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Volume 9 Chapter 31 Shirogane Aqua, You Don’t Need To Look So Closely…

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 ”You’re so beautiful, Ai.”


 I kissed Ai’s lips, then pushed her down onto the bed.


 I lightly squeezed her palm-sized breasts with my left hand, while exchanging kisses with Ai multiple times. At the same time, I used my right hand’s fingers to stimulate Ai’s entrance, making sure it was wet and easy to enter.

 ”Ai… Are you really okay with this?”

 ”Y-Yeah… I heard that it’s easier to get pregnant if you do it as soon as possible when planning to have a baby, and if Aqua-kun is okay with it… Please im***gnate me!”

 Not just Ai, but also Kotono, Yui, and Kanon, why do they unconsciously tease men like this?

 There’s no man who wouldn’t get excited when told to im***gnate them.

 I pressed my own p**nis against the entrance of Ai’s v**ina and forcefully inserted it.


 Ai let out a loud moan with a disheveled expression.

 Ugh, Ai’s v**ina is tighter than I thought, I almost lost control for a moment.

 ”If it’s tight, should I move slowly, Ai?”

 I said that and Ai shook her head from side to side.

 ”No, it’s fine to be more intense. I want Aqua-kun to engrave in me that he took my virginity.”

 With that in mind, I slowly shook Ai’s body as if stroking it gently at first, loosening her insides so that I could be more intense.

 I enjoyed Ai’s deeply lewd expression and licked her neck, sucked on her nipples.

 I like big ones, but I also like ones of moderate size like Ai’s.

 Big ones are fun to play with, but the smaller they become, the more enjoyable I think they are to play with.

 Moreover, a size like Ai’s fits nicely in my hands. I think that this size can be forever fondled, with its cuteness.

 ”Ah, ah, ah… it’s amazing. It hurts but it feels good, what is this… I’ve never felt this before…”

 ”Then shall I do something that hurts but feels even better?”

 ”Huh…? Ahh!?”

 I push the tip of my p**nis against Ai’s depth with faster strokes than before. It seems that Ai feels the most when the glans rub against the v**inal wall during the withdrawal of the p**nis. So every time I slowly withdraw my p**nis, she twists her body and messes up her hair in response.

 ”Ai, can you feel something hitting your deepest part?”

 Ai nods silently in response to my question.

 ”From here, I will release my baby-making essence inside Ai.”

 I stroke Ai’s lower abdomen to make her understand. Ai doesn’t seem to be the type to be embarrassed about feeling things herself, as she makes no effort to hide her lasciviousness during the act.


 With messed up hair, a twisted body, and a lascivious expression that oscillates between pleasure and agony, she tempts me. As our bodies intertwine, her moist, clingy skin feels pleasant.

 ”Oh, no! I’m…! C*mming…! C*mmmming!”

 With closed eyes, Ai clenches her teeth and furrows her brow. She moans loudly and shakes her head from side to side. Ai is sensitive, she repeats the words “c*mming” and makes moaning sounds many times.

 ”Ah, ah, I can’t, it’s too much!”

 Ai wraps her hands around my neck and looks at me with a begging look as if she wants me to do it aggressively. My desire for pleasure intensifies.

 ”Ai, I’m going to come inside—Ugh!”

 My p**nis expands and contracts, as if stretching Ai’s tight v**ina. Then, my s*men fills her insides like flowing blood.

 ”Ah… ah…”

 Ai enjoys the afterglow of pleasure with a dazed look.

 ”Ai… thank you for giving me your first time.”

 I kiss Ai lightly. Then, Ai becomes overwhelmed and starts crying. I comfort Ai and whisper words of love in her ear.

 After a while, she finally calms down and falls asleep in my arms. It’s actually indigestion, but there’s nothing I can do.

 I noticed dark circles under her eyes, so maybe she couldn’t sleep well. I’m sorry, Ai. I kissed her forehead and fell asleep like that.




 ”Good morning.”

 ”G-good morning… yes. So, is this still a dream?”

 ”Should we confirm whether it’s a dream or not one more time?”

 The next morning, when we woke up, we took a bath together just like yesterday.

 Ai, just like yesterday, climbed onto my knees in the bathtub like a borrowed cat.

 After washing each other’s bodies just like yesterday, we dried ourselves off and sat on the bed in the same way.

 ”Wow, it’s like this.”

 Ai, who got off the bed, carefully observed my thing from a distance while wearing glasses and sighed.

 The reason why this happened is because Ai kept glancing at my thing when we were taking a bath together earlier, so I jokingly suggested, “Why don’t you take a closer look?” and Ai said yes.

 ”Ai… It’s really embarrassing when you stare at it so closely…”

 Every time Ai’s sigh touched my thing, it twitched slightly.

 I thought it would be nice if Ai could touch it even just a little, so I suggested that it would be more helpful if Ai actually tried touching it.

 ”I-Is that… okay?”


 I hesitantly let Ai touch mine.

 My sensitive p**nis reacted to the touch of Ai’s fingertips and jumped.


 Surprised, Ai let go of my p**nis.

 ”Amazing… It’s like a completely different creature…”

 As I thrust my hips forward, wanting Ai to touch me more, Ai hesitantly reaches out to my p**nis again.

 Ai’s awkward and careful touch as they traced the protruding veins unexpectedly felt good.

 ”Oh wow… This is actually how it looks… Just looking at it can make a girl feel naughty. It’s unfair how this shape, which even just the p**nis alone can be stimulating, becomes even more erotic with these two dangling balls below it.”

 As Ai becomes more accustomed to it, she checks the curvature, play with the testicles, peek from below, compare it to the size of her own face, and even bring a ruler to measure the size.

 Well, if I’m analyzed so thoroughly, I guess I’ll also feel embarrassed…

 ”Um, you know… I really feel guilty and strange, asking for something like this…”

 ”Hey, go ahead and say it without hesitation.”

 At first, Ai looked embarrassed and remained silent, but when I said that I would be mean if she didn’t speak, her face turned bright red and she started talking.

 ”Um… I wanted to see the moment when a boy is mas***bating, so…”

 ”It’s okay. Can I use you as material from now on?”

 ”U-Use me!?”

 I whispered in Ai’s ear, explaining that “using” someone meant fantasizing about doing whatever you want to a girl right in front of you, and being intimate with her.

 ”Aqua-kun… I… mas***bation.”

 Ah, her face became even redder.

 Thinking she was cute, I stuck my p**nis out in front of Ai and started stroking it myself.

 ”A-Ah… no. I didn’t realize that when a boy is mas***bating, it could make me feel so desperate. It’s pitiful. My heart flutters with the desire to help you.”

 ”Then, could Ai do it for me?”

 I took Ai’s slender hand and made her grasp my own.

 I get excited when I allow someone who usually holds a pen and writes novels to hold onto me and help me. Actually, she’s typing with a keyboard, so it’s not a pen. But I won’t make such a crude comment.

 ”You can grip tighter. You can go faster.”

 I’m excited about Ai’s daunting first h**djob experience.

 With neatly trimmed nails, Ai’s hands are quite beautiful.

 They say that you can instantly tell a person’s age by looking at the back of their hands, but Ai must take care of her hands regularly.

 ”Aqua-kun’s face looks really painful… I’m sorry. I’m so clumsy…”

 ”That’s not true. Ai, this is a mix of pleasure and pain. I actually want to release it for you quickly, but I’m holding back because I want to give you a lot.”

 I wonder how many times I’ve imagined doing it with Ai in my head.

 Whether it’s shooting on Ai’s face, forcefully thrusting it into her hair and letting it out, spitting it into her mouth, pushing her down and ej***lating inside her, or fantasizing about dirty things involving Ai in my mind.

 ”Ugh… Thank you for doing this for me. But, um, it’s more painful for me to see your pained expression, so I want you to do it without holding back.”

 ”Then, can you put both hands out? I’m going to release everything onto Ai’s palm, so watch carefully.”

 I made Ai spread her hands and picked up her underwear that had fallen onto the floor.

 I wrapped it around my p**nis and stroked it vigorously. Why does wearing a girl’s panties feel so good?

 Anyway, I released all the accumulated feeling from deep inside my body in one go.


 Squirt, squirt, the s*men forcefully ej***lated onto Ai’s palm.

 ”Amazing… Being used and ejaculated by a boy, being used and ejaculated by someone I love, it makes me feel so happy.”

 Ai looked at the pool of my s*men on her palm with an affectionate gaze.

 I sat on the bed and gently stroked Ai’s head, thanking her for helping me.

 Then, Ai played with it using her fingertips, licked it, and carefully observed the s*men.

 ”Wow, it’s so sticky… W-what if this was inside me last night… I might be pregnant with just one shot…”

 I lifted Ai up and placed her on top of my waist.

 ”Do you want to do it again?”


 ”You also got excited when you saw it, right?”

 I gaze at Ai’s wet crotch.

 ”I-Is it okay, Aqua-kun?”

 ”Of course… Well, I still want to c*m inside Ai rather than just using my hand… Is that okay with Ai?”

 ”Y-Yeah! Um… Please, go ahead”


 I said that and pushed Ai down, then we enjoyed several rounds while still inside.

 After the act was over and we calmed down, Ai lamented that it would have been better if today had been her lucky day, so I whispered that we should make it happen on the day she can conceive a baby.

 Also, because her appearance was cute, I held her again for another round, as an extra.

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