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Volume 9 Chapter 34 Shirogane Aqua, Until We Meet Again

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 ”Well then, since Shirogane-kun will be taking a break for a while, what will everyone else do?”

 Due to Tenga-senpai’s temporary absence (sleep), a discussion began between us and Ako-san.

 ”I would like to fix my glasses during that time if possible.”

 ”I think I’ll stay with Tenga-senpai. He seems lonely without someone by his side, and if he wakes up in the middle, there won’t be anyone to forcefully make him go to sleep.”

 ”Well then, I might as well go sightseeing.”

 Everyone, including the staff, looked at me as if to say, “What is this guy saying again?”

 I understand what everyone wants to say, but based on yesterday’s experience, I don’t think anything strange will happen during the shoot.

 Everyone keeps their distance and pays attention to the filming.

 ”Understood. In that case, Toa-chan, I’ll leave Tenga-kun in your care. Mayuzumi-kun, please go to the local glasses shop with Director Hongou. Aqua-kun… I will accompany you.”

 And so, Ako-san and I suddenly decided to go sightseeing in Awaji Island together.

 Since the program lent us bikes, I drove while Ako-san rode behind me for the shoot.

 ”Well then, everyone. For a while starting now, it’ll just only me, so please take care.”

 I talk to the camera. From here on, I plan to progress as if speaking to the viewers through the camera that Ako-san is shooting with.

 ”I’m going!”

 ”Take care!”

 Without a particular destination, I start riding my bike with Ako-san. Thanks to the Kaede’s sunny weather charm I received after that matchmaking party, it’s an incredibly clear day outside.

 ”The wind feels nice! Ahh, I wish I brought my own bike, this is great.”

 The bike I’m riding now is more of a cute scooter type.

 ”Look, it’s amazing weather. Perfect weather for biking, right?”

 I stop the bike at the stop line and wave to the person in the car next to me at the red light. Then, the person in the car next to me lowers their window and starts talking to me.

 ”So, filming, right?”

 ”Yeah, that’s right. Are you from around here?”


 ”Is there something in that direction?”

 ”Um, I think there’s only a ranch or something.”

 ”Thanks. Well, let’s head that way for now.”

 I start riding towards the ranch for now. Along the way, I find a sign that says “Onion Farm.”

 ”The onions were delicious yesterday. Let’s stop by for a bit.”

 Normally, it is said that in this kind of program, you go to famous tourist spots and enjoy delicious gourmet food. However, on Shirogane Aqua’s solo trip, I go wherever the wind takes me and wherever I feel like going the most at that time.

 ”Oh, there’s someone. Is she someone from the onion farm? Let’s talk to her.”

 I stop my bike and wave to the woman who was working in the field. When the woman notices me, she looks surprised.

 ”Huh? Huh? The real…?”

 ”Yes, I am the real Shirogane Aqua. I’m not Matsushita-san’s CG.”

 I shake hands with the woman from the onion farm. She looks a little embarrassed and gazes at me.

 ”I’m sorry. I look like this…”

 ”Why? Your appearance while working was really wonderful.”

 The woman was concerned about her appearance, but I found her healthy and charming with the dirt on her. Even now, with dirt on her forehead, I think she’s cute.

 ”By the way, what were you doing earlier?”

 ”Um, uh… I was planting onion seedlings.”

 ”Oh, yesterday, I had a barbecue with everyone from Beryl, and we used Awaji Island’s onions for foil grilling. It was really delicious.”

 ”R-Really? I’m so happy!”

 At this point, I came up with a certain idea.

 ”If it’s not too much trouble, could you let me help with planting those seedlings?”


 The big sister looked at me with a surprised expression.

 Well, I guess that’s a normal reaction.

 ”Y-you mean, A-Aqua-kun will help me!? Is that… is that okay?”

 ”Yeah. If…if it’s really a bother, just let me know.”

 The big sister shook her head.

 ”A bother? No way… During this time, we also accept children for hands-on learning activities, so if you’re interested, please feel free to join.”

 And so, thanks to the kind gesture of the big sister who runs the onion farm, I ended up experiencing transplanting the seedlings at short notice.

 To make the work easier, I borrowed rubber boots and coveralls from her.

 ”Now, let’s start by making holes about 2cm deep for planting.”


 I stood next to the big sister and diligently dug holes, one by one.

 Yes. 1, 2, 1, 2… It didn’t seem like a big deal at first, but I thought it would be tough on my back if I kept doing this work.

 Farmers who do similar physically demanding work every day are truly amazing.

 I realized that we should be grateful and appreciate the food on our daily table, which is made through such hardships.

 ”I see, that’s how it is.”

 ”That’s right and I never thought I would come back to Kansai after graduation.”

 I continue working while chatting with the big sister casually.

 The big sister’s name is Chinatsu Totori-san, 33 years old, and she seems to have taken over the family farm after her grandma.

 Originally from Awaji Island, she was transferred to Tokyo due to her parents’ job, and it seems she came back here after graduating from a university there.

 ”Oh, really. When did you start thinking about trying this job?”

 ”In high school, I guess. When I came back to Awaji Island for a visit, I thought I wanted to come back here. But when I actually came back and wondered what I could do here, I decided to continue my grandma’s beloved onion.”

 ”Thank you for the wonderful story. I see… So the taste of these onions has been passed down.”

 After successfully drilling all the holes, the two of us stand side by side and stretch our bodies to loosen up.

 It’s getting a little hot. I unbutton my coveralls and tie them around my waist, roll up my shirt sleeves.

 ”This scene is so amazing… Hakuryuu-sensei is so strong…”


 ”Uh, never mind. Anyway, let’s move on to planting the seedlings.”

 I carefully plant the seedlings one by one as instructed.

 ”Be delicious. Be delicious!”

 ”Hehe, that’s nice. They say that when you talk to vegetables, they become more delicious.”

 ”Huh? Really? Then I’ll talk to them a lot.”

 ”Okay, me too. Be delicious and grow a lot!”

 Now that I think about it, can we really use this footage? I’m just having fun, but I think it might be a bit too plain for TV broadcast. I feel sorry for Ako-san who is filming with high expectations.

 ”For now, let’s stop here. Oh, I made some cold tea, please help yourself.”

 ”Thank you!”

 The two of them sit under the eaves, drinking tea and looking at the field where we planted the seedlings. Maybe because we planted the seedlings ourselves, we felt a strong attachment to it.

 ”If you like, shall I send the harvest next year?”

 ”Huh!? That’s too much, I mean…”

 ”No, no, please enjoy the onions that you planted yourself.”

 ”I understand, thank you.”

 If there’s a holiday at that time, it would be nice to come on a trip with Kanon and experience the harvest together. According to Chinatsu-san, they also do experiential learning during the harvest season.

 ”Thank you for your help!”

 ”I’m the one who should be thanking you”

 After saying goodbye to Chinatsu-san, I put Ako-san behind me and ride the bike again.

 Because I made a detour, it’s already past 10 o’clock.

 ”Oh, this is a ranch!”

 At the entrance of the ranch, there is a sign saying that there is a milking experience with cows going on.

 Hmm… milking, sounds good. I must definitely participate in this, I thought with a mysterious sense of duty, and I caught a person from the ranch to talk to.

 ”Excuse me. Can I ask something?”

 ”Oh, yes…——Wait!? Aqua-sama!?”

 ”Yes, it’s the real Shirogane Aqua. I came here for the milking experience.”

 ”Milking!? Oh… please. I mean, come to the cows.”

 I almost blurted out “Are you serious!?” when she shows her breasts. By the way, this sister has an amazing magical breasts that surpasses Yui and Kotono.

 Anyway, the ranch seems to have become a tourist attraction, as there are many customers.

 ”No way, is this a lie…”

 ”Aqua-kun is milking the breasts!?”

 ”Wait a minute, if the camera is rolling, is this some kind of TV show?”

 ”Is this something ecchi!?”

 ”Isn’t it too sexual!?”

 ”Even without Hagetoru, this will be amazing!”

 ”There will definitely be casualties… Can I handle it? I’m a F-cup.”

 ”Aqua-kun is testing this world…”

 ”The ranch girl looks like she’s beyond J-cup and she’s definitely wet.”

 ”Is milking an option for Aqua-sama?”

 ”Mommy, will the breasts still produce milk?”

 After receiving the explanation from the big sister, I also tried milking. “Okay, don’t be afraid~.” I firmly grasped the base of the n**ple and slowly squeezed the milk out.

 ”Ah, you’re really good at this. Keep it up, keep it up.”

 The ranch girl leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

 ”Okay, let’s produce a lot today, spurt, spurt.”

 Wait, doesn’t this feel a little inappropriate? Or is it just me?

 ”Mmm… a lot came out. Okay, okay.”

 The big sister gently stroked the cow. Hmm, maybe my heart is becoming dirty because I feel really naughty.

 ”Ako-san, since we’re here, let’s eat soft serve ice cream together.”

 ”Eh, yeah, that’s a good idea… I took a picture, but can we broadcast it?”

 While watching the ranch cows, Ako-san and I ate soft serve ice cream together. The serene landscape seems to have purified my heart that was once impure.

 ”Oh, Ako-san, you have cream on your face.”

 ”Huh? Where?”


 Recently, Ako-san has had a sharp demeanor, but doing this reminds me of when we first met. I reach out my hand to Ako-san and wipe off the cream on her cheek.


 I lick the cream off my fingers. Mmm, it’s delicious! Ako-san’s face turns bright red when she sees this.


 I think it’s cute to see Ako-san confused. At the same time, I wonder when was the last time I saw Ako-san like this.

 ”Ako-san, thank you so much for everyhing. I can freely do what I want because you’re here.”


 It’s been a long time since we talked like this, just the two of us, in a relaxed atmosphere.

 ”Ako-san, I may not be in a position to say this, but please take proper breaks without pushing yourself too hard. I heard it from Shitori-oneechan too, but you don’t go home often, right? If it’s tough, you can take a break from the work.”

 Recently, when I went home, Shitori-oneechan, who was worried, asked me about Ako-san. I understand Ako-san’s feelings because I’m the type to push myself too.

 But there have been times when I collapsed and worried my family and Kanon.

 That’s why I thought I should tell Ako-san.

 ”Thank you. And sorry for making you worried, Aqua-kun. But it’s okay because more people are coming in soon. Besides, aren’t you pushing yourself too hard too? We talked about taking it easy this month, but you ended up doing a lot…”

 ”It’s okay. Thanks to Kanon and Pegonia-san, I can relax at home, and thanks to my mother and family, I can relax at my parents’ house too. It’s all thanks to Ako-san and everyone’s support. Thank you so much.”

 On the contrary, Ako-san seems worried about me.

 Not only that, she even tells me it’s okay to rely more on the adults if it’s tough.

 Haha, I can’t compete with Ako-san. I gaze at the scenery in front of me again.

 ”What a beautiful view…”

 I think there would be more picturesque spots or places that would stand out more.

 But in scenes like this, capturing everyday life, I felt the history and the affection of the people in that place that can’t be found anywhere else.

 ”Oh, looks like Tenga-kun is back. What should we do?”

 ”In that case, should we meet up somewhere?”

 ”Yes, that might be a good idea.”

 I realized the time has already passed 12 o’clock. I aim to join everyone by bike with Ako-san.


 Ah, there it is.

 I confirm that figure while waving my hand energetically.

 I felt a sense of relief when I saw that Shintaro, who was next to me, had his glasses restored.

 ”I’m really sorry…”

 ”You don’t have to apologize, I understand Tenga-senpai’s feelings too.”

 I encourage Tenga-senpai who looks down.

 ”Well then, shall we go?”

 Once again, we resume our travel by car after reuniting.

 While marveling at the Naruto whirlpools that I see for the first time, we hurry forward.

 I actually wanted to take it easy in Tokushima, but this time there’s no choice.

 We pass through Tokushima and head towards Kagawa Prefecture.

 ”I’m hungry. What should we do for lunch?”

 ”Well, when it comes to Kagawa, we have no choice but to eat udon, right!”

 The problem is where to eat.

 Kagawa Prefecture has countless udon restaurants, and they are said to be delicious no matter where you eat. But considering the flight time, we can’t go too far.

 As we make our way to the airport, we find a udon restaurant overflowing with many people.

 ”Oh, is there something written here?”

 ”Oh, you’re right. It says, ‘Welcome to Kagawa, Shirogane Aqua-sama and group.’”

 ”For real? Let’s go check it out.”


 When I entered the parking lot of the udon restaurant, many people welcomed me with applause. A woman in a suit stood in the center, holding what seemed to be a certificate with a nervous expression on her face.

 ”N-nice to meet you.”

 ”Nice to meet you, I’m Shirogane Aqua.”

 After exchanging brief greetings, I received a business card from the woman. What? The governor of Kagawa Prefecture!? Why would the governor be here? We looked at each other.

 ”Um, Beryl Entertainment’s Shirogane Aqua-san. You have made significant contributions to the promotion of udon. We would like to commend your efforts and appoint you as the new ambassador for Udon Prefecture! From the governor of Kagawa Prefecture! Congratulations!!”

 ”Ah, thank you very much.”

 I do like udon, but am I really suitable as the new ambassador for Udon Prefecture? Wait, did we travel to Kagawa Prefecture for this reason? With the level of preparation and Ako-san’s expression, it seems like this was planned from the beginning.

 ”Um, if you don’t mind, please come inside the store. The udon here is delicious.”

 ”Thank you. Is the recommended dish still the bukkake?”

 ”B-bukkake!? Ah… yes. That’s right. The recommended dish is bukkake.”

 And then I ordered Bukkake Udon, Shintaro ordered Nama Shoyu (Raw Shoyu) Udon, and Tenga-senpai ordered Kamatama Udon.

 The inside of the restaurant was partly self-service, so it was really fun to put toppings like green onions and tempura crumbs on our own.

 ”The noodles are chewy and delicious.”

 ”Yeah, they’re really chewy.”

 ”They’re so smooth, I could eat them endlessly.”

 ”The texture is amazing. This is the real deal Sanuki Udon… it’s incredible!”

 Since we were still hungry, we ordered one more bowl. Toa ordered Kamatama, Tenga-senpai ordered Curry Udon, Shintaro ordered Kitsune Udon, and I ordered Vegetable Tempura Udon.

 ”Oh, Kamatama is amazing. It has butter in it and the taste is kind of Western.”

 ”The Nama Shoyu was good too, but the broth is also delicious. I bet it would make a great egg roll. And above all, this sweet tofu soaked in the broth is so delicious.”

 ”The curry is also really good with its Japanese-style broth. Who would’ve thought curry and udon would go so well together?”

 ”The tempura udon is crazy good. The tempura is crispy and delicious on its own, but when soaked in the udon broth, it becomes fluffy and even more delicious. Especially this eggplant, the eggplant tempura is amazing!”

 Since we were so hungry, we were all very satisfied with the authentic udon.

 As usual, we left our signatures at the udon shop and took a commemorative photo together.

 Finally, it seems that the enjoyable trip has come to an end.

 We arrived at the airport and lined up in front of the camera.

 Many people had gathered at the airport, perhaps knowing that we were about to board a plane.

 ”Well, that was fun. How was it for everyone?”

 ”It was great. We had so many fun memories.”

 ”Same here. It was more fun than I imagined.”

 ”I feel the same way. I only have memories of having fun.”

 I nod in agreement.

 ”Ahh, I don’t want to go home.”

 As I mutter this, the people around me say, “Don’t go home! Stay here forever!”

 ”Thank you, everyone. But there are people waiting for us to return on the other side. So, we will definitely come back here someday.”

 My words are met with applause and cheers. Ako-san, who was in front of me, rolls up her cue card with a smile.

 [Well then, that’s it for Beryl and Beryl’s first special men’s trip! Look forward to the USJ special in December next time!]

 The four of us look at each other and wave to the camera.

 ”See you later!”

 Toa waves with a smile.

 ”That was fun. Thank you!”

 Shintaro adjusts his glasses and waves his hand.

 ”Yes. We’ll see you next time!”

 Tenga-senpai seemed to have recovered and returned to his usual self.

 ”Until we meet again!”

 I waved back with a smile.

 During the flight back, Toa leaned on my shoulder, probably exhausted from playing too much. I was feeling the same way, so I fell asleep leaning on Toa’s shoulder.

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