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Volume 9 Chapter 23 Shirogane Aqua, Asking My Wife’s True Feeling

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 As soon as we entered the bedroom, we exchanged kisses, intertwining our tongues to confirm each other’s presence, and then looked at each other and kissed again. The lust inside me was strongly shaken like waves that come and go.

 Oh, how beautiful it is.

 In the dark bedroom without lights, Kanon, illuminated by moonlight, took off her clothes one by one. She had a fairy-like cuteness and goddess-like beauty, detached from the real world, but her sweet scent as a human being that exuded carnal desire stimulated my male instinct intensely. The sound of clothes rubbing against each other excited my lower body, and I stared at Kanon’s figure, occasionally imprinted in my mind.


 Unable to resist any longer, I threw off my clothes and pushed Kanon onto the bed. I observed her entire body carefully, caressing it with my eyes as if licking it. Kanon noticed that she was being caressed with my eyes and trembled slightly with her body in response.


 As if being sucked into Kanon’s sleepy eyes, I approached her face. Kanon understood that I was about to kiss her, closed her eyes slowly, and further inflamed my desire with a face waiting for a kiss. Thinking of being a little bit mean, I licked Kanon’s neck instead of kissing her.


 Kanon’s body reacted, trembling unexpectedly to the sensation. I sucked where I had licked and left my mark on Kanon’s body. Meanwhile, my right hand repeatedly kneaded Kanon’s shapely breasts slowly and thoroughly.

 ”No… stop…”

 Perhaps because the room was cold, Kanon’s hot and sweet breath melted like light snowflakes. I released my intertwined left hand’s fingertips and grasped Kanon’s small hand tightly.

 ”Aqua, don’t be mean…”

 Kanon rubbed her inner thighs, fidgeting and staring at me with her big eyes and a lustful expression, begging me. If a girl makes such a cute face and asks, any man would surely listen to her. She’s a naughty girl. I have to teach her what happens when a girl seduces a man with her actions.


 I put my hand into Kanon’s panties and traced my fingertips to her vital parts. Her honey-like love juice, separated by the crotch, entwined my fingertips thickly. For that reason, my fingertips slowly sank into Kanon’s vagina.

 ”Ah, no…”

 Kanon twisted her lower body over and over again, surrendering to pleasure. The overflowing honey spilled out of her panties and ran down her inner thighs. Kanon’s sweet scent became stronger and filled the entire bedroom. I pulled my finger out of Kanon’s secret part, slid down her panties, and hooked them on her right ankle. I lifted Kanon’s leg and pushed my own p*nis into her vertical line.


 First, I thought it was only halfway, but Kanon’s melted vagina flesh swallowed my thing all the way to the back. Of course, it hit the cervix along the way, but Kanon released even that and welcomed my thing even deeper. I thought it was careless, but I felt happy thinking that she trusted me that much.

 ”Wait, stop.”

 Perhaps Kanon didn’t expect her cervix to open, she resisted in a flustered manner. Even if she cutely reached out and resisted, in front of me, a man, she was completely powerless.

 If she really didn’t like it, I wouldn’t do it, but Kanon’s expression looked like that of a woman drowning in sexual activity, so I didn’t hold back. At first, I rubbed the glans against the cervix with a slow stroke. Kanon seemed to like it, and every time I did it, she couldn’t endure the pleasure and moaned softly. I let go of Kanon’s legs and hugged her from behind.

 ”I love you… I love you.”

 Kanon wrapped her hands around the back of my neck and stared at my face with a lewd expression, as if she was craving something. Kanon, who wanted it so much, was too cute, so I shook her body up and down as I thrust into her.

 The strong stimulation from the overlapping folds made me feel like I was about to reach climax already. I’ve tried it with other women, and I’ve learned that Kanon’s vagina has a structure that is good at being loved, just like she is.

 See? The inside of the vagina, acting all affectionate towards the man’s thing, desperately wanting to be loved. Moreover, she uses her entire vagina and makes movements to coax me to come out faster and more, so it’s uncontrollable.

 However, going too soon will affect my reputation as a man… Just as I was thinking, “I’ll just have to be a little patient here,” Kanon approaches me with a flattering and pleading look on her face.

 ”Aqua… don’t hold back, hey… Please make Kanon’s inside warm with Aqua’s seed…nmmm…”

 I covered Kanon’s mouth with my own lips and used every part of our bodies, from our mouths to our genitals, from our skin to our fingertips, to rub against each other… everything we can intertwine.

 Kanon, I love you. I love you. I’m sorry I worried you.

 I release everything into Kanon’s body, unable to hold back what’s rising up from deep inside of me.


 I pump my seed into Kanon’s body over and over again.

 Kanon’s body trembled and shook, and she stared at me with a look of lust.

 I had just made love to her, but my lower half of my body reacted immediately when she looked at me like that.

 Every time I have s*x with Kanon, I love her more and more.

 Kanon was so cute after we finished our s*x that I hugged her body tightly and stroked her head.

 ”Aqua’s still big …. Do you want to do it again?”

 ”Yes, can I?”

 ”Umm, yes… Rather I was hoping that we could do it again…”

 Kanon was shyly glancing at my face, her mouth loosened up, and she repeatedly tied a small knot around it. Is she embarrassed?

 There are as many fetishes as there are people. That’s one of the words I learned from my teachers in the past.

 By the way, the senior who taught me that word was seriously saying that he was struggling with becoming a girl’s shoe or a chair when he was reborn. Setting aside my feelings about being consulted about such a thing, it takes a lot of courage to expose one’s fetish to others.

 So, I smile kindly at Kanon.

 ”Kanon, if you want me to, I can become a chair or a shoe. So, tell me what you want.”

 ”A chair? Uh, a shoe? I don’t really understand, but thank you.”

 Kanon looked momentarily confused, but then she looked at my face with determination.

 Damn…she’s cute. I want to spoil her to no end, but I’ll restrain myself for now.

 ”Um, well. I want you to wait here for a moment. It might take a while, is that okay?”


 Saying that, Kanon apologized and left the room.

 Phew…it’s difficult to keep the excitement going when time passes. But it’s okay. There are plenty of items left by Kanon here. I turned on the lights in the room to observe carefully.


 First, it’s the clothes Kanon discarded.

 Nice. The feeling of discarding clothes is good… Personally, I can’t decide between neatly folding clothes and leaving them scattered, but there’s value in seeing Kanon, who was raised well, scattering her clothes.

 After observing it carefully, I picked up the clothes and gently touched them to my face. It’s a smell check. This fresh and sweet scent fully expresses the clinginess of my wife.

 I wonder if there’s any perfume with this scent somewhere. I discarded the clothes and turned them inside out to smell the area around the armpits.


 That was close… just from the smell, my s*men almost went out of control. It has become a scent that combines the intense scent of Kanon and her pheromones, with the smell of sweat, creating an indescribable fragrance.

 As expected, a girl’s armpits are the best. Look, touch, smell, all three elements are in perfect harmony. Then, I picked up the fallen bra and buried my face inside the cup.

 Ah, why do girls’ underwear have such a good smell? Especially the inside of the bra has a milky smell that makes me feel ecstatic. I moved my gaze to the panties. The twisted fabric and the stain on the crotch create a high artistic sense, and my Aqua-kun gets excited.

 When I think that even a cute and fairy-like girl like her can have stains, it really turns me on as a man. After observing it carefully, of course, it’s time to check the smell.


 This is unfair. Everything about a girl is packed into this small piece of cloth. I open the panties as if playing cat’s cradle. I knew it, it’s small… Huh? She’s wearing something this small? It’s definitely impossible… I put Kanon’s panties on my own thing to check the size.

 No, no, no. With such a small piece of cloth, she can’t hide her thing properly… I can’t believe it fits in here. I slowly rub the panties that I put on. Why does the fabric of a girl’s panties feel so good?

 Anyway, for now, while waiting for Kanon to come, should I smell Kanon’s panties and the part where there was armpit sweat while doing it with Kanon? As I was doing that, the closed door slowly opened.

 ”W-what are you doing?”

 Kanon, who only showed her face, stared at me with a red face.

 ”N-nothing, I was just lonely without Kanon…”

 I put the underwear and clothes back where they were as if nothing had happened. Even during that time, Kanon only showed her face from the slightly opened door and did not come in.

 ”What about Kanon? Come on, come in quickly.”

 I patted the bed. I was already ready. I could go anytime.

 ”U-um, do you promise not to laugh or anything?”

 I nodded clearly to Kanon’s question. Although Kanon was initially confused, she seemed to have made up her mind and slowly opened the door to the bedroom and entered the room.


 I was stunned when I saw Kanon. Kanon was wearing armor like a knight in a Western-inspired game. Her appearance was that of a female knight, no… a real princess knight.


 Kanon looked at me with a curious expression.


 I had jumped out of bed without realizing it and raised both hands in excitement.

 ”Um… It’s weird, isn’t it? I’ll change!”

 I grabbed Kanon’s hand and hugged her.

 ”It’s not weird at all, Kanon. So, come on, show me more slowly.”

 ”Ah… Ah… Ah…”

 Her face turned bright red, and she looked cute. Leave the rest to me, Kanon. Since my wife had gathered the courage, it was now my turn as her husband to respond.

 ”Kanon, it suits you well. Can I have s*x with cosplay Kanon today? If so, I’m happy.”


 I nodded. Kanon still looked a little embarrassed, but she showed a shy face when I complimented her on how well it suited her. D*mn it, my wife is too cute, and I’m about to lose it. My heart was pounding.

 ”Well, um… there’s something I want Aqua to do. W-will you be repulsed?”

 I responded to my wife’s courage with the best smile I could give as Shirogane Aqua. Come on, tell the s*x monster, the surprise box of s*xual preferences, Aqua-san anything.

 ”Well, um… I’m happy that you’re always kind to me, and I like feeling loved, but… It’s not that, but from now on, I want you to be more forceful than usual… or rather… forcefully… um, like r*pe.”

 Huh? I froze for a moment, wondering what she was talking about.

 ”Um…that’s not it. Even if it’s called r*pe, it’s not like I want anyone to do it to me. I want Aqua to do it to me.”

 I endure the pain in my heart. Recently, there have been news reports about mysterious palpitations, and I thought it might have finally reached me. Maybe Kanon intends to kill me with her cuteness… I must stay strong.

 ”Well, it’s just acting, but I want you to use my body, which I genuinely dislike, like a tool and do all sorts of naughty things to me…even if it hurts… no, I might even want it to hurt.”

 I let out a sigh of frustration in my mind. What does she think I feel for Kanon? I love Kanon, and I don’t want her to hate me. I want to treat her gently, pamper her, and love her. But if she says things like that, I lose confidence in controlling my Aqua-kun.

 ”I guess Aqua wouldn’t like it if I also had r*pe fantasies. And I even dressed up like this…ah!”

 I forcefully grab Kanon’s wrist and push her against the wall. It’s what they call a “wall slam.” This wall is a sliding door with a full-length mirror, and behind it is a walk-in closet.

 ”Kanon, you’re quite naughty, aren’t you? Where did you learn that?”

 I wedge my foot between Kanon’s legs to prevent her from escaping and press her knees against the wall.


 ”Hmm, if Kanon intended that, I won’t do anything more…?”


 ”Does Kanon think that being a princess means she can get away with being spoiled?”

 ”A-Ah…I-I’m sorry.”

 Seeing Kanon with teary eyes, my spine trembles with excitement. She’s so cute that I want to break through the wall in front of me with all my might.

 ”I-I saw it in erotic manga for girls, and I’ve always admired it, and I’ve always wanted to be r*ped by someone I like…”

 ”When Kanon gets flustered, she tends to use that word a lot, huh?”

 ”Ah… um, I-I’m sorry.”

 I’m starting to have fun. I join in with Kanon’s situation, getting into the mood. I deliberately bring my hand closer to Kanon’s face, scaring her.


 I touch Kanon’s neck, then her earlobe, and play with her stray hair. Kanon looks adorable with her ponytail. I then grab her chest over her armor.

 ”Wearing armor with such a low defense that reveals the line of your breasts, were you expecting it from the beginning?”

 ”Mmm, no…ah!”

 As expected of my wife, if I’m in the mood, she’s in the mood too. I flip Kanon over to face the wall and place her hands on it.

 ”No, stop!”

 I forcefully lift up the long skirt Kanon is wearing under her armor. Then Kanon’s lower body, born naked, was exposed. Wait, she’s not wearing anything…?

 ”You’re quite a perverted knight for not wearing anything from the beginning. Was your goal to be attacked by a man from the start?”

 ”T-that’s not true…ah, no, don’t hit me there…nnn!”

 I stroked Kanon’s small buttocks and lightly spanked them.

 It’s common to spank naughty children.

 I thought she was okay, so I spanked her until it turned a little pink.

 ”Ah, ah…”

 Tears overflowed from Kanon’s eyes.

 Oh no… did I go too far?! But honey was dripping from her hairless slit and she had a face that looked somehow happy. Yes, she’s okay.

 ”Do you want this from a man so badly?”

 I slapped Kanon’s buttocks with my own member to show its size.

 This is nice…

 ”Ah, ah…no, stop…”

 ”What do you want me to stop doing?”

 I pressed my own member against Kanon’s slit.

 ”No! I don’t want that! Please, stop!”

 Kanon resisted cutely, but her shaking buttocks were actually provoking and inviting the man.

 I grabbed Kanon’s waist and forcefully pushed my p*nis inside.

 ”Ah! No, no, stop! Please, don’t come inside, nooooo!”

 Ignoring Kanon’s reluctance, I thrust more vigorously than before.

 Kanon’s vagina was resisting by tightening its flesh, unlike before.

 To teach her that even cute resistance is futile, I forcefully thrust and pry open the tight vaginal wall left and right.

 I thrust repeatedly at the tightly closed cervix and hit the bottom of the uterus.

 ”Oh, oh, oh…!”

 Kanon made vulgar sobs and stuck out her tongue, her eyes rolling back in pleasure.

 Looking at herself in the mirror, she was excited by the sight of herself being violated.

 Moreover, Kanon… I didn’t notice because she was facing the other way, but she had a lewd tattoo seal on her stomach. She’s so cute, but actually a pervert… my wife is the best.

 ”I’m going to come inside your vagina!”

 ”No, don’t come inside me——noooooo!”

 Kanon’s vagina convulsed in pleasure to match my ej***lation.

 It felt good and my s*men was squeezed out.

 ”Haa… haa… haa… haa…”

 When I released Kanon’s body, she collapsed on the spot.

 It’s probably because it was the second time and she was tired.

 But…if Kanon wants it to be rough, the real show starts now, right?

 I lifted Kanon’s face and presented my still erect p**is in front of her.

 I left the choice to stop if she didn’t like it, even though she said she wanted it rough.

 But Kanon immediately took my p**is into her small mouth.

 ”Mm, mm, mm…”

 I grabbed Kanon’s hands and repeatedly thrust my p**is into her throat.

 Every time, Kanon let out a pleasurable sob and her eyes became hazy.

 She wrapped her tongue around the glans that she had just kissed gently before and rubbed the back of the shaft as if begging for semen.

 The different temperature and sensation from inside the vagina felt good, and the desire welled up again from within.


 Ahhhh… I intended to pull out at a certain point, but I couldn’t hold back and came inside Kanon’s mouth. I tried to apologize, but when I saw Kanon pick up the pool of semen she had spat out onto her palm and swallow it back into her body, I realized there was no need to apologize.

 In fact, the punishment continues! I grabbed Kanon’s small hand and forcefully made her grasp and handle my own. To make it more intense, I placed my hand over hers and forcefully moved it up and down.


 Of course, the finish was on her face. After all, Kanon looked like she wanted me to come on her face… The semen came out with force and landed on Kanon’s face, from her bangs, through her eyelashes, straight down her nose, and dripped down her thin pink lips.

 What is this feeling of taboo, as if I have dirtied something that shouldn’t be dirtied… I feel like I’ve discovered something I shouldn’t have within myself.

 ”A-Aqua…? Hyah!”

 I pushed Kanon down onto the ground and forcefully thrust my own inside her.

 ”Ah, ah… it’s no good. If you keep going, I’ll go crazy!”

 Even though she said that, I couldn’t stop. I covered Kanon on the carpet and shook her small body for my own pleasure. I decided to come inside Kanon completely in the end. I ignored Kanon’s weak resistance and ravaged her beautiful body like an animal.

 ”Yaa… ah——aahhhhhhhh!”

 Kanon came first and her body shook. I didn’t care if her v*gina was spasming, and continued to thrust into her small body. I forcefully stirred my p**is inside her to make her understand that her ut*rus was filled with my s*men.

 ”No, no! It’s impossible! Even if you come again, it won’t fit…! Aaaaaah!”

 I ignored Kanon’s cute resistance and continued to pour my s*men inside her red room, which had become sticky with my own s*men. For a moment, I felt like I was about to pass out from pleasure. Kanon was the same, enjoying the pleasure with a lewd expression. I can’t come anymore. After that, the two of us took a bath together.

 ”I’m sorry, Kanon. I think I went a little too far.”

 After the s*x, I apologized to Kanon in the bathtub. I think I went a little too far. In the end, I think I was really r*ping her, selfishly devouring Kanon’s body.

 ”You don’t have to apologize.”

 Kanon placed both hands on my cheeks and squeezed my soft cheeks.

 ”More importantly, um, there are still a lot of things I want to try…”

 What…? Kanon started talking about other situations, plays, and cosplay she wanted to try. Maybe she had lost some of her shame from earlier. This is a happy thing.

 ”Okay Kanon, let’s do it a lot from now on.”


 As expected, we ended the day with that and slept while hugging in bed.

 ”Aqua… I’m really glad you’re safe…”

 Seeing Kanon crying in her sleep and saying that, my heart ached.

 I wonder how much I made her worry. I’m sure she was really anxious.

 I’ll make sure not to get hurt next time. I pledged that to myself.

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