Male Idol V9c15

Volume 9 Chapter 15 Shirogane Aqua, Make Me Understand

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 I swallowed my saliva as I saw Miyuki-san’s huge thing shaking in front of me.

 ”If you want to touch it, go ahead. This already belongs to Aqua-sama.”


 I don’t even bother asking if it’s okay.

 I reach out both hands and gently touch her breasts from the side.

 Then, I move my fingers to slide and lift the breasts from below to feel their weight. I play with the feeling, opening them left and right, bringing them together in the center, and teasing the sensation with the palm of my hand.

 ”Mn… haa, haa… ah, Aqua-sama, if possible, I have a request.”

 Miyuki-san, with her cheeks slightly pink, looks at me with pleading eyes.

 Ah, it’s no good, Miyuki-san. When a woman with a lascivious body like yours, which seems to have materialized a man’s s*xual desire, begs me, most men would feel a little mean and want to be naughty with her.

 ”What would you do if I said no?”

 ”Something like that… If I can do it, I will do anything, so please, Aqua-sama.”

 Ah, it’s unbearable.

 My dirty desires as a man, my desire for control and sadism, are irresistibly provoked.

 I want to bully her, violate her, make a mess of her and make her cry. Only the worst emotions come up.

 ”Are you really willing to do anything?”

 ”Yes. My heart and body… everything I have is already Aqua-sama’s possession, so please let me serve you in a shameful manner.”

 Miyuki-san, you really…

 If Miyuki-san were in my world, she would undoubtedly be taken advantage of by bad men, only enjoying the good parts, treated as a convenient woman and used and discarded, or kept as a mistress.

 ”Aqua-sama, unlike other men, you produce an exceptional amount of sp*rm. From the data I have handled, as well as conversations with Madam and Pegonia-san, I am aware that you often waste valuable sp*rm unnecessarily.”

 Wait… When you came to my house the other day, were the three of you talking about that!?

 ”Aqua-sama, my body is the same as a tool for extracting s*men. So, from now on, instead of using tissues or underwear, could you use my body as a substitute for tissues? Just like going to the toilet to urinate, if you feel like having s*x, please call me and use my body and holes. I don’t mind if you have s*x with other women in your mind while doing it. Please use this body, which was born to please Aqua-sama, as a s*xual tool.”

 Why does this person keep lowering herself more and more like this?

 Or maybe she thinks I’m that kind of man?

 Well, if I kept selfishly enjoying Miyuki-san like that, it’s not surprising that she would think that way.

 But… I still wanted Miyuki-san to know what it feels like to be loved.

 ”Miyuki-san… no, Yui.”


 I pull Yui’s hand on my lower body and forcefully pull her towards me.

 Yui’s plump breasts change into something more seductive as they are pressed against my firm chest.

 ”It seems like Yui doesn’t know how much I value you.”

 I turn her over and push Yui onto the bed, holding both of her wrists down so she can’t escape.

 Yui trembles slightly, perhaps feeling the strength of a man’s dominance for the first time.


 ”I’m going to love you a lot now, Yui. Are you ready?”

 I slowly reach my hand towards Yui’s thighs and slide down her tights along with her underwear.

 I then slowly penetrate her secret place with my fingertips.

 ”N-No, Aqua-sama, it’s dirty to touch such a place… ah!”

 ”There’s nothing dirty in Yui’s body.”

 I gently stir her insides with my index and middle fingers to check her condition.

 Yui’s melting insides repeatedly tighten and loosen, begging for my possession.

 ”Ah, ah, no, I don’t know this. It’s different from doing it myself…!”

 Yui twists her body in pleasure.

 I want to make it more intense, but if I do, she might come too easily, so I play with her v*gina, adjusting the intensity.

 ”Oh, Yui does that kind of thing too? How often do you do it? When you do it, do you imagine me?”

 ”Hyaa, I-I do it every day, imagining Aqua-sama.”

 Every day? She is amazing. Kanon and Pegonia-san both said that there are many girls with strong s*xual desires in this world, but I can’t help but think it’s a waste for them to comfort themselves every day when they are all so beautiful.

 ”Yui, you listen to everything I say, okay? If you don’t tell me, I won’t do anything pleasurable for you anymore.”

 ”Ah, no! I’ll say it, I’ll say it! I imagined myself being used as a tool by Aqua-sama, like a s*x toy!! I said earlier that it’s okay for Aqua-sama to use me as a tool, but in reality, it’s all… all my degraded and dirty desires.

 By being used as a tool for s*xual relief by a wonderful man like Aqua-sama, I basked in the superiority of being so desired in my fantasies. I’m sorry… I’m just a shallow, despicable woman, I’m sorry!”

 Wow… amazing….

 No, it’s not like I’m disgusted, but I don’t feel bad when I think that she likes me so much.

 Rather, I feel a sense of superiority that I can make such a beautiful woman have such fantasies.

 ”I’m sorry. Aqua-sama must hate such a perverted woman…. Even when I came to your house before, I mas***bated till morning. I’m sorry.”

 I was thinking she didn’t need to apologize, but in Yui’s case, I might feel even more guilty. So…

 ”Well, then, this time, Yui, show me while you do it yourself. I’ll use that image of Yui for my own pleasure, and the next time, when we’re alone, we can pleasure ourselves together.”

 ”Oh, I’m so happy… Aqua-sama, I love you… I love you so much that my mind is filled with thoughts of Aqua-sama, and it’s driving me crazy.”

 Alright! I’ve always been curious about a girl’s self-pleasure. When I asked Kanon to show me when I used my fingers on her, she said it was impossible, too embarrassing. But that was cute, and afterward, I vigorously continued to p*netrate her many times.

 By the way, when Pegomon asked if I wanted to see, she looked happy, but that’s not what I want. I want to see a shy girl’s naughty self-pleasure. I couldn’t help but think that Pegonia might be a little airheaded because she couldn’t understand that.

 ”A-Aqua-sama, this… this…”

 ”Hm? What’s wrong Yui?”

 I deliberately acted clueless while thrusting my fingers deep inside, even though my fingers couldn’t go any deeper. Yui squeezed my fingers tightly inside her as if she wanted more.

 ”Oh, no… that’s too deep…oh, no, don’t be mean like that.”

 I’ve heard from a senior in my past life that a good man pretends not to notice, and that way, the girl will pay attention to you. Maybe some of the girls think I’m dense, but that’s not true.

 When they start to feel that way, everyone is already ensnared in my trap, caught in the Aqua swamp. Innocent girls like Yui and Kanon shouldn’t be deceived by Aqua-san, who does everything.

 ”If this continues, I… Oh! I’m going to lose it. Ahh, ahh, ahh…! I’m… no, please…”

 ”What’s going wrong? Yui, I told you. If you don’t tell what you want me to do, I won’t understand, okay? Come on, tell me what you want me to do.”

 Watching her mom’s interactions with Yui, I can tell she’s the type to endure and endure. Maybe that’s why she wants to serve me, or rather, I think Yui is the type to hold back what she wants to say and keep it inside. So it’s like a man’s duty to properly express oneself and release that pent-up physical and s*xual desire.

 ”I-I want you to vigorously thrust your Aqua-sama’s… Aqua-sama’s big and fierce thing into my greedy pussy and make a mess of it!”

 ”Yui, you did well. Then, shall I give you a reward?”

 I pull my finger out of Yui’s precious place and grab her calf in tights, lifting it up firmly. The tights caught around the middle of her thigh accentuate. I then put her legs on my shoulders. Yui’s hands are tied above her head, and I hold her down with one hand.

 ”First of all, I’m going to tell you something, but I won’t stop even if you tell me to stop.

 ”Yui, just to make sure, you don’t think this will all be over after just one time, right?”

 I press my member against her entrance without hesitation, pushing it forcefully inside.

 ”Ah! Ah! No…! Wait, wait, this is wrong, it’s too much! If you keep going, my body will lose control!”

 Although she resists, her body accepts me willingly, unlike her initial reaction. It’s truly different from the artificial sensations of a sex machine, not just in terms of warmth and texture but in every way.

 ”Your body is so seductive, Yui.”

 ”Oh, that’s embarrassing… Mm, mm, mm.”

 With my free hand, I roughly fondle her breasts, her body seemingly designed for nothing but pleasure. I can’t forgive myself for leaving a girl with such an insatiable body untouched until the age of 26.

 If Yui were my classmate, I’d probably skip school and spend a week at home, ordering all my meals and indulging in endless pleasure. I can’t imagine maintaining any self-control if such a lewd beauty sat next to me. Yes, just thinking about it excites me. Next time we make love, she’ll definitely be wearing her school uniform.

 ”Yui, can I release inside you for now?”

 ”Oh, yes! Please, Aqua-sama, fill Yui with your seed! You don’t need to think about anything; you can ej***late at your own pace. Yui will lose herself to pleasure with Aqua-sama’s c*m… Ah!”

 I release her hands and entwine my fingers with hers as I press her onto the bed, our lips locking in a passionate kiss.

 ”Mmm… Ah, mm.”

 Our tongues entwine, and the heat of the kiss only intensifies. I want to im***gnate her, mark her as mine, fulfilling my primal desires driven by lust. The sounds of our bodies colliding fill the room as I thrust vigorously, rubbing against her soft, wet flesh repeatedly, climaxing at the moment of greatest pleasure.

 ”I’m coming, Yui!”

 Waves of pleasure wash over me from deep within. I release every last drop of semen inside Yui’s eager womb.

 ”Ah! Ah, ah… Filling Yui’s belly… Ah, Aqua-san’s seed is filling me up.”

 Yui tightens her legs around my waist, pulling me closer. Perhaps her feminine instincts are at play, and her womb craves to be im***gnated. I continue to pour my seed into her until she’s completely satisfied.

 ”Yui, that was amazing.”

 ”Thank you… Thank you so much, Aqua-sama. I’m so happy that you’ve used my body like this…”

 Perhaps she’s under a misapprehension that this is the end for her.

 ”Yui, let me tell you something, you don’t think this is the end, do you?”

 ”Uh, um…?”

 I put Yui’s legs down from my shoulders and grab her butt with both hands and massage it. Her body is so soft, she really does have a body that’s good at pleasing men. It would be a shame not to use it to make her feel good. I pick her up while still connected to her.


 ”It’s okay, Yui, you can stay like that. I’m going to make you come even more now. You don’t have to hold back your voice.”

 This is what they call the “ekiben” style. Yui looks surprised and Kirika-san, who’s watching, looks shocked. Maybe they both don’t know. I shake Yui’s body up and down and rub my p*nis against her vaginal wall over and over again.

 ”Ah, ah, ah…! Wait, I don’t know this! I didn’t learn this in any manual! Ahh! It feels good! It’s too much! I’m going to come, no, no…nooooo! I’m coming! I already came, so please stop!!”

 Yui said I could use her body like a tool. So this is punishment. If she doesn’t take care of her body, this is what will happen.

 ”Yui, didn’t I tell you? Even if you tell me to stop, I won’t be able to stop. That’s why don’t ask me to use your body like a tool next time. You need to learn that with your head and body.”

 I shake Yui’s body violently like I’m using a tool like a s*men extraction tool, or an onaho. Yui twists her body in pleasure and sways her strawberry blonde braids in the air. She must not have any control left because her vagina is so tight.

 ”Come on, I’m going to c*m, Yui. Tighten up down there.”

 ”Ah! Ah, no… If you’re c*mming in this state, I’ll definitely go crazy! I’ll only be able to think about that thing down there——Ahhh!”

 I can hear the sound of my s*men being ej**lated into her. And it accelerates the pleasure in my lower half as ej***lation happens repeatedly inside Yui. I can clearly feel the repeated contractions and expansions of my c*ck’s veins.

 ”Ah… I… can’t handle this. If I know about this, I won’t be satisfied with myself anymore…”

 When I lay Yui on the bed, her lower half relaxes, and she drools my sp*rm from her relaxed v*gina, convulsing in pleasure.

 When I see that sight, dirty emotions well up inside me. I need to make it clear again.

 ”Yui… even though you’re the S*men Extraction Officer, you can’t just let my sp*rm out so easily. You need to be punished.”

 ”What…? Ah… no, no! My p*ssy and my head are already messed up! If this continues, I’ll truly be unable to think of anything other than Aqua-sama! It’s affecting my work even after the fun is over!”

 I reach out playfully to restrain Yui, who is resisting, and flip her over.

 I leave only her upper body on the bed and forcefully lift her lower half.

 ”Wait…! That, no!”

 I use one hand to re-restrain Yui’s resisting hand like I did before, and with the other hand, I gently pull on her braids that have been swaying cutely in front of me.

 Of course, I adjusted it a bit because it was painful and pitiful.

 ”Yui… if you really don’t want it, I’ll stop. So, come on, say it properly, Yui.”

 ”Ah, you’re so unfair! Aqua-sama actually understands, even though I’m like this! Please discipline Yui’s p*ssy, which spilled Aqua-sama’s sp*rm with Aqua-sama’s c*ck!! Please! Make Yui completely yours, so that she can’t think of anything else other than Aqua-sama from the depths of her heart, every second of every day!”

 Well said.

 I then inserted my p*nis into Yui from behind once again.

 After lightly kissing Yui’s braids and letting go, I proceeded to fondle those large breasts with both hands.

 These breasts are mine now. I won’t give them to anyone else, not even in my fantasies.

 Yui stirs up my possessiveness to the point where I think that way.

 ”These breasts are already mine. I won’t let anyone else have them, not even in my fantasies. Yui’s possessiveness stirs up my own possessiveness.

 ”Ah, ah! Nnn! Please, Aqua-sama… put your sp*rm in Yui’s most important place, inside her baby-making room! My cervix is open! Let Yui feel in the most pleasurable place! Don’t hold back and make Yui feel even more!”

 Yui is really a pervert.

 Thanks to her, I can do a serious thrust for the first time in my life. I lifted Yui’s body and shook it violently. I parted her flesh and forced open her cervix, hitting her with my p*nis.

 ”I’m going to c*m now.”

 ”Ah! Ah! Aqua-sama, please… come inside——Nnnnn! I’m coming! Ah… ah…”

 Ha… ha… I hear a long ej***lating sound echoing in my head. Yui and I were both losing our minds. I said it was for Yui’s sake, but maybe I was just trying to feel good myself. I can’t have serious s*x with Kanon because it always turns out cute, and I can’t do it with Pegonia because Kanon is always there. So I poured everything I had left into Yui’s body.

 ”Yui, I’m sorry… You did a great job making me feel good.”

 I hugged Yui and gently stroked her head.

 ”Don’t apologize, Aqua-sama… I’m so happy to have been used by you today… I’m glad I was born with this body, knowing that I could make Aqua-sama feel good even with this body… So please use Yui’s body as much as you want… Yui doesn’t mind being a convenient woman.”

 No… at this point, I have to take responsibility. I can’t just have s*x like this and then let her go. I gently put Yui on the bed. She fell asleep right away, probably exhausted.

 Now then… for the remaining part, let’s make Kirika-san feel good. I stood by the wall and put my hands around Kirika-san’s waist, gently pulling her towards me.

 ”Kirika-san, shall we go to the next room?”

 ”Eh… um, yes… um, Aqua-san, can you still…?”

 I returned Kirika-san’s question with a sly smile. One must not underestimate the s*xual desire of a high school boy. I can still do it, I can still have fun. I then took out my card from my wallet and led Kirika-san into the next room.

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