Male Idol V9c29

Volume 9 Chapter 29 Shirasaki Ai, The Prince Is Coming From Over There

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 [I have something to talk to you about what happened before. I attached my available time, so please let me know your convenient day, Sensei.]

 Looking at the email that was sent a few weeks ago, I sighed. The sender’s name was Shirogane Aqua, my crush.

 ”I don’t want to meet him…”

 Leaning on the balcony railing, I stared at the twilight sky through my phone.

 Like the light of Aldebaran shining beautifully even in this dusk, he attracts many people with his great light and makes it shine even more.

 He’s so far away…. No matter how much I think about it, it’s just too far.

 If I were a few years younger, I would have thought about it many times.

 No, even if I were younger, I don’t think the result would have been any different.

 ”But I have to make up my mind soon.”

 On that date, I confessed to him in a moment of excitement.

 That alone wouldn’t have hurt so much, but I kissed him because I didn’t want to be rejected and panicked. Oh… what have I done? With a pale face, I apologized to him later when I became calm.

 Aqua-kun said it was okay, but the fact that I attacked a man remains unchanged.

 I also sent an apology email to Kanon-san, but she forgave my actions because if I didn’t do something like that, Aqua wouldn’t have noticed my love.

 That’s why it’s even more painful.

 Even though Aqua-kun is trying to change the world, I, who am in a position to protect those children because of my age, shouldn’t have done such a thing….

 I even thought about turning myself in, but Kotono-san, Ako-san, and the editors stopped me.

 ”Really, what am I doing at my age?”

 I shook the beer can in my hand.

 If I listened to the TV noise from a little distance, I could hear Morikawa-san and Aqua-kun’s conversation getting excited.

 After the matchmaking party, the evening news was full of stories about that and the matchmaking party.

 Even the national broadcast is said to have a special program that looks back on Morikawa-san and Aqua-kun’s collaboration so far.

 And on the internet, especially on the bulletin board, people were getting excited about the conversation with Kotono-san.


 When I typed the word, I almost cried.

 But if I think back on what I did, I don’t have the right to cry.

 I gulped the beer and stared at the foam on the edge.

 I wish my love would disappear like this foam….


 The rain began to fall.

 At first, I thought it was just a passing shower, but then it started to rain heavily as if the clear sky until a while ago was a lie.

 It’s like reflecting my heart. If Morikawa-san is a sunny girl, maybe I’m a rainy girl.

 Because I thought of such a trivial thing, I returned to the room, slightly wet from the rain.

 ”I wish the rain would stop…”

 I have written many works that use love as a theme.

 I think I was dreaming about the good parts of love because I had never been in love myself.

 But falling in love with Aqua-kun made me realize how painful it is to love.

 How can I be released from this pain?

 If I give up everything, will I be able to feel relieved?

 No, just imagining it makes my heart ache even more than before.

 If I have to live with this pain for the rest of my life, I don’t think I can endure it anymore.

 Aqua-kun, it’s okay if it’s during your free time.

 I want to reply but I couldn’t bring myself to.

 The smiles of the couples who made it at the matchmaking party flashed through my mind.

 On the other hand, there were also girls who couldn’t become couples.

 They all bravely faced forward with smiles, even while showing the traces of tears.

 ’I’ve organized my feelings. Thank you.’

 ’This is not the end. I want to do my best for the next time.’

 ’I’m glad I could like someone. I want to express my gratitude for giving me this opportunity.’

 ’I want to praise myself for taking on the challenge. That’s why I have no regrets.’

 ’Thank you for teaching me what it means to like someone. I want to wish you happiness.’

 I thought it was amazing to see them. But how about me in comparison?

 I thought I should put an end to this half-hearted situation.

 So, I move my finger closer to the send button.

 I tried drinking beer, which is unusual for me, to make a resolution, but I didn’t get drunk at all.

 Just as my finger was about to press the button trembled slightly…


 The intercom rang. Who could it be at this time? I thought maybe the editor I was worried about had come.


 I froze as I looked at the person on the intercom screen.

 ”Sensei, long time no see.”

 Huh? Huh…? Why is Aqua-kun here? I’m sure he was doing the matchmaking party job until just now…

 ”I’m sorry for coming suddenly. But…there’s something I have to tell you, Sensei.”

 Ah… I realized everything from Aqua-kun’s words. He came to cut off this relationship and properly say goodbye to me… I felt pathetic.

 Even now, I’ve given up half of my mind, but the other half is thinking of some sneaky way to postpone it.

 But now, I noticed Aqua-kun’s abnormality through the monitor.

 ”Aqua-kun… are you wet from the rain?”

 ”Yes. After the show, I borrowed a friend’s bike and came here.”

 I panicked as I saw Aqua-kun, who was drenched.

 I usually live in a house in Takanawa, but today I was working in a condominium that I borrowed for canned work.

 If he were coming to my house, I could just open the door, but what should I do in a condominium?

 ”Well, wait, I’ll open it now, so come up right away.”

 Um, um… I have to prepare the bath quickly so he doesn’t catch a cold.

 Oh, and clothes to change into, but what should I do about clothes!? My clothes won’t fit him… oh! I remembered! I bought men’s clothes to use as a reference for my work.

 Um, where did I put them…? While I was thinking about it, the intercom rang again as Aqua-kun arrived at the front door.


 When I hurriedly opened the door, Aqua-kun who was wet from the rain was standing there.

 Uwaaaaaaaaaa! Wait! Wait a minute!!

 Wet bangs, long eyelashes with water drops, raindrops dripping from the neck to the collarbone, everything about Aqua-kun was too cool.

 No, no, no, normally, someone would become a soggy mess if they got wet in the rain, right?

 But in Aqua-kun’s case, the raindrops were just items to decorate Shirogane Aqua’s beauty.

 It’s cheating!? Even if he doesn’t say anything or move, just getting wet in the rain will make girls fall for him by the millions… no, billions, for sure.

 I wonder if manager-san, who was at the entrance, is okay? If he had passed by other residents, they would have probably fallen to the ground by now. But I didn’t have the luxury to worry about others at the moment.

 ”Sensei… I’m sorry for the sudden visit.”

 ”A-anyway, it’s not good to stay wet, so come in.”

 I said, turning around and urging Aqua-kun to come into the house. At that moment, my body, which was about to move forward, was pulled towards him with a strong force.

 ”Sensei… I finally caught you.”

 At first, I didn’t understand what was happening.

 Am I being hugged by Aqua-kun right now?

 I realized it when I looked at the mirror in the shoebox next to me.

 Huh… I froze when I saw my appearance in the mirror.

 Because I just wore a camisole and panties. And it made me almost screamed.

 That’s right… I was still in my lazy state after taking a bath.

 ”Don’t run away from me anymore.”

 Uwaaaaaaaaaa! Wait, wait, wait, don’t suddenly make that kind of dog-like expression! My chest tightened, and I felt my crotch getting wet. I prayed in my mind that I wouldn’t stain my panties.


 My heart was pounding so much that I thought it would explode.

 I checked the situation between myself and Aqua-kun again in the mirror again.

 This is incredible… there’s no such scenario or imagination world for this situation.

 Because of the height difference between me and Aqua-kun, I was completely wrapped up in his embrace, and my body temperature was rising.

 When I looked closely, I realized that I was just being hugged from behind, but it felt like I had become the heroine in a work.

 ”Sensei, I was trying to do something sneaky to you.”

 And I was being sweetly hugged.

 Rina’s line from the main theme song of the 9PM drama “Phantom Requiem” whispered in my mind.

 In the drama, whether it’s Kohina-san or Tsukimachi-san, I thought they endured well being hugged by Aqua-kun. The heroine of Hana-ata and the person who played Chijou in Heaven’s Sword, professional female actresses also amazing…

 ”I realized that refusing Sensei because of Kanon was a really disrespectful thing to do to Sensei’s feelings.”

 ”T-th-that’s not it.”

 My head feels fuzzy.

 Is it because of the alcohol? No, it’s not like that.

 My heart is in a feeling I’ve never felt before and it feels like it’s about to break.

 Something… something! Aqua-kun is different from usual today.

 That’s right. He never suddenly hugs me like this. I stare at Aqua-kun’s face through the mirror. I said something about him looking like a dog earlier, but that wasn’t true.

 Besides, are there really any cool dog boys like this?

 He’s clearly a wolf… wait, am I going to be eaten like this…?

 ”When I went on a date with you, I thought Sensei looked really beautiful when I saw you at the meeting place.”

 M-me? Beautiful!?

 Are you okay, Aqua-kun!? Let’s go to the ophthalmologist… no, before that, you should take a bath and calm down…

 ”Despite that, I was thinking of pointless things when I said I was seriously thinking about you, Sensei.”

 My heart skips a beat as I see Aqua-kun’s clearly different adult face.

 My previously noisy heartbeat becomes quiet, and my head, which was filled to the brim, becomes clear.

 The only thing I can understand is that Aqua-kun, who is hugging me, is cool.

 ”As a man, as Shirogane Aqua, I want Hakuryuu Aiko-sensei… no, Shirasaki Ai.”

 I couldn’t understand what was happening or what was being said.

 My heart just feels light, and I’m looking at myself from above through the mirror.

 ”If you respond to my feelings, then move forward, Ai.”

 Aqua-kun releases my body and gently takes my hair in his hand and kisses me.

 Oh, right, this is a dream. Yeah, I must be dreaming because I drank too much alcohol. I only had one beer… yeah, yeah, wow, I’m amazing! I finally made it this far.

 This situation, if I do it in the next work, everyone will probably get excited, yeah, yeah.

 ”This is not a dream.”

 Huh? Wait, wait, I thought I muttered it in my mind, did I accidentally say it out loud? Or is this real? Wait, is this really happening in reality?

 ”Don’t look away from the real me.”

 What’s going on…hey, what’s going on with this kid…

 It’s like a novel or a drama in real life…

 A boy who came out of the two-dimensional world wouldn’t say something like this.

 I thought it wasn’t strange that there are still people on the bulletin board who advocate the Shirogane Aqua CG theory.

 ”Uh, um, I, I’m, well, I’m older than Aqua-kun by one round, being an auntie and all…”

 At this point, I wondered what on earth I was saying.

 ”I-I’m not as pretty as the other girls, and my breasts aren’t that big…”

 Aqua-kun listened to my excuses without saying anything.

 ”I know it’s a hassle and, and…”

 What should I do? I have nothing more to say…

 ”Ai, If you still like me now, look this way.”

 That’s not fair… The way Aqua-kun said that is not fair. There’s no girl who doesn’t like Aqua-kun, big or small.

 ”Really… is it okay?”

 My body trembled. I should just turn around honestly, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

 What a luxurious woman I am.

 I think so myself, but after failing once, I became timid about my actions.

 ”I’m sorry for making you feel uneasy, Ai.”

 Aqua-kun doesn’t need to apologize.

 No, it’s not something that any boy, not just Shirogane Aqua, needs to apologize for.

 Even so, he, Aqua-kun, is always trying to be in an equal relationship with us girls, with me.

 ”I promise to take all of Ai’s anxious heart. So, Ai… look this way. You don’t have to think about anything else. Just… look at me.”

 Isn’t he too cool… With that said, there’s no way anyone wouldn’t look at you.

 So, I slowly turned around. I lifted my face and looked at Aqua-kun’s face, not through the mirror. I like you… There was no other emotion.

 ”Thank you for looking this way, Ai.”

 Aqua-kun today is a little different after all. His calm smile with a sense of ease made me very excited, more adult-like than usual.

 ”I’m sorry. Because I hugged you, you got wet too, Ai.”

 Ah… Seeing my sloppy appearance again, I blushed.

 No matter how anyone looks at the slightly loose underwear that I wear on a regular basis, I don’t give off the slightest hint of sex appeal.

 If only I had worn a little cuter underwear… But it’s too late to regret it now.

 And just as if to help me, an alarm sounds to let me know that the bath is ready. I changed the subject to cover up the current situation.

 ”Oh, right, the bath! I was boiling the bath! Aqua-kun, let’s go to the bath first…”

 ”Shall we take a bath together, Ai?”

 Aqua-kun slowly lifted my body.

 It’s different from the princess carry he did with Kanon-san.

 Th, this is the bag-carry showed in No-Rin!

 I never thought I’d be the one being carried like this, so I’m flustered. I just realized, but once I’m in this position, I can no longer resist.

 Still, I raised my voice in protest.

 ”Eh, but…”

 ”Later, we’ll both be naked, so there’s no need to be embarrassed now, right?”

 What? N-naked?! Is that what this is all about? I’ve never been in that kind of atmosphere with a boy before, so I don’t know what to do.

 ”Ai, raise your hands.”

 I was led into the bathroom and did as Aqua-kun instructed, raising both hands. He then lifted the hem of my camisole and stripped it off in one swift motion. I felt embarrassed but stiffened with tension and let him do as he pleased.

 ”You’re so beautiful, Ai.”

 With those words, Aqua-kun kissed me naturally.

 It was different from when I did it before.

 It was an adult kiss, with our tongues entwined, and I could only think of that kind of thing.

 Oh… no way… I’m being fondled while being kissed.

 Aqua-kun skillfully led me and undressed himself.

 Wow… a boy’s body looks like this… amazing.

 Even though I’m a writer, I don’t have enough vocabulary to describe it. I was so excited to see a boy’s naked body for the first time.

 And because I curious, I glanced at Aqua-kun’s crotch.

 What!? Wait a minute, that can’t fit, can it!?

 No way. Kotono-san and Kanon-san have it inside them!? A-amazing…

 As I amazing by this sight, Aqua-kun took my hand and led me into the bathroom. And it was amazing from there on.


 As if I were a princess, my body was washed, and in the meantime, I was kissed and my breasts were touched.

 I didn’t have a millimeter of breathing space to enjoy the bath.

 And in the end, my genitals were spread open with fingers and cleaned beautifully.

 If I’ve been seen this much, there’s no shame left, right? But I was so naive to think that.

 ”Your hair is so beautiful, Ai.”

 Aqua-kun said as he lifted me up and we both got into the bathtub.

 Aqua-kun kept playing with my hair with his fingertips.

 In addition, something hard, thick, and long was hitting my buttocks, and if I thought that he was going to put it inside me later, I couldn’t concentrate on the conversation.

 Even though he had just cleaned me, my important part would be mess up again… So, I thought I’ll wet myself in the bathtub.

 But while I was thinking about such silly things, Aqua-kun blew his breath softly in my ear.


 I screamed and c*m just from his breath. This is a deadly weapon. Aqua-kun, geez!

 ”Ai, are you nervous?”

 I nodded silently.

 ”It’s okay, Ai. Just think about how you can feel good. Let’s go.”

 In short, it was amazing. Yeah, as a writer, I don’t have enough drawers, and I think that’s fatal.

 I was taught what it means to be loved all over my body, and in the end, I was filled with his love… After s*x, tears naturally came out because I was filled with a feeling of happiness. Aqua-kun, I’m so sorry for causing so much trouble but you comforted me.

 ”I’m sorry. I’m really a troublesome woman.”

 ”Ai, being troublesome is cute. That’s why you should let me love you more.”

 Seriously, I wonder how much Aqua-kun will spoil me.

 I was a little jealous when I thought that he might be spoiling other girls like this, but I ended up liking him even more because of it. I understood that he had accepted me too.

 Being held in his arms felt comfortable, and I dozed off in Aqua-kun’s arms.

 ”Good night, Ai.”

 I felt Aqua-kun’s warmth on my forehead. It was so warm and comfortable that I…

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