Male Idol V9c16

Volume 9 Chapter 16 Shirogane Aqua, Kotono and Cunnilingus

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 ”What’s wrong, Kirika-san? Are you nervous…?”

 I massage Kirika-san’s body and mind, which stiffened up, to relax her.

 It’s not that I wanted to massage her myself, okay?

 Anyway, Kirika-san looks like she wants to say something and looks at my face shyly.

 Uh-oh… Maybe she’s mad because I got carried away and pinched her nipples instead of just massaging them?

 ”Kirika-san, if you have something to say, you have to speak up or I won’t understand anything.”

 I gently stroke Kirika-san’s head and press our bodies even closer together.

 Honestly, I want to have s*x with her right now, but I have to hold back, hold back….

 If we’re going to have s*x, both of us want it to feel good.

 So I need to ease Kirika-san’s worries.

 ”U-um, c-can you call me by my first name too?”

 ”Kotono… is that okay?”

 When I casually call her by her first name, Kirika-san… Kotono, blushes deeply.

 Even though Kirika-san is older than me, she has a pretty cute side to her.

 Her innocent feeling is different from Kanon’s, and it’s irresistibly good.

 ”T-thank you! Um, um, is it really okay for an old lady like me?”

 Old lady? You mean a beautiful big sister, right?

 With her s*xy, slanted eyes and cool expression, she has an adult woman’s atmosphere and is overflowing with the charm of a girl.

 If there were a ranking of big sisters that high school boys want to lose their virginity to, she would definitely be at the top. At least in my mind.

 ”Look, Kotono, touch me.”

 To make Kotono understand, I take her hand and guide it towards my lower body. I forcefully untangle her tightly clenched hand and let her grasp what’s mine. It’s amazing how pleasurable it is to have a girl’s hand on my manhood.

 ”Do you know how excited I am to be able to have sex with a beautiful lady like Kotono?”

 I wanted Kotono to know that she, like Yui, is exciting me immensely. Kotono’s fingers glide over my rock-hard erection, tracing the veins on it. Yui mentioned how these protruding veins can arouse any girl instantly, no matter who she is. Pegonia-san even said that showing these veins can make any girl excited in an instant.

 ”Amazing… It’s nothing like an eggplant…”


 ”N-no, forget it…”

 Anyway, I kissed Kotono because she looked cute. She had a bright red face, but it’s her fault for reacting so cutely. She needs to understand that if she shows such a face in front of a man, she’ll get kissed.

 ”Th-this is a kiss…”

 Oh… right, this is the first kiss for both of them. Since they were both so cute, I should have kissed them more tenderly.

 ”Sorry. Kotono, open your mouth; let’s have an adult kiss.”


 We slowly intertwine our tongues. At first, Kotono just went along with it, but as she became more accustomed, she wrapped her arms around my neck and actively extended her tongue. I have a feeling that Kotono has a strong sexual desire.

 My previous life’s magazine even mentioned that women in their 30s and 40s have the strongest sexual desires, so she must be quite passionate.

 ”Mmm… ah…”

 I intentionally retract my tongue and stop the kiss midway. Even though Kotono didn’t notice it at first, she froze with an extremely erotic expression on her face.

 ”Ah… ahh…”

 Kotono noticed that she had a very erotic expression on her face. Her face turned bright red like a boiled octopus. This person is really cute…. There is a big gap between her usual cool image and this, which is quite attractive.

 I reach out my hand and tear the crotch of Kotono’s pantyhose so that I can see it. I like pulling down tights, but pantyhose really show their true value when they’re torn.

 ”Kotono, since I let you touch me earlier, let me touch you this time.”

 What I’m saying is completely antisocial. I let her touch my p*nis, and now she’s surprised that I want to touch her too. I get off the bed, forcefully spread Kotono’s legs with both hands, and reach for the torn hole in her pantyhose.


 I lightly handle Kotono’s resisting hand and move aside her black underwear. Oh…! This is the fourth time I’m seeing a woman’s private part, but now that I think about it, this is the first time I’m carefully observing it like this.

 I bring my face closer and peek inside her vagina with a lewd look in my eyes. Oh! Is this the hymen…. I’m really excited to think that I’m going to break it myself.

 ”A-Aqua-san, your breath… ah”

 ”I-I’m sorry.”

 It seems like I’m more excited than I thought. I should control myself.

 ”Aqua-san… that…”

 While hiding her face as if embarrassed, Kotono keeps glancing at me as if begging for something. I should record everything from start to finish and show her how erotic her face is.

 I thought the same about Yui, but both of them need to understand how perverted I am. If we can watch an AV that we all appeared in together and get excited, that would be the best….

 ”Kotono, like I said before, if you don’t tell me what you want, I won’t know. Should I show you once again?”

 I let my fingertips crawl on Kotono’s gentle mound.

 ”Ah… ah… well, there’s something I want you to do…”

 ”Yeah, what is it?”

 ”…I-I want you to go down on me… a-ah, but maybe it’s not okay. I’m sorry, forget it!”

 Oh, c*nnilingus…. Come to think of it, when I was having s*x with Kanon the other day, her private part had a sweet honey-like scent, so I tried to go down on her, but she got embarrassed and told me not to lick such a dirty place. Ah… Kanon was cute back then.

 But in the first place, Kanon doesn’t have anything dirty…. No, no, that’s not right. It’s rude to think about Kanon during s*x with Kotono, even though they’re friends. I thought I would apologize and give c*nnilingus to Kotono. Not because I want to do it. Yeah, that’s right.

 ”It’s okay.”

 ”Huh? It’s okay…? Ah, ah, ah!”

 I slowly let my tongue crawl on Kotono’s mound. It’s already so slippery. Are girls in this world easily aroused? They get so wet even without foreplay.

 To be honest, I think it must be really hard for them to be this h*rny every day. Kotono usually looks very serious and composed at work, but does she mas***bate every day? Damn, imagining it is getting me really excited.

 ”Ah, no…”

 I spread her hole from side to side and slowly let my tongue crawl. It’s a bit salty… is this the urethral opening? Hm… could this protrusion be!? I lick the protrusion like a butter dog.

 ”Ah, no, not there… the most pleasurable spot!”

 Lick, lick, lick, lick… I see, so this is how a butter dog feels. There seems to be a certain number of men who want to become a dog. I can understand that feeling just a little bit.

 To be honest, I’m very interested in the soles of women’s feet wearing tights or pantyhose, but I’m holding back because it would be too much of a fetish. Still, I really want to lick and smell the soles of her feet, but when I massaged Kanon’s feet before, she told me not to lick her toes or the space between her toes.

 Well, that’s because there’s not a single dirty part on her body…. Yeah, I definitely need to show Kanon. Maybe I should get Pegonia’s help and give her a whole-body licking punishment.

 ”No, no, nnnn…!”

 Kotono bit her finger to suppress her voice. While I lightly stimulated her thigh with one hand, I used the other hand to stimulate her G-spot.

 The alternating stimulation of her clitoris and G-spot seemed to have a significant effect, as Kotono’s lower body twitched and drool dripped from her mouth.

 ”Ah! Aqua-san, no more… ahhh!”

 I instinctively closed my eyes. Something was spraying out in front of me. It had a strong scent of Kotono. I see, so this is squirting.


 I wiped the liquid that had landed on my face with a nearby towel. Kotono, who was in a daze after climaxing, looked at my face covered in her squirting and tears welled up in her eyes.

 ”Ugh… Sob, sob… I-I’m sorry. I…I…”

 I covered Kotono and kissed her multiple times. Instead of saying it’s okay and that there’s no need to apologize, I wanted to show it through kisses. Because I’m a gentleman, I definitely won’t say things like “It’s a reward, I’m happy.”

 ”Kotono, are you calm now?”

 I gently stroked Kotono’s head. Of course, with my other hand, I continued to fondle her breasts. Some people might think it’s trivial, but I want to sit on the sofa once and spend the whole day fondling Yui and Kotono’s breasts with both hands.

 I’m sure that alone would give me the motivation to work hard tomorrow. Maybe it’s just me, but when I’m fondling breasts, I really don’t care about 99.9% of the world. Instead of crying so much, let’s fondle breasts, okay? And if you’re that angry, well, calm down by fondling breasts.

 See? As long as there are breasts, everything will be resolved. In addition, it’s also my dream to spend the whole day in bed sucking breasts. Because when I suck breasts, 99.9% of the world…etc.

 ”Aqua-san, you’re terrible…”

 Thump!? Did she notice that I’ve been thinking about Kotono’s breasts in my head? I playfully poked Kotono’s puffed-up cheek to divert the attention.

 ”When women turn 30, women become emotionally unstable. And yet, Aqua-san keeps stirring up our s*xual desires…”

 Kotono grabbed the hand that was fondling my breasts. Ah, d*mn it! I acted like such a terrible actor that even Kohina-senpai could see through it, and Kotono deliberately flipped me over.

 ”S-So… from now on, I’ll punish Aqua-san.”

 My spine shivered at the word “punish” from Kotono. To be honest, I don’t dislike being on the receiving end from women. No, I don’t dislike it.

 I said it twice because it’s important, but there was a time when Pegonia entered my bed in the morning and gave me a bl*wjob, and even though I pretended not to like it, deep down, I actually thought it was lucky.

 Judging from Pegonia’s expression as she held my s*men in her mouth, I think she understood. So please… just once, guide Kanon to attack me!

 ”Mmm…Aqua-san, were you thinking about someone else just now?”


 W-Why did she find out!? If it were the dense Kanon-san, she would never have noticed!!

 ”It’s okay. From now on, I’ll make sure you can only think about me.”

 Kotono tightly gripped my p*nis and slowly lowered herself. It’s truly a breathtaking sight. If I were a haiku poet, I would definitely be composing a haiku here. A dream-like, golden day…falling to me…reaching out my hand. No, is this a tanka? Well, it doesn’t matter.


 Kotono grimaced in pain from losing her virginity. I could feel the sensation of breaking through Kotono’s hymen directly on my penis. Kotono in front of me becomes herself, and her desire for control is satisfied.

 ”Get ready, Aqua-san.”

 Despite enduring pain, Konono slowly began to move her hips. I noticed her breasts trembling in discomfort and decided to provide support from below. However, my composure only lasted this far.

 ”Ko… Kotono…!”

 Whether my feigned composure was my undoing or not, Kotono, who was extremely passionate about intimacy, seemed to be searching for the sensations she had experienced when I fingered her earlier or when she received c*nnilingus.

 She alternated between firmly rubbing my member against her tight inner walls and gently stimulating the tip. This was not the time for a premature conclusion, especially with a girl who had been a virgin until a moment ago. My pride was at stake.

 ”Aqua-san, if it feels good, you don’t have to hold back. If you can’t be satisfied in one go, I’ll be happy to continue… Come on, don’t hesitate to plant your seed in my womb.”

 Ku!? It’s hard to believe it’s the same person who was teary-eyed from receiving cunnilingus just a moment ago. Despite saying not to underestimate her sexual desire, she’s now moving her hips vigorously, looking like a complete s*x beast.

 She slowly lifts her hips, allowing my member to feel the cold air outside, then suddenly thrusts down, tightly gripping my member with her hot and thick vaginal walls without mercy.

 While my well-trained body doesn’t lie, the strength with which she tightens around my member is truly astonishing. That’s why I can’t surrender. If I were to ejaculate helplessly inside this v*gina even once, I would never be able to win against it forever.

 ”By the way, I got permission from Kanon-san before coming here.”

 Permission for what?

 ”Well, I don’t have the luxury of waiting for Kanon-san’s pregnancy now that I’m about to turn 30. So… you see, today, please im***gnate me plenty. I’m already prepared to give birth, so I won’t burden you with the responsibility of acknowledging it. Please, Aqua-sama, im***gnate me with your child.”

 Wait a minute, what’s Kanon doing behind my back?! Oh no, I think I might have almost… no, I might have released a bit. Whether she knew or not, Kotono controlled my pleasure with exquisite precision to prevent me from climaxing.


 Kotono leaned in closer to me, pressing her plump breasts firmly against my chest. Then, she lightly kissed my earlobe and extended her tongue into my ear canal. When did she acquire this technique? I had seriously underestimated Kotono’s curiosity and s*xual appetite. I had to admit, I was losing this battle. I surrendered. Please, forgive me…

 ”This is payback for always staring at my body with those lustful eyes and getting me excited every night. From now on, you’ll have to take responsibility and comfort my body properly when you look at me with those lustful eyes, okay?”

 When I hesitated, Kotono smiled.

 ”Aqua-san…if you have something you want me to do, I won’t know unless you say it out loud, right?”

 Gah…that’s the first line I said…

 I give up everything and slowly open my mouth.

 ”C…Could you let me c*m…?”

 ”Where…? I won’t understand unless you tell me specifically.”

 Wha… That’s a lie! She definitely knows!

 ”Well, if you don’t want to, I’ll stop now…”

 Oh no, what happened to the embarrassed Kotono from earlier? Ah, maybe she’s angry about squirting during c*nnilingus? I glanced at Kotono’s face for a moment. Yeah, that look definitely says it all.

 But come on, isn’t an adult woman who wets herself a bit cute? However, I decided to remain silent, which means I was reading the room – in other words, the atmosphere.

 ”I…I want to c*m inside Kotono’s…!”

 It was embarrassing. It should have been incredibly embarrassing, but I was experiencing a level of excitement I had never felt before.

 ”Yes, you did a good job. From now on, when you go to work, please do your work first.”

 Ah… I understand everything now.

 Kotono wanted to punish me for that.

 Yeah, that’s right. Everyone had a day off today, but because of me, everyone had to work on their day off.

 I need to apologize properly later.

 ”Aqua-san, you don’t need to apologize. Instead, please im***gnate me a lot today.”

 Spurt… Ah, ahhhhh!?

 I let my guard down… My penis throbs inside Kotono.

 Despite already ej***lating so much earlier inside Yui, there was even more s*men inside Kotono.

 ”Aqua-san, were you thinking about another woman earlier?”

 ”Ah… W-wait!”

 Even though I’m in the middle of climaxing, Kotono starts moving her hips without caring about that.

 I’m being milked.


 Kotono repeatedly thrusts violently, pressing down on top of me so that I can’t protest.

 My sensitive p*nis foolishly ejaculates again. If it’s stimulated any further, my mind will go crazy.

 But Kotono doesn’t stop her piston motion that steals away my reason.

 I feel like I’m being swallowed by Kotono’s instinct as a female who definitely wants to conceive and her endless s*xual desire.

 My reason is gradually being taken away.

 ”Oh! Oh! Oh!”

 Inside the heated room, the scent of sweat from Kotono and me fills the air.

 We repeatedly collide with each other’s skin to satisfy our carnal desires.

 I wonder how much time has passed. With Yui waking up in the middle, I ej***late inside Kotono and Yuu multiple times. Both of them have such strong s*xual desires that it doesn’t feel like their first time, and I realize that Kanon was special.

 ”I’m… back…”

 In the early morning, I secretly return home alone.

 Kotono and Yui said they would greet Kanon again, but for now, I asked them to stop for today.

 After all, I haven’t received any contact from my wife… What if she’s angry?

 Anyway, yesterday I also listened to Morikawa-san’s tips on how to bow to the Prime Minister, so I should be fine no matter what. I head towards the living room in a position that makes it easy to slide into a dogeza.

 ”K… Kanon-san, a-are you awake…?”

 Passing through the living room, I quietly enter the bedroom.

 And there, Kanon was sitting with her back turned.

 I-is she angry!?


 I bend forward and get into the position for a sliding dogeza.

 But before that, Kanon quickly turns around to face me.


 I almost tripped.

 Wait a minute, what is Kanon doing!?

 Upon closer inspection, Kanon’s breasts were unnaturally swollen.

 ”Kanon, those breasts…”

 ”Y-you like breasts, right? S-so, look… ah!”

 Breast pads fall from under her negligee. How much was she stuffing them…?


 ”A-ah, um, this is not what it seems… hya!?”

 I embrace Kanon’s body forcefully.

 She’s still my wife… Even though I had s*x with other women and she has every right to berate me, she’s still Kanon. I thought that there was something I could only get from Kanon.

 ”Kanon, if possible, please stay like this forever.”

 ”Y-yeah… it’s fine, but wait, didn’t you do a lot with Miyuki-san and Nee-san?”

 Just like how sweet things are a separate compartment for girls, Kanon is a separate compartment for me.

 That’s why I made love to Kanon as soon as I got home.

 By the way, it seems that Yui wasn’t angry about me being with other women. When I showed her the dogeza I practiced with Morikawa-san, she burst into laughter as if she was in a detailed impersonation contest… I don’t understand.

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