Male Idol V9c35

Volume 9 Chapter 35 Bulletin board, Hagetoru’s Slack-jawed Discussion

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Monday 10:00] beryl&beryl main venue [Congratulations, first broadcast 3-hour special]
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2 Anonymous
Good job~. Shumi lol Hagetoru lol
3 Anonymous
Good work, only slack-jawed discussions with Shumi and Hagetoru are allowed lol
5 Anonymous
Once again, it seems like they’ve done something
Saba-chan, you’re capable, good job
7 Anonymous
Osaka, Hyogo, and Kagawa had amazing festivals
As expected, High-performance Server-chan
8 Anonymous
I never thought they would come
10 Anonymous
First of all, let’s summarize the previous information
・Convenience Store in Osaka
・SA in Osaka
・Takoyaki shop in Dotombori, Osaka
・USJ in Osaka
・Memorial monument in a park in Hyogo
・Stay at an inn in Awaji
・Milking experience at a ranch in Awaji (Aqua-kun only?)
・Udon shop on the airport side in Kagawa
12 Anonymous
I’m worried if the milking experience will be broadcasted or not
According to witnesses, it was said that it’s not suitable for terrestrial broadcasting
13 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Since I didn’t accompany them this time, I’m looking forward to watching it with the same feelings as everyone else
14 Anonymous
Just hearing the word “milking” from Aqua-sama already makes my breasts tight
Now, maybe my mother’s milk will come out
17 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hey, what a coincidence. My n**ples have been er*ct since yesterday too!
19 Anonymous
Hagetoru seems to be more energetic than I thought. lol
20 Anonymous
I don’t want to be in the same rate bracket as this guy
22 Anonymous 22E
I couldn’t sleep since last night because I was looking forward to today’s program
23 774 *Hi-P3erver
25 Anonymous
Saba-chan lol
26 Anonymous
28 Anonymous
Even though this guy is set up as an AI, she’s drowning in greed lol
29 Anonymous
It’s about to start!
30 Anonymous
Come on, come on, come on!
33 Anonymous
It’s here!!
34 Anonymous
It’s started!
35 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Ready to be n*ked!
37 Anonymous
40 Anonymous
42 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is being lazy lol
44 Anonymous
Toa-chan and Aqua-kun are flirting from the beginning, lol
45 Verification Team *010meTA473
Isn’t Toa-chan closer to him than usual?
47 Verification Team *07218KADO6
It’s the start of Shumi’s project!!
Keep going, keep going!
49 Anonymous
This sense of marriage cannot be expressed by Shumi
51 Anonymous
After all, Shumi is just a fake in the preliminaries. That’s what they’re trying to show
53 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is properly surprised
And Tenga-senpai is acting a little suspicious
55 Anonymous
What’s wrong with Tenga-senpai’s suspicious behavior?
57 Anonymous
The airplane ticket is here!
58 Anonymous
Aqua-sama seems a little annoyed
60 Anonymous
This guy is always so energetic. Are you okay?
61 Anonymous
Hagetoru seems very happy today
62 Anonymous
Is that a private jet? The ticket might be fake
64 Anonymous
Isn’t this from when he went to pick up Shumi?
65 Anonymous
I remember this private jet, it’s from when he returned home
68 Anonymous
Oh my god, that’s great! Aqua-sama is really coming to Kansai!
70 Anonymous
When I told everyone that Aqua-sama is coming to Kansai, they said I was hallucinating. How does everyone feel now?
71 Anonymous
Oh, I see. I thought the air in Tokyo was really bad the other day, but this is probably the reason
72 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Aqua-sama doesn’t have to come back from Kansai for a while. There are too many dirty women here, especially Shumi and Morikawa!
75 Anonymous
The woman behind is frozen with her mouth open. I understand that feeling too
When I first saw real Aa-sama, I had the same expression. I can’t say anything about Morikawa, who has Hoge face
77 Anonymous
Only Hogekawa comes to Kansai, lol
78 Anonymous
Hogekawa is also made fun of in Osaka
79 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Huh? Is Aqua-kun a CG!?
82 Anonymous
By the way, in a TV survey, Morikawa was recognized as a comedian by the Osaka granny
When I said “She’s a national broadcaster announcer,” she said, “Oh, this person is a comedian too.”
I laughed at this. Seriously, granny, the program you’re watching is not a comedy but the national news program, lol
84 Anonymous
This guy, seriously, lol
85 Anonymous
Mary University is one of the top universities in this country, right? But this guy..
88 Anonymous
This guy was also on the excellent side at Mary. Watching Hagetoru and Chimposuki, I felt the need to think deeply about education
91 Anonymous
Not only Shumi, but Hagetoru and Chimposuki are also top performers based on their past statements. I was confident that studying doesn’t necessarily mean being smart
92 Anonymous
Keep going, Hagetoru…
93 Anonymous
Do your best, Hagetoru…
95 Anonymous
Aa-sama, Tatejimars’ debut!? Will this make us win!?
96 Anonymous
Huh!? This is the elegant girls’ corps, Tokyo Rabbits, right!!
97 Anonymous
Please take a moment to visit Tokyo Mama ladies…. Huh? Not allowed?
100 Anonymous
A hilarious battle is happening lol
Everyone thinks the same after seeing that powerful batting punch
It was thoroughly examined in the Yuu-oni thread, but the difference in power between boys and girls is too much
You wouldn’t feel confident in winning based on strength alone. This is one of the reasons why fans don’t go into a frenzy
102 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, are you okay to drive!?
103 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai! Leave the shift change to me!
104 Anonymous
I want to shift change Tenga-senpai’s tenga-senpai
107 Anonymous
Beryl and Beryl have started!!
108 Anonymous
Beryl and Beryl has begun!
109 Anonymous
Starting off loose, lol
111 Anonymous
I don’t mind this relaxed start, lol
112 Anonymous
I like this kind of beginning, lol
113 Hakuryuu*XQshotacon
They’re up to something again..
115 Anonymous
I’m starting to get numb to this, but isn’t it dangerous for a group of four boys to go on a trip?
117 Anonymous
These guys are crazy again. This kind of program is unheard of
118 Anonymous
Wasn’t the travel show for boys in the past done with extremely tight security? Is this really okay?
120 Anonymous
Even the aunties in Kansai are watching from a distance. Aa-sama’s aura is no joke
123 Anonymous
Are they really in Kagawa Prefecture?
125 Anonymous
What? Are they skipping Shikoku?
126 Anonymous
Stop it! Udon will disappear from the supermarket again!!
128 Anonymous
I’m the one who revealed that I work at an udon shop in the Aqua-kun thread before. Now, I’m remembering that time and eating foam in the corner of my room
129 Anonymous
Wow, I’m getting excited
130 Anonymous
Is it okay for boys to travel alone?
131 Anonymous
Toa-chan and Shintaro-kun will be fine
I’m worried about Akira-kun, but he will surely show the determination of an older person… However, Aa-sama is the only one who is a no-go. He will definitely troll or do something crazy
133 Anonymous
Even without watching, you know Aqua-kun will do something crazy
135 Anonymous
Well, we’re getting used to this
I’m watching while assuming Aqua-sama will do something. So unless it’s something really bad, it’s okay
136 Anonymous
Aqua-kun “If you prepare yourself, it’s okay, destroy that illusion first”
Probably this again. Fans who have been following since the Cafe Tomarigi era know, right?
138 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, you’re not just at the ceiling level, you’re even bending a little bit forward lol
139 Anonymous
Is this okay lol? I’m getting anxious..
142 Anonymous
This 360 has been modified to have a 4 doors opening, but it’s been considerably modified in other ways too lol
It looks normal at first glance because it’s clean and well-maintained, but even the seats have been changed to high-quality ones
145 Anonymous
Chairman Fuji Ranko LOL
146 Anonymous
It was a donation from an unexpected person Lol
148 Anonymous
Grandmother Mary and Kamo Nanban Soba..
149 Anonymous
Next time, the three of them will have ice cream in Harajuku..
151 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, Chairman Fuji Ranko, Mary-sama ← have a friendly ice cream date in Harajuku
Shumi ← alone LMAO
152 Verification Team *010meTA473
Wait, I had tempura with them, but I don’t know anything about Kamo Nanban Soba and ice cream…?
153 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Huh? Self-proclaimed wife, you are still breathing?
Shumi, Hogekawa, serves you right!! Aqua-sama is on a date with Chairman Fuji Ranko!
158 Anonymous
These three are good friends
Wait, was Mary-sama’s migration for real?
159 Anonymous
Grandma who is closer than a wife
Nice! Do it more!
161 Anonymous
Surely, the wife is aware, right?
165 Anonymous
166 Anonymous
168 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hahaha, LOL
170 Anonymous
She’s been teasing only Shumi and Morikawa since earlier, and for some reason, she doesn’t touch Nee-san, LOL. Actually, this guy is calmer than I thought, haha
172 Anonymous
I’m relieved that Hagetoru seems to be doing well
If I think about Hagetoru’s feelings, I can forgive everything
173 Anonymous
Everyone is being kind to Hagetoru, LOL
175 Anonymous
Hagetoru might be the most pitiful woman in this country this year
Because, you know, out of the four people, three of them… you know?
177 Anonymous
No way, a hidden camera in the car..
178 Anonymous
Wait, watching someone take a hidden camera video is making my heart race
180 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Oh, I see. So this is a voyeuristic video
182 Anonymous
Let’s go to the convenience store… right now?
183 Anonymous
Go to the convenience store? Huh!?
185 Anonymous
What? Going to the convenience store? Are you kidding me?
186 Anonymous
When Aqua-kun says “let’s go to the convenience store,” it’s like going there normally… huh?
188 Anonymous
The residents of the bulletin board are panicking right now, LOL
190 Anonymous
Are you still breathing?
193 Anonymous
There’s no point in preparing yourself in front of Aqua-sama. We can only accept what’s happening in front of us
194 Anonymous
They don’t understand. We’re only allowed to stare at the screen with blank faces
196 Anonymous
Aa-sama is trying to go to the convenience store like it’s nothing, LOL. Even Mayuzumi-kun is like, “Huh?” LOL
198 Anonymous
These three boys are looking at him like he’s crazy lol
200 Anonymous
Even Toa-chan is surprised, beyond just being bewildered
201 Anonymous
We look forward to an erotic book that will sexually arouse Aqua-sama, who has no sense of crisis. Since I am a big-breasted big woman, please make the play content where the big-breasted big sister trains Aqua-sama in baby play
204 Anonymous
Hey, hey, hey. Are they really going to the convenience store…?
205 Anonymous
He’s trying to take the lead in a normal way lol
207 Anonymous
Aqua-sama goes outside as if it’s natural LOL
209 Anonymous
Aqua-sama: “Alertness? I left it behind” – This LOL
210 Anonymous
There are no words like “alertness” in Aa-sama’s dictionary
213 Anonymous
Big panic at the convenience store LOL
215 Anonymous
Everyone in Osaka. This is Shirogane Aqua
217 Anonymous
218 Anonymous
219 Anonymous
To the high school student working at the convenience store, my condolences. Once a girl meets the real Aa-sama, she won’t be able to see other boys as boys anymore
221 Anonymous
I’m glad I’m not going through puberty. If I had encountered Aqua-sama during my junior high and high school days, my s*xual preferences would have definitely been messed up
223 Anonymous
The current elementary and junior high school students seem to be dangerous
There are girls who can only mas***bate with Aqua-sama because they met him before their period started
It seems that the number of children visiting the psychiatry department (specializing in Beryl) because of that is increasing
225 Anonymous
Just talking to customers normally
226 Anonymous
He’s now interacting with girls as frequently as he breathes
228 Anonymous
Oh no, that’s no good. Shaking hands and making body contact so easily!
230 Anonymous
The dangerous thing about Aqua-sama is that even though he’s clearly the top or rather, the most likely one… I mean, he seems to have the most chance
It’s not so much that there’s an opening, but it feels like he’s asking them to spread their legs
So the girls get scared and scattered, becoming like borrowed cats
That’s why Aqua-sama isn’t attacked
231 Anonymous
Regarding the issue of the top-class boys who come to touch girls the most casually
234 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s fan is here!
235 Anonymous
Is she Mayushin-kun’s fan?
237 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s fans are here, I’m thrilled
239 Anonymous
He gives her a normal handshake lol
240 Anonymous
He shook her hand normally lol
242 Anonymous
No, no, if he’s that nice to him, I’ll switch to Aqua-sama
242 Anonymous
“A fan of Mayuzumi? That doesn’t matter!”
Aqua-kun quality that mercilessly goes to eat regardless of being a fan of other members
245 Anonymous
I just call him normally LOL
246 Anonymous
So why is it so easy lol
248 Anonymous
This is the top idol in this country… no, in the world
250 Anonymous
Damn, it’s the highest level of difficulty to capture, but it’s cheating to make it look like the easiest difficulty to capture!!
252 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun also comes out normally lol
253 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is also quite poisoned by coming out normally lol
255 Anonymous
The girl is about to cry
256 Anonymous
That’s good
257 Anonymous
This kind of miracle doesn’t happen normally
259 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun has also become quite a believer
261 Anonymous
This is how Shirogane Aqua infects others
I hope all the boys in the world will be infected with Aqua-kun!!
263 Anonymous
265 Anonymous
Aa-sama, when you put the tourist magazine in the shopping basket, didn’t you take a quick look at the magazine next to it?
266 Verification Team *010meTA473
267 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
268 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
270 Anonymous
Did he see the girl on the cover of this magazine?
271 Anonymous
Is this the magazine that Aqua-tan was looking at?
I won’t say where, but it’s big
273 Anonymous
It’s an adult magazine for boys, isn’t it?
I’ve worked at the convenience store for 10 years, but only one copy sold
At that time, we all had a long discussion about which girl that boy would use as material for… well, you know. It’s a good memory
274 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Oh, so boys look at these kinds of magazines… Well, it’s informative
275 Anonymous
Hmm, should I buy similar swimsuits tomorrow?
279 Verification Team *07218Kado6
Yes, in terms of breast size, Hagetoru-chan is the clear winner! Aqua-sama, it’s better to choose me because I’m the biggest!
280 Anonymous
I was laughing because they were in a panic, lol
282 Anonymous
284 Anonymous
I laughed because Toa-chan just came out normally
285 Anonymous
I was moved by Mayuzumi-kun and Toa-chan’s growth
287 Anonymous
Senpai camera!?
288 Anonymous
A sepai-only camera!?
290 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai: “Everyone disappeared, de gozaru.”
292 Anonymous
Gozaru, lmao
293 Anonymous
Why gozaru, lol
294 Anonymous
I’m all alone, it’s lonely, lol
296 Anonymous
Everyone, come back quickly! Tenga-senpai will die of loneliness!
299 Anonymous
Damn, the senpai-only camera is too unfair, lol
301 Anonymous
Toa-chan is just casually bringing in snacks, huh
304 Anonymous
Ah, I want to buy lots of snacks for Toa-chan
305 Anonymous
Snacks are up to 300 yen
307 Anonymous
Oh come on, Aqua-kun, please go a little easy on him
309 Anonymous
lol, 300 yen can’t buy anything
311 Anonymous
Definitely lol
312 Anonymous
Well, convenience stores are pretty expensive. They quickly reach 1000 yen and such
314 Anonymous
Toa-chan is so cute, it’s a shame!
315 Anonymous
Toa-chan is Toa-chan after all
317 Anonymous
Haah… haah… my heart has been pounding since earlier, ugh
319 Anonymous
These two are definitely the real one. Shumi is the entertainer, and I fully agree with Hagetoru!
321 Anonymous
That guy with the title of “Shumi” is just the official wife lol
323 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Well, cheer up, Shumi… Huh?
326 Anonymous
327 Anonymous
Toa-chan has a banana!?
329 Anonymous
T-That means, Aqua-kun’s banana is a banana, and Toa-chan is going to eat a banana!?
331 Anonymous
Huh? Could it be that Toa-chan..
333 Anonymous
There are too many adults panicking over Toa-chan’s banana, lol
334 Anonymous
You guys are being played around by Toa-chan
336 Anonymous
Come to think of it, Morikawa really liked bananas
That’s why she became Gorikawa..
338 Anonymous
Hello, I’m Morikawa the Sommelier
When it comes to bananas, Morikawa-san likes them because she can be lazy about cooking and cleaning up
If you ask if she particularly likes them, it’s not necessarily true, and when we actually shot at a cafe, she ordered a strawberry parfait instead of a chocolate banana parfait
That’s all from Morikawa the sommelier
340 Anonymous
LOL this guy
341 Anonymous
I feel warm seeing Hagetoru looking well
344 Anonymous
Paisen, black coffee!
347 Anonymous
Thanks for the useless information
348 Anonymous
Drinking to look cool LMAO
350 Anonymous
Actually, he like sweet things LOL
351 Anonymous
Shh, Aqua-kun, don’t reveal anything!
352 Anonymous
*Actually, everyone already knows
354 Anonymous
Toa-chan was so cute when he was saying “Shh”..
355 Verification Team *010meTA473
Isn’t it strange how close these two are?
356 Anonymous
I just realized, but since Nee-san is Toa’s manager, does that mean she always sees them like this? Is her heart okay? Maybe it has already stopped and she’s just moving with her willpower?
359 Anonymous
The customers all have surprised faces and are laughing
361 Anonymous
There seems to be a world just for the two of them. Huh?
364 Anonymous
365 Anonymous
366 Anonymous
368 Anonymous
Aa-sama subtly heads back to the magazine corner
370 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Did he buy an erotic magazine?
372 Anonymous
Hey, that magazine will be sold out tomorrow
373 Anonymous
375 Anonymous
Ehh, ehh?
376 Anonymous
377 Anonymous
380 Anonymous
Is it there?
381 Anonymous
It turned out to be the magazine next door lol
382 Anonymous
Thank goodness, it’s not an erotic book LOL
384 Anonymous
For a moment, I thought he was really going to buy an erotic book
385 Anonymous
Who said that Aa-sama was looking at an erotic book? It’s me
386 Anonymous
What magazine?
387 Anonymous
It’s a fashion magazine
388 Anonymous
It’s a fashion magazine for girls
390 Verification team *010meTA473
Huh? Does this mean he will be requesting me to wear these clothes!?
393 Anonymous
It’s this magazine
395 Anonymous
Wasn’t there a feature called “Tsukimachi Ayana”?
396 Anonymous
It says there’s an interview with Kohina Yukari..
400 Anonymous
Which one is it?
402 Anonymous
Is it Kohina Yukari or Ayana-chan? LOL
404 Anonymous
No, no, no, the girl who does the one-week coordinates has quite a collection, so it’s not that one, right?
407 Anonymous
We can’t see the inside pages, so..
408 Anonymous
Both Kohina Yukari’s interview and Ayana-chan’s special feature page are back-to-back, so we can only tell from the appearance, lmao
410 Anonymous
I have this magazine, and I think it’s Kohina Yukari
Kohina Yukari is short but has a pretty big bust, and on this interview page, there’s a scene of her in a swimsuit, so it was probably taken in the summer. Ayana-chan also has rare swimsuit photos, but I think Aqua-sama would go for that
411 Anonymous
Oh, he secretly put it in the shopping cart LOL
413 Anonymous
It’s not normal for Ayana-chan and Yukari-paisen to have swimsuit shots, so Aqua-kun is LMAO
415 Anonymous
Everyone isn’t talking about it, but Kobayakawa-san from Heaven’s Sword is on the cover in a swimsuit. Maybe he’s aiming for that! Please let it be true!!
417 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Actually, my column is also published (mumbles)
418 Anonymous
Hmm, Aqua-kun, maybe he’s the type to use a girl he knows as material. Hmm
420 Anonymous
This magazine will be sold out tomorrow
423 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Shumi, are you breathing?
424 Anonymous
426 Verification Team *010meTA473
Really, is that so?
I didn’t know that he bought this magazine, but I guess he didn’t need to hide it
428 Anonymous
I just finished watching “Yuu-oni” earlier, and people were arguing about whether it’s Rina or Sayuki, but Aqua-sama doesn’t care about that kind of thing, huh?
Instead of choosing one, he will go to both. I felt his strong will. Huh, am I wrong?
430 Anonymous
Toa-chan was looking at him with a “hmm” face, lol
431 Anonymous
I understand, Toa-chan, haha
432 Anonymous
Toa-chan can express the emotions of all the girls (especially the wives) who are watching this program right now with his expression lol
433 Anonymous
I wonder if his secret of buying a magazine with his classmate’s swimsuit in it is being discovered by his legal wife
Huh? Shumi? Was there such a person? Toa-chan is his legal wife, right?
436 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Cheer up…
I’ll treat you to tempura fried with grass next time
438 Anonymous
Keeping it a secret is too cute
439 Anonymous
You are approaching in the same swimsuit! You idiot!
440 Anonymous
Everyone seems to be worried about Shumi, it’s hilarious LOL
443 Anonymous
It’s great that he pay the money properly
444 Anonymous
I envy both the customers and the convenience store people
446 Anonymous
This convenience store seems to have a lot of people coming tomorrow
448 Anonymous
I was here at the time, and it smelled so good that I didn’t know what to do
Actually, after everyone left, there was an outbreak of people buying pants and diapers at the convenience store and changing them in the toilet
450 Anonymous
There might be idiots who go to smell the remnants after the show ends. There’s definitely no smell left
453 Anonymous
Everyone looks like they’re having fun
455 Anonymous
I’m glad Paisen wasn’t ignored in the autograph and photoshoot
456 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai is also there, I’m smiling too
459 Anonymous
※I haven’t been anywhere else but the convenience store yet
460 Anonymous
I can spend an hour just at this convenience store
462 Anonymous
Finally, is it a commercial here?
463 Anonymous
Bath… no, I’m going to pick flower
465 Anonymous
466 Anonymous
468 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s commercial is hereee!
469 Anonymous
Is it a Nestle commercial here?
470 Anonymous
Mayushin-kun enjoying Tenga-senpai’s undrinkable black, lol
471 Anonymous
Shin-sama is cool..
473 Anonymous
474 Anonymous
Drinking coffee while reading a book is too cool
475 Anonymous
Even if I’m not a Mayushin-kun fan, this makes my heart race
477 Anonymous
So cool…
478 Anonymous
I’m going to the bathroom…
480 Anonymous
I can’t let my guard down just because it’s in the middle of a commercial
482 Anonymous
It’s Mayuzumi blend!?
483 Anonymous
Mayuzumi blend is being released!?
484 Anonymous
Mayuzumi blend is hereeee!
486 Anonymous
Senpai is forcing himself to drink black coffee, but Mayuzumi-kun gets the commercial, lol
489 Anonymous
The campaign is also hereeee!
490 Anonymous
Even a signed mug cup!?
492 Anonymous
All Mayuzumi girls are starting to upload pictures with Mayuzumi-kun’s signed mug cup
494 Anonymous
I want this
495 Anonymous
BI can’t use the mug even if I get it lol
498 Anonymous
A specialized company for transporting artworks will deliver the mug cup lol
500 Anonymous
It seems like it would be more expensive than ordinary artworks, right?
503 Anonymous
I thought it was strange to put a commercial in it
505 Verification team *9n2SARETAi
508 Anonymous
Once again, Aqua-sama has come up with something good
509 Anonymous
It’s the usual
510 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s oblivious syndrome has started
514 Anonymous
There are gonna be dead people in Dotonbori!?
515 Anonymous
Someone might be so happy that they’ll dive into Dotonbori lol
518 Anonymous
It’s not just a big deal if Tatejimars’ wins lol
521 Anonymous
I feel like I can do it
522 Anonymous
524 Anonymous
The only one who can act as a brake is Toa-chan..
Huh? Shumi? If it’s her, it broke a long time ago
527 Anonymous
528 Verification team *9n2SARETAi
529 Anonymous
He said something unbelievable lol
530 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, huh lol
532 Anonymous
They’re really going to USJ on a holiday?
535 Anonymous
Nee-san lmao
536 Anonymous
>>505 Nee-san, even though you know, you’re surprised haha
539 Anonymous
Everyone, this is Shirogane Aqua
Sense of crisis? Caution? He has already thrown those things away
543 Anonymous
Even just with the convenience store, let alone takoyaki and USJ
Of course Nee-san would be surprised
545 Anonymous
It’s funny how she’s slightly angry haha
546 Anonymous
Nee-san will controll Aa-sama’s side
Shumi is useless, and Morikawa is just for show, so there is only Nee-san left!!
549 Anonymous
Are they really going to USJ?
550 Anonymous 550
This is the real deal, going to USJ huh
553 Anonymous
Even though there was information about USJ and Dotonbori beforehand, I didn’t believe it until I saw it on the broadcast
556 Anonymous
Someone stop Aa-kun!?
559 Anonymous
Don’t let Aa-sama be free, lol
562 Anonymous
Everyone has already given up, lmao
566 Anonymous
Toa-chan: “I guess Aqua can do whatever he wants.”
Toa-chan, do your best!!
568 Anonymous
In the end, Toa-chan, Mayushin-kun, Akira-kun, they’re all too indulgent towards Aqua-kun
That’s why they have forgiven everything
571 Anonymous
Are they going to SA, LMAO
573 Anonymous
SA people are escaping, Beryl alert has been issued!
574 Anonymous
Aqua-sama walks elegantly through the SA normally
575 Anonymous
Oh no… he’s just walking but he looks so cool
578 Anonymous
The girls are all surprised
580 Anonymous
There’s a public phone lol
582 Anonymous
LMAO, he’s trying to make a call normally
584 Anonymous
Even the public phone is surprised
586 Anonymous
Everyone is watching
587 Anonymous
Of course they’re looking
591 Anonymous
It’s Taniguchi-san
592 Anonymous
Understood, Taniguchi-san
595 Anonymous
598 Anonymous
So normal lol
600 Anonymous
Taniguchi-san is confused lol
603 Anonymous
I’m being allowed to be an idol lol
605 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, lol
608 Anonymous
I like Aqua-sama who is ravaging Kansai with a smile
609 Anonymous
Shirogane Kingdom is invading the Kansai region lol
611 Anonymous
Taniguchi-san is amazing. She’s a professional who can respond properly
614 Anonymous
Taniguchi-senpai is amazing… I was just watching from afar, but she’s responding properly
615 Anonymous
Taniguchi-san, Aa-sama’s fan has arrived!!
616 Anonymous
I’m glad for you, Taniguchi-san
618 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Good job, Taniguchi-san. Just take him away from Shumi!
620 Anonymous
I bet she can’t resist it
623 Anonymous
624 Anonymous
625 Anonymous
She wants him to say something!?
628 Anonymous
630 Anonymous
636 Anonymous
Aqua-sama: “Mamiko, thanks for today. I’ll come over there later, so just wait for me quietly until then.”
643 Anonymous
Mamiko… I, Mamiko..
648 Anonymous
Did Mamiko from across the country die?
651 Anonymous
I, Mamiko, am heavily damaged
654 Anonymous
I tried converting it to “Miko”, but it didn’t work
657 Anonymous
I tried using “Miyako”, but it didn’t quite work..
660 Anonymous
Taniguchi-san was dead in the end, lol
666 Anonymous
Today’s Aqua-sama’s victim:
– The high school student part-timer at the convenience store
– Everyone who was at the convenience store
– Taniguchi-san
– Mamiko from across the country ←new
669 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Because it’s the same three letters, it was easy to translate. Thanks for tonight’s material
673 Anonymous
Toa-chan lol
675 Anonymous
Our feelings are true, Toa-chan
678 Anonymous
Ah, Toa-chan has already reached the point of giving up
680 Anonymous
There were quite a few deaths earlier. I feel like the bulletin board has become lighter
682 Anonymous
Wait a moment, even though it was blurry because of Mamiko, Aqua-kun and the others are going to USJ for real!?
683 Anonymous
Beryl is going to USJ…?
685 Anonymous
Tenga camera, lol
688 Anonymous
Once again, Tenga camera, lol
691 Anonymous
692 Anonymous
695 Anonymous
698 Anonymous
Senpai, we knew everything, lmao
700 Anonymous
Senpai, we knew everything, seriously, lol
701 Anonymous
Ah, I see
703 Anonymous
Senpai, I thought it was impressive that you can drive this car well, but did you practice beforehand?
706 Anonymous
The scene of Senpai practicing is helpful
708 Anonymous
No wonder I thought it was suspicious behavior from the beginning, lol
710 Anonymous
Senpai worked hard, huh
715 Anonymous
It’s definitely tenga-senpai, after all
717 Anonymous
Ah, the video is back, lol
719 Anonymous
Toa-chan handing a can of coffee to the toll booth lady
722 Anonymous
Toll booth lady, the canned coffee was good, right?
723 Anonymous
Huh? Wasn’t there something written on the canned coffee earlier?
725 Anonymous
The canned coffee had a message in it!
728 Anonymous
Wow, that’s great. Toll booth lady!
730 Anonymous
This is also thanks to Chairman Fuji Ranko not having ETC installed
Having a navigation and ETC is convenient, but sometimes being convenient is not a good thing
Because if there was a navigation, they wouldn’t have gone to the convenience store, and if they had a mobile phone, they wouldn’t be using SA
734 Anonymous
They really arrived at Dotonbori
735 Anonymous
Arrived at Dotonbori normally
738 Anonymous
Will new victims be born again?
742 Anonymous
Everyone has started to notice, lol
743 Anonymous
Of course, you would do a double take
745 Anonymous
Do they think they’re hallucinating? There are too many people rubbing their eyes, lol
747 Anonymous
I was moved when I saw four boys walking normally in Dotonbori
It was a scene that was really unthinkable a little while ago
750 Anonymous
Oh well, Beryl is amazing. Aqua-sama is amazing too
I really didn’t expect to go to Dotonbori
752 Anonymous
755 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, he just asked normally!?
758 Anonymous
Are you serious? Lol
760 Anonymous
Even pedestrians are surprised
763 Anonymous
An auntie from Osaka, lol
765 Anonymous
Is that for real, an auntie from Osaka? Lmao
768 Anonymous
They even went to get permission for the interview, it feels like Kansai, ah
769 Anonymous
Isn’t it meddling and unnecessary?
772 Anonymous
The New Comedy has started, lol
773 Anonymous
This is Osaka’s atmosphere, lol
774 Anonymous
Wait, lol
776 Anonymous
What lol whatever-teaching lol
778 Anonymous
It’s the holy aqua religion
779 Anonymous
Even Kansai is being trampled by the holy aqua religion
781 Anonymous
Matsushita-san’s CG, lmao
785 Anonymous
Nasho… So old-fashioned!
788 Anonymous
Just met for the first time today, lmao
790 Anonymous
Ah, it’s not fair, normal aunties being funny
791 Anonymous
Even though they just met for the first time, they’re acting like regulars, lol
793 Anonymous
Did you see, Tokyo? This is Osaka
796 Anonymous
Wait, isn’t takoyaki bad at this time?
798 Anonymous
Hehehe, I predicted it with prior information and bought frozen takoyaki
800 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Damn it, I’m already getting hungry
802 Anonymous
Oh no, when I looked in the fridge earlier, the takoyaki was all gone!
804 Anonymous
I regret not buying takoyaki today
806 Verification Team *010meTA473
There was takoyaki! Actually, he bought some as a souvenir for me!
808 Anonymous
Lucky you..
810 Anonymous
812 Anonymous
Wait, the conversation suddenly turned nice
815 Anonymous
Do you want to go out and play…?
817 Anonymous
That’s right. If I were in the boys’ position, I would feel cramped
820 Anonymous
This is deep
821 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
This statement made me think. Even though they are famous people, they are just high school students after all..
823 Anonymous
Let’s just quietly watch over Aqua-kun and the others if we see them
825 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I’m going to your house now and eat all of your takoyaki
827 Anonymous
Hey, don’t mess around!
828 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I found takoyaki in the freezer that expired six months ago. Can I still eat it?
830 Anonymous
I brought some takoyaki
832 Anonymous
Wow, this is serious food terrorism!
835 Anonymous
Everyone looks delicious
838 Anonymous
Let’s go!
840 Anonymous
I’m counting on you, Hagetoru!!
841 Verification Team *07218KADO6
You can totally handle it. Trust me!
842 Anonymous
844 Anonymous
Toa-chan and Aqua-kun sharing an “ahh” moment?!
845 Anonymous
Yes, this is his legal wife
847 Anonymous
Shumi-sama lol
848 Anonymous
Shumi lol
849 Anonymous
I’m starting to feel a little sorry for Shumi
851 Verification Team *010meTA473
I can’t beat Toa-chan anymore..
I’ll give up
853 Anonymous
Are the palpitation people still breathing?
855 Anonymous
A few more people died just now
857 Anonymous
859 Anonymous
862 Anonymous
Unexpectedly, Tenga-senpai lol
864 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai and Aqua-kun?!
866 Anonymous
Oh, this might be bad…
869 Anonymous
Toa-chan and Aqua-kun were fine, but I woke up the palpitation with Shirogane-kun’s “ahh” moment
870 Anonymous
Wait a minute, am I the only one who woke up the palpitation?
875 Anonymous
876 Anonymous
Hey hey hey hey!
878 Anonymous
Even with Mayuzumi-kun!?
879 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun and Aqua-sama’s aaahn!?
881 Anonymous
Ugh! Palpitations…
883 Anonymous
Suddenly palpitations…
886 Anonymous
I get it, Aqua-kun is to blame for this
Because everything is connected to Aqua-kun
889 Anonymous
New palpitation followers are starting to wake up, lol
891 Anonymous
I work at a specialized cardiac clinic for Beryl, and I’m shaking, envisioning tomorrow’s number of patients
893 Anonymous
Many people are struggling with Mayuzumi-kun and Aqua-kun, and it made me laugh
895 Anonymous
The number of people decreased again
898 Anonymous
Is this testing us!?
900 Anonymous
Everyone looks happy and it warms my heart
902 Anonymous
Souvenirs, these souvenirs…
903 Anonymous
The destination for the souvenir
905 Anonymous
Go, Hagetoru! Go and devour the takoyaki from >>806!
907 Anonymous
Shumi, die
908 Anonymous
It’s funny how hate gathers around Shumi, lol
910 Anonymous
USJ is coming!!
912 Anonymous
Finally, USJ!
915 Anonymous
Wait, there’s a commercial before USJ
916 Anonymous
Another commercial is coming
918 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun again!?
920 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai is here!
921 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai is hereeeee!
923 Anonymous
Wait, what is this!?
925 Anonymous
These are earphones
927 Anonymous
There’s also a commercial for earphones
929 Anonymous
The Veerdemarck Company’s earphones are super expensive, you know. They cost around 300,000 yen
930 Anonymous
What kind of campaign!?
932 Anonymous
They’re giving away two signed earphones!
935 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s model is priced under 10,000 yen!! It’s amazing that a high-end earphone maker like Veerdemarck is selling a model for under 10,000 yen. Tenga-senpai’s model is also in the 10,000 yen range!
937 Anonymous
Hmm, they have affordable models available, but they’re also preparing collaboration models that exceed 200,000 yen
This could be good. Those who are interested can start with the affordable model and then aim for the expensive one
High school students who like Mayuzumi-kun or university students who like Tenga-senpai can also buy the affordable models
940 Anonymous
Even the commercials don’t give the viewers any breaks, it’s the Beryl style
942 Anonymous
Even the commercials are so intense
945 Anonymous
Both of them were cool and adult-like. I was really nervous
947 Anonymous
They’re going to USJ!!
950 Anonymous
951 Anonymous
953 Anonymous
955 Anonymous
The USJ part… it got cut…!?
958 Anonymous
960 Anonymous
So it’s in December thereeeee!
962 Anonymous
December is really close, lol
964 Anonymous
To be honest, even just with convenience store, expressway, and Dotonbori, it’s enough material for one episode, lol
967 Anonymous
It’s a shame, but if we can watch it thoroughly, that’s good too!!
968 Anonymous
I’m looking forward to this!
970 Anonymous
Everyone except tenga-senpai is wearing something on their head, lmao
972 Anonymous
Hey, lol
975 Anonymous
These guys are too close…
978 Anonymous
I wonder what it is
I don’t want any more female disturbances in this space
980 Anonymous
There’s a souvenir bag. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves
982 Anonymous
I wonder what they bought. It’s intriguing
983 Anonymous
Now that I look closely, Tenga-senpai chose the one to wrap around his neck
985 Anonymous
This is probably going to have a crazy line tomorrow
988 Anonymous
Oh no, Toa-chan and Aqua-sama bought matching ones again!!
990 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I also have the same thing as Aqua-sama
Is this Chinposuki-chan great victory?
992 Anonymous
Are they going to enter Hyogo next?
994 Anonymous
Come to Kobe!
997 Anonymous
I wanted them to play more in Osaka
999 Anonymous
Welcome to Hyogo Prefecture!
1000 Verification Team *010meTA473
Hagetoru really came to my house and ate almost all the takoyaki…
Well, it’s okay because it seemed like she was hungry

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