Male Idol V9c2

Volume 9 Chapter 2 Shirogane Lapis, I’m Sorry I’m not Busts

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 ”Lapis-chan, let’s go!”

 ”Yes, Mother!”

 I make my sunglasses shine brightly, just like Mother.

 ”Mom, Lapis, why are you wearing sunglasses today? It’s cloudy outside…”

 Mother and I look at each other and shake our index fingers from side to side, indicating that Nee-sama doesn’t understand it.

 ”Tsk tsk tsk, Shitori-chan, the battle has already begun!”

 ”Yes, Nee-sama. There is a battle that we absolutely cannot lose.”

 ”Well, I don’t really understand, but you two seem to be having fun, so whatever. Just make sure to buckle your seat belts.”

 Mother and I get into Nee-sama’s car and fasten our seat belts as instructed.

 ”Marin-go, let’s go!”

 ”Yes, yes, mom, don’t lean too far forward.”

 Um… I’m a little embarrassed too, so please don’t get too excited, Mother, like raising your fist. Look, Grandma next door and the neighbors are watching us with warm eyes.

 ”But are you two okay at this time? A-chan hasn’t come home yet?”

 ”Tsk tsk tsk, Shitori-chan, that’s why.”

 Mother raises her sunglasses.

 ”As Aqua-chan’s mom, the purpose of this time is to check if his wife is taking good care of Aqua-chan’s daily life. This is an unannounced check for that purpose!”

 As Mother said.

 Kanon-san, Nii-sama’s wife, was originally a princess and it’s impossible for her to get along well with my Nii-sama, who grew up in an ordinary family.

 That’s why Mother and I will thoroughly check and advise on improvements to make their newlywed life go smoothly. We have no intention of harassing Kanon-san or bullying her like nitpicking.

 ”If it goes well… they’ll divorce… and he would return to his parent home… hehehe”

 Mother? I feel like I heard something ominous, but it’s just my imagination, right?

 ”Oh, I see. I understand.”

 Huh? Nee-sama seems to have a triumphant smile… It must be Lapis’ imagination, right? Nee-sama is usually calm, so it must be my imagination. Yeah.

 ”Let’s go, both of you!”

 We have safely arrived at the new home where my Nii-sama and Kanon-san live.

 By the way, for some reason, Nee-sama also bought sunglasses on the way here, so the three of us raise our sunglasses and make the lenses shine brightly.

 ”I know you already know, but we’re going to bother them from the beginning!”

 Mother confidently leads the way, cutting through the wind with her shoulders. Cool!

 Yes, there was a time when I also thought about such things.

 ”Oh! Mother-in-law, Shitori-sister-in-law, Lapis-chan, welcome to our home! I’m sorry, Aqua hasn’t come back yet, but please make yourselves at home.”


 Please, please hold on, Mother!!

 Nee-sama and I support Mother from behind.

 ”Home… Aqua hasn’t come home yet…”

 I understand. I understand, Mother. If you want to score a preemptive goal, you have to be careful because you might be countered and knocked down from the start.

 So I said it would be difficult to launch an immediate attack… Here, I’ll defend from the back and aim for a counterattack!

 ”Excuse me.”

 As I line up the shoes at the entrance, I notice that Nii-sama’s shoes and Kanon-san’s shoes are placed together in the corner. Ugh, using such small things to create a sense of being a couple.

 And when I look towards Kanon-san, she returns a smiling face. Is this the composure of a legal wife, the first lady?


 For some reason, I was laughed at by the maid, Pegonia-san, who was next to me. No way!? Is this, not Kanon-san’s doing but hers!?

 Little Lapis inside me whispers, “Be careful only with Pegonia-san…” Ugh, as expected of a former maid of the royal family, it seems there are many capable people.

 ”I’ll make tea right away, so please sit on the sofa and wait.”

 ”Don’t worry about it…”

 Mother sits on the edge of the big sofa with a face like a borrowed cat, like Morikawa-san, with a big smile. Ah, this is bad. She’s definitely being pushed back by the first attack.

 Mother is a person with good momentum, but she’s basically useless when her nose is crushed. I have to do my best here. I quietly head towards the window and slide my fingertips along the window sill. Oh? There’s dust… It hasn’t accumulated here.


 No way… Is this also Pegonia-san’s doing? When I look towards Pegonia-san, unfortunately, she gives me a smug look as if to say it’s her work. Grrr.

 First, I need to break through this wall of stars, Pegonia-san.

 ”By the way, what happened to those cute sunglasses? It’s envy-inducing that your whole family has matching ones.”

 Kanon-san looks up at me with a slightly sad face. Cu… Cute… My heart flutters unintentionally. I heard that there are quite a few women who are called “loved girls” and are popular with men, and I see…

 This is the technique of the woman who is said to be the most wonderful in the world, the one who captured my brother, the idol Shirogane Aqua.


 Huh!? When I look up at Pegonia-san, who brought me tea, she gives me a triumphant look.

 ”Wearing sunglasses indoors, you’re really cute.”

 I take off my sunglasses and gently put them in my pocket. Ugh, I’m completely at their pace. In order to break through this situation, Mother’s revival is necessary. I, Shirogane Lapis, will not give up on Mother!

 ”The tea is delicious.”

 No good. Seeing Mother gulp down the tea, I realize that she’s completely useless. She was so… no, she was so carefree.

 ”Kanon-san, I’m sorry for suddenly intruding. The other day, when A-chan came home, she was so relaxed at home, so I was worried that maybe things weren’t going well with you and Kanon-san.”

 In the disadvantaged Shirogane family, it was Nee-sama who turned the situation around. As expected of the genius of the Shirogane family!

 ”So if there’s anything we can help with, please let us know. After all, we’re already family, right?”

 Thank you, Nee-sama! We, as a family, must take the lead and seize control.

 ”F-Family… I’m happy.”

 Gyaaaahhh! Kanon-san’s innocent blow pierces my pigeon tail. Kanon-san’s expression, full of joy, is a critical hit.

 I see, so this is the power of Kanon Shirogane, not Kanon Stars Goshenite, Nii-sama’s wife.

 ”Congratulations, Miss.”


 Oh… so cute… This is not fair. It’s cowardly. Nii-sama, whose defense is as weak as paper, is completely defenseless with just this feeling.

 ”Kanon-chan, how cute…”

 Look, please. Even Mother has completely fallen. Before coming here, she was boasting about promising the best Shirogane Marin, but what is this? It’s a mistake of the useless Shirogane Marin! With a face like a rice ball, already!!


 Once again, Pegonia-san proudly shows us a face that only I can see. Is this the power of the Stars, the same age as my brother, the Platinum generation?

 By the way, in society, the quartet of Beryl centered around my brother is called the Shirogane Quartet, and the people close to my brother’s age are called the Platinum generation.

 Yesterday on the wide show, the seven women who support my brother’s work, President Atori, Kirika-san, Director Hongou, Hakuryuu-sensei, Chairman Fuji Ranko, Yukari Kohina-san, and Morikawa-san, were written as the Cavalier Club, abbreviated as Cavakura 7.

 ”Is A-chan eating properly? Is there any change in her condition or anything like that? I’m a little worried since he came back and there have been various things, and the recent incident… it’s a bit concerning.”

 The recent incident…? Did something happen to Nii-sama? I’m curious, but if it’s something related to work, Nee-sama won’t tell me. Mother might tell me because she’s a shareholder, but the current Mother is completely useless.

 I mean, just by watching her enjoy the cookies she was served… And why did she come here in the first place? Also, if you eat something that makes you so full, you won’t be able to eat dinner. Really…

 I quietly move the basket of cookies that Mother had in front of her towards me. Ah, even if you make such a sad face, it won’t work. Okay!?


 Look, even Pegonia-san is laughing at you. Pull yourself together, Mother. Show them the coolest Shirogane Marin!!

 ”Well, I think he’s fine with her meal. And as for his health, he’s been taking a break for a while, so… ah!”

 Huh? Kanon-san’s face seems to have turned red… Is it just my imagination?

 ”Miss, you were quite enthusiastic last night too, right?”


 Kanon-san’s fair face becomes even redder.

 ”Oh my, what’s the matter, Miss? Last night, Master (Danna-sama) was pouring lots of ketchup on his omelette, wasn’t he? Master likes omelettes with plenty of ketchup. Hehe, or did you imagine something different, like him pouring something white?”

 Indeed, Nii-sama, like me, likes omelettes with extra ketchup. But when we eat at home, did he really pour that much? Hmm, I don’t know.

 But what is this white ketchup? I’m really curious about the taste. I’ll ask Nii-sama later if he can let Lapis try it too.

 ”Grr… A-chan’s white ketchup.”

 Huh? Nee-sama looks very frustrated. What’s wrong?


 There it is! The most triumphant face of the day by Pegonia-san, also known as QPK. I don’t know why, but I feel like I’ve lost as a girl. Is it just my imagination?

 Geez, Lapis also wants to become an adult woman quickly….

 ”I’m home. Oh, wait? Is someone here?”

 Ah! That voice that sounds so relaxed is definitely Nii-sama!

 ”Oh, Lapis. Did you come to play?”

 When he finds me, he hugs me tightly.

 And then he sits on the sofa, holding me on his lap.

 Hehe, this is Lapis’ special seat.


 Huh? Pegonia-san seems to be frustrated for the first time. What’s wrong?

 ”Lapis-chan is amazing… Aqua, who came later, gets to sit on his lap… That’s not fair, it’s not normal.”

 Kanon-san? Are you using strange language?

 ”Lapis-san is cool.”

 Nee-sama, please be more composed!

 ”Horariraro (Look!), this is our Lapis-chan.”

 Mother… I don’t understand what you’re saying anymore. I understand. I will do my best in place of unreliable Mother and sister.

 ”Nii-sama, today I came to play with Mother and the others.”

 ”Oh, I see——Wait, mother, what’s wrong? Why are you wearing sunglasses inside the house?”

 Thank goodness. I had take off my sunglasses before Nii-sama arrives. When I noticed, Nee-sama had also taken off her sunglasses.

 So, Mother, who is wearing sunglasses alone in the room, looks even more foolish.

 ”Ehehe… Well, you see, when Aqua-chan came back from Stars, Aqua-chan looked cool wearing sunglasses at the airport, so I couldn’t help it.”

 Come to think of it, he wore them for a little while. On the noon wide show, they introduced it as the Haneda Collection, showing his entire outfit.

 Now that I think about it, Nii-sama, who wore a watch on both hands while half-asleep, Toa-chan, who came out with only the slippers from the plane while half-asleep, Mayuzumi-san, who wore his shirt inside out because of sleepiness, and Tenga-senpai, who wrapped black toilet paper around his neck instead of a scarf, all looked cool, but it’s strange if you think about it normally.

 Why didn’t anyone make fun of them and instead praised them…

 ”Well, whatever. Mother, by the way, didn’t you say you had something to talk to me about?”

 Talk? I have a really bad feeling about it. Is it just my imagination?

 ”Oh, um… well…”

 Mother hesitates and glances at Pegonia-san and Kanon-san.

 Is there something difficult to say when the two of them are here?

 ”The thing is, Aqua-chan has been receiving a lot of marriage proposals.”

 Wha-what!? I haven’t heard about that, Mother!!


 ”Yeah… so, until now, I’ve been talking to President Atori and Amakusa-san from the National Confidentiality Bureau, and rejecting them on mom’s behalf. But now that Aqua-chan is married, I’m thinking of gradually shifting that responsibility to Kanon-chan. Of course, it won’t happen suddenly. Both of you are still underage, and I and Shitori-chan will support you too, but eventually, it’s a matter that Kanon-chan, as the legal wife, will have to handle.”

 Oh no, there are many women trying to get close to Nii-sama.

 It’s not a problem in itself, but there are also strange or dangerous people among them, so I have to be careful and check. I’m sure there are people with bad intentions.

 There must be many who want to take advantage of my brother. Such a ridiculous arranged marriage, there’s no way I can be recognized as his family!!

 ”Thank you. Mother-in-law. And also, sister-in-law, let’s all protect Aqua together.”

 ”Kanon-chan… you’re a good kid!”

 Mother… You’re too soft… Where did my Mother go an hour ago? She was instantly bound. I can’t believe she said that about Rina after watching the 9PM o’clock drama. Mother has the exact same face. Nii-sama is also easy, but Mother is definitely easy too.

 ”Lapis-chan, let’s protect Aqua together.”


 Hehe, I didn’t know about all this until now, I was left out. But Kanon-san relies on me without treating me like a child. I’m happy!!

 ”By the way, Lapis-chan.”

 ”Kanon-san? Is something wrong?”

 I tilt my head as I see Kanon-san looking a little embarrassed.

 ”C-could you call me Kanon-sister-in-law instead of Kanon-san… But maybe… it’s not okay, right?”

 Faa~ So cute… I see, Nii-sama is a goner for this. Instant death.

 ”K-Kanon sister-in-law… Nice to meet you again.”

 ”Faa~ Lapis-chan, so cute… Yes, nice to meet you.”

 I hold hands with Kanon sister-in-law next to me. At first, it was a little embarrassing, but I’m really happy that we are sisters now.

 As they say, when it rains, it pours. I thought everything was settled, but I heard unsettling words.

 ”F… G… and even H…!?”

 I hear heartless words coming from Nii-sama’s mouth. Before I knew it, my brother had picked up the arranged marriage file that mother had brought as an example and was reading through it.






 Even my slow brother flinches at the gaze of us women, as if to say, “This one, for real…” Because Nii-sama is so careless, there are criminals who try to get close.

 Subaru-chan, who knows a lot about the internet, told me that Hagetoru is definitely a dangerous person, so it’s absolutely forbidden to let him make contact with her.

 ”Ah, no, um, well, you see. This is, um… just for reference… ahaha…”

 Nii-sama gently closes the file he was holding and returns it to its original place as if nothing happened.

 ”As expected, it’s better if it’s bigger…”

 ”Master, if you make Miss cry, I’ll make you understand it next time with my chest.”

 ”Aqua-chan, even though I don’t have breasts, if you do your best, Mama will do her best too!”

 ”A-chan, if you’re feeling pent up, you can use your sister breast too. It’s like one of my jobs, so you don’t have to hold back.”


 After confirming the chests of the four ladies, I lower my gaze to my own. Everyone who noticed my gaze gently strokes my head.

 Grr… It’s true that I might be small now, but someday I’ll grow up like Nee-sama and Mother!!

 Yes, there was a time when I had such shallow thoughts. In a few years, I will fall into despair, but at this time, I still don’t know that. No, actually, I noticed it when I saw Miyako-chan’s breasts, but I pretended not to notice when I looked at Subaru-chan’s. Big girls are already big since middle school…

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