pursue girls aggressively. The latter is like saying “restrain yourself,” but I think the former is a story about becoming more positive
730 Anonymous
I was happy when you said you like small ones, but this time I think the song is especially for the big girls
738 Anonymous
D*mn, he has a good face, a good voice, a good song, and he has s*xual desire. He’s the strongest!
745 Anonymous
It’s funny that just saying you like breasts can save a girl like this, LOL
752 Anonymous
I think the big girls are really touched. The small ones, on the other hand, are excited because their chance might come with the specific mention
764 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is the only one who can win!!
774 Anonymous
As a woman with big breasts, I’m trembling with gratitude for following Aa-sama
779 Anonymous
I wonder how Shumi is feeling while listening to this song. She didn’t react today, LOL
787 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei and Hagetoru also broke
793 Anonymous
I wonder if Aa-sama will hold a breast-touching event? I’ll pay to have them touched
805 Anonymous
Is the right to become Aa-sama’s breast pillow still available?
I’m looking forward to it for a long time!!
814 Anonymous
I laughed because the main thread is still full of breasts comments
820 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei definitely had her brain destroyed
Hagetoru is just fooling around. Hurry up, Nee-san
826 Anonymous
Morikawa LMAO
829 Anonymous
Hogekawa is here!
831 Anonymous
Damn, this guy always watches the live concert from a good seat, LOL
838 Anonymous
The perfect otagei (otaku dance) by the Prime Minister and Hogekawa, LOL
845 Anonymous
Wow, the world is amazed, LOL
852 Anonymous
854 Anonymous
The song was amazing!!
858 Anonymous
It was a good song
861 Anonymous
I was completely absorbed in the song dedicated to the fans
865 Anonymous
Seems like many people were focused on the song without commenting
876 Anonymous
Prime Minister, let’s make this the national anthem!
And the national flag will be breasts, the Prime Minister will be Aqua-kun, and the country’s name will be Shirogane Kingdom, please!
882 Anonymous
Well then, starting from tomorrow, I’ll give it my all!
884 Anonymous
Hehe, actually, I’ve been wearing a bra one size too small until now..
It seems like the day to unleash my true self has come!
889 Anonymous
Sorry, starting from tomorrow, I, with my P-cup, will be unrivaled, so sorry
893 Anonymous
There are too many breast-related posts, LOL
901 Anonymous
You guys should restrain yourselves!
Remember, only Aqua-kun likes breasts
903 Anonymous
It’s fine to get excited, but don’t excessively appeal to the boys
904 Anonymous
There might be boys who are not good with breasts, so let’s balance it out!
908 Anonymous
Aa-sama’s request has arrived!
913 Anonymous
Aqu-tan also mentioned it properly
916 Anonymous
Understood, let’s maintain moderation
919 Anonymous
The person who was talking about breasts in public is now showing restraint, LOL
I actually like Aa-sama who does that, LOL
925 Anonymous
Aqua-sama didn’t seem very idol-like today, but I thought it’s okay to have days like this
At least, I feel relieved
931 Anonymous
I watched the video that was being spread, and I think Aa-sama is saying it to protect girls. I like it
Aa-sama is cool because he thinks about girls more than himself
936 Anonymous
Thank you, Aqua-kun. Thank you, Beryl Entertainment
942 Anonymous
Morikawa, huh?
945 Anonymous
948 Anonymous
Morikawa, you b*stard!
952 Anonymous
Morikawa: “How are my breasts?”
959 Anonymous
Broadcast accident, it’s here!
962 Anonymous
967 Anonymous
972 Anonymous
Aqua-kun: “The shape is well-formed and very lovely, I think.”
976 Anonymous
This is for real… It’s serious..
981 Anonymous
Hogekawa, die
982 Anonymous
Morikawa, die
984 Anonymous
Shumi, who gets groped every day, die
986 Anonymous
In a full circle, Shumi, who gets groped by Aqua-kun, die
992 Anonymous
For some reason, the Prime Minister is apologizing, LOL
995 Anonymous
The Prime Minister is now bowing down and trying to cover everything up, LOL
998 Anonymous
A woman who solves everything by bowing down, that’s our Prime Minister
1000 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Because it’s 1000, I’ll do my best too

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