Male Idol V9c36

Volume 9 Chapter 36 Bulletin board, Someone Who Gets Energized When Talking about That Kind of Thing

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[It’s just started] beryl&beryl Main Venue part 2 [Hurry, it’s a festival!]
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3 Anonymous
Shumi LMAO from the previous thread
Saba-chan, great job with the automatic thread creation
With the decentralization of live threads, the evolution of the bulletin board continues without stopping
5 Anonymous
Good job, keep up the good work!!
I don’t really understand difficult things, but thanks, Saba-chan!
6 Anonymous
Hagetoru may have a foul mouth, but she’s actually pretty nice
Normally, Shumi would attract more hate, but thanks to Hagetoru releasing the tension, it seems like it’s just enough for her to be teased
Saba-chan is nice!
10 Anonymous
That’s true
But the residents of this bulletin board have known Shumi since she was in middle school, so they’re generally kind to her
There’s no one seriously saying “Shumi, die.”
11 Anonymous
It may just be that she wanted to eat takoyaki, pretending otherwise
I think that’s possible for Hagetoru
13 Anonymous
Finally, Hyogo Prefecture…
15 Anonymous
I wonder where in Hyogo Prefecture they’re going?
16 Anonymous
It doesn’t seem like they can play in the Kobe city area at this time of day
There were no eyewitness reports either
18 Anonymous
Oh, this is that park
19 Anonymous
The atmosphere seems different somehow
21 Anonymous
22 Anonymous
As expected
24 Anonymous
If they come here, it’s probably for that
26 Anonymous
As a Hyogo Prefecture resident, I cried…
29 Anonymous
I’m happy that the younger generation who doesn’t know about the earthquake/tsunami is coming
31 Anonymous
That’s why Beryl is the best
33 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
I remember this when I was still in elementary school or maybe just started middle school
When I became an adult and contributed a novel for charity 10 years after the earthquake, I went to the site to deliver the profits I gained from it. The city looked really beautiful and different from the footage I saw back then. I realized the power of people
Of course, it doesn’t mean that the hearts of the injured people have healed, but I really felt the power of unity, the determination to rebuild this town, those kinds of feelings
Well, I’m not from here, so it’s just how I saw it from the outside..
35 Anonymous
I went there on a school trip
37 Anonymous
I really thought I was going to die at this time
The shaking came out of nowhere, and I didn’t know what was happening. Looking back, I’m surprised I survived..
39 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Come to think of it, I’ve been here too
Shumi wanted to go when she was in middle school, but she had never taken a train before, so I have memories of taking her there
It was about three years ago, I think. On the way back, we got lost and almost got questioned by the police because we were going to miss the train. At that time, I was still in high school. Oh well, I was young
Looking back, I thought it would have been better to rely on Nee-san rather than unreliable Chinposuki
41 Anonymous
There are people who have experienced the disaster and those who haven’t, people who were directly affected and those who weren’t
I imagine each person has different emotions from their respective positions, but I’m sincerely happy that kids from a generation that hasn’t experienced it are coming
44 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei, thank you for your help at that time
I am one of the organizers, and I am grateful for your contribution not only 10 years later, but also to the charity event 20 years later
46 Anonymous
Sensei also contributed during the times of Tohoku, Niigata, and Kumamoto, right?
Yakumo-sensei from Hana-Ata too, thank you so much
48 Anonymous
Shumi… came here not for official duties, but for personal reasons?
50 Anonymous
Sign… After all, Shumi is Aqua-sama’s legal wife
I never thought I would be made aware of this here
51 Anonymous
Shumi, you are the legal wife
53 Anonymous
So she’s the woman with a citizen support rate of over 90%..
D*mn it, Shumi! You’re already Aqua-sama’s number one
56 Anonymous
I can’t believe it, it’s a complete turnaround about Shumi being the main wife!
59 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
If there is a plan in 30 years, I will participate. Yakumo-sensei also said they would participate if they were still alive
By the way, I participated because I was invited by Yakumo-sensei from Hyogo. So please thank Yakumo-sensei
Also, next time, Yakumo-sensei said that Tsukasa-sensei will participate because the scriptwriter for the Monday 9PM Drama, Yuu-oni, is from Osaka
60 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hey! Shumi is feeling embarrassed because you guys are praising her!!
Don’t be embarrassed, huh? Is this Shumi-chan’s declaration of great victory? Hey, why are you say it without thinking about the atmosphere!? As expected, that’s your character!
63 Anonymous
Aqua-kun and everyone have serious expressions
65 Anonymous
I’m sorry for being evil, but I thought they were cool in a normal way
Not because they are boys or anything like that
66 Anonymous
As someone from Hyogo prefecture, I’m really happy, but when I saw the four of them having fun on the trip before that, I wished they went to an even more fun place
It’s just… I feel apologetic. But this is Beryl, right? Shirogane Aqua, right? Yeah, I really like it
68 Anonymous
I tried to write Hakuryuu-sensei thx, but is Tsukasa-sensei from Osaka!? Everything was unclear until now, but new information came out LOL
71 Anonymous
Characters like that, LMAO
72 Anonymous
Shumi is quite shy
74 Anonymous
You guys are flirting with Toa-chan and Aqua-kun just as much. It would be dangerous, but for Shumi, it would be better if Hagetoru became Aqua-sama’s wife… No, it’s still dangerous
77 Anonymous
I see, Shumi is not with Aqua-sama, but with Hagetoru
79 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, are you singing something?
81 Anonymous
This… isn’t it the blue Rokko Mountains…?
83 Anonymous
Wait a minute, this is coming..
86 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, how old are you really!? This is a song from 1947..
87 Anonymous
I’ve been thinking for a while, but Aqua-kun is a huge music nerd, right? He mentioned a lot of old song titles in an interview article, and he’s studying a lot
89 Anonymous
This song was popular after the postwar reconstruction. It often plays on morning dramas. Huh? Is this also going to be on a morning drama?
90 Anonymous
Seems like everyone unconsciously hums it
93 Anonymous
Everyone is listening
96 Anonymous
Amazing… as if attracted by the song, everyone is watching intently
97 Anonymous
Don’t make this old lady cry!! Damn
100 Anonymous
Without a doubt, everyone’s thoughts here have become one
101 Anonymous
I’m weak to this kind of thing..
109 Anonymous
Ah… even though until a moment ago he seemed to be having fun, he suddenly became serious
112 Anonymous
Aqua-sama behaves cheerfully
113 Anonymous
At times like this, Aqua-sama is definitely the one
115 Anonymous
Just when he made us feel serious, he cheers us up
116 Anonymous
It takes quite a bit of courage to change the direction from a serious mood to a fun one. Still, Aqua-sama, who says “let’s have fun” while thinking about the show and everyone, is the best
118 Anonymous
I like this about Aqua-sama
121 Anonymous
Looks like the cue cards are here. LOL
122 Anonymous
Nice timing!
126 Anonymous
Shopping at the supermarket…? BBQ!?
128 Anonymous
Hyaaa! As expected of Beryl!
It’s not just Aqua-sama, the company is also crazy!
130 Anonymous
Is Beryl also numb to sensations because of Aqua-sama!? Is it okay for only boys to go shopping?
132 Anonymous
Huh? Are you serious?
135 Anonymous
This is crazy, even Beryl is desperate
136 Anonymous
The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and the sunset are beautiful
138 Anonymous
Are they already going to Awaji? What a shame
140 Anonymous
I wish they could have gone to various places in Kobe city. Well, I’m just happy they came
143 Anonymous
They went to Arima Onsen
145 Anonymous
Do you want to talk about the story of the vulgar females who gathered at Arima Onsen?
We all took a bath, played table tennis, drank until we got drunk in the banquet hall… In the end, we watched Beryl on a large projector with the staff of the inn and hugged each other and cried
146 Anonymous
Aqua-sama looks cool even at sunset
147 Anonymous
Huh? Wasn’t the camera work cool earlier? Could it be that Director Hongou is the one shooting this?
148 Anonymous
Oh? Come to think of it, Mayushin-kun isn’t wearing glasses anymore?
150 Anonymous
Breaking news, Mayuzumi-kun’s glasses are missing
153 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s glasses had arrows and annotations lol
152 Anonymous
They got damaged because they were too excited at USJ!?
Too cute..
154 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-san shows a new side of himself by getting his glasses damaged while playing at USJ
155 Anonymous
Wow, he’s so cute like a high school student
156 Anonymous
We don’t need breaking news lol
158 Anonymous
I’m trembling at the potential of Mayuzumi Shintaro, who can warm up a room with just his glasses
160 Anonymous
Hey, they’re really planning to go to the supermarket
162 Anonymous
I’m already feeling numb lol
165 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai: “I’ll push the cart!”
166 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai was so cute just now, I got captivated in an instant
168 Anonymous
Wait, wait, everyone is too cute!
They keep showing new sides during the trip, it’s amazing!
173 Anonymous
Potato butter!
174 Verification team *07218KADO6
Smashed Potato with butter!!
175 Anonymous
Smashed Potato with butter!
178 Anonymous
Everyone was so cute when they all shouted just now
180 Verification team *9n2SARETAi
What should I do? I’m getting hungry
183 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Oh no, I only have frozen french fries from six months ago..
185 Anonymous
This is not good, it’s a food terrorism attack
187 Anonymous
Dammit it. I don’t think I can withstand the upcoming BBQ!
190 Verification Team *010meTA473
Someone named Hagetoru started heating up the hot plate in my house without permission
194 Anonymous
It’s no good. My stomach is starting to growl even though the BBQ hasn’t started yet
196 Anonymous
Chinposuki LOL
Didn’t you just say that the takoyaki was from six months ago earlier?
198 Anonymous
I’m getting nervous like I’m watching a child’s first time running errands
201 Anonymous
Hagetoru LMAO
203 Anonymous
Don’t eat too much. You will gain weight
205 Verification Team *010meTA473
How about you both come here? It’s empty right now and it’s about a 10 minute drive from Nee-san’s place
As for Chinposuki, it’s in the next town, and it’s only about a 5 minute bike ride away
208 Anonymous
Everyone started shopping separately!
210 Anonymous
Oh no, they’re poisoning me!
212 Anonymous
Everyone has really grown..
214 Anonymous
The customers around have very happy faces. I understand that feeling
217 Anonymous
All of you guys live so close to each other now
219 Anonymous
Aren’t you from Shizuoka, Nee-san? I was going to say that, but I see. You moved because of Beryl’s work
By the way, I wonder if Hagetoru and Shumi are oddly close because they both lived in Kanagawa Prefecture
Wait, what? Did Hagetoru move too?
222 Anonymous
I just noticed, is Hagetoru at Aqua-sama’s house?
I hope he’s not getting weird juices or anything
223 Anonymous
Shumi should check if Hagetoru left any dirty liquids on the bed
There’s a chance she might have drooled after licking it
225 Anonymous
It’s funny how Aqua-sama is just having a normal chat with the aunties lol
228 Anonymous
Everyone is watching from the shadows, it’s too much lol
229 Anonymous
The moment they got in line at the register, everyone pulled out their wallets, it’s hilarious lol
233 Anonymous
I’m relieved that shopping is over without any problems
235 Anonymous
That’s good. In big supermarkets, it’s common for women in their 20s to wander around the toilet area looking for little boys
For example, “Should this big sister help you go to the bathroom? Can you do it by yourself?” There are too many cases of people wanting to support their peepee
239 Anonymous
It’s getting dark already. Tenga-senpai, please drive safely!
241 Anonymous
Huh? Didn’t they forget to buy chopsticks earlier?
243 Anonymous
It looked like they forgot to buy chopsticks just now, but did they actually buy them?
246 Anonymous
Hotel recommendations are here!
248 Anonymous
The hotel looks nice!
251 Anonymous
Oh, I know this place. There’s also a natural hot spring and separate cottages. I see
253 Anonymous
Yes, the hotel’s website is down!
255 Anonymous
The travel website is also down! Everyone’s looking at it too much!
259 Anonymous
I wanted to stay here again because I had a good experience before, but I won’t be able to reserve a room for years
262 Anonymous
Servers other than Saba-chan’s are no good. They immediately go down. It’s two frames of immediate disconnection
265 Anonymous
Toa-chan: “This is my first time staying overnight…”
267 Anonymous
Toa-chan… is it your first time? Do you want to do something for the first time with this big sister?
268 Anonymous
Oh no, oh no. With that casual remark, several people been taken by him!
269 Anonymous
Already, there are people starting to leave on other threads
The survival has begun
271 Anonymous
Well then, tonight is just the beginning, the main event is yet to come
I wonder how many people will still be here by the end of the program
273 Anonymous
They’ve arrived at the cottage
275 Anonymous
Ah, it was my dream to have an all-day o*gy with the boys in a cottage like this..
278 Anonymous
Aqua-sama carrying a cardboard box is too cute LOL
280 Anonymous
I wish I could have a barbecue
281 Anonymous
Instead of having it outside the cottage, they’re going to have a BBQ where there are regular customers
That’s amazing..
284 Anonymous
285 Anonymous
287 Anonymous
There it isssss!
289 Anonymous
Yes, they forgot the chopsticks
292 Anonymous
They forgot to buy chopsticks LOL
295 Anonymous
I want to feed him with chopsticks..
296 Anonymous
Every girl has that dream of having physical contact with a boy from start to finish while feeding him, of course with deep kisses for hydration
297 Anonymous
This big sister want to feed him mouth-to-mouth food that has been softened by hamming it in my mouth
300 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai LMAO
303 Anonymous
Senpai, that’s not good LOL
305 Anonymous
Somehow I thought you would say that, Senpai
306 Anonymous
Aa-sama, thank you for stopping senpai
308 Anonymous
Phew, I’m glad Aqua-sama stopped them
309 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Huh!? Are we not supposed to use tree branches as chopsticks?
310 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s good idea lol
312 Anonymous
Too lacking in trust lol
313 Anonymous
Well, yeah? Toa-chan and the others would have that expression too
315 Anonymous
I have a bad feeling about Aqua-kun’s good idea
318 Anonymous
Aqua-sama: “I came up with a good idea!”
Basically, it’s about us, women, dying
320 Anonymous
I’m prepared to die
323 Anonymous
Here we go!
325 Anonymous
As expected of Aqua-sama, going to talk to customers like it’s normal
326 Anonymous
Oh wow, I’m so jealous…
329 Anonymous
This will definitely be a lifelong memory for them
331 Anonymous
I’ve been watching this from a distance
I was really envious
333 Anonymous
Wait a minute! Isn’t this my subordinate at work!
They’re having a good time without telling their boss, me! Tomorrow, I’ll double their workload!!
336 Anonymous
338 Anonymous
Is it just me, or is everyone emphasizing their breasts?
340 Anonymous
Knit girls are targeting Aqua-sama
The other day, there was a feature in a magazine where they talked about techniques to attract boys who like girls with large breasts, without mentioning anyone specific but actually pointing out certain individuals lol
One of the things mentioned was that wearing knitted clothes in winter makes the outline of breasts more visible, which might catch the attention of boys who like bigger breasts
343 Anonymous
Knitted girls, you definitely read that suspicious magazine, huh? lol I bought a knitted item too
345 Anonymous
Aqua-sama caught a quick glimpse of it!! Looks like that magazine was right after all!!
348 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, that’s the one of the ways where girls try to pick up boys, you know?
350 Anonymous
Somehow, Aqua-sama seems to be good at talking to girls
353 Verification Team *010meTA473
I’ll buy a sleeveless knitted item tomorrow
355 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Maybe I should buy a new one too… just to be safe, you know
358 Verification Team *07218KADO6
It seems like the virgin-killing sweater that I was tricked into buying in the past will finally be released from the depths of my closet
362 Anonymous
Wow, so they were planning to come to Sannomiya
365 Anonymous
I wanted to see Sannomiya shopping too
Program staff, please also provide the Sannomiya shopping edition
368 Anonymous
1 night and 2 days is really not enough
370 Anonymous
The viewers feel the same
Clearly, the number of days is too few! I became too extravagant
In the past, even just a convenience store would cause a fuss for years
373 Anonymous
We are also becoming numb to the sensation, but even so, this is really enough
376 Anonymous
All her assets, lol
377 Anonymous
Big sister, what will you do once you give that away? lol
381 Anonymous
Everyone is laughing, but if you really see Aqua-sama live, you naturally hold your wallet
384 Anonymous
What the heck is a “virgin-killing sweater,” lol
385 Anonymous
I bought this too..
If I wear this and make an impression, even the high and mighty virgin boys might take a glance
In reality, it was called a “virgin-killing sweater” because it was too stimulating for virgin boys, and they would faint for different reasons
Even then, it can be said that the ones wearing it are the ones who will die, as they can be subjected to disgust and even arrested for public indecency
388 Anonymous
That shady advertisement always appears at the back of that manga, lol. I can’t believe there are people fooled into buying it, lmao
And yes, I bought it too
390 Anonymous
There are idiots who buy stuff like that, lol
Well, it’s in my closet as well
393 Verification team*010meTA473
Hagetoru just changed into that sweater earlier, but this is definitely a criminal… It’s sticking out on the side, visible through the gap below, is this really the kind of outfit that boys would be happy with, like some slut?
396 Anonymous
There are so many victims, it’s hilarious, lol
Well, I didn’t even realize it was in my closet..
397 Anonymous
I’m surprised there were quite a few people buying it. Everyone secretly bought it behind the scenes
And I did too
400 Anonymous
That sweater everyone’s talking about
401 Anonymous
She’ll get caught if she wears it outside, seriously. She’ll be charged with indecent exposure towards boys
404 Anonymous
You should buy the same one and wear it too! I’m sure Aqua-sama will be delighted. Just kidding, though
405 Verification team *010meTA473
When Nee-san borrowed and wore that famous knit from Hagetoru, it became even more outrageous..
It’s tight, her butt crack is visible, her boobs are too big and the space underneath is too wide, and the knit is so tight that it seems like it’s about to burst
408 Anonymous
Oh, they got chopsticks!
410 Anonymous
While we were getting excited about silly conversations, Aqua-sama got chopsticks!!
412 Anonymous
Aqua-sama seems happy, so I’m also smiling
413 Anonymous
Didn’t the lady say earlier that she was going to make the paper plate a treasure?
416 Anonymous
I understand making a paper plate a treasure
418 Anonymous
If Nee-san wore it, it would definitely give off a criminal vibe
420 Anonymous
I’m curious about what would happen if Nee-san wore it. Please upload it
422 Anonymous
Of course. The bigger the breasts, the more erotic the woman becomes
426 Anonymous
We can trust Aqua-sama with the barbecue because he’s good at cooking
427 Anonymous
Be careful not to burn it
428 Anonymous
Everyone has chopsticks, and Aqua-kun is waiting to finish grilling. It’s cute!!
431 Verification team *9n2SARETAi
I’ll delete it right away because it’s embarrassing
434 Anonymous
Is it true that Aqua-kun is offering mushrooms to Toa-chan!?
I’m sorry, my heart is racing…
435 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, that’s not mushrooms, it’s eggplant, right…
437 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, that was great
438 Anonymous
Akira-kun really likes meat, huh
Even in off-shots, he’s often seen eating beef bowls
440 Anonymous
I feel restless when Mayuzumi-kun doesn’t wear glasses, lol
441 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun, it’s okay if you don’t wear them
It might be a minority opinion, but not wearing them gives a sense of extraordinary and makes my heart flutter
444 Anonymous
Yes, out! This is definitely a pervert, no, obscene!
446 Anonymous
Although your face is hidden, I didn’t expect it would really be given
This is not good. It gives off a strong sense of criminality
447 Anonymous
Seriously, it’s really big in various ways
I’m sorry to Nee-san, but I’m glad that Aa-sama has special fetishes
450 Anonymous
Wait a minute, Nee-san and Aqua-kun got together, right!?
At 30, and with this body shape, it really gives me courage…
Breasts and stuff, there are boys who faint just by looking at them because of the pressure, right?
452 Anonymous
Maybe if I try my best, I might have a chance. I have a similar size, but Aqua-kun is really big and it’s okay
453 Anonymous
While the boys are getting excited about the barbecue, the girls are talking about erotic stuff. It’s the worst lol
455 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, you must be tired
458 Anonymous
I want to bury Aqua-sama’s head in my chest and pamper him, saying “You did well.”
460 Anonymous
Who’s hungry? Here!
462 Anonymous
Yes! Yes! Yes!
463 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
465 Anonymous
Right now, girls from all over the country are raising their hands in front of the screen
467 Anonymous
Everyone is so lucky…
469 Anonymous
The people who are present here were really lucky
470 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai lol
What happened to your chef’s hat? lol
472 Anonymous
He shamelessly borrowed it from the staff
474 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s asparagus!?
475 Anonymous
It’s tenga-senpai’s asparagus!?
477 Anonymous
It’s unusually thick…
479 Anonymous
Huh? Did this turn into a naughty show?
480 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s is long like asparagus… memo memo
482 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai←asparagus new!
485 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah..
487 Anonymous
Toa-chan’s is… a mushroom?
488 Anonymous
Toa-chan’s mushrooms are ero!!
490 Anonymous
Ah, no, no. It’s too lewd
493 Anonymous
Small mushrooms..
494 Anonymous
Small mushrooms… understood
496 Anonymous
Toa-chan←small mushroom new!
500 Anonymous
No way! It’s still past 11 o’clock!!
503 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s leftovers are bad lol
505 Anonymous
I understand that feeling very well, Nee-san
507 Anonymous
Too loyal to desire lol
But I don’t hate it, lol
509 Anonymous
510 Anonymous
Huh? Mayushin-kun is also an eggplant!?
513 Anonymous
Toa-chan←small mushroom
Mayuzumi-kun←eggplant? new!
516 Anonymous
Tomorrow, vegetables will disappear from the market
518 Anonymous
Hey! The website that teaches you how to mas***bate properly with vegetables has gone down!
519 Anonymous
I went to check if there are eggplants, asparagus, and mushrooms in the fridge ←
521 Anonymous
Eggplants are like a staple vegetable for citizens. Next are asparagus and mushrooms, as long as the prices haven’t gone up..
523 Anonymous
Put the eggplants in both the top and bottom mouth and hold mushrooms and asparagus in both hands to do it!
525 Anonymous
The number of people has decreased a bit now. Is there someone who couldn’t resist?
528 Anonymous
Everyone, endure it. Watch until the end!!
530 Anonymous
Damn, smashed potatoes with butter look delicious!
534 Anonymous
You can’t have grilled corn at this time! The sound of soy sauce burning gets to my stomach
536 Anonymous
Onions from Awaji Island are seriously delicious. It’s truly impressive. It has a taste that defies common onion knowledge
537 Anonymous
Director Hongou!?
540 Anonymous
Is Director Hongou the one filming this? lol
542 Anonymous
I had a feeling it was her. The shots of crossing the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge at dusk were cool
545 Anonymous
Director Hongou seems to be filming properly for variety shows, considering she’s Director Hongou
546 Anonymous
Ah, I see. It has to be Director Hongou, who’s used to seeing this kind of scene with the Heaven’s Sword. An ordinary cameraman would have fainted many times in the middle of it. Oh, I get it now. Director Hongou is better for this job
549 Anonymous
What the heck, lol
550 Anonymous
Director Hongou is lucky
551 Anonymous
There’s no helping it even if Director Hongou gets it
553 Anonymous
Thank you for your hard work as always, Director Hongou
555 Anonymous
Thank you again today, Director Hongou
558 Anonymous
Wait a minute..
560 Anonymous
Director Hongou, you really are a genius..
561 Anonymous
This is totally like we’re the ones getting it
563 Anonymous
As expected from the magician of camera work, Hongou Hiroko..
565 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah..
567 Anonymous
I have been staring with her mouth open in front of the TV screen, lol
569 Anonymous
Director Hongou is dangerous..
572 Anonymous
Oh no, many people have been sunk by this, lol
574 Anonymous
Next, President Atori?
576 Anonymous
Thank you as always, President Atori
580 Anonymous
Director Hongou, President Atori >>> (unbeatable wall of competence) >>> Unreliable Self-Proclaimed Wife
583 Anonymous
585 Anonymous
She dropped her chopsticks
586 Anonymous
587 Verification Team *07218KADO6
If you drop them for 3 seconds, you can still use them
591 Anonymous
592 Anonymous
593 Anonymous
596 Anonymous
His chopsticks are come to her!
597 Anonymous
598 Anonymous
If you sell those chopsticks, you’ll make billions!
600 Anonymous
Seriously, President!?
602 Anonymous
No, no, no, there’s no girl who doesn’t like Aqua-sama’s chopsticks
If it were me, I would lick them three times quickly as soon as they went into my mouth
604 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah..
606 Anonymous
Open your mouth wide!
609 Anonymous
Ah, that’s too s*xual!!
613 Anonymous
Haah, haah!?
617 Anonymous
Huffing and puffing is not good!
620 Anonymous
623 Anonymous
Something touched by Aqua-sama’s breath!
625 Anonymous
I see, this is the breath of God, God bless
This food has become a holy communion. A-qu-a
628 Anonymous
How much virtue did President accumulate in her past life..
630 Anonymous
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
636 Anonymous
Not good, he wipes her mouth..
A new door will open
638 Anonymous
It seems like the Ogari’s door is about to open in front of Daddy Aqua..
642 Anonymous
This is Shirogane Aqua, coming to make things clear
647 Anonymous
I also want to spill sauce and be scoldeddd!
650 Anonymous
The finish is eggplant
651 Anonymous
He’ll finish with eggplant
654 Anonymous
Is this a sign for doing ecchi!?
657 Anonymous
If it were me, I’d already ruined my underwear at this point
658 Anonymous
President Atori’s mental strength is amazing for not attacking him because of this!
662 Anonymous
The female who got excited earlier scattered away..
I can’t believe Director Hongou was the opening act
667 Anonymous
668 Anonymous
Copy that, cut!
670 Anonymous
They didn’t cut it, lol
672 Anonymous
So they didn’t cut it, huh? Lol
675 Anonymous
By now, she must be blushing intensely in front of the screen
678 Anonymous
Props to the person who didn’t cut it, seriously!
681 Anonymous
683 Anonymous
What’s happening, suddenly going crazy?
685 Anonymous
Did the shock just hit you late?
686 Anonymous
Maybe because President Atori… unlikely though, lol
689 Anonymous
690 Anonymous
692 Anonymous
Yessss, grilled rice ballsssssss!
695 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s sq*rt onigiri!?
697 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s broth-filled onigiri!?
700 Anonymous
This is bad!!
703 Anonymous
This will definitely result in casualties
705 Anonymous
It will be a big disaster lol
707 Anonymous
At this moment, I miraculously managed to eat it
I really thought I was going to heaven. It’s a heavenly state
710 Anonymous
I’m so jealous!!
712 Anonymous
Hey lol
713 Anonymous
The cameraman is just standing in line normally lol
715 Anonymous
Even director Hongou couldn’t resist this temptation
717 Anonymous
I just realized that the president is standing in the front lol
719 Anonymous
President Atori and director Hongou are great
Considering their tremendous contributions, this is nothing at all
They should even get married
722 Anonymous
And now a commercial break
725 Anonymous
Yes, it’s time for a commercial break
728 Anonymous
Here comes Toa-chan, the opening act!
729 Anonymous
Toa-chan is cuddling in the kotatsu, so cute!!
731 Anonymous
No, this is too cute
732 Anonymous
Toa-chan looks cute in a knitted outfit
It’s even cuter because of Nee-san’s picture from earlier
I definitely prefer boys’ knitted outfits over girls’
734 Anonymous
Only about half of the hand is coming out of the sleeve, so cuteeeeeee!
736 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is peeling a mandarin for Toa-chan like that
738 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah, my heart is pounding..
739 Anonymous
I don’t know why, but when I saw Aqua-kun peeling it for Toa-chan, I started getting excited
740 Anonymous
Just peeling a mandarin and Aqua-sama is already erotic
742 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is hereeeee!
743 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun!? In the Otomezaki group!
745 Anonymous
It’s ice cream!!
746 Anonymous
Ah, it’s a commercial for Haugenmattas
Come to think of it, they said they would do it
749 Anonymous
A special moment of tranquility with a special ice cream in your ordinary daily lives
750 Anonymous
Ah, this catchphrase is good
751 Anonymous
Let’s warm our hearts by eating ice cream with friends. Haugenmattas!
753 Anonymous
Uh oh..
755 Anonymous
A special moment of tranquility with a special ice cream in your ordinary daily lives
Let’s warm our hearts by eating ice cream with friends. Haugenmattas!
Is the voice of Aa-sama in this part too erotic?
757 Anonymous
760 Anonymous
Finally, just when I thought it was over, Aqua-kun was feeding Toa-chan ice cream behind the products
762 Anonymous
Intense “Ahh~” moment
763 Anonymous
Unexpected, Director Hongou → President Atori → Toa-chan’s three-stage setup
765 Anonymous
Sorry, but it seems Toa-chan is the legal wife after all. LMAO
767 Anonymous
This is unfair. lol
768 Anonymous
Even the campaign is over the top!
770 Anonymous
Does it come with three signed ice cream spoons!?
771 Verification Team *010meTA473
I’ll go all out for Aqua’s gold spoon
773 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Should I use my entire part-time pay for this? By the way, is this Aqua-sama’s used one!?
774 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I want this… but the calories..
775 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
From tomorrow, my dinner will be ice cream. Also, is this Aqua-kun’s used one or something!?
777 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
I usually don’t win these things, but this time I feel like I might
780 Anonymous
Is this the return of the biscuit hell..
782 Anonymous
It may be a little extravagant, but I feel like it would be great to put ice cream on Morinaga’s biscuits and eat them. This campaign is great!
785 Anonymous
I hope I win this time!
788 Anonymous
It’s hilarious that it ended properly lol
790 Anonymous
Hagetoru, you should save money!
791 Anonymous
These are people in the same rating range
793 Anonymous
I have a feeling that Aqua-sama should reconsider Morikawa
795 Anonymous
797 Anonymous
798 Anonymous
The screen went completely dark, is it broken!?
799 Anonymous
Is the screen only dark for me?
801 Anonymous
Wait, I can hear the sound of water!
802 Anonymous
Quiet down! Listen carefully!
804 Anonymous
Are they talking about something?
805 Anonymous
Are they talking at a place with water?
808 Anonymous
Ah, are they talking while doing the dishes?
809 Anonymous
Is the hot spring relaxing?
810 Anonymous
Hot… spring…?
811 774 *hi-p3erver
813 Anonymous
Wait a moment, wait a moment!
816 Anonymous
Huh? Could it be that they’re entering a hot spring..
817 Anonymous
820 Anonymous
This is bad!!
823 Anonymous
Is it okay to broadcast this on TV!?
825 Anonymous
What about the visuals!? Are there no visuals!?
827 Anonymous
Aaaaaaaah, nice recording uuuuuuh
But, I want to see the recorded videooooooo
830 Anonymous
Oh, SNS went down…
831 Anonymous
Confirmed death of SNS
I guess it couldn’t withstand it after all
833 Anonymous
This is the difference between SNS and high-performance servers
Why did the gap become so wide? Arrogance, differences in environment
836 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Everyone close your eyes…
Concentrate on the sound of each drop of water and see Aqua-sama in your mind
842 Anonymous
Huh? A genius, aren’t you
844 Anonymous
Hagetoru is a genius, I can tell
845 Anonymous
This is undoubtedly genius. As expected of the Verification Team
847 Anonymous
The genius born from the bulletin board, that’s Hagetoru
852 Anonymous
I laughed so hard when Hagetoru was suddenly praised lol
855 Anonymous
D*mn it! The boys are having such a good conversation and I have impure thoughts!!
857 Anonymous
No, no, I can’t resist temptation. Is this the instinct of a woman?
860 Anonymous
I’m alright because I mas***bated quickly earlier
Yes, I also had a period where I thought that way… So, I’ll be back in a bit
Those who were defeated with the first attack can’t withstand boys’ bath talk!!
864 Anonymous
Are there any girls who can endure without taking off their panties?
867 Anonymous
Uh oh, it suddenly got quiet..
871 Anonymous
I couldn’t understand the conversation at all..
They’ll revisit this later. I feel like they were saying something important
876 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I cried when I heard Toa-chan and Aqua-kun’s story
It’s also because everyone said they won’t forget this scenery
I thought once again that I want to do my best at work starting from tomorrow
To protect the scenery that everyone saw
881 Anonymous
Your mental strength is too strong…
882 Anonymous
Nee-san, how come you didn’t fall from that…
884 Anonymous
Girls who want to join Beryl should take a look
It’s impossible without this mental strength
Don’t be like >>836 and say something like that
885 Anonymous
I kinda understand now. Thank you
887 Anonymous
Nee-san, you’re amazing after all
889 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
D*mn it. I believed what Hagetoru said and ended up with a dumb expression on my face
890 Verification Team *010meTA473
Sorry, Nee-san. I did the same thing as Hagetoru
896 Anonymous
898 Anonymous
Sorry. I take back what I said about Shumi being the legal wife
900 Anonymous
I don’t hate that straightforward side of you guys
902 Anonymous
Can’t be helped. It’s mostly Hagetoru’s fault
905 Anonymous
Oh, they’re wearing a yukata!
907 Anonymous
910 Anonymous
Their yukata is too sexy!!
912 Anonymous
Here comes the service scene!
915 Anonymous
Table tennis!?
918 Anonymous
Table tennis is no good!
920 Anonymous
They might drop something!
923 Anonymous
Damn it, just when Nee-san made the atmosphere serious, the head house… the house… Aaaaaaaaa..
925 Anonymous
Hey!? Aqua-sama, you’re already showing a little skin…
Aqua-sama, there are too many service scenes
927 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is definitely a pervert. Because normal boys don’t wear something as revealing as that! Even Toa-chan is wearing something under his yukata
930 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Are there any nipple slips?
934 Anonymous
The scent of Aqua-kun and his friends after taking a bath..
936 Anonymous
All the girls are walking with their legs closed haha. They should all take a bath again LOL
940 Anonymous
Table tennis is really fun
942 Anonymous
I’m good at Table tennis
945 Anonymous
Aqu-tan is really good at sports
947 Anonymous
Even in Yuu-oni, he is really good at anything
950 Anonymous
This will increase the number of Table tennis players
952 Anonymous
It’s amazing. Normally, the girls would go easy on the boys, but the boys are unbeatable. Tenga-senpai is also amazing
955 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s chest also seems to have gotten thicker!? When I first saw him, he was still skinny
958 Anonymous
960 Anonymous
963 Anonymous
Mixed doubles!?
964 Anonymous
Oh, that’s nice!!
967 Anonymous
As a professional Table tennis player, I’m really jealous
970 Anonymous
Aqua-sama seemed really happy earlier. Both of the women were big, maybe that’s why they were shaking so much? Seeing Aqua-sama having fun also makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside
974 Anonymous
I thought Aqua-sama looked cool with his serious expression, but it seems like that’s not the case lol
977 Anonymous
I like this about Aqua-sama. It’s great that he’s aware that they’re a girl. If his s*x drive is really strong, I hope he’ll even get involved with his fans. Maybe someone who’s only for the local area?
980 Anonymous
982 Anonymous
He caught the sister who was about to fall!
983 Anonymous
That wasn’t on purpose, so it’s safe. And Aqua-sama looks happy, so it’s safe too!
985 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Local people… How about a local wife? Someone who can substitute for a wife when Aqua-sama goes on expeditions to other regions
991 Anonymous
You’re a genius after all
992 Anonymous
Local wife… has Aqua-sama created a new word again?
994 Anonymous
How can I become a local wife just for Aqua-kun?
996 Anonymous
Local wife… what a nice ring to it. It’s cool!!
998 Anonymous
This makes me fantasize about being a local wife again
999 Anonymous
There’s this guy called Hagetoru who suddenly becomes invincible when it comes to erotic stories, lol
1000 Verification team *07218KADO6
Huh? Did I say something again?

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