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Volume 9 Chapter 22 Shirogane Kanon, Words That Only I Can Say

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 After Aqua left, the three of us discussed our future.

 ”First, let’s talk about finances. You can continue to use 100% of your current income for your own livelihood.”

 Some people might think it’s strange to talk about money first… but it’s actually quite important. It’s not just about good manners between friends, but it also helps to make things clear from the beginning and puts the other person at ease.

 ”Nee-san, you probably already know this, but I am currently managing Aqua’s assets through a company.”

 I am running the joint venture Platinum Group, which manages mine and Aqua’s assets. The Shirogane Foundation, a public interest corporation, is also under my management. The main purposes of the Shirogane Foundation are to provide funding for regional and industrial development, offer scholarships to students who study abroad or move to another prefecture for school, and provide medical support to those who are sick. In this country, there is a saying that “money makes the world go round,” but money only has value when it is used.

 ”From next month onwards, both of you will receive a monthly living allowance from Aqua through me. You are free to use this money for yourselves. Also, if you have children in the future, I intend to increase the amount accordingly, so please consult with me when you become pregnant.”

 Nee-san and Yui-san exchange glances.

 Well, that makes sense. Although it may vary from person to person, it has become common for girls to give child support to men lately, so I honestly don’t understand why Aqua is giving money. I don’t really understand the system either…

 ”Um… may I ask one thing?”

 ”Yes, what is it, Kotono-san?”

 ”Um, is it possible to repay it or something like that…?”

 ”No, you can’t.”

 I give a slight cough.

 ”If you don’t need it, please save it or invest it in something. By the way, I have deposited all my funds with Platinum Group so that I can quickly provide funding when Aqua needs it, and it is being managed through investments.”

 ”Oh… then I’ll do that too.”

 ”I’ll do the same, please.”

 By the way, managing assets with Platinum Group is very easy. Even if I invest in any random company, the stock price will immediately go up. The reason for this is because Aqua is investing.

 Investing equals a guaranteed increase in value. It’s not insider trading or anything like that. That’s why researching the company to invest in is a very important job for me.

 Black companies are not actively involved in social contribution activities, do not return profits to employees, do not engage in tax evasion, and do not engage in coercive transactions with small subcontractors.

 It is important to check these things, because if I don’t invest in a proper company, it will be very difficult later on. Aqua and I believe that we should work hard for companies that have real value and contribute to this country and its employees, also known as citizens.

 When we posted these conditions on the Platinum Group’s website for the companies we invest in, we received many thank-you emails saying that the structure of large companies has improved. It is truly abnormal.

 The other day, the Prime Minister of this country said on TV, “Maybe Aqua-kun should be the Prime Minister. The enthusiasm of the citizens would skyrocket.” It caused a commotion, but it was a big hit on the bulletin board.

 ”Next, regarding your place of residence. You can continue to use your current home, or you can move into this apartment.”

 I have already planned to move to a spacious place, considering that Aqua will definitely have more wives in the future. So there is plenty of room, and even if the two of them move in, there will still be vacant rooms or floors available.

 ”I am thinking of canceling the apartment I am renting in Beryl and moving here after someone takes over. Also, I have my parents’ house and my own house in Shizuoka, so if I have children, we might move there again. There are memories there, and Mom would be happy… But considering work, it would be tough, so I want to think about it carefully later.”

 I have visited Nee-san’s parents’ house a few times, so I am aware of that. And I, no, we, the Verification Team, know that Nee-san cherishes memories with her mom.

 ”Kotono-san, I understand. But… instead of worrying about it alone, you should discuss it with Aqua as well.”

 ”Yes. You’re right, I will do that.”

 I shift my gaze from Nee-san to Yui-san.

 ”What about you, Yui-san?”

 ”Since the place I am currently living in is like a company dormitory, I am thinking of moving immediately. I think it would be more convenient for the milking operations as well.”

 ”I understand. In that case, I will make preparations here as well.”

 For now, that’s about it. Of course, there are other things that need to be decided, but I think it’s best to discuss them after Aqua comes back and we can all talk together.

 So, until Aqua returns, we decided to have a fun girls’ gathering.

 By the way, Aqua used to be excited when he heard the word “girls’ night out”, but I wonder why. Even though we only talk about terrible things that can’t be shown to boys… So I’m sure Aqua would be disappointed if he saw it.

 Anyway, Pegonia made tea for me and we talked about how we met in detail. Everyone was excited, especially the first time. This kind of talk can only be done between girls who have had s*x. Boys might be disgusted, but there is no girl who doesn’t like erotic talk!!

 ”But it was amazing.”

 ”Yes, I shouldn’t have just accepted false information about eggplants.”

 ”When I was doing the milking duty, I saw his blood vessels bulging for the first time. It was scary how quickly I understood it…”

 ”Yeah, it bends like that…and it’s longer than my face width even when it’s bent. It’s unfair. How many centimeters is it?”

 ”That’s no good. Every girl will surrender just by looking at it. The desire to be roughly assaulted by that p**is replaced the desire for lovey-dovey s*x that I had until then.”

 ”I understand!”


 Well… it always comes down to that kind of talk. Personally, the most ridiculous thing was when that serious Nee-san made a pun on Maple-senpai’s famous saying? Or delusion? Anyway, she said, “While there are nuclear missiles in foreign countries, there are Aqua-san’s eggplants in this country.” Even Pegonia burst out laughing.

 No missile can beat that missile. Any woman in front of that missile will either raise both hands and surrender or be overwhelmed and forced to submit.

 After that, we had a really silly conversation and got excited.

 But just as we were talking about the Empress Sports that everyone was talking about on the bulletin board afterwards, the incident happened.

 ”As reported in the news flash, Shirogane Aqua, an idol belonging to Beryl Entertainment, was injured during recording. I repeat, just now…”

 Huh? At first, I couldn’t understand the situation well.

 ”I’ll check with the company!”

 ”I’ll ask my boss too. Maybe the government has some information…”

 Saying so, the two immediately made a call, but it didn’t connect. Perhaps because everyone was calling at once, the lines were busy. We were glued to the TV as soon as the follow-up report came in.

 ”Uh… new information has just come in. Regarding the injury of Shirogane Aqua, an idol belonging to Beryl Entertainment, it has been confirmed that it was not an accident but an attack by someone…! The extent of the injury is currently unknown, but there is information that blood was flowing at the scene… Hey, don’t you have any more details!? No…? Understood. I repeat, just now…”

 It wasn’t an accident, it was an attack by someone, the extent of the injury is unknown, and at least there is bleeding… Various information flowed into my head at once and I couldn’t organize it well. My heart was pounding loudly, and a feeling of anxiety rushed over me.

 ”Injury… Aqua-san… Ah, ah…”

 The sound of Nee-san’s breathing becomes strange. To calm her down, I make her sit on a chair, thinking that this is strange. The use of paper bags or plastic bags for treatment is no longer recommended, so I ask her to take a deep breath and calm down slowly.

 ”Aqua-sama… Aqua-sama…”

 Oh no!! The moment I thought that, Pegonia gently held onto Yui-san’s body, who had fainted and fallen. Nice catch, Pegomon!! Since both of them fell at once, I thought that I had to be even more reliable.

 First, I instructed Pegonia to lay Yui-san on the sofa and immediately call the clinic doctor.

 After looking at the reactions of the two people, the situation of the announcer who had raised her voice to the staff earlier, the disconnected phone, and above all, the bulletin board and SNS, I felt that this flow was bad, so I wrote on both the bulletin board and SNS to act calmly and rationally.

 I thought there was meaning in sending out such a message from me, who was closest to Aqua at this time. At that moment, my phone rang from Kohina Yukari-san.

 ”Yes, hello.”

 ”Kanon-chan. Listen carefully…”

 Since Aqua went to Yukari-san’s place and went to Ayana-chan’s recording, I heard the details of the incident that happened the day before from Yukari-san.

 I see… In that case, it is highly likely that Aqua was injured by someone from the same group as the perpetrator who attacked Ayana-chan, rather than a crime targeting Aqua. Information is not yet confirmed, but I have grasped a part of the whole picture of the incident.

 ”Thank you. Ako-san is there, right?”

 ”Yes, I’m going to Beryl with Ako now. I’ll contact you as soon as I know something, Kanon-chan.”

 ”I understand. Thank you very much.”

 Actually, I wanted to go to Aqua’s place as soon as possible, even for a minute or a second. But if I move poorly, the number of people who need to move again will increase.

 The scene of the incident is chaotic with police and ambulance personnel, and I cannot go there and disturb them. All I can do is wait… No, I thought that waiting was my job.

 First, I will have the doctor who came to the house examine the two people, Nee-san and Yui-san. She serves as my personal physician, but normally she works at lower clinics and university hospitals to keep her skills sharp.

 ”For now, Kirika Kotono-san is calm because her initial response was good. Miyuki Heliodor Yui-san, the other person, was fortunate that she did not hit her head when she fainted. I will take both of them to the university hospital where I am now taking care of them, just in case. Um, I would like someone to accompany them…”

 ”In that case, I will accompany them. It’s not good for no one to be here when Master returns. Please stay here, Miss.”

 ”Thank you, doctor. And thank you, Pegonia. Please take care of the two of them!”

 I left Yui-san and Nee-san with the doctor and Pegonia and stayed at home. When I was alone in this spacious room, I felt incredibly lonely. In the midst of that, my phone rang again. I thought it was Yukari-san, but it was Lapis-chan who called.


 ”Ah, ah, ah, Kanon-nee-sama, please! Please stop mother from doing anything!!”

 Mom? I wonder what happened to Marin-san?

 ”I don’t know where she got them from, but mother got a naginata and a Japanese sword after hearing about the incident in the news… Please stop her from going out of control for Nii-sama’s sake!”

 ”Leave it to me, Lapis-chan. Can you put mom-in-law or Marin-san on the phone?”

 ”Yes, I will!”

 I desperately tried to persuade the stuttering Marin-san over the phone, who had lost her mind, saying that if mom got arrested, Aqua would be sad and cry. I was able to convince her somehow, but now she started crying. I didn’t know what to do, but then I heard Lapis-chan’s voice taking the phone away from Marin-san.

 ”Wait, Lapis-chan, we’re not finished talking yet…”

 ”Thank you, Kanon-nee-sama! I’ll take it from here. And also, Shitori-nee-san headed to the company, so if anything happens, I’ll let Kanon-nee-sama know.”

 Saying that, Lapis-chan hung up. I think she probably hung up because Marin-san’s story was going to be long. Lapis-chan is still in middle school, but she’s so reliable… I wish she would become Aqua’s bride soon. And as soon as the call ended, I received a call from Kaede-senpai.

 ”Hello, Kanon? I contacted you just in case you couldn’t see the news, but according to what I heard, Aqua-kun only got a small cut on his hand. It’s true that he got injured, but it’s not a life-threatening injury or a major injury that requires surgery or hospitalization, so you can feel relieved.”

 I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard the word “minor injury.” However, it doesn’t change the fact that Aqua got injured, but it’s much better than the worst-case scenario.

 I explained the situation of Yui-san and Nee-san to Kaede-senpai and hung up.

 Come to think of it… Is Hagetoru or Emily-senpai?

 The Holy Aqua Religion is a dangerous organization. And seeing Emily-senpai who usually goes out of control, I suddenly feel anxious. I hurriedly called Emily-senpai’s phone.

 ”Ah, hello, what’s up, Shumi?”

 What did you say! But, I was a little relieved to hear Emily-senpai’s voice. It doesn’t seem like she’s going out of control.

 ”I’m currently at the headquarters of the Holy Aqua Religion, but don’t worry because I silenced everyone who was about to go berserk with my overflowing power as a saint. Phew, thanks to my Emily-chan’s sensor going off with a maximum danger signal, we were saved. Because of Claire, we were just a little away from a final war that could have destroyed the Earth. She was trying to launch all the nuclear missiles on Earth.

 Haha… well, when you think about it, that’s not possible. There’s no way she has the activation codes for all the nuclear missiles in the world…. Yeah, I think I must have misheard. And… we’ve already caught all the members of the original criminal group here and handed them over to the police. Look… there was a small guy who came with me to the cultural festival the other day, right? It seems like she saved Kohina Yukari-san and Tsukimachi Ayana, who were attacked yesterday.”

 Huh… Seriously? That little kid like a elementary school student!? That’s a lie, right…. And something about Claire saying this and that, but it’s just my imagination, right?

 I heard she’s a high-ranking member of the Holy Aqua Religion, but she’s just there because Hagetoru alone is unreliable, she shouldn’t be such a dangerous person…

 Yeah, I think it must be Emily-senpai’s misunderstanding. Comparing the information from Emily-senpai, the whole picture of the incident became clear.

 So…? Did the woman attack Ayana because she was bored after seeing her making out with him?

 And then because the guy got caught, she tried to attack Ayana-chan out of resentment, and Aqua got injured trying to stop her… I scream in my mind, “Don’t mess with me.”

 Aqua, Ayana-chan, Yukari-san who was with them, that little kid who helped them, no one did anything wrong, but so many people’s hearts and bodies were hurt for such a stupid reason, and even now, people who are worried about Aqua are being hurt.

 There’s absolutely no excuse for this. My heart is being dominated by anger.

 ”Oh… um, yeah. Calm down, Shumi… no, Kanon. You still have an important role, something that only you can do.”

 ”Important… role?”

 ”Yeah! It may be unfair, but there’s still a role for you to speak for us and convey our feelings that we were worried about Aqua-sama. And one more thing…”

 Ah… yeah, that’s definitely unfair, but it’s okay to say just one word that we were worried, right? I understand when I hear Emily-senpai’s other reason. It was certainly a word that only I could say.

 ”For now, leave it to me here. Don’t worry because Grandma… I mean, Mary-sama is here.”

 ”Yeah, thank you, Emily-senpai… no, Hagetoru. I’m grateful.”

 I say that and hang up the phone. Immediately after, I receive an email from Aqua saying that he is safe and not to worry. The email mentions that there was a difficulty in making phone calls due to a disruption and that he will be coming home soon.

 With some extra time, I open the bulletin board and write that Aqua and everyone else are safe. On TV, they show footage of the incident and it was scary when the knife was swung, but seeing Aqua moving safely made me feel a little relieved.

 On the internet, everyone was excited and saying it was cool, but for me, I felt scared and relieved that he was safe.

 Now, I want to see Aqua quickly… I want to meet him and make sure he’s okay.

 I wonder how much time has passed since then.

 Along the way, I received a message from Pegonia saying that she and two others will be hospitalized, so I will stay overnight and go home.

 While sitting in front of the entrance, I hear the sound of the lock being released from the door in front of me.

 ”Just… whoa.”

 I stand up and hug Aqua who came out of the entrance. Warm… Confirming that Aqua is alive, my suppressed emotions waver.

 ”I was worried.”

 ”Ah… yeah, sorry. I guess it was really worrying for Kanon. I’m really sorry.”

 ”You don’t have to apologize. It’s not Aqua’s fault…”

 Aqua drops the package he was holding on the ground and hugs me tightly. I catch a glimpse of the wound he treated earlier, and my heart becomes anxious again. As if understanding my feelings, Aqua whispers in a slow and gentle voice in my ear.

 ”So, what do you want me to do?”

 ”I want everyone… no, I want you to know how worried I was.”

 ”I see, got it. By the way, if there’s anything else you want to say, go ahead. I’ll listen to everything.”

 Saying that, Aqua pats my back. That’s unfair. If he says that, I have to say everything I’ve been holding back.

 ”…Actually, I didn’t want Aqua to marry any other girl besides me.”

 ”I see…”

 I thought to myself that I was saying something really unfair even though I said it to Aqua. It’s natural for him to have multiple wives…

 ”But, I know I can’t protect Aqua alone, and even though it’s okay now, if there comes a day when Aqua is forced into a political marriage unfairly, I wanted to be with the people I love before that and protect Aqua’s surroundings, Aqua’s warm world.”

 The Prime Minister is being made fun of by the public, but I don’t know what would have happened if it wasn’t for her. Not only a political marriage, but I might not have been allowed to marry Aqua either.

 It seems there was some controversy when Aqua and I got married, and there were even members of parliament who brought it up as an issue. But when the Prime Minister, as a 16-year-old brat, said that he wanted to marry and love someone as a man, were the adults planning to interfere?

 As a woman, as an adult, when she told everyone to properly question themselves about why they are in politics and for whom they are doing it, my heart trembled.

 As a special secretary for male protection, Kuga Rihito-san supports men behind the scenes. Amakusa Shikimi-san, the head of the National Secret Bureau, is still protecting Aqua’s sp**m. And Chairman Fuji Ranko, who is connected to the Fuji family supports the Prime Minister…

 I think Aqua couldn’t have been protected without any of them. The Prime Minister’s words, “I’ll do anything to achieve my goals, even if it means drinking mud, kneeling down, licking the other person’s shoes,” are not a lie. Knowing the adults who support Aqua behind the scenes, I realized that adults who work hard are really cool.

 ”Kanon, thank you. Not just today. I’m always grateful to you.”

 ”…then, kiss me every day.”


 Aqua separates his body a little and slowly puts his lips on mine. A kiss that only touches the surface and savors slowly. Aqua’s sensation remains where we touched, and my head feels fuzzy. Aqua is really unfair. With just one kiss, I forgive everything.

 ”Anything else?”

 ”Um, um…then I want you to pat my head every day.”

 ”Okay. How about this?”

 ”Yeah, and say you love me or like me every day!”

 ”I love you, Kanon.”

 ”…I still want you to say you like me.”

 ”Kanon, I like you.”

 ”And also say I’m cute and pretty!!”

 ”I always think you’re pretty, and now I think you’re really cute.”

 ”…Aqua is unfair after all.”

 I rub my head against Aqua’s chest. This is pointless. I will definitely lose to my love for him, and it’s cheating for him to listen to all my selfishness. I explain the whole situation to Aqua. Aqua also told me in detail what had happened.

 ”So, how can my princess forgive me?”

 I haven’t moved a step since the beginning. I’m still holding onto Aqua tightly, and Aqua is holding me back strongly. Actually, I’ve already forgiven everything, and I have no right to be angry, but I try to express what I want honestly.

 ”…a date. If you go on a date with me, I’ll forgive everything.”

 ”Okay. But before that…”

 Aqua slowly separates his body from mine and shows me his usual smile.

 ”I’m home, Kanon.”

 With those words, I felt my heart lighten. Aqua came home safely, and the tense string that had been stretched up until now relaxed.

 ”Welcome back! Aqua!”

 I wiped away my tears with the back of my hand and responded with a smile. Emily-senpai told me that it was my duty to say “welcome back” to Aqua, which only I can do.

 Emily-senpai is always joking around, but she’s serious about this kind of thing, which is annoying. Aqua, Emily-senpai, and the Prime Minister, people who usually joke around, are really unfair because they’re cool only at times like this!

 ”Well then, shall we go?”

 ”Huh? Where…? Oh, whoa!”

 Aqua picks up my body effortlessly, just like he did before.

 ”Is there only one place where men and women, married couples, go in times like this?”

 ”Oh… Aqua’s naughty stuff.”

 The truth is, he’s unfair. Because… I wanted to be naughtier than Aqua.

 Earlier, I wanted to say that I actually wanted to be naughty, not go on a date, but I wanted to be a cute girl in front of Aqua, so I pretended to be a little innocent, but it seems like it was obvious that I wanted to have s*x with him, and now I’m done!

 Aqua is really, really unfair!

 Aqua and I took advantage of the fact that there was no one around and spent the night loving each other.

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