Male Idol V9c30

Volume 9 Chapter 30 Shirogane Aqua, The Night That Started Runnin

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 ”Ah, um…”


 After everything was over, Morikawa-san waited for a moment when no one was around and pulled the hem of my jacket. Seeing Morikawa-san’s anxious face, I tilted my head wondering what was wrong.

 ”About earlier… that was for the program, to liven it up… or something like that, okay?”


 It seems that I made Morikawa-san worried by saying it casually during the program. To ease Morikawa-san’s anxiety, I gently wrapped my trembling hand around hers.

 ”I didn’t say that just to liven up the program. I’ve actually liked Morikawa-san for a while now, so I wanted to respond to your feelings. Or did you say it as a joke to liven up the program?”

 Morikawa-san shook her head back and forth. Along with it, her ponytail swayed from side to side, which I thought was cute.

 ”But, is it okay for me?”


 I slowly nodded my head. A man doesn’t need to say much.

 ”I enjoy talking with Morikawa-san, and I can be myself without trying to act cool in front of you. Maybe you want me to act cool even in front of you, but I like the atmosphere when I’m with you. Looking back, it’s been like this since we first met at that cafe.”

 ”Ah, thank you…?”

 ”Haha, why are you saying it like a question? Come on, don’t be nervous, just think of it as your usual self… Kaede.”

 ”K-K-Kaede… s-such sudden, if you say something like that, I’ll be flustered.”

 So cute. Kaede is easy to talk to and easy to get along with, but it’s lovely when she shows a little feminine gesture in between.

 If she were quiet, she would be as beautiful as the weather lady on the news, but her friendliness makes it easy to talk to her.

 When she pulls my hem like this or touches me casually, it makes my heart skip a beat.

 ”Then, Kaede, when should we go on a date?”

 ”Anytime is fine… oh, but I already used up all my paid time off…”

 ”Huh? Did you use up all your paid time off? Haha, how did that happen?”


 Kaede’s eyes swam. I think she’s someone I can’t get bored of just by watching her.

 I wonder if it’s okay to say something like that to a girl, but that’s Kaede’s charm, so there’s nothing I can do about it. Maybe people like her are people who can’t be left alone.

 ”Well then, I’m sorry Aqua-kun, but on my next day off…”

 ”I was going to say it’s okay, but actually, I have some business to attend to in a foreign country. I ended up making deals with various people this time, so…can you wait for me a little bit?”

 This time, I didn’t just rely on the Prime Minister.

 I had previously asked Shion-san of the same Fuji family, through her sister Fuji Ranko-san, to support me if something happened. I was surprised to see her here today, since I hadn’t heard from her about it.

 However, I decided to accept a certain job from Shion-san in exchange for that.

 It was a really interesting story, and I’m looking forward to it, so it’s fine, but… I’m sorry for having to adjust the schedule with Ako-san. Oh, by the way, the other day, Kohina-senpai was given four tickets to a theme park and looked like she was about to die, so I casually suggested that Ayana come along and we go as a group of four. If I had left her alone, she would have claimed to have gone four times alone and with four friends, which would have been unbearable.

 Sorry for getting off topic, but I had also asked Kukuri-chan through Grandmother Mary to support me. Of course, it’s not for free.

 Kukuri-chan had two requests, one was to exchange email addresses, and the other was to consult on various things. Kukuri-chan is a middle school student who hopes to attend Otomezaki high school, so she probably wants to consult on various things.

 I felt warm and fuzzy inside at her cute request that was appropriate for her age.

 ”Yes, yes! I can wait for 5 years, 10 years, or even another 60 years if necessary!”

 ”No, no, that’s too much waiting! Kaede, you can get angry if you have to wait that long.”

 ”Eh… get angry… at you, Aqua-kun?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. Pay more attention to yourself too.”

 Kaede has a confused expression, but is she okay?

 She’s so cute with that expression, so I gently pat her head.

 I don’t know what it is, but she has a cute mascot-like cuteness to her, or a relaxed character-like cuteness… Well, anyway, she’s cute. Come on, let me pat you a lot.

 ”Eh, w-w-wait, I’ll, I’ll consult my boss about various things! Um… I’ll email you later on my day off!!”

 Kaede turned bright red and ran away to her boss’s place. She’s so cute. I wouldn’t get bored with her around.

 ”Well then…”

 I moved from there and headed to where Kotono, who is in charge of today’s manager, is.

 ”Ah, Aqua-san.”

 As I headed towards a place where people seemed to be, Kotono, who noticed me first, called out to me. Hmm? I sense that something has happened from Kotono’s expression.

 ”I’m sorry. I was asked if you could have a meeting with the government officials about the usual matter from now on…”

 ”Oh, that’s fine. Let’s do it when we have time. We don’t have much time left either.”

 ”Yes! Then, I’ve arranged one of the waiting rooms, so let’s head over there.”

 As expected of Kotono. She’s efficient at work and is capable of preparing things like this. I shook hands with the government officials and started the meeting with a smile.

 The Prime Minister came to tease me along the way, but I ignored her moderately because it seemed like it would take quite a while.

 After finishing the meeting successfully, it took some time but I decided to excuse myself from the place first.

 ”Is it really okay without me?”

 ”Yes. The rest involves security, transportation from the airport, and accommodation, so it’s okay if it’s only me.”

 ”I see. Good luck with the remaining work, Kotono.”


 Actually, I wanted to kiss her on the cheek or forehead, but since all the government officials were looking at us, I refrained from doing so.

 Probably, if I did that, Kotono would be embarrassed and it would cause trouble for the government officials.

 I also greeted the government officials and left the meeting alone.

 But there’s just somewhere I really want to go.



 I happened to meet Emily-san in the hallway. Did she talk to Kukuri-chan and Kaede? She seems a little down, but maybe it’s just my imagination?

 ”Emily-san, thank you earlier.”

 ”Huh… um…”

 Did something happen after all? I approached Emily-san and smiled softly to ease her tension.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”Um… that… me earlier…”

 The biggest irregularity this time was that Emily-san came.

 Her Edo accent was amazing, and I was almost overwhelmed by her dramatic performance and presence.

 She was amazing during the PV too, but I wonder if Emily-san is really not aiming to be an actress?

 ”Emily-san earlier was really cool.”

 No, it’s not like that at all! My ears hurt. I felt like my butt was kicked from behind as I was making excuses.

 ”R-really? I always… act like a cat in front of Aqua-sama…”

 ”Haha, saying that you act like a cat is normal.”

 ”Ah, no… hehe…”

 Emily-san smiled to brush it off.

 The first time I met Emily-san was when I was working part-time at a cafe.

 I still remember being surprised when I saw Emily-san, who came to the store as a customer.

 Maybe it’s not good to be too concerned with a woman’s appearance, but Emily-san and Kanon were the only ones who surprised me with their beauty. Kukuri-chan was still more cute, so I managed to handle it somehow, but if she had been a little more mature, I would have been just as captivated by these two.

 Even back then, Emily-san was quiet, and I always had the impression that she was a lady of high society.

 However, as I watched her talk to Kanon and Kaede, I realized that it was just one aspect of her.

 So, seeing Emily-san this time didn’t surprise me, and I was happy to feel like I touched her heart at last.

 ”But…Aqua-sama looks better with a cat on, right?”

 ”Emily-san, I like both Emilys. Because, whichever Emily-san it is, it’s still Emily-san. Even I act a little like a cat in front of Kanon, you know.”

 ”In front of Shu——Kanon?”

 ”Yes. Because I always want to look cool in front of Kanon. It’s just some silly pride, but in front of Kanon, I want to show off my cool side and I want her to see it. It’s like wearing a cat mask, you know. Oh, but it’s actually difficult to look cool, and I’ve been seen in embarrassing situations before.”

 I scratch my cheek and reminisce about the past. Yeah… looking back now, I’ve been seen doing some pretty embarrassing things. Like nursing play…

 ”So, Aqua-sama, did you think less of me when you saw me earlier?”

 ”Of course not. If anything, I might have fallen in love with you if I were a girl. So, thank you for earlier.”

 I bow my head again to Emily-san.

 ”Ah, please raise your head, Aqua-sama! And I’m the one who should be thanking you! Thank you for Morikawa and Nee-san! Morikawa is clumsy and silly and forgetful and wastes her paid leave, but she’s a good girl! And Nee-san, even though she has a scary look and a big chest and big butt, she’s actually a cute girl at heart. So, thank you so much! But… if you ever make Morikawa and Nee-san cry, I won’t forgive you, Aqua-sama! Please remember that!”

 I really think Emily-san is amazing. At first, I thought she was saying bad things, but then she started praising them.

 But most of all, at the end, she said she wouldn’t forgive me if I hurt her friends… How many women in this world can say that to a man like me?

 ”Thank you. I’m glad Kanon, Kotono, and Kaede, have a friend like Emily-san. I’m not the one to say this, but please continue to be good friends with the three of them. It’s okay, I’ll make Kotono and Kaede as happy as Kanon. I promise to use Emily-san’s spirit and friendship to do that. Shirogane Aqua will make everyone he has pledged love to happy, regardless of gender, and will someday fill this world with smiles.”

 ”Aqua-sama… I understand! Yukishiro Emily will witness your determination until the end!”

 ”Thank you, Emily-san. If I ever break that promise…”

 ”I understand. I will do everything in my power to stop you, Shirogane Aqua.”

 Emily-san and I shake hands firmly. Will she really see it until the end? I thought it was like a proposal, but I quickly realized that she didn’t mean it that way.

 After all, her face turned bright red when she realized it later. Hmm…? When I was talking to Emily-san, I heard footsteps coming from the other side of the hallway. I turned my gaze in that direction.

 ”Aqua-kun… were you busy? If I’m bothering you, I’ll leave it for later.”

 ”No, it’s okay. Reira-san.”

 Reira-san approached us with a serious expression and bowed her head.

 ”Thank you so much…!”

 ”Please raise your head, Reira-san. I only helped a little this time. In the end, it was thanks to Amakusa-san and Rihito-san’s hard work. You should thank Ayana and Emily-san who are here instead of me.”

 ”I already thanked Ayana-kun earlier. Yukishiro Emily-san… thank you too. It’s been a long time since I saw you… I was surprised to see the beautiful girl I knew has become such a beautiful woman. And you, who used to be quiet, now talking like that.”

 Reira-san turned her head to Emily-san and bowed.

 I see, if both of them are from the six noble family, it’s not surprising if they know each other….

 ”It’s been a while. I just came to help Aqua-sama, so don’t worry about me.”

 ”Even so… everyone there was wide-eyed at your words. Be a cool woman in front of men if you’re a woman… it’s a good word, I think.”

 I nodded in agreement.

 Reira-san suddenly hugged Emily-san tightly and started to flirt in front of me.

 ”By the way, Emily-kun, are you interested in acting? You can definitely become Mishu-sama now!”

 ”Ehh!? Me, like aunt?”

 Aunt…? Oh, right, both of their last names are the same. When I found out that Mishu-san was my other parent, I was surprised, but maybe Emily-san will become my cousin or something? Or will it be a more distant relationship?

 Just as I want to ask about it, I heard two footsteps coming from the direction I was walking.

 ”Well, it’s okay, isn’t it?”

 It was the Prime Minister who appeared from behind and said that. And when I moved my gaze to the Prime Minister’s side, Kukuri-chan was standing there.

 I thought it was a great combination, but if Kukuri-chan is the head of the family at this age, it’s not strange for the two of them to know each other.

 ”Entertainment activities can make you widely known to the people. Why don’t you try it for a few years to make everyone remember your name and face? And, you have an atmosphere like Mishu-sama when she was young, so you’ll become popular as soon as you debut.”

 The Prime Minister approached Emily-san with a smile and handed her business card.

 ”Also… I heard that sensei——Mary-sama’s situation is troublesome. I also learned a lot from Mary-sama, both about how to have fun and about politics. So I’ll give you this business card as my younger disciple. If you have any problems or are interested in my work, please contact me.”

 Come to think of it, I remember Grandmother Mary trying to call the Prime Minister at first… In the end, I remember that Kaede had to replace her who was on official duty and couldn’t make it.

 When I was talking with Kaede and two others, they should be talked about when she was studying abroad at Stars, so she must have been taken care of at that time.

 ”Prime Minister… are you serious…?”

 Hmm? What’s going on? For once, Kukuri-chan is looking at the Prime Minister with a strange expression.

 ”Oh, Kukuri-san, I’m always serious. In the era of Aqua-kun and his friends who will come from now on, someone as unconventional as her is better. What’s important to me is whether it’s beneficial to this country and its citizens. I’m sure Sensei understood that and made her a maid. And charisma that attracts people is not something you can get later no matter how hard you try.”

 I couldn’t hear the content of what they were talking about, but from the Prime Minister’s constant smile, they were probably having a good time.

 ”By the way, Aqua-kun, weren’t you going somewhere?”

 ”Oh, yes.”

 Oops, I realized it’s already late. By the time I arrive at Sensei’s house, it might already be night.

 ”In that case, please use this.”

 I received the key to the bike with a Ramen Takeko keychain from Emily-san, who had been listening to our conversation. Wait, isn’t this Ramen Takeko’s delivery bike? Is it okay for me to ride it?

 ”I got this from Takeko-san, who said it would be convenient for transportation, so it’s okay to use it.”

 ”Are you sure?”

 ”Yes. Please use it. As for my return, I’ll get someone… No, I’ll get 10,000 yen for the taxi fare from Morikawa. So, it’s okay!”

 ”Haha… thank you, I’ll use it gratefully.”

 I could have paid for it, but Emily-san’s expression was sincere, so I didn’t want to be rude.

 By the way, it’s about 5,000 yen from here to Heihara Town where we live, so 10,000 yen is too much.

 Well, I have a feeling that Emily-san will find a way to get home without doing that. But I’ll send a message to Kanon just in case. If anything happens, I’ll ask Pegonia-san to pick me up with my bike.

 After saying goodbye to everyone again, I headed to the bike parking lot alone.

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