Male Idol V9c28

Volume 9 Chapter 28 Men-Only bulletin board, thoughts after a matchmaking part

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Best Halloween Live] Shirogane Aqua Support Thread part 105 [Thank you for the inspiration]
801 Anonymous Boy
Aqua-kun’s live at the matchmaking party was great. The song made my chest tightened
802 Anonymous Boy
I know, Tsukimachi-san wrote the lyrics… But I was really nervous. And I thought Tsukimachi Ayana-san was cute
803 Anonymous Boy
As a Getsuku (Monday 9 PM Drama) fan, I cried while watching the scene of Rina and Kazuya overlapping with them
804 Anonymous Boy
Thanks to Aqua-kun, I started to think that love is good, whether it’s the Getsuku (Monday 9 PM Drama) or matchmaking party
However, Kohina Yukari-san is different. Maybe it’s just me, but Sayuki is too scary
I thought she was a cute little sister at first… However, girls are scary after all
805 Anonymous Boy
I know, Sayuki-san is really scary… Her obsession with Kazuya is incredible, it was like, “eww” watching her. In that sense, Rina-chan is cute. I think there are a lot of boys who fell in love with Ayana-chan after watching that drama
806 Anonymous Boy
I’m happy that Yuu-oni’s fans are increasing. I want a big brother like Aqua-kun too. (T/N: Yuu-oni is the short title of My Honor Student Big Brother)
Yuu-oni LOL, bonded with Ayana-chan, and learned about the scariness of girls from Yukari-san
807 Anonymous Boy
Ah, I also wished for a big brother like Aqua-kun
808 Anonymous Boy
Aqua-kun is everyone’s big brother. This is confirmed
809 Anonymous Boy
By the way, those guys who tried to attack Tsukimachi Ayana-san were arrested. I heard the story from an acquaintance
810 Anonymous Boy
811 Anonymous Boy
If that’s true, I’m glad I sent the report email
812 Anonymous Boy
Probably, the girl who attacked during the music program was also part of that group. It’s good that they were caught
813 Anonymous Boy
Aqua-kun was really cool when he saved Ayana-san. It’s like he had a Heaven’s Sword
814 Anonymous Boy
At the matchmaking party, I was relieved that Aqua-kun didn’t put anything on the spot where he was injured. But there was still a faint scar, and it looked painful
815 Anonymous Boy
I’m glad that Uncle and Nyankosuki had the quick wit to report it to Ayana’s company. Butterfly also contacted the Fuji family, and Yamada called Beryl headquarters, right? That guy is amazing. Even though Yamada was a fake Aqua-kun
816 Anonymous Boy
Yamada really made a fine play
By the way, didn’t he say that he forgot to buy the envelope that he needed after going to buy the resume, and that he had to go to the convenience store again?
Even though it took a week to buy the resume, will he be able to make it in time for the application deadline…?
817 Anonymous Boy
After buying the envelope, he realized that he forgot to take the proof photo, and was in despair because he had to go out again
818 Anonymous Boy
But then, he knew that he could apply online after taking the proof photo, and that he had a digital camera at home
819 Anonymous Boy
Yamada LMAO
820 Anonymous Boy
I still like Yamada LOL
821 Anonymous Boy
I was impressed that Hikikomori went out three times. By the way, what happened in the end?
822 Anonymous Boy
I don’t know? I haven’t heard whether he applied yet
823 Shirogane Aqua (fake) *aquaaquaaa
I was going to apply online, but since I had already bought the resume and envelope and took the proof photo, I went to the post office earlier and sent it
824 Anonymous Boy
Are you serious!!
825 Anonymous Boy
Yamada… I was impressed. This is already a drama adaptation decision
826 Anonymous Boy
Yamada is amazing!!
827 Uncle Tadano *k4k4r1ty0u
Yamada-kun is amazing!
828 Anonymous Boy
If Yamada went outside, maybe I should try going outside too..
829 Anonymous Boy
Please, everyone at Beryl, let Yamada pass. If Yamada becomes an idol, I’ll work hard to go to his live concerts
Good luck!
830 Anonymous Boy
I also want to gather the courage to go to school. I don’t have the courage to audition, but I feel like I can do my best on my own
831 Anonymous Boy
I recently started a part-time job. I’m not really in need of money, but after watching Heaven’s Sword and seeing how Aqua-kun and Tenga-senpai are always competing at work, I thought I’d try something I wanted to do
I was thinking of using the money for Beryl’s Goods, but I’ll save it and use it when Yamada becomes an idol
832 Anonymous Boy
Yamada is amazing. He’s giving courage to so many people
833 Anonymous Boy
Yamada… are you finally becoming the real Yamada Maruo from the fake Shirogane Aqua?
834 Anonymous Boy
That’s cool. It’s really cool
835 Anonymous Boy
It’s super hot that a man who admired idol Shirogane Aqua is trying to become an idol himself. Director Hongou of Heaven’s Sword must be surprised, right?
836 Shirogane Aqua (fake) *aquaaquaaa
Thank you, everyone
But after the document screening is over, I have to go to the venue, so I’m really nervous now
For now, I managed to find a place nearby, but I don’t know anything about Tokyo, and I’m worried about it
837 Anonymous boy
It’s okay, you’ve been outside four times, so you can definitely do it!
838 Anonymous boy
You could also ask your family for help
839 Shirogane Aqua (fake) *aquaaquaaa
I thought about that, but I wanted to show off by going alone…
Anyway, a police officer arranged by the S*men Extraction Officer will secretly watch over me from the shadows, so I think it’s okay if something happens
840 Uncle Tadano *k4k4r1ty0u
Do you want to meet me at the station? I’m in Tokyo, and it’s not a problem for me
841 Shirogane Aqua (fake) *aquaaquaaa
Really? Thank you so much!
842 Anonymous boy
Congratulations, Yamada
You can trust Uncle
843 Anonymous boy
It’ll be fine if Uncle is with you
844 Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
Let’s meet at the venue
845 Anonymous boy
There’s a mysterious sense of security with Uncle
Butterfly-san, is that you?
846 Anonymous boy
Butterfly is joining the battle!
847 Anonymous boy
Will Kujaku-bocchan also audition?
This is exciting
848 Anonymous boy
Two idols are coming out of this thread!?
849 Anonymous boy
I was moved during the matchmaking party, but this is also amazing
850 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
Haa, haa, are Toa-sama and Mister Aqua on an arranged date yet?
851 Anonymous boy
This is why perverts are…
852 Anonymous boy
To be honest, I wanted to see that too
853 Anonymous boy
Tsukimachi Ayana-san is cute, but Toa-chan is still the best
854 Anonymous boy
Toa-chan is still incredibly popular
855 Anonymous boy
Toa-chan is popular, but Tsukimachi-chan’s rise after the Monday 9PM Drama is also amazing
856 Anonymous boy
Even though it’s inevitable for Toa-chan because he is a boy, Tsukimachi-san hasn’t released any her milking data
I wanted to try using her real data for the first time, but I was disappointed that it wasn’t available
857 Anonymous boy
Personally, I think it’s a plus that she doesn’t release that kind of data
858 Anonymous boy
Off-topic, but Kohina Yukari-san also hasn’t released any data
859 Anonymous boy
There are many people around Aqua-kun who don’t release their data publicly
As far as I know, here’s a list of people around Aqua-kun who don’t release their data publicly
1. Shirogane Kanon-san
2. Shirogane Lapis-san
3. Shirogane Shitori-san
4. Shirogane Marin-san
5. Hakuryuu Aiko-sensei
6. Atori Ako-san
7. Kohina Yukari-san
8. Morikawa Kaede-san
9. Kuga Reira-san
10. Washimiya Lisa-san (person from the cultural festival)
After that, most of the people from the Six Noble family haven’t been made public
People like Sumeragi Kukuri-san, Amakusa Shikimi-san, Mishu-sama, and Yukishiro Emily-san
Actually, even Kokucho Agewa hasn’t been made public
860 Anonymous Boy
Seriously… you did well researching
861 Anonymous Boy
If you use a surname search, you can easily find Aqua-kun’s family and the Six Noble family. The security around here is bad. People who have negative feelings towards Beryl’s children can easily find out their family’s names. Girls might think they’re safe from searches, but the measures for boys aren’t enough
862 Anonymous Boy
It might be a good idea to report this to someone
863 Uncle Tadano *k4k4r1ty0u
This could be dangerous indeed. It might be best to contact the National Confidentiality Bureau through the S*men Extraction Officer
864 Anonymous Boy
Nice, uncle. I’ll do it too
865 Anonymous Boy
After what happened to Ayana-chan, we should do what we can to support each other
866 Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
Instead of telling the National Confidentiality Bureau or the S*men Extraction Officer, it’s faster to send a DM to Amakusa Shikimi-san or contact the male contact window for the director
For now, it’s best to be cautious
However, if we want to fundamentally change the system, we have to go all the way to the prime minister’s office. I sent a DM to the prime minister, the secretary, and the support group leader, and I even emailed Fuji’s grandma, who knows the contact information
It’s also a test to see which one reaches the top the fastest, but I think this method is faster than just contacting the relevant agencies
867 Anonymous Boy
Wow, as expected of Butter-kun. You’re really on top of things
868 Anonymous Boy
Butter-kun really knows his stuff
869 Anonymous Boy
This is Kujaku-bocchan, the brain of the men’s bulletin board
870 Anonymous Boy
Honestly, I’m glad that the men’s board is becoming more and more decent. It was unbearable when people who bullied girls with violence or assaulted girls who didn’t want it were bragging about it. They’re such a weakling that I even trembled on the internet
871 Anonymous Boy
I totally agree!
872 Anonymous Boy
Now they’re the ones who feel the most uncomfortable on the bulletin board
873 Anonymous Boy
>>870>>872 Thanks to Aqua-kun, but it was Nyankosuki-san who made the difference
With that, the situation completely reversed
874 Anonymous Boy
I don’t really know about that story, why did the situation reverse because of that?
I just know they kept teasing on the internet and then they came to start a real fight in real life, saying let’s settle it
I was scared and didn’t go, but did Nyankosuki go by any chance?
875 Anonymous Boy
If a muscular, skinhead, bearded man with cat ears comes out, no one can beat him
They only talked, that’s it. Even though I’m on his side, all I could say was lol
876 Anonymous Boy
I won’t go against Nyankosuki anymore..
877 Anonymous Boy
Not Nyankosuki, but Nyankosuki-san
878 Anonymous Boy
While no one looked at him, only Uncle was just chatting with Nyankosuki-san normally, and I thought this guy was not ordinary
Since then, I have also used honorifics with Uncle
879 Anonymous Boy
By the way, Nyanko Gentlemen’s hobby is making sweets and actually working at a flower shop
Haraguchi-san at the matchmaking party is also doing a job that he doesn’t show on the surface, but there are quite a few men who work behind the scenes
880 Anonymous Boy
Is that a lie…? Nyankosuki, did he destroys flowers with his power?
881 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
I married my wife because she was a daughter of a florist
Also, I like to bake bread in addition to handmade sweets
I’m happy if you buy it if you have a chance to go out, as I ask my wife’s acquaintances to sell it at the market and put handmade embroidery in a shop of my wife’s acquaintance
882 Anonymous Boy
Nyankosuki-san works extremely hard
883 Anonymous Boy
Wow, I’m jealous that there are so many things you can do
884 Anonymous Boy
You’re quietly skilled. Shouldn’t Nyankosuki try being a talent in Beryl…?
885 Anonymous Boy
My uncle is also working, so I’m thinking of following Uesaka-san and working somewhere
When I watched this matchmaking party, I realized that girls are thinking about various things
886 Anonymous Boy
Exactly. I didn’t know what girls were thinking, but with interviews with girls and Aqua-kun’s advice, I feel like I understand a little more about girls who were previously a mystery
887 Anonymous Boy
Morikawa’s interview was good
Thanks to that, I understand better what girls are thinking in situations like this
888 Anonymous Boy
Morikawa-san seems easy to talk to
889 Anonymous Boy
I also thought Morikawa-san was nice, but I can’t believe she ended up dating Aa-kun
It’s not related to the matchmaking party, but I hope things go well for Morikawa-san too
890 Anonymous Boy
On this program, both Morikawa-san and Tsukimachi-san have increased their popularity among men
891 Anonymous Boy
As mentioned earlier, girls who date Aqua-kun are usually good girls. That’s why I want Tsukimachi-san and Morikawa-san to be happy too. Even as a man, I think Aqua-kun is a good guy and would make them happy
892 Anonymous Boy
I want to marry Aqua-kun
893 Anonymous Boy
I get it, LMAO
894 Anonymous Boy
Just between us, Aqua-sama in women’s clothes during the cultural festival was my perfect type. Why wasn’t I born a girl…?
895 Anonymous Boy
I belong to the Aqua-oneesama Stomping Squad. Many people have had their brains destroyed by Toa-chan, but many have also been crushed by Aqua-sama until their brains turned to mush
896 Anonymous Boy
And the conclusion we’ve come to is being sandwiched between little sister Toa-chan and big sister Aqua-sama
897 Anonymous Boy
Just between us, I want them both to step on me. Am I okay…?
898 Anonymous Boy
It’s okay, there’s that guy Nyankosuki who’s above us
He wants to become a sofa for the two of them. He said he wants to lie down in a flower garden and have Toa-sama and Miss Aqua sit on him and talk while he watches from below with a smile. So, you’re somewhat better compared to that pervert
899 Anonymous Boy
I’m relieved that he’s a proper pervert
900 Anonymous Boy
I want to punch myself for thinking he was a decent person just a moment ago. Nyankosuki is definitely a dangerous guy
901 Anonymous Boy
Nyankosuki probably has a daughter. I might sympathize with a girl for the first time..
902 Anonymous Boy
It’s funny how Nyanko the pervert’s evaluation is going up and down on its own
903 Anonymous Boy
I see. There are no normal adults except Uncle
904 Anonymous Boy
Come to think of it, both Uncle and Nyankosuki went to the Halloween live. Maybe I should have gathered the courage to go too
905 Anonymous Boy
Yeah, I know. But the scale of the event was too big and I got scared
906 Anonymous Boy
Due to security issues, it would have been difficult to have more people. When I watched from the special invitation seat in women’s clothes, there were only about ten boys and they were completely separated
907 Anonymous Boy
Except for Nyankosuki and Uncle, everyone else was in women’s clothes, huh? I think the government arranged a hotel nearby where we could disguise ourselves before going to the venue
908 Anonymous Boy
That’s right. Beryl’s stylist team was there, so we weren’t treated strangely and it was safe and secure. As expected, they were used to Aqua-kun
909 Anonymous Boy
Seriously? Girls working at Beryl are amazing. Even I get excited when Aqua-kun and the others are nearby, and I don’t have the confidence to do it properly. I’m just a regular limit otaku who would probably scream and shout
910 Anonymous Boy
Are you me? lol
911 Anonymous Boy
I’d like to work at Beryl normally, even though being a talent is impossible for me
I’m really looking forward to the episode where Morikawa-san’s national broadcast program follows Kirika Kotono-san, who works as a manager at Beryl
I’d like to try being a manager if Yamada-kun or Kujaku-kun become talents at Beryl, but not with Aqua-kun and the others
912 Anonymous Boy
Wow, I think that’s great
913 Anonymous Boy
I’m interested in the backstage work too. Not at Beryl, but I’m interested in making live stages
914 Anonymous Boy
Are you working there? I’m interested in the staff’s makeup skills at Beryl when they dressed me up in women’s clothing
915 Anonymous Boy
Seeing things like this makes me feel like I have to do something too. Well, I don’t even leave my room, let alone my house…
916 Anonymous Boy
It’s okay to go at your own pace
917 Uncle Tadano *k4k4r1ty0u
I support you. But, instead of trying to go outside and force yourself, I think it’s okay to do it at your own pace
918 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
The first step is crucial in everything. If you’re thinking about going outside, go without hesitation
919 Anonymous Boy
Everyone is so kind. I never thought I could feel warm and fuzzy on a men’s bulletin board
920 Anonymous Boy
That’s how things are changing. Aqua-kun taught us that we can change
921 Anonymous Boy
Everyone is so nice. I can’t go outside yet because I still remember being attacked…
922 Anonymous Boy
I’ve been attacked too, so it’s impossible for me. But please support everyone here. And someday, I hope I can go outside too
923 Anonymous Boy
Someday, everyone will be able to walk outside normally. I’ve never thought about it before, but I believe Aqua-kun will create such a world
924 Anonymous Boy
Actually, ever since Akkun came out into the world, the number of crimes has been decreasing. You can check it on the police website
925 Anonymous Boy
That’s amazing. I just checked it earlier and it’s true
926 Anonymous Boy
Actually, even in Stars, the number of crimes in October, which had a wedding compared to September, is decreasing. It may be a coincidence, but not just in this country. He’s trying to change the world
927 Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
Every big event that has happened recently is connected to Shirogane Aqua. That’s why I wanted to meet her. Can one person really change the world?
Batafly-san is always thinking about difficult things
929 anonymous boy
I feel like the world is changing exponentially
930 anonymous boy
I think you could say that all the timing coincidentally overlapped
Many people thought this situation was not good
Everyone wanted to change
931 Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
Shirogane Aqua appeared at that time…
I see, I think there is some truth to that
932 anonymous boy
As I said earlier, I think it’s good that I changed
The atmosphere of the previous men’s bulletin board was really creepy
Regardless of whether they are male or female, I despise people who are happy to leave lifelong scars on other people’s hearts, and it was funny that those people were acting big
Sure, we are privileged in terms of position, but don’t misunderstand it
933 anonymous boy
I understand. I also like the current bulletin board better than the previous one
934 anonymous boy
If it gets worse by changing, it’s okay, but if it gets better, there is no complaint
935 anonymous boy
Difficult stories are impossible for me
But when I watch this matchmaking party, my heart becomes more peaceful than ever before
936 anonymous boy
The matchmaking party was really good
I wonder if I should participate next time
937 anonymous boy
Is that once a year?
Can’t we increase the number of times a bit?
938 anonymous boy
Let’s send an email
Please increase the number of times
939 Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
I think the matchmaking party is once a year because there were few participants who wanted to participate
So if the number of participants increases, can’t they increase the number of times?
940 anonymous boy
941 anonymous boy
Bata-kun is still knowledgeable
942 anonymous boy
I will participate next time if there is one!
943 anonymous boy
I wanted to see Mr. Hamada’s happy face and try matchmaking
944 anonymous boy
I also want to date a girlfriend like Ayana-chan
945 anonymous boy
Ayana-chan is really popular
946 anonymous boy
Someday I want to go see eau de Cologne’s live performance
I’m not good at Fran-chan, but I think Maron-san, the leader, is a kind person
I wanted to go see a girl’s live performance after watching Aqua-kun’s live performance
947 anonymous boy
By the way, the other day, I hesitated to send a cheering letter to Ayana-chan
The cause of the previous incident was the man on that bulletin board
So I hesitated, thinking that even if I, a man, received a letter, she wouldn’t be happy
948 anonymous boy
I think it’s okay to send it
While it’s true that they are both guys, there are different types of guys, you know? Besides, if we’re talking about guys, Aqua-kun who helped Ayana-chan is also a guy
949 Anonymous Boy
A cheering letter sounds good. Let’s make one together!
950 Anonymous Boy
Actually, I want people to know that there are guys who support Ayana-chan. It’s not just Aqua-kun. There are other guys who watch Ayana-san’s acting on Getsuku and want her to do her best
951 Anonymous Boy
That’s a good idea. Let’s send a cheering letter from all the male fans of Ayana-chan. We want to tell her that she doesn’t need to feel down because of one scumbag
952 Tada no Ojisan *k4k4r1ty0u
I might send one too. I really look forward to Getsuku every week. Every week, I talk about it with the girls at work
953 Anonymous Boy
A letter might be good. You don’t have to be nervous like with email… I might send a letter to the national broadcasting station’s letter corner for Morikawa Ana, wishing her good luck on her date with Aqua-kun
954 Anonymous Boy
Then I’ll write “I’m interested in what kind of date it was, so please tell us on the show.” If it’s Morikawa Ana, she might spill the beans… I want to know what kind of date Aqua-kun had
955 Anonymous Boy
Ah, I’m really curious about Aqua-kun’s date
956 Shirogane Aqua (fake) *aquaaquaaa
That’s it, why don’t they do a TV show like Shirogane Aqua’s dating walk?
957 Anonymous Boy
As expected of you, Yamada
958 Anonymous Boy
Only Aqua-kun and Yamada always exceed my expectations. As expected, even though he’s fake
959 Tada no Ojisan *k4k4r1ty0u
As expected, Yamada-kun! I want to watch that kind of show
960 Anonymous Boy
961 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
Haahaa… Is your date partner Toa-chan? Haahaa… Ugh!
962 Anonymous Boy
As expected, the gentleman knows
963 Anonymous Boy
You really are something else
964 Anonymous Boy
Sorry, NYaNKOsuki, but this time I want a girl as a reference
965 Anonymous Boy
Same here
966 Anonymous Boy
If we’re doing this, how about Morikawa-san, Ayana-chan, or even ShiroganeKanon-san? Or maybe even Kohina Yukari-san..
967 Anonymous Boy
968 Anonymous Boy
Stop it, Sayuki!! I’ll knead your hair into curry!!
969 Anonymous Boy
Wait, I really don’t get it. Why would you do something like that..
970 Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
It seems that hair cannot be digested in the stomach. And finely chopped hair gets stuck in the stomach wall, which seems to be proof that it is one’s own. I don’t know if it’s true, but I don’t really understand what women are thinking
971 Anonymous boy
Girls are scary after all …
972 Anonymous boy
I realized again how scary girls are
973 Anonymous boy
I think Kanon-san is good. After all, she’s already married and seems to be used to it
974 Anonymous boy
Oh, that’s right, she’s Aqua-kun’s wife, so she must be reliable
975 Anonymous boy
A date with Kanon-san might be nice. I think someone who is used to Aqua-kun is better
976 Anonymous boy
That’s right. If it’s Morikawa-san, she might be a mess. So, if you think about it, Kanon-san was a former princess and seems to be reliable, so she won’t be useless
977 Anonymous boy
Maybe Kanon-san will lead Aqua-kun? After all, she’s the wife he chose. There is absolutely no way she is a mess
978 Anonymous boy
Oh, that might be right. We can learn from Kanon-san, and it’s not helpful to have a girl who is always a mess. In that sense, Kanon-san has been married for a month so we can watch her with confidence
979 Anonymous boy
I want to date Ayana-chan …. But if that happens, Fuji, who broadcasts Yuuo more than national broadcasting, is more likely to fulfill it
980 Anonymous boy
That’s right. National broadcasting probably won’t do it because they’ll be considerate of Fuji
981 Anonymous boy
Not just for dating, but I want Aqua-kun to teach me how to deal with different situations. Like when a girl talks to me …
982 Anonymous boy
Oh, I understand. If someone talks to me suddenly, I don’t know what to say …
983 Anonymous boy
Not just for dating, but the problem is that Aqua-kun’s actions are too advanced and not helpful sometimes …
984 Anonymous boy
Ah …
985 Anonymous boy
Ah …
986 Shirogane Aqua (fake) * aquaaquaaa
Oh, that’s possible …. The other day, I tried to be cool like Aqua-kun and leaned against the wall, but I slipped and fell
987 Anonymous boy
LOL, that happens a lot
988 Anonymous boy
Don’t worry, everyone has experienced that
989 Anonymous boy
Heaven’s Sword Kenzaki theory that too many people were injured trying to imitate it. My family was really worried …
990 Anonymous boy
I’m trying to think of it as an honorable injury
991 Anonymous boy
No, it’s not an honorable injury LOL, but I’ll try to think of it that way …
992 Anonymous boy
When sending an email, I should write “Please do it in the beginner’s edition
993 Anonymous boy
That’s great!
994 Anonymous boy
Aqua-kun “This is beginner level” <- It's really difficult for us
995 Anonymous boy
So true lol
996 Uncle Tadano *k4k4r1ty0u
Since the thread is getting faster, I created a new thread on my end
997 Anonymous boy
By the way, what happened to the women’s bulletin board?
998 Anonymous boy
Thanks, Uncle!
The girls didn’t believe that I was a boy..
So, I’m revising the plan
999 Anonymous boy
Good job, Uncle!
The plan was doomed to fail from the beginning lol
1000 Anonymous boy
I hope Yamada and Butterfly pass the audition for number 1000!!
Also, Ayana-chan, get well soon! Morikawa-san, good luck on your date!
And, may all the successful matchmaking in this round go smoothly!!

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