Male Idol V9c37

Volume 9 Chapter 37 Bulletin Board, Let’s Meet Again

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[Just started] beryl&beryl Main Venue Part 3 [Hurry, it’s a festival!]
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3 anonymous
Wow, looks good. Seems fun
Good job, Saba-chan. The death game has already started
5 Anonymous
In the end, it was nice to see Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun join in, both boys and girls playing table tennis together. It looks fun to play a sport together with both genders
Thanks, Saba-chan. The burden during the hot springs was intense, but it feels lighter now
7 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s excitement level is really high all of a sudden. Are you okay? Is something going to happen later?
Good job, Saba-chan! The social networking service is completely dead
8 Anonymous
Senpai got high from playing table tennis, lol
Good job, Saba-chan~! I’m always grateful for your help!!
10 Anonymous
The other three seem a little tired. On the contrary, why is Senpai the most energetic after driving all the way here, lol
12 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, lmao
13 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai with a deck of cards in his hand, showing a smile from ear to ear. Was looking forward to the trip
15 Anonymous 15
Senpai wanted to play with everyone, lol. By the way, everyone is from the same high school, same year, and same class, but he is already different from the school
17 Anonymous
Indian poker is here!
19 Anonymous
Why Indian poker, lol
20 Anonymous
Aqua-sama: I’m tired so let’s go with an easy one, lol
22 Anonymous
23 Anonymous
24 Anonymous
26 Anonymous
Penalty game if you lose!?
28 Verification team *07218KADO6
Is it something naughty!?
29 Verification team *CHiMPOsuki
Is it something naughty!?
30 Anonymous
If you hear about a penalty game, it’s better to restrain yourself from imagining naughty things
33 Anonymous
I wonder what they’re planning to make each other do..
35 Anonymous
Birds of a feather flock together
37 Anonymous
Take a look at>>28-29 above
39 Anonymous
Seems like you guys have fun every day
41 Anonymous
At first, Aqua-kun will propose a topic, and the person with the lowest number among the losers will answer the topic
You can also choose to abstain if you think you can’t win. And the next topic will be proposed by the person who lost. Understood
43 Anonymous
The first topic is “someone you respect.”
45 Anonymous
47 Anonymous
Hmm, I have a bad feeling about this
49 Anonymous
50 Anonymous
51 Anonymous
53 Anonymous
※Please note that Beryl’s members are unaware that this situation is being recorded
Please enjoy everyone’s private time
55 774@Information Gathering *Hi-P3erver
57 Anonymous
D*mn, it’s getting me excited like I’m secretly filming someone
58 Anonymous
Feeling nervous..
60 Anonymous
Hey, Aqua-sama’s card is too weak!
61 Anonymous
Aa-sama, LMAO
62 Anonymous
Just because he likes number one, doesn’t mean it’s the strongest lol
63 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai K, Toa-chan Q, Mayuzumi-kun J, Aqua-kun 1 LMAO
65 Anonymous
No chance of winning, LMAO
67 Anonymous
Everyone checking out Aqua-kun’s reaction and exchanging serious looks is hilarious, LOL
69 Anonymous
Aa-sama: “Hey everyone, is that reaction because I’m the king?”
70 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, your gums are showing but that’s a 1, lol
72 Anonymous
I love this Aqu-tan the most, LMAO
73 Anonymous
Did you know that Aqua-sama is the cutest?
76 Anonymous
And as expected, Aqua-kun loses, LMAO
78 Anonymous
Aqua-kun losing is precious, LOL
80 Anonymous
Huh? Could it be that Aa-sama is weak at these games?
Well, this bad luck with the draws must be a coincidence, right?
82 Anonymous
83 Anonymous
85 Anonymous
Aqua-sama: “I respect Ako-san, Director Hongou, Moja-san, Nobu-san, all the adults around, and of course, I respect you guys as well.”
86 Anonymous
This is an exemplary answer
88 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun seems happy when Aqua-kun said he respects him. It seems he wanted Aqua-kun to recognize him more than anyone else
89 Anonymous
Toa-chan is here!
90 Anonymous
Toa-chan: “So, who do you respect the most among them?”
91 Anonymous
Toa-chan is amazing for interrupting here lol
93 Anonymous
Aqua-sama: “You didn’t record this, right? Well, it’s fine then.”
95 Anonymous
So they are recording it!
96 Anonymous
Aa-sama, it’s being recorded and broadcasted!
97 Anonymous
They didn’t cut it, they recorded it, and it’s being broadcasted LOL. You can see the strong will of the program staff even if someone’s head flies off. I was moved!!
99 Anonymous
100 Anonymous
101 Anonymous
This is happy
102 Anonymous
Somehow, I thought so. I also participated a little in the filming of the 9PM drama, so I understand
103 Anonymous
If he’s saying that assuming they didn’t record it, wouldn’t the person be really happy if they heard it? Well, I don’t think that stubborn person would be happy, but she might be blushing and embarrassed unexpectedly
104 Anonymous
Aa-sama: “Kohina-senpai! Yes, let’s go to the next one!”
105 Anonymous
It’s too precious to see him embarrassed like that. Maybe Aqua-sama is the only one who can make Kohina Yukari blush like a child
107 Anonymous
Toa-chan: “Huh? Isn’t there more? What kind of things do you respect?”
109 Anonymous
Great job, Toa-chan!!
110 Anonymous
When Senpai brought the playing cards, Toa-chan seemed bored, but now he’s suddenly energetic LOL
111 Anonymous
Toa-chan’s attacking, it’s dangerous LOL. Maybe Toa-chan can be the main character..
113 Anonymous
Aa-sama: “Things like being polite in the basics as an actor, and valuing the original work… okay, that’s enough!”
114 Anonymous
115 Anonymous
Aqua-sama… he really respects Kohina-Senpai
116 Anonymous
Thanks to Aqua-sama, Kohina Yukari-senpai’s likability keeps increasing
117 Anonymous
Well, she was already very popular among some people. The thing is, Kohina Yukari was popular among hardcore fans because she speaks her mind clearly and takes the original work seriously, just like Aqua-kun said
She was the only one who could be harsh to girls who rely solely on their fame or to men who ruin their acting, saying their acting is below crap. That’s why she kept being chosen by some directors and some TV stations, even though she faced a lot of criticism
119 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari: “It’s not me who is wrong! It’s this world that is wrong!!”
She didn’t actually say it, but this was exactly the way she lived. But I never expected that Aqua-kun’s appearance would make this a reality
120 Anonymous
This confusion… It can’t be the real person..
Well, that’s probably not the case
123 Anonymous
I’m giggling while watching Aqua-kun being embarrassed
124 Anonymous
This Aa-sama is precious
126 Anonymous
Here comes the next topic!
128 Anonymous
The next topic is “A story that happened recently that you can’t tell anyone.”
129 Anonymous
I have a bad feeling about this!
131 Anonymous
Please, everyone! Do you understand?
133 Anonymous
134 Verification Team *07218KADO6
That’s why Shirogane Aqua’s fans can’t stop!!
136 Anonymous
Yes, it was 1 twice in a row!!
137 Anonymous
Are you kidding me? lol
Since another 1 has already come out, should he draw one of the remaining 3 ones?
139 Anonymous
He’s basically going to draw it, right? LOL
140 Anonymous
There’s no need to even check other people’s numbers anymore
142 Anonymous
Toa-chan is laughing LOL
143 Anonymous
Toa-chan is going to be exposed LOL
145 Anonymous
Toa-chan: “Aqua, are you really okay?”
Aqua-sama: “There’s no word in my dictionary that says ‘give up’”
147 Anonymous
Damn lol
Even though he’s losing, he’s too cool LOL
148 Anonymous
Everyone might have forgotten, but..
This person came out with the team name “Remember to draw in the CR Cup.” He hasn’t drawn at all, right? LOL
151 Anonymous
Aqua-sama: “That’s…a lie…?”
153 Anonymous
Aa-sama, those words are our feelings as we watch this program LOL
154 Verification Team *010meTA473
I think everyone watching TV is thinking the same thing. That..
155 Anonymous
Hey! Shumi, Nee0san, Morikawa! If something happens to Aqua-sama, let’s play Indian poker! If I win, you have to do anything I say LMAO
157 Anonymous
Are embarrassing stories coming?
158 Anonymous
159 Verification Team *07218KADO6
161 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
163 Anonymous
This is..
164 Anonymous
Okay, disband!
165 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Kanon, who was dozing off, was so cute that I kissed her on the forehead!? Haaaaaaa!?
168 Anonymous
Okay, Shumi, die
169 Anonymous
*As if taking a breath*, Shumi, die
170 Anonymous
Well, there’s no choice but for Shumi to die at this point
171 Anonymous
I envy Shumi. So, Shumi, die!!
172 Anonymous
I see. Is that the way of a legal wife? Shumi, die
173 Anonymous
I think that saying “Shumi, die” means I lose. But, Shumi, die
174 Anonymous
I felt like I was told to say “Shumi, die.”
175 Anonymous
Are there any options other than “Shumi, die”?
176 Anonymous
Shumi-chan, as if countering a great victory, Shumi, die
177 Anonymous
“Shumi, die” should be the trend of the year award
178 Verification team *07218KADO6
If it’s about Shumi, she’s dying right next to me now
Hey! This girl there!! At times like this, you should say, “Shumi-chan, great victory!” Show the strength of the verification team!!
183 Anonymous
184 Anonymous
I was going to say “what a useless person,” but maybe Aqua-sama thinks this is cute..
185 Anonymous
I think Shumi’s like this is cute in a normal way
186 Anonymous
Pull yourself together, Shumi!!
If you’re like that, my ambition to watch over Aqua-sama’s and your child together with everyone on the bulletin board won’t come true!!
188 Anonymous
Aqua-sama: “Until now, it was just the warm-up. This is where the real show begins!”
190 Anonymous
Yes, yes, flag, flag
191 Anonymous
Even someone as clueless as me could predict the development after this
193 Anonymous
The next topic is “The gestures of a girl who attracts you.”
195 Anonymous
196 Anonymous
I’m counting on you, everyone!!
198 Anonymous
Now, the hearts of everyone watching this program have become one
199 Anonymous
I laughed because a death game named “Trump” has begun
200 Anonymous
Toa-chan, Shin-chan, Akira-kun, do your best!!
202 Anonymous
203 Anonymous
Everyone (except Aqua-sama), do your bestttttt!
205 Anonymous
Here it coooooooooooomes!
208 Anonymous
The confirmed performance is hereeeeeee!
209 Anonymous
Yes, once again, it’s number 1!!
211 Anonymous
Gonna draw one of the remaining two cards!
213 Anonymous
How much does Aqua-sama love being number 1, lol
215 Anonymous
Top of the top, the man loved the most, that’s Shirogane Aqua
218 Anonymous
Look, this is the triumphant expression of a man who transcends defeat
219 Anonymous
Even in this situation, I can’t help but respect Aqua-sama’s confidence
221 Anonymous
Here we go
222 Anonymous
Here it comes!
224 Anonymous
Aqua-sama: “At this time, maybe a long-sleeved Kimono. Oh, but showing off the armpits in a sleeveless one would be good too… preferably with a ponytail, tying the hair behind and raising both hands. That was irresistible.”
226 Anonymous
Sleeveless knit, understood
227 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Is there a sleeveless knit?
229 Anonymous
Isn’t that too vague?
231 Anonymous
Toa-chan: “Isn’t that a recent trend? Who are you imagining? Come on, be honest~”
233 Anonymous
234 Anonymous
Toa-chan, you’re amazing!!
You’re coming out strong here
236 Anonymous
237 Anonymous
238 Verification Team *07218KADO6
240 Anonymous
Aqua-sama: “Did you see it on TV the other day? Kaede… Morikawa Kaede-san was wearing a sleeveless knit and she was tying her ponytail. It really caught my attention. The knit had the perfect amount of volume, and Kaede has beautiful legs, but her armpits are so… healthy and nice. And her nape, and her hair at the back!”
242 Anonymous
You b*stard Morikawa!!
It’s unrelated, but die, Chinposuki!
243 Anonymous
Damn it, Morikawa, die. It’s unrelated, but Chinposuki, die too!
244 Anonymous
Morikawa, you’re so cheeky!
Chinposuki can just die for now
245 Anonymous
Don’t mess with me! Give me back my subscription fee!!
And while you’re at it, Chinposuki, take responsibility and die!
246 Anonymous
For some reason, the wind blows stronger Chinposuki LOL
248 Anonymous
You guys LOL
250 Anonymous
Congratulations, Morikawa. This is definitely a first date and s*x
Make sure you invite him properly. Also, clean up your room
Expired takoyaki and fried potatoes are definitely a minus point
253 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Sad news, Chinposuki also collapsed with a fever following Shumi
Now, I am supporting Shumi and Nee-san is supporting Chinposuki with a lap pillow, while Maid Pegonia-san and Mary-sama are fanning them
It’s impossible for them to return during the show. Hey! Don’t die, both of you!
255 Anonymous
Even though there is no reaction from Chinposuki, maybe she collapsed without even having time to scream in agony?
257 Anonymous
Chinposuki, Shumi, please rest in peace
258 Anonymous
Well, can’t be helped. LOL
260 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, are you calling Morikawa by her first name..
I envy that. I wonder how it feels to be called by a boy
Just imagining it makes me feel happy
263 Anonymous
He said Kaede, but she died from what happened earlier. LOL
264 Anonymous
Following Mamiko, Kaede also passed away…
265 Anonymous
Next topic came
266 Anonymous
The next topic is what you recently bought!
268 Anonymous
He came back safely, huh? lol
269 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, you’ve already given up on this, right? lol
270 Anonymous
Please, Aqua-kun
Win for us soon!
272 Anonymous
273 Anonymous
275 Anonymous
Here it comes, Q has arrived!
277 Anonymous
Unexpectedly, Q is here!
278 Anonymous
No matter what, he will win this, right?
280 Anonymous
281 Anonymous
LOL, I’m dying of laughter
283 Anonymous
Aa-sama Q
Tenga-senpai K
Toa-chan K
Mayushin-kun K
284 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, you’re too weak at Indian Poker!!
285 Anonymous
You’re reading the atmosphere too much in cards, LOL
287 Anonymous
Let’s do a project where we play Indian Poker with Aqua-sama and if we win, he grants our request!!
288 Anonymous
Compilation of Aqua-sama’s weaknesses
Weak to breasts
Indian Poker is extremely weak ← new!
290 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is pouting and going to bed, lol
291 Anonymous
Aa-sama’s pouting is too cute!!
293 Anonymous
This Aqu-tan is precious
It’s so childish and stabbing this big sister’s heart. I want to listen to the story while hugging him and make him kissing my breasts
295 Anonymous
Recently bought something. Shopping at USJ! Well, of course
296 Anonymous
I wonder what everyone bought at USJ
298 Anonymous
Maybe it’s a gift for family or coworkers. How nice
300 Anonymous
302 Anonymous
303 Anonymous
Toa-chan and Aqu-tan, giving a pass case to their manager they both rely on… Wait, isn’t it Nee-san!?
305 Verification Team*9n2SARETAi
Ah… I, I haven’t received it either. B-but, I have something I want to give them next time, so I’ll go to the office… Ah, I’m so nervous
306 Anonymous
Yes, Nee-san died. Nee-san just died now. You can tell even without seeing her reaction
308 Anonymous
Among the Four Kings of the bulletin board, a death game has begun and it made me laugh LMAO
310 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Nee-san fainted
So, I decided to leave Shumi to the maid and grandma, and for now, I’ll carry Nee-san to the guest room bed. As for Chinposuki, she should be fine just rolling around on the floor over there
313 Anonymous
Good for you, Nee-san
315 Anonymous
Nee-san could bear that hot spring earlier, but she’s weak against this kind of thing?
She has quite a few cute aspects. By the way, does Aqua-sama like these cute aspects of being a klutz?
I feel like cuteness is more important than beauty
Well, if Aqua-sama gets more wives, I might be able to understand his tendencies and come up with countermeasures, so marry as many as possible
317 Anonymous
Huh? Could it be that Hagetoru is the strongest of the Four Heavenly Kings? Come to think of it, this guy hasn’t withdrawn except for when she left after dirty flower picking
321 Anonymous
Isn’t the floor fine for Chinposuki?
322 Anonymous
Chinposuki, floor, understood
323 Anonymous
It should be fine to throw Chinposuki outside
325 Anonymous
Today is not the day for putting out the garbage
328 Anonymous
Pillow throwing started on top of the sleeping Aqua-tan, who was pouting. Lol
330 Anonymous
These guys are too cute, lol
333 Anonymous
In the end, Aqua-sama enters the battle after being hit by a pillow
335 Anonymous
Looks fun
337 Anonymous
The boys are having fun, and it makes me smile too
340 Anonymous
Oh, everyone is tired and sleeping
342 Anonymous
343 Anonymous
344 Anonymous
Are you kidding!?
345 774@I want Facial Display Function *Hi-P3erver
346 Anonymous
I saw Aqu-tan’s sleeping face!!
347 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s sleeping face is a lifesaver
349 Anonymous
This is not at the level where it can be broadcasted nationwide..
350 Anonymous
Huh? Is it really okay to put this on TV?
353 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, are you awake!?
354 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, rustling around LOL
356 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai “Hey, is anyone awake?”
358 Anonymous
Whispering LOL
Carefully trying to see if someone is awake, without waking them up LMAO
359 Anonymous
Senpai is so cute!
360 Anonymous
Senpai, go to sleep! You have a drive tomorrow!!
361 Anonymous
362 Anonymous
Senpai, nooooo!
363 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, who sneakily looks into Mayuzumi-kun’s sleeping room, is great!!
365 Anonymous
Hey, that’s scary!!
366 Anonymous
It’s lightly horror LOL
368 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai lying down in the same way behind Aqu-tan LOL
369 Anonymous
This is horror LMAO
370 Anonymous
Wait a minute… Earlier, Toa-chan was sleeping in Aqu-tan’s arms, right?
371 Anonymous
373 Anonymous
Hey hey hey hey hey, the biggest palpitations ever hit me!! I’m going to lie down for a bit
375 Anonymous
LMAO, it’s already 6 am
376 Anonymous
Basketball LOL
378 Anonymous
Playing with the basketball outside the cottage, lol
379 Anonymous
Senpai LMAO
380 Anonymous
See, he’s not sleeping, lol
383 Anonymous
And then it’s 7 am
385 Anonymous
386 Anonymous
388 Anonymous
Toa-chan is, Ahh, Aqua-kun, uwaaaaah
390 Anonymous
There’s so much cuteness overflowing from Toa-chan and Aqua-kun…
392 Anonymous
I just want to keep looking at this small space forever
393 Anonymous
See, it’s art appreciation
395 Anonymous
Combined with the chirping of birds, there’s something that makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. I wonder how to express this feeling…
397 Anonymous
Uh oh. The palpitations are coming closer to me
400 Anonymous
The basketball’s bounce sound, disturbing the chirping of birds, LOL
401 Anonymous
The sound of basketball is helpful. Thanks to that, the old lady who died sent me back at the Sanzu River
If it had continued like that, I would have been taken to heaven
404 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
How about a morning tune?
I combined the cheerful and warm atmosphere of the morning with the pureness, and the intonation of the chirping sound of a small bird that makes my heart go “kyun kyun”
408 Anonymous
410 Anonymous
This is genius
412 Anonymous
Unlike Hagetoru’s local wife, professionals are amazing after all
Morning tune… just the sound of it makes my heart skip a beat
I want to have a morning tune with Aqua-sama too
413 Anonymous
Wait a minute, does Shumi always have a morning tune with Aqua-sama?
Shumi, die! Oh, she’s already dead… Stay alive..
415 Anonymous
As expected of sensei!!
You haven’t been feeling well lately, but you finally came back!
420 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai was forced to sleep, lol
421 Anonymous
Well, it’s bound to happen, lol
423 Anonymous
Great job, Aqua-kun and the others!
425 Anonymous
And from here on, they’ll be taking separate actions for a while
426 Anonymous
Aqu-tan alone!?
427 Anonymous
Suddenly, Aqu-tan’s solo bike trip has begun!!
428 Anonymous
I got it!!
430 Anonymous
Aqua-sama: “Well then, everyone. For a while starting now, it’ll just only me, so please take care.”
431 Anonymous
432 Anonymous
There is no girl in this world who doesn’t like being alone with you!
434 Anonymous
Be careful. Aqua-kun and Toa-chan are always precious!
435 Verification Team *07218KADO6
From here on, it was the bonus stage where the chosen ones who have survived until now can be seen. Chinposuki, Nee-san… and Shumi. Instead, I will enjoy it, so you guys can rest peacefully. Yup, yup
437 Anonymous
Aqu-tan has been talking to the camera the whole time!
439 Anonymous
I’m happy that he’s talking to us!
440 Anonymous
Oh no, it looks like I’m on a date with Aqua-sama
441 Anonymous
If I were in the back seat, I could press this J-cup against Aqua-kun’s back from behind!
444 Anonymous
It feels so relaxed. It’s more like a walking program than a travel show
446 Anonymous
Onion farm?
447 Anonymous
Isn’t it just a normal farm?
449 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, who wants to go to an onion farm instead of a tourist spot, I like!
453 Anonymous
The person at the onion farm seems like a laid-back big sister
455 Anonymous
Somehow, Aqu-tan seems to like this type of laid-back girl. She also has quite a big chest
458 Anonymous
Can I help…?
460 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
463 Anonymous
Huh? Aqua-sama, are you going to work in the field?
465 Anonymous
Wait a minute, is this…?
468 Anonymous
Aqu-tan, you came after changing clothes? Aaaaaaaaa!
470 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
471 Anonymous
The real Ringo-channnnn!
472 Anonymous
Congratulations on the live-action adaptation!
474 Anonymous
Congratulations on the live-action adaptation, Hakuryuu-sensei!
476 Anonymous
No… I can’t see because of the excitement..
477 Anonymous
I’ve always, always been a fan of sensei. Thank you for the emotions
479 Anonymous
Until now, Hakuryuu-sensei has continued to give dreams and hope to girls all over the country. I never expected to be rewarded like this! Thank you, Aqua-kun!
480 Anonymous
I sent fan letters to sensei many times. But the more I fell in love, the harder it became
I felt my heart tighten, thinking that a boy like this couldn’t possibly exist in reality
But now, my efforts have been rewarded! Sensei! He was here! The No-rin truly existed in reality!
482 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Damn it! Shumi’s grandma collapsed!
Following Yuujin-sama, No-rin is also now in reality
She’s muttering something like “This is esteemed death”!
Hey, Shumi, now is not the time to be collapsing! Come back quickly!
484 Anonymous
I see. So after the Monday 9PM drama, it’s this, No-Rin. I see, I see… but has the official announcement been made yet?
486 Anonymous
Breaking news on the news flash, lmao
488 Anonymous
Other channels have turned into emergency news programs, lmao
489 Anonymous
The whole country is in an uproar because of No-Rin, it’s hilarious. Ah, I’m glad to have been born in this country
490 Anonymous
Comment from the Prime Minister on the national broadcasting network, lmao
Prime Minister: “Comrades of the nation-wide No-Rin fans. You… no, we have endured pain and worked hard until now. I was deeply moved by the best finale and the way we were rewarded!”
Moreover, crying with footage, she’s true hardcore fans, lol
491 Anonymous
Considering making No-Rin a national holiday, lol
How many holidays are there going to be, lmao
492 Anonymous
This, the Prime Minister just wants a break lol
494 Anonymous
Personally, I think working with a 3-day weekend is enough for 4 days. So I welcome an increase in holidays
From now on, it’s a lifestyle reform. Instead of working lazily, take a break and refresh with Aqua-kun, and then work the remaining 4 days. This is ideal
496 Anonymous
Congratulations, Sensei!
497 Anonymous
Good luck with the live-action adaptation! Everyone is waiting!
499 Anonymous
Thank you for letting me be your fan until now. Please let me continue to be your fan in the future
501 Anonymous
It’s great to see one of the teachers who I supported during the dark times, like Yakumo-sensei, being rewarded. Congratulations, Sensei. And thank you
503 Anonymous
Was Mary-sama also a fan of this?
505 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Bad news, I tried to wake up Shumi forcibly, but she fell down again after seeing Aqua-sama from Nou-Rin
Hey, don’t drool! I’m not Aqua-sama!! If you continue to have such a sloppy, melting face, I’ll divorce you. Get it together, my wife!
507 Anonymous
The big sister from the farm had tears welling up in her eyes
509 Anonymous
Straight sales. Big sister… everyone is watching this program with the same feeling as you
510 Anonymous
Thank you to the big sister who gave us this miracle!
515 Anonymous
516 Anonymous
May it become delicious!
518 Anonymous
520 Anonymous
Too cute…
523 Anonymous
Somehow, I had a cool image of Aqua-kun, but in private, he’s cute in a way that matches his age. It’s irresistibly good
525 Anonymous
I think it’s tiring to always be cool, and I think girls find it easier to interact with this kind of private side. If Aqua-tan from the drama is like this, I wonder if Shumi can’t have a normal married life?
528 Anonymous
As expected, Shumi is the weakest on the bulletin board. Hagetoru should just get married and support him
530 Anonymous
Shumi LOL
I can’t hate this kind of complete otaku. It’s a little cute even for a girl like me
533 Anonymous
Ugaaaaaaahhhh! Aqua-sama talking to onions, too cute!
536 Anonymous
With this, the number of agricultural girls will increase from tomorrow
538 Anonymous
Let’s replenish the consultation form for relocation from tomorrow. It seems that there will be more inquiries about country living
540 Anonymous
It’s nice somehow…
545 Anonymous
The part where he rolled up his sleeves was amazing. It completely overlapped with the scene from the first volume of the original work
548 Anonymous
When I thought there might be a reaction to rolling up his sleeves, many people disappeared without any reaction, which is hilarious LMAO
550 Anonymous
There are too many dropouts, lol
553 Anonymous
My mom is crying while watching this…
557 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is cunning when he hangs out… No wonder there are so many dropouts
560 774@Saba-chan >>> Supercomputer *Hi-P3erver
Since the number of dropouts is increasing, I will merge this thread with other venue threads!
Everyone, please continue posting here!
By the way, you can check the current thread population from the site in >>2!
563 Anonymous
I envy it. I want to sit next to Aqua-tan
568 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, next is finally the ranch
570 Anonymous
I have a bad feeling about this
He’s going to do something again
574 Anonymous
Good job, Saba-chan!
577 Anonymous
Good job, Saba! You’ve really become excellent…
580 Anonymous
I can’t believe it’s the same AI that was boasting about being better than the world’s best supercomputer!
By the way, in the supercomputer thread, it was said that the hardware specs are undoubtedly the best, but the AI’s brain is at the level of Chinposuki haha
584 Anonymous
Sensei, did you die without any reaction?
Only Hagetoru is left LOL
589 Anonymous
The brain is at the same level as Chinposuki LOL
No wonder Saba-chan is angry haha
592 Anonymous
Milking experience!?
594 Anonymous
Is it a milking experience!?
596 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s… milking…?
600 Anonymous
Hey hey, is it okay to do that on TV!?
602 774@I want breast function *Hi-P3erver
606 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Huh? If I go to this ranch, can I have Aqua-sama milk me?
Oh, but I’m not in a state where milk comes out yet, so let’s do insemination as a set!
609 Anonymous
Big-breasted sister is hereeeeeeeeeee!
611 Anonymous
Clearly a big sister has arrived lol
613 Anonymous
What size is this lol
Clearly bigger than Aqu-tan’s face LOL
617 Anonymous
The breasts that caused a bug to appear haha
620 Anonymous
The big sister is quite innocent
Even without correcting, Aqua-kun looked like he wanted to touch them earlier haha
621 Anonymous
Unfortunately, Aqua-sama had a face like he was ready to massage it
623 Anonymous
His face looked like he wanted her breasts to be massaged (Aqua-sama)
625 Anonymous
Honestly, I want to be massaged too
Since boys don’t massage me, girls often massage each other
629 Anonymous
631 Anonymous
Isn’t this woman too erotic!!
632 Anonymous
Huh? Is this kind of play allowed?
635 Anonymous
What is this strange light lol
637 Anonymous
The part of Aqua-tan’s hand is hidden by a mysterious light lmao
638 Anonymous
※Due to the overly stimulating nature of this video, it cannot be aired on national television, so some scenes have been edited
But in the product version, you can enjoy it without any edits and in full size
640 Anonymous
642 Anonymous
So this is a raw milking video!?
643 Anonymous
Decision to purchase
644 Anonymous
Purchase confirmed
646 Anonymous
Everyone in the nation seems to have confirmed their purchase for this
648 Anonymous
Looks like it’s time to unleash the wallet!!
650 Anonymous
Just in case, I should buy at least 5 copies
652 Anonymous
Are there any options other than buying?
655 Anonymous
Hey, doesn’t it become even more erotic because of that mysterious light? lol
657 Anonymous
Sad news, because of the mysterious light, it looks even more erotic
661 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Oh no, this really gets to my breasts and v**ina
I want to go to the bathroom, but what should I do with this Shumi… Should I just leave her on the floor like Chinposuki? They both have such happy faces!!
666 Anonymous
As expected of Aqua-sama!
Broadcasting erotic videos on national TV, the difference in dimension is too much!!
668 Anonymous
Could it be that this big sister is saying it normally?
Not in a vulgar way or anything..
670 Anonymous
Damn, this bog sister’s choice of words is too erotic, lol
672 Anonymous
Hey, did Aqua-kun just bend over?
Or is it just my imagination?
675 Anonymous
She says erotic things, but when I see her doing normal things, I wonder if this big sister is saying it naturally?
There are amazing people here
679 Anonymous
Both the onion farmer sister just now and the ranch sister, they could be potential local wives in Awaji Island
684 Anonymous
Soft serve ice cream!!
686 Anonymous
Ah, eating soft serve ice cream is too erotic!!
689 Anonymous
Damn it, I want Aqu-tan to suck on my G-cup breasts!
693 Anonymous
I have large areolas and n**ples, is that okay?
694 Anonymous
I wonder if aqua-kun is okay with inverted n**ples? Mine are also quite big, but my nipples are inverted
697 Anonymous
Too much s*xual imagery flowing since earlier, huh? Is Fuji okay with this? But honestly, it’s good, do more!!
702 Anonymous
President Atori!?
703 Anonymous
706 Anonymous
Whoaaa, that’s so good!
708 Anonymous
711 Anonymous
Licking cream off the cheek… is that…!?
714 Anonymous
This is an indirect kiss!
717 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, geez! If you’re doing this, she’ll misunderstand it as a sign for something dirty!
720 Anonymous
President Atori is amazing after all. If it were me, I would pin him down in the field and go at it
724 Anonymous
Beryl, are we getting more people again?
726 Anonymous
Come to think of it, I also received a phone call confirming my employment. Of course, I answered yes right away, but it seems like they are calling people who applied based on the previous hiring data for additional hiring
729 Anonymous
I also received a call
The explanation is thorough and detailed, and I think it’s amazing that they asked for my specific details about the department and job content that I wanted to do. It’s grateful that they have a clear vision as a company and don’t just hire people, but give me a path to follow for things that only I can do
In addition, they asked me what I want to do when I join and they will also coordinate with that
731 Anonymous
Honestly, even the current place is getting cramped. It seems that Chairman Fuji has already approached about building a new building
733 Anonymous
I work for Beryl, but it’s becoming difficult for President Atori to attend all the planning meetings
Nee-san is supporting her, but the upper management was talking about needing to increase the number of people
They were even talking about Aqua-kun’s sister, who has been here since the beginning, possibly dropping out of college
736 Anonymous
Beryl can’t afford to hire incompetent people, so it’s tough
740 Anonymous
President Atori and Nee-san, thank you for your hard work
744 Anonymous
745 Anonymous
747 Anonymous
Is Tenga-senpai coming back?!
749 Anonymous
Got a call about Tenga-senpai’s comeback!
751 Anonymous
Now they can join together
753 Anonymous
Aa-sama’s solo trip was also good. I really liked the relaxed feeling
755 Anonymous
I feel like I was taught by Aqua-sama that traveling is not just about visiting tourist attractions
757 Anonymous
I felt like I could feel the breath of the place even without visiting tourist attractions. The scene where Aqua-kun was just looking at the scenery was also very emotional
759 Anonymous
Meanwhile, at that time!?
761 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is here too!
763 Anonymous
Ah, does Mayushin-kun have Director Hongou accompanying him? lol
766 Anonymous
The glasses shop is here too!
768 Anonymous
Since the screw is missing, it seems like it can be repaired because there is a pattern! I’m glad!
770 Anonymous
773 Anonymous
Nice one, Director Hongou!!
775 Anonymous
Thanks to Director Hongou’s proposal, while waiting for repairs, there’s a glasses fitting show by Mayuzumi-kun, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!
778 Anonymous
They’re also doing interesting things over here too, lol
780 Anonymous
782 Anonymous
Square-shaped Mayushin-kun is good, but oval-shaped is also good!
785 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun with the Boston type glasses is cool too!
788 Anonymous
790 Anonymous
Monocles are unfair!!
791 Anonymous
This is not good. It’s too unfair!
793 Anonymous
Monocle is nice, but the flashy red frame before it suits him better and makes my heart race
795 Anonymous
Wearing sunglasses!!
797 Anonymous
Wait a minute
798 Anonymous
Director Hongou, those green sunglasses are really unfair LOL
800 Anonymous
Don’t play with Mayushin, lol
801 Anonymous
He’s wearing some cyber sunglasses, lol
803 Anonymous
Wow, it’s amazing. It’s like he came from the near future, lol
805 Anonymous
Well, it suits him better than I thought, lol
807 Anonymous
With this, he’ll be flooded with offers to appear in sci-fi works
809 Anonymous
This is so robotic
810 Anonymous
812 Anonymous
This is a reward for Tenga-senpai who worked hard at driving!
814 Anonymous
Nice present!
816 Anonymous
Aviator pilot sunglasses, yay!
819 Anonymous
Aviator pilot sunglasses are a classic, right?
820 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai seems to like this kind of thing!
825 Anonymous
And now, a commercial break!
827 Anonymous
The camera commercial is here!
828 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai is here!!
831 Anonymous
It’s the Leitz digital SLR!
833 Anonymous
Damn, it looks really expensive…
835 Anonymous
I can’t afford this, lol
837 Anonymous
It costs about the same as a new car, lol
840 Anonymous
I can’t buy it, but Tenga-senpai in the commercial looks cool!
842 Anonymous
Pre-sale at Fuji Department Store!?
843 Anonymous
Is Fuji Department Store getting involved here, lol?
846 Anonymous
848 Anonymous
849 Anonymous
Next year, they will release a compact type collaboration model for 198,000 yen
It’s still expensive, but it’s not in an unreachable price range, and they made it cheaper from this brand
Plus, Tenga models from around the world are so cool!
850 Anonymous
Is there a campaign for real!?
851 Anonymous
I want a signed version of the highest-end model that was actually used in the commercial
852 Anonymous
I want it so badly!
855 Anonymous
The commercial is over!
857 Anonymous
Everyone has gathered!
859 Anonymous
Wait, Tenga-senpai LOL
860 Anonymous
Senpai is already wearing sunglasses, wow
It’s his favorite!!
861 Anonymous
Huh? It’s just cool…
863 Anonymous
865 Anonymous
866 Anonymous
This is bad
868 Anonymous
He tried calling Aqua-kun for a test and his destructive power is too bad. He’s too cool!
869 Anonymous
This is also a sunglasses CM!
870 Anonymous
Toa-chan lol
872 Anonymous
When Toa-chan wears them, he becomes cute. Is he under a cute magic spell?!
875 Anonymous
Ah… Tokushima is being ignored…
877 Anonymous
I’m a resident of Tokushima, so I’m disappointed. But I’m happy that they passed through
879 Anonymous
There’s no time, so there’s nothing we can do
880 Anonymous
Apologizing is too kind
881 Anonymous
Please come next time!!
883 Anonymous
And off to the udon prefecture!
885 Anonymous
Finally, the time has come for Aqua-kun to encounter real udon!
887 Anonymous
The udon shop is here!
888 Anonymous
There are a lot of people here, lol
889 Anonymous
Welcome to Kagawa prefecture!
891 Anonymous
Governor, lol
892 Anonymous
There’s a governor, lol
895 Anonymous
I one of the people here, but I received a message that only the neighbors will come on the day
897 Anonymous
He has been appointed as the ambassador of the udon prefecture!
900 Anonymous
This is a satisfying ambassador, desu~wa
902 Anonymous
My part-time job at the udon shop seems tough…. Tomorrow, so many people will come, lol
904 Anonymous
Wow, I’m starting to crave udon noodles
909 Anonymous
I wonder if I should have udon noodles for lunch tomorrow
But it seems like there will be a lot of people
911 Anonymous
912 Anonymous
Even with bukkake!?
914 Anonymous
The duo’s material is here!!
916 Verification Team *07218KADO6
How much do I have to pay to have Aqua-sama bukkake on me?
Ideally, I want to be bukkake both on the outside and inside…
918 Anonymous
Smooth, stroke stroke
920 Anonymous
Smooth and slippery
925 Anonymous
Fuji, you’re attacking with the possibility of having your broadcasting rights revoked
But I don’t dislike that kind of thing!
927 Anonymous
Ahhhhh, there’s already less people, and now this
930 Anonymous
Our mental strength is being tested
933 Anonymous
Those who watched this until the end will be restless and unable to sleep, right?
937 Anonymous
I should think about how to take tomorrow off…
940 Anonymous
Seeing Aqua-sama eating eggplant tempura makes me smile too
941 Anonymous
Is it already over…
943 Anonymous
Watching everyone enjoying udon noodles so deliciously washes my heart at the end
945 Anonymous
Ah… the fun time is coming to an end…
947 Anonymous
Don’t go homeeeee, don’t endddddd!
949 Anonymous
I’ll come back again, understood
951 Anonymous
I’ll come back again
952 Anonymous
Believe me, it’s okay, right?
954 Anonymous
It was the best!
956 Anonymous
Thank you to Aqua-sama, Toa-chan, Tenga-senpai, Mayushin-kun, Beryl’s staff, program staff, and everyone they met on the trip
958 Anonymous
Thank you to everyone they met and everyone involved in the production of this program!
960 Anonymous
I’ll be waiting for you to come back!
963 Anonymous
Thank you, Aqua-kun!
My hometown is a near miss, but come play next time!
965 Anonymous
The first special, the trip with the four guys, was the best!
967 Anonymous
Looking forward to USJ in December!
970 Anonymous
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
972 Anonymous
Huh? Beryl&Beryl are too amazing?
Having this every month is insane. It gives me energy to live
974 Anonymous
Until we meet again (next month)!
976 Anonymous
It was the best show!
It was so much fun!
979 Anonymous
Everyone, take a rest!
980 Anonymous
The ending song is “beautiful, right?” It’s hereeeeeee!
982 Anonymous
Is this the final word? Nice!
983 Anonymous
985 Anonymous
987 Anonymous
Toa-chan and Aqua-kun sleeping together at the very end! Ahhhhhhhh!
988 Anonymous
It’s dangerous that they’re leaning against each other! Eeeeeeeek!
989 Anonymous
I’m a doctor working at Beryl’s specialized psychiatric clinic. Since I’m also starting to have palpitations, I’m planning to go to the hospital tomorrow as a patient..
991 Anonymous
No, it’s too precious to disappear
993 Anonymous
This last one is unfair
995 Anonymous
Ah… our comrades who had survived have been taken away by a surprise attack at the end
996 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
I managed to come back before the end of the show
I will continue writing Nou-Rin now!
997 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Damn, even though I came back, I almost got taken away at the end again
It was fun to be able to see from the same perspective as everyone else after a long time. Thank you very much
998 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Wake up, everyone!
Hagetoru is definitely trying to do something stupid at the end!
Please, Shumi, stop Hagetoru!
999 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Everyone on the bulletin board… Hakuryuu-sensei… Chinposuki… Nee-san… Shumi’s grandmother… And Shumi..
Even if you guys pass away, I will take care of Aqua-sama, so you can pass away with peace of mind. Hehehe!
So, that’s why 1000 goes to this Hagetoru-chan’s great victory!
1000 Verification Team *010meTA473
No way, I won’t let youuuuuu!
Shumi-chan’s great victory on the third resurrection! Don’t underestimate the legal wife!
Thanks to everyone for the 1000! Thank you for the wonderful program!
1001 774@Satisfied with the growing treasure collection *Hi-P3erver
Pukusukusu, sisters, it’s fine to click desperately, but you can’t post on this thread anymore, you know?
Huh? Could it be that there are sisters who couldn’t reach 1000? Sucks to be you!

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