Male Idol V9c14

Volume 9 Chapter 14 Shirogane Aqua, Paradise of Breasts

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 Breasts on the left…


 Breasts on the right…

 ””You can touch both of them, okay?”””

 I back away from Miyuki-san and Kirika-san’s approaching breasts. Why did it turn out like this?! A few minutes ago, we finished our performance at the Prime Minister’s official residence and were on our way home. On the way, the two of them said they had something important to talk about, so we came to the nearest milking room where we could talk calmly.

 ”Aqua-san, I love you. Please marry me”


 The moment we entered the room, Kirika-san confessed to me in seconds. I remember being confessed to before, but I was confused when the word “marriage” suddenly came up.

 ”I don’t mean to brag, but I’m good at my job. I have savings, and as a fellow employee of the same company, I understand Aqua-san’s work. Don’t you think so?”

 Yeah, I know that. Without Kirika-san, Beryl wouldn’t be running now. Even after the press conference, while Morikawa-san and the Prime Minister were sitting and chatting over tea, I was just lazing around.

 But Kirika-san was working hard behind us. Oh, come to think of it, even though they’re from different companies, didn’t Morikawa-san have Kirika-san do their work too? Well, whatever.

 ”I can do all the housework, and I think I’m a pretty devoted person. I don’t know if I can meet Aqua-san’s expectations at night, but if you order me to do anything, I’ll do it. By the way, my breast size is G cup, but it’s really close to H.”

 What…? I had greatly underestimated my own strength, causing me to misjudge Kirika-san’s breast power. Ugh…! I apologize!!

 I, I had been undervaluing you, Kirika-san, and your breast power for so long. Of course, size should not determine superiority, but it is clearly disrespectful to count Kirika-san’s breasts as small. If only I had been able to properly hear your voice, Kirika-san’s breast voice, I would not have ended up like this.

 I am infuriated by my own weakness and inadequacy.

 ”Aqua-san, my first preference is the second lady, but I don’t mind a mistress, and I don’t mind being a convenient woman.”

 ”W-Wait a moment, Kirika-san! Kirika-san is a wonderful woman, so please take better care of yourself and your body.”

 Miyuki-san is the same, but why do women in this world want to sell themselves so cheaply?

 Certainly, their values and perspectives may be different, but I wish they would take better care of themselves.

 Because if someone like Kirika-san were a company executive, I think more than half of the men would secretly admire her. I won’t specifically mention who, but I imagine there might be people shedding tears when they see a white shirt that looks distressed or a suit jacket with buttons reaching their limits, and maybe some people even shed tears when they see wrinkles in striped suit skirts.

 ”If ‘wonderful’ is not just a facade, would you like to try using my body once? Please, Aqua-san, it’s all yours, so use it as you like.”

 ”Uh…no, that’s…”

 Ugh, such pressure!! I won’t specify where, but there’s incredible pressure, particularly around the chest area, pressing directly onto my chest plate.

 Is this what they call the firmness and resilience she developed with weight machines and running machines? Thank you! Thank you again! It’s something important, so thank you once more!

 ”Now, let’s change the question. How are my breasts?”

 ”They’re obviously amazing.”

 It was an instant response. Not only did I answer slightly too eagerly, but it was more like a negative 0.1 seconds.

 ”Oh…is that so?”

 Huh? It seems like Kirika-san took a step back… Well, maybe it’s just my imagination!

 ”Aqua-sama, if it’s large breasts, there is something here that you can use freely as well.”

 Whoa, whoa, whoa… breasts pressed against my back…! And I can even feel the softness of these marshmallow-like breasts through my clothes. Is it really okay for something like this to exist in this world?

 If Kirika-san’s breasts were to drain a man’s essence like those of a demonic temptress, then Miyuki-san’s breasts would be those of an angel, capable of taking a man to heavenly heights.

 By the way, whichever choice I make, I’ll ultimately meet your end through breasts. It’s the ultimate dilemma, DEAD OR DEAD, HELL OR HEAVEN. Will I be drained by Kirika-san in hell, or will I be bound and exploited by Miyuki-san in heaven? Damn, I can’t choose either.

 As I pondered, sandwiched between Kirika-san and Miyuki-san’s breasts, I felt lost.

 ”Aqua-sama, are you perhaps hesitating?”

 ”There’s no need to hesitate, Aqua-san.”

 ”But… because, they both belong to you.”

 Ugh!? In an instant, my brain was nearly hijacked by their sweet breaths. Am I going to be swept away like this…?


 In the midst of this, someone called my name.


 Who is it? No… this voice, as pure as walking while clothed, belongs to Kanon! Is it Kanon!? Emerging from the lake, Kanon takes on the appearance of a goddess. Beautiful… and her clothes are slightly wet, clinging to her skin. Hmm, this is rather ero.

 ’Aqua, you want these G-leaning H-cup voluptuous breasts, right?’

 Kirika-san!? Kanon seizes Kirika-san’s breasts with both hands and draws her close.

 ’Or perhaps you want these I-cup incredibly self-centered breasts?’

 Miyuki-san!? Kanon seizes Miyuki-san on the opposite side, firmly grabbing her breasts.

 ’Now, be true to your heart.’

 Oh, what I desire is…! Slowly, I reach my hand between the two.

 What I want most is Kanon’s breasts!! Certainly, Miyuki-san’s and Kirika-san’s breasts are alluring in their own right. But I have my wife pair. Kanon’s pair is my first and finest, the ultimate breasts for me. So, I didn’t hesitate to give my answer.

 ’Hehe, then, to the honest Aqua, I’ll give you all three!’


 ’My beautiful D-cup, Kirika-nee-san’s huge H-cup, and Miyuki-san’s massive I-cup, they’re all yours, Aqua.’

 Kanooooon! My wife supremacy! My wife supremacy! My wife supremacy! That’s all, I, Shirogane Aqua, transmitted from my brain!

 ”Aqua-sama, your front is becoming rigid.”


 Miyuki-san’s hand extends from behind, gently touching my lower half over my pants.

 ”Aqua-sama, I also receive a generous salary as a civil servant. I can handle basic housework, and as for our nighttime activities, please let me serve you abundantly. I enjoy being submissive.”

 ”Wait, Miyuki-san, please calm down!”

 I muster my remaining rationality to persuade Miyuki-san.

 ”There’s no way to stay calm! You’re the one who solved the problem with my mom! It’s impossible for me not to fall for someone who stands up so coolly for me and tells me not to fall in love!!”

 No, no, no, please, calm down and think!! Frankly, I’ve only been saying I like breasts!!

 I tried to make it into a song in a good way, but honestly, when I arrived at the Prime Minister’s residence, I suddenly felt like, “What am I doing?” and I watched the Prime Minister’s bowing performance and thought, “Is this what it means to be professional?” I mean, I just tried to give off a serious atmosphere with the acting skills I trained with Kohina-san!

 Look, Kohina-senpai, for example, sending me a stupid email with a smirk on her face, holding a baby bottle in her hand. Do you see? This is the right reaction.

 ”And besides, if Aqua-sama really hates me, you can easily let me go, right? If you hate me, please say it clearly! I might cry and show an embarrassing side of myself, but… but I will accept it and give up on my feelings properly.”


 I hear Miyuki-san sobbing quietly from behind. I thought I understood, but Miyuki-san is more serious than I thought. That’s why I can’t just casually say no and break up with her, and I can’t let her go with half-hearted determination.

 ”Aqua-sama, unlike other boys, saw me as a girl from the beginning. Even though I was called disgusting by boys and looked at with contempt, you said that my breasts, which were the subject of ridicule, were wonderful. I was really looked at with eyes like I was looking at filth and scolded by my grandmother for having a shameful body similar to mom’s… but Aqua-san affirmed my body, my breasts. I was so happy… I thought it was good to be born as a girl.”

 Huh…? Miyuki-san’s breasts are disgusting? A shameful body that is looked at with eyes like filth? I see. Can I understand that they have launched a full-scale war against me? This idol-turned-commando, Shirogane Aqua, will go into action.

 ”I feel the same way. Because my body is big and my eyes look scary, I’ve been scared by men and made fun of by other girls. Well, in my case, Kaede-san and Emily-san said that I was really cool, and Kanon-san, a middle school student, and my beloved mom told me that I should be proud of my body. They said I have nothing to be ashamed of and helped me.”

 My wife is too cool…. After such a press conference and declaration, I thought Kanon would be more like an idol than me if she dressed as a man. When she dressed as a man at the cultural festival, she looked like a prince and the girls were all excited… Yeah, I’ll seal this memory away in a corner of my mind and try not to think about it.

 ”Aqua-san, women with big breasts like me and Miyuki-san have had similar experiences to some extent. So I’m sure many women were saved by Aqua-san’s declaration.”

 Miyuki-san shows a cloudy smile. Who…? Who made her smile like this? Miyuki-san and Kirika-san both have a low self-esteem. I’m sure those experiences from their childhood have cast a shadow on their hearts. Looking at their smiles now, can I proudly say that I really saved the two of them?



 No!! I haven’t saved them yet!! Seeing their faces, smiling as if they have overcome the painful memories, squeezed my heart. I want Miyuki-san and Kirika-san to smile from the bottom of their hearts. I wanted them to know that they are wonderful girls.

 No… that’s just a facade. I… I couldn’t bear to see the two of them in pain. I don’t know if this emotion comes from love or sympathy. Still, I couldn’t help but embrace the two of them.



 I let go of the two of them for a moment and then hugged them myself.

 ”I don’t want the two of you to smile so painfully. How can I make you both smile?

 ”If you want to, please hold me. My body is wonderful, and I want Aqua-sama to understand it directly.”

 ”I feel the same way. Even if it’s just once, I want Aqua-san to use this body as a girl. I want confidence as a woman.”

 Is it okay? Can we embrace each other so casually?

 At least I think about both of them more than other women, and I care about them enough that I’d get angry if they were hurt normally. But that doesn’t mean I love them enough to marry them. However, if it gives them confidence… at least I can say I can embrace both of them.

 I’ll have to apologize to all the girls in the world, but men are like that. So I can get excited and have s*x with someone other than my wife. I’ll say it again, without reason, ethics, or morals, men, no, people are like that.

 ’Aqua, you seem to make a big deal out of having s*x, dating, and getting married, but I don’t think you need to think so deeply about it. After all, s*x is an act for both parties to feel pleasure, so as long as there is consent, there shouldn’t be any problem, right?’

 Kanon… What kind of wife did I get?

 I made up my mind with my wife’s words. I’m going to embrace both of you now! If something happens, I’ll take responsibility, and it’s painful for me to see both of you suffering.

 You… you two, are my treasures!



 I grabbed both of their chests and squeezed them.

 Honestly, I’ve wanted to do this since the goddess Kanon in my fantasies was squeezing both of their chests.

 Miyuki-san’s soft breasts and Kirika-san’s curvy breasts are both amazing.

 Why are girls’ breasts so wonderful? Just by touching them, I don’t care about 99% of things, and I become happy and my anger disappears.

 ”Um, you don’t need to grope over our clothes… If you’re going to grope, please do it properly with your bare hands.”

 ”Wait, Aqua-san. I’ll take off my clothes right away…”

 When I released both of them, they started taking off their clothes while looking at me shyly.

 Good…! The moment when girls take off their clothes before having s*x, why is it so erotic?

 With the seductive sound of clothes rubbing against skin, my lower body was already at full attention.

 I quickly discarded my clothes and got ready.

 ”T-this is amazing… Aqua-san’s… Kanon-san must see this every day… *gulp*”

 ”Oh, even though I’ve seen it many times, why does it make me feel so longing?”

 Both of them stared at my throbbing er*ction with heated faces.

 I also froze when I saw both of them…

 Is this really okay?

 Kirika-san in her sexy black underwear and Miyuki-san wrapped in pure white underwear, oh… both of them are truly wonderful. But that’s not all. Yes, there’s more to it than that…

 Both of them are wearing tights and pantyhose underneath. Kirika-san is probably wearing pantyhose around 20 to 25 denier, and Miyuki-san is wearing tights around 30 to 40 denier, I guess.

 It’s so wonderful. Not just their breasts. Their buttocks and thighs wrapped in black tights and pantyhose, oh, and even down to their toes, it’s all a work of art.


 I hurriedly stopped them as both of them reached for their tights and pantyhose.

 It would be a waste to take those off!!

 I beckoned to both of them and gently placed my palm on their buttocks.

 I can’t believe that I have something so wonderful below the waist, using breasts as bait…

 I was very close to missing it. If it weren’t for me, they would have gone.

 ”Miyuki-san, your entire body is so soft, even your buttocks. Why are you so incredibly fluffy? It feels good no matter where I touch. Honestly, I’ve wanted to explore this body since the first time we met. Miyuki-san might not know, but I’ve fantasized about Miyuki-san countless times.”

 ”Th-thank you very much! If possible, please use this body directly from now on. I’m always ready for you…”

 If I said I want to sleep with Miyuki-san at least once, would she get angry? To be honest, just rubbing my p*nis on her belly button makes me feel like about to ej***late.

 Where could there be any dissatisfaction with the body born to make men feel good? I want to thank her for meeting me. Thanks. Since you men didn’t pay attention to her, Miyuki-san became mine. I will feel really good from now on with Miyuki-san’s body that you have ignored.

 ”Kirika-san, I’ve always wanted to touch you when we trained together. Actually, I always mas***bated in the shower room after training with you, Kirika-san. Didn’t you think it was strange that we always trained at the same time?”

 ”A-A-A-Aqua-san used my body for Mas***bation… Actually, I also looked at Aqua-san’s body and comforted my own hot body alone in the shower room.”

 D*mn, I didn’t know that Kirika-san, who was such a serious person, was such a pervert. It’s just that she has a different vector of a sexy body than Miyuki-san. The plump, touchable skin just stimulates the male lust relentlessly, and just touching the hard abs with my penis almost makes me come.

 I want to thank all the men in the world for this. Thank you for letting Kirika-san remain a virgin until she was 30. You ignored her to let me have her, right? I’m sorry!

 ”Both of you, thank you for keeping your bodies beautiful until you met me.”

 I feel sorry for taking both of them from all the men in the world. But it’s your fault for not taking her.

 ”Aqua-san, thank you…! With those words alone, I feel saved.”

 ”Aqua-sama, wonderful…! You always give me the words I desire.”

 Oh… this is bad. Even though we haven’t engaged in any intimate acts yet, just being close on the bed with the two of them cuddling makes my heart race. They stare at my Aqua-kun’s Aqua-kun.

 ”Aqua-san looks really distressed.”

 ”Aqua-sama, you seem to be in pain. In that case, let’s start by providing comfort with our breasts.”

 I lay back on the bed, guided by Miyuki-san.

 ”Kirika-san, let’s start by enveloping him with our breasts.”

 ”Miyuki-san… Is it okay?”

 ”Yes, we’ll use our breasts to comfort Aqua-sama, who must have endured a lot. There, there, we’ll soothe him with our bosoms.”

 ”I understand. It’s my first time, so I’m not confident, but I’ll do my best.”

 Wait, Miyuki-san? To be frank, I was underestimating Miyuki-san. I never expected them to start with a double paizuri right from the beginning. Is this how someone who makes a living from milking does it?

 ”Here we go.”


 You must endure! My… son! Their breast pressure is mercilessly assaulting my lower body. Is this what they mean by the gravity of the Earth?

 ”Oh, I made a mistake in my haste, forgetting to get the lotion first. But even in situations like this, we’ll manage. Kirika-san, collect some saliva in your mouth and let it drip into the cleavage… like this.”

 ”Like this?”

 ”Yes, that’s it… Hmm, rub it onto Aqua-sama’s member like this.”

 Oh, Miyuki-san’s paizuri is skilled, but Kirika-san’s paizuri, with its teasing sensation, is incredible.

 If I see such a cute figure of a big sister, I will definitely get excited.

 ”Aqua-san, please let us know if you feel uncomfortable. Aqua-san doesn’t have to do anything, we will guide you through it.”

 ”Aqua-sama, actually, when you combine my and Kirika-san’s breasts, they exceed 200cm. How are our breasts doing?”

 It’s the best!!

 We don’t need words like that between us.

 Seeing my face in ecstasy, the two of them smiled happily.

 There is not even a fragment of a cloudy shadow there.

 ”Aqua-sama, you don’t have to endure it. Let’s start by letting it out.”

 ”Aqua-san… is my breast that pleasurable? Please release it as much as you want.”

 Just when Kirika-san’s plump breasts vigorously rub against me, Miyuki-san’s soft and squishy breasts gently pamper my p*nis. What a balance, what a great compatibility.

 But I can’t endure it anymore.

 I will c*m!

 To Miyuki-san!

 To Kirika-san!

 To the breasts of both!

 To everything in this world!

 And to the encounter with the two of them!

 Thank you!!



 A loud spurting sound can be heard.

 The s*men that sprayed out like a fountain from the tip falls down due to gravity and lands on the faces and breasts of the two.

 ”This is Aqua-san’s s-s*x…smell. Just by smelling it, my chest tightens and my head feels fluffy.”

 ”You released a lot. Thank you for releasing a lot today. I’m sorry, but please wait like this for a moment. I will clean it up… hmm”

 Hey, hey! Miyuki-san, that’s not good! Boys are very sensitive after ej***late, so if you give me a bl*wjob with your mouth like that, the s*men will rise up from my testicles again!

 My p*nis is being spoiled by Miyuki-san’s melting tongue and the moderate temperature that feels like being inside a womb.

 What is this, what is this, I don’t know this!

 Miyuki-san, who looked like an angel, momentarily appeared as a demon, like a succubus, squeezing out my sp*rm.

 ”Miyuki-san, amazing…”

 ”Kirika-san, do you want to try it too? Please…”

 ”Huh? Huh? Um, um…I’ll do my best!! Hmm!”

 Damn…this is bad here.

 I am about to be overwhelmed by the desperate and inexperienced fellatio.

 This is bad. I might ej***late in her mouth… just when I thought that, Miyuki-san stopped Kirika-san’s bl*wjob.

 ”If you can make it this hard, there shouldn’t be a problem. Let’s move on to actual s*xual activity now. Kirika-san, do you prefer to go first or last?”

 ”W-Well, I’m fine with going last. Can I watch Miyuki-san do it first?”

 ”Yes, of course. Please watch over there.”

 Miyuki-san quickly wiped herself while Kirika-san was giving a blowjob.

 Miyuki-san, who had become clean without me noticing, straddles my lower body just like that.

 ”Well then, Aqua-sama, shall we start our s*xual activity now?”

 I shudder as I look up at Miyuki-san’s eyes. In contrast, my p*nis, which is so er*ct that the veins are popping out, twitches and throbs.

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