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Volume 9 Chapter 38 Shirogane Aqua, A Fateful Reunion

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 I look up at the scorching sun shining in the cloudless sky from a small window. Kanon must have finished eating dinner by now. After all, today is not only the Monday 9PM Drama but also the first episode of beryl&beryl, so she might have already taken a bath.

 Well… I stopped myself from imagining Kanon in the bath because I started to smirk. And lately, she’s been too embarrassed to take a bath with me, so maybe I should consult Pegomon when I’m in trouble.

 ”Oh, it looks hot outside.”

 The Prime Minister, who was next to me, raised her face with her hand, looking hot. The Prime Minister who is accompanying me this time is dressed casually, unlike her usual suit.

 ”Aqua-sama, here’s some water.”

 ”Ah, thank you, Kukuri-chan.”

 I receive a glass of water from Kukuri-chan, who was sitting on the opposite side. Yes, I need to make sure to stay hydrated. I gulp down the water and return the empty glass to Kukuri-chan.

 ”Aa-chan, are you feeling okay? Let me know if it’s too tough.”

 ”Thank you, Shitori-onee-chan. I slept well during the journey, so I’m fine.”

 Ako-san or Kotono is not accompanying me on this job. Foreign language proficient and knowledgeable in law, Shitori-onee-chan will be in charge as the manager.

 ”Even though it’s work, being able to travel with Aqua-kun is amazing. Ah, I’m glad I became the Prime Minister!”


 I shift my gaze to the characters written on the brochure in my hand.

 [United Arabian Peninsula]

 The Arabian Peninsula Federation… I never thought I would come this far.

 In my past life, there were several countries on the Arabian Peninsula, but in this world, it has been unified as the Arabian Peninsula Federation. And it’s ironic that the Middle East, which is a female-dominated world, has become the most peaceful place in the world without any wars or terrorist activities.

 According to what I heard from Kanon, the Arabian Peninsula Federation controls world peace with its abundant resources and is flourishing as a tourist destination.

 By the way, this country still has a strict caste system, but it is only determined that men are below women. It seems that in this country, men are allowed to exist as slaves, pets, or so-called playthings for women.

 I’m glad I wasn’t reincarnated in this country because even though I’m not being abused, I’ve heard there is no freedom. On the other hand, I couldn’t help but think that I wouldn’t mind becoming a slave or a pet to someone like Kanon. Well, I’ll keep that thought quietly in my heart.

 Besides… Being owned by someone like Kotono or Yui wouldn’t be so bad either. Just imagining being a slave or pet to a busty big sister makes my heart beat a little faster. No, no, Ayana’s more reserved side is also good, and even Kohina-senpai… Oops, I shouldn’t go any further. Aqua, you can still turn back now. Turn back, Aqua.

 2, 3, 5, 7… I count prime numbers in my mind.

 ”Aqua-senpai’s serious expression… It’s wonderful! He must be seriously thinking about hid work from now on!”

 ”No, no, Kukuri-sama. I have a feeling that Aqua-kun is thinking about something trivial. That’s the feeling I get.”

 ”Oh… So Prime Minister is such an idiot with such a normal face. Aqua-senpai must be seriously thinking about world peace.”

 ”Well, in a way, Aqua-kun’s mind seems to be the most peaceful in the world. It’s like Kanon-sama, Emily-chan, or maybe even Kaede-chan. Yeah…”

 Hmm…? I feel like the Prime Minister said something very rude to me just now, but maybe it’s just my imagination?

 By the way, the reason I came here is to perform with the world-famous opera singer Aria Catalini in the finals of the soccer World Cup being held here.

 This is a tournament that only happens once every four years, and there are only a limited number of people who can perform in the finals of such a tournament.

 So I didn’t hesitate to accept. Because of that, I had to make Kaede wait for our date… I’m sorry, but work is unavoidable.

 By the way, I plan to take my school classes online. I’ve taken classes online before when I was a hikikomori, and I think this is one of the good things about Otomezaki, where they provide such support.

 They let students do what they want and what they enjoy.

 That’s Otomezaki’s educational policy.

 ”We are almost ready, so please move to the boarding gate, everyone.”


 Right now, we are waiting inside Kukuri-chan’s private jet for long-distance travel.

 Normally, we would use the government plane because the Prime Minister is with us, but this time it’s a secret entry, and my entry is a surprise, so we couldn’t use the government plane.

 ”Everyone, we are ready. Please stay close to me, Kukuri-sama and Aqua-sama.”


 I look up at the tall, beautiful woman walking next to me. I don’t know what their connection is, but Rinon-san will be in charge of mine and Kukuri-chan’s security on this trip. The members accompanying us on this job are me, the Prime Minister, Kukuri-chan, Shitori-onee-chan, Rinon-san, the Prime Minister’s secretary, and two bodyguards, making a total of eight people. Of course, there may be other people supporting us behind the scenes, but these are the members that I am aware of.


 The moment I stepped outside, I felt the scorching heat of the sun burning my skin, as if it was getting charred. It was so hot outside that I almost forgot it was November. I’m glad I followed Kanon’s advice and prepared lightweight clothes.

 ”Everyone, we’ve been waiting for you.”

 In front of the two limousines at the center of the dozens of cars that were prepared, two women dressed in revealing outfits were standing.

 So this is the hospitality of a tourist country.

 Our country should learn from these good aspects of other countries.

 For the future, I will observe these ladies carefully. Oh… the fabric of their skirts is too revealing, it’s too erotic…

 ”Shirogane Aqua-sama, please ride in this limousine, and the rest of you, please ride in the one behind.”

 Both of them seem to be using our native language fluently, so I wonder if they have studied abroad in our country in the past. Or maybe they studied really hard. Either way, it’s impressive.

 I take a step towards the previous limousine as instructed. The one who stopped me was the Prime Minister.

 ”Oh, that’s troublesome. If something happens to Aqua-kun, I’ll be held responsible. If I just get fired, that’s one thing, but my head might physically be severed from my body.”

 ”…In that case, only one companion.”

 ”Two people, can’t you compromise on that?”

 The bodies of the two ladies twitched as they saw the Prime Minister making a peace sign with a smile.

 I wonder if the Prime Minister’s mischievousness surprised the beautiful ladies too.

 ”…Understood. However, Prime Minister, you are not allowed.”

 ”Alright then. Kukuri-sama, Rinon-chan, I’ll leave it to you. Sorry, Shitori-chan, but you’ll be in the same car as me. Well then, Aqua-kun, see you later.”

 ”Yes, Prime Minister.”

 I bend down to enter the previous limousine.

 At that moment, I was surprised by the hand reaching out from inside the car, causing my body to lose balance and dive towards the person inside.

 Oh…what elasticity and cushioning! Without thinking, I buried my head in the small chest that held me tight.

 ”Oh, so you’re Shirogane Aqua… you have a nice face. Alright, if you want, I can make you my pet in the future.”

 When I looked up, there was a mischievous and confident expression on the face of a young girl… no, a little girl.

 This child also spoke our country’s language fluently. I was genuinely impressed at this age.

 But that’s beside the point; this is another matter.

 With a laugh from my nose, I straightened up. If this body had been more elastic and cushioning, I might have mistakenly agreed, but luckily, she was smaller than Lapis.

 ”Little miss, I’m sorry, but the only person who can make me their pet in this world is my wife, Kanon. I’m glad you’re interested, but would you mind asking someone else?”

 I rejected the little girl’s proposal with a stern expression.

 I’m sorry. I appreciate your feelings, but I already have a clumsy owner.

 ”Hmm… you…”

 The little girl frowned. I thought she might be angry, but she immediately changed her expression and showed me a smile.

 ”Your straightforwardness is not bad at all! I like you even more now. Bravo!”

 The little girl hugged me tightly. I see, she seems sassy but cute. Well then, let’s go, This Aqua will pat her head.


 The little girl’s face turns red in surprise. Come to think of it, who is this child? While I was thinking about that, a hand from behind reached out and pulled my arm.

 ”Princess Finus, please stop playing around. You’ll get scolded by your sister again. You just got scolded last month for spending 10,000 on limited edition skins in the gacha.”

 ”Mm, that voice is Kukuri-oneechan!?”

 Oh? Is she Kukuri-chan’s acquaintance? Wait, Princess Finus… Huh? Is this child a princess? I thought about apologizing immediately, but I pretended not to notice and tried to cover it up.

 ”Co, could it be that Shirogane Aqua is Kukuri-oneechan’s pet!?”

 ”Eh!? Ah, A-Aqua-senpai is, um, my pet…”

 ”As expected of Kukuri-oneechan! When it comes to you, the status of a pet is different!! I respect you!!”

 I stick my thumb up at the confused Kukuri-chan. It’s okay. I, your reliable senpai, will help smooth things over.

 ”Ah…yes, that’s right. Ah, Aqua-senpai… Aqua is my pet!”

 ”Oh! It’s amazing, Kukuri-oneechan is an adult… In my country, you can have a man as a pet from the age of 18, but my strict big sister doesn’t even have male slaves~nano. Could you please give me some advice too?

 Kukuri-chan, with a slightly troubled expression, responds to the question by looking around the surroundings.

 ”Having said that, Queen Shams and former Princess Manaat also have their positions to consider, so it might be quite difficult, don’t you think?”

 ”Hmm, is that so… By the way, Kukuri-nechan, why have you been using such formal language since earlier? Won’t you call me Fi-chan like we do when we play games together?”

 Princess Finus, with a lonely expression, pokes her index fingers together. It’s so cute that I can’t help but want to pat her head. While thinking such things, I unconsciously pat Princess Finus’s head.

 ”No, even if it’s unofficial, other people…”

 ”Alright, all of you get out!”

 Princess Finus orders the two big sisters who welcomed her earlier to get into the limousine behind. Perhaps this was unexpected, as the two big sisters show a troubled expression.

 ”Y-your Highness!? Are you sure about that…”

 ”As long as there’s that big lady over there, it’ll be fine!”

 Princess Finus points to the woman sitting in front. The two beautiful women sighed as they looked at Rinon-san and muttered, “Please take care of Her Highness,” and got out of the limousine.

 Ah…the ripe fruits of the beautiful women are getting farther away. Goodbye, my eye candy.

 ”Is it okay with this~nano?”

 ”Fi-chan, please consider the feelings of your subordinates a bit. They also have work to do.”

 ”I-I’m sorry~nano… I’ll apologize later, so please forgive me, okay?”

 ”Hehe, it’s impressive that you can apologize properly, Fi-chan.”

 The beautiful girl stroked the head of the beautiful young girl with me in between.

 Ah… it’s so precious…

 I want to be a wall, no, I am just a wall. I tell myself that.

 ”By the way, Kukuri-nee-chan. How long are you going to keep speaking in that creepy tone? You always speak as if wearing a cat disguise…”

 ”What are you talking about, Fi-chan? I am, as always, you know?”


 Huh? Did I just hear a scream, or was it my imagination?

 ”I’m sorry, Aqua-senpai. Fi-chan caused you trouble.”

 ”No worries. I also remembered my little sister Lapis and felt warm…well, my sister is quieter though. Oh, but Princess Finus and Kukuri-chan are obedient and good girls like her.”

 By the way, I remember Lapis and Kanon promised to go on a date next time. Those two are really close friends. Kanon always hangs out with older people and didn’t have a younger sister who would depend on her, so she seems really happy to have one now. The other day, when Lapis stayed over, the two of them… or more accurately, the three of them including Pegonia-san, took a bath together.

 Ugh, while I’m here being avoided by Lapis, could it be that Kanon is my rival?

 I’m surprised and troubled by the unexpected appearance of a rival.

 ”Oh! So, Aqua is a big brother?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. Princess Finus.”

 ”Hmm…that’s fine. Even I, to become a first-rate lady, wanted a male servant, but now I want a big brother!”

 ”Haha, should I be your big brother for now?”

 ”Is that okay~nano!?”

 ”Yes, of course.”

 ”I’m happy. Aqua-oniichan, please pat my head more. And you can call me Fi-chan, Finus-chan, or Nu-chan, however you like.”

 ”Then, Fi-chan it is.”

 I pat Fi-chan’s head. Hmm, it’s cute like a cat. Can I take this child home just like this? I want to show it to Kanon.

 ”By the way, you said earlier that you were playing a game with Kukuri-chan. What game were you playing?”

 ”League of Legends, also known as LOL~nano. Aqua-oniichan, please play with us too! If you join, we’ll have 5 people, so we can finally have clan battles!”

 Of all things, why is that game!

 I mean… if you’re in elementary or middle school, let’s play a more casual game. How about APEX? Oh, you play EPEX too? And you play it with Grandmother Mary too!? Wait, Grandmother Mary is in the single-digit Predator ranking!? No way… she’s better at games than me.

 ”Mary-chan said she has thrown a real grenade before. She taught me how to properly throw a grenade!”

 Oh… what a hardcore gamer. In many ways, Fi-chan too hardcore. I sighed and turned my face towards Kukuri-chan.

 ”By the way, what’s the name of your clan in the game?”

 ”If you defeat us, you’ll make the world your enemy.”

 Oh no… that’s a joke, right? You’re not serious, right?

 When I searched for a clan on my smartphone, I saw that the clan leader, imperial_BBA, wrote in the clan description that if someone picks a fight, they will destroy their country. I was so shocked that I almost buried my face in the screen of my phone.

 Who is this? Could it be Grandmother Mary? They say people change in games, but calm Grandmother Mary wouldn’t say something so extreme, right?

 But wait, if I look closely, all of these people are at the highest rank… How much have they played? And on top of that, the fourth person, “i am prime minister,” is definitely not the real prime minister, right? But then I realized, it was the prime minister. What is she doing? Oops, I accidentally slipped into Kansai dialect because of that recent TV show.

 ”If you’d like, Aqua-senpai, would you join our clan too? Emily-san and Kanon-san will be invited as well, so I’m sure it’ll be fun. Let’s have fun playing League of Legends together.”

 Kukuri-chan… For most people, League of Legends is not a game they can enjoy, even though it can be fun.

 Well, if it’s private, there should be no talk of sniping or streamer hunting, which is a hot topic among streamers. If we can gather 10 people, we can also do a custom match. If Kanon or Emily-san participate, and if I invite Shintaro and Tenga-senpai, it will be 10 people, so it seems like it could work.

 If we have 10 more people, we can also play another tactical FPS game, which might be good. Wait, what? Are those 4 people also Predator, the highest rank there? Don’t mess with me, I’m only Ascendant 2, which is 5 ranks below when I’m trying my hardest!

 ”I…I’ll think about it…”

 ”Thank you. I think Mary-chan would be happy if Aqua-senpai joins.”


 I respond with a wry smile to Kukuri-chan’s beaming smile.

 ”Oh… it’s coming into view now. It’s the palace.”


 It’s huge! It’s too big, isn’t it…

 I look up at the palace with a Hoge expression like Kaede.

 The procession of vehicles is being sucked into the palace with a free pass.

 ”Thank you for the long journey.”

 Oh… what a sight. Beautiful women dressed in transparent clothes, just like the ones who greeted us, are lined up with smiles to welcome us. So… heaven, paradise is here!

 I show a composed expression to hide my relaxed feelings.

 ”Aqua-senpai, you look wonderful… You’ve entered work mode, haven’t you?”

 ”Aqua-oniichan looks cool…!”

 ”Well, both of you… That’s definitely the face of a man trying to hide something.”

 Shh, Prime Minister, shh!

 ”Oh, Princess Finus, it’s been a while.”

 ”Yes! Prime Minister, I haven’t forgotten about the corner waiting shotgun and potato snack incident, and I still hold a grudge.”

 ”Hahaha, Your Highness… I was grateful for your help at that time! Thanks for the kill point!!”


 Fi-chan, are you okay with tears in your eyes?

 Prime Minister, it’s not very popular to be unfriendly with a young girl.

 ”Well, it’s been a while, Prime Minister, and Kukuri-dono. It seems that my little sister is being taken care of.”

 A slender beauty with the same tan skin and lustrous black hair as Fi-chan slowly descends the staircase in the hall and approaches us with a leisurely pace.

 Her golden shining eyes are captivating, so beautiful that once our gazes meet, I get sucked in.

 I hold my breath in front of this oriental and exotic foreign beauty.

 She is probably one of Fi-chan’s two big sisters.

 ”Nice to meet you, Shirogane Aqua-dono… My name is Shams. I don’t have a last name as a member of the royal family, so it’s just Shams. I’ve been allowed to be the queen in this country.”

 ”Nice to meet you, I’m Shirogane Aqua, an idol from Beryl Entertainment. Today, I am grateful for the warm welcome. Your Majesty, Queen Shams.”

 I shake hands with Queen Shams. I heard from Kanon that this is an unofficial meeting, so it seems okay like this.

 As a man, I couldn’t help but be captivated by the sight of Queen Shams’ tight and petite buttocks peeking through her sheer clothing, but I managed to endure it somehow.

 ”Yes. It seems my sister, Fii, has been taken care by you. Since this is an unofficial meeting, you can also call me by my nickname, Shams-chan. Well, in this palace, I’m the rule, so unless they are suicide volunteers, no one complains.”

 ”Thank you, Shams-chan.”

 When I said that, Shams-chan smiled, so I must have responded correctly.

 By the way, Shams-chan is older than me, but I don’t mind such things. Kaede also said that if you worry about small things, you’ll lose.

 ”Oh, by the way, due to work reasons, you didn’t bring Kanon with you this time.”

 ”Yes. My wife, Kanon, was also disappointed. She said something about getting along well…”

 ”Hahaha! That’s right. Both me and Kanon are struggling as the middle sisters, so we have something in common. We’ve only met a few times, but if Kanon considers me as one of her friends, I would be happy.”

 ”Don’t worry. I’ve heard from Kanon that Shams-chan is also considered one of her friends.”

 ”Oh, really? That makes me happy!”

 ”If you’re alright with it, I will bring Kanon with me next time privately.”

 ”You said it, right? I remember that promise. You will definitely bring her.”

 Shams-chan and I walk side by side, chatting while strolling through the palace.

 When I first heard that this country was a place with a clear female dominance, like a country with slaves or pets, and a caste system, I didn’t know what to expect. But with this atmosphere, it seems like it can work somehow.

 I had heard from the Prime Minister and Kanon that those systems only apply to their own male citizens, and they would treat other men normally. But I was still a little worried.

 After talking for a while, Shams-chan suddenly noticed something and waved her hand.


 ”Your Majesty the Queen Sham, even though we’re in the palace, the head of state running like that will make everyone laugh at you.”

 Oh, uh…

 I become suspiciously nervous as I look at the two large fruits in front of me.

 I’ve never seen a size like this before…! Is this the true power of the Arabian Peninsula Federation?!

 Without a doubt, she is bigger than any woman I have ever encountered. And yet, she is wearing a robe that covers her entire body, unlike the revealing clothes worn by other women. Perhaps that’s why I find it even more erotic.

 It reminds me of Akio-san’s words, that something becomes even more erotic when it is hidden.

 ”Oh… Nice to meet you, Shirogane Aqua-dono. I apologize for being late to greet you due to some unavoidable circumstances. I am Manaat, currently serving as the temple head in the neighboring temple. Please feel free to call me Mana.”

 ”I… I’m Shirogane Aqua, who is working as an idol under Beryl Entertainment. Nice to meet you, Mana-sama.”

 I tightly shake hands with Mana-sama. For a moment, my gaze is about to be taken in one direction, but I resist. This is also thanks to Yui and Kotono. Thanks to those two, I think I have become a little more patient.

 ”Aqua-sama, it feels like your attitude towards me and Fii is different…”

 ”That’s right~nano!”

 Ugh, I don’t like this. F-Forget it, it’s just their imagination!

 ”Aqua-kun, although it’s unofficial, there are diplomatic issues involved, so please be fair when dealing with it.”

 ”Yes, understood, Prime Minister…”

 The Prime Minister whispered in my right ear.

 On the other side, Shitori-onee-chan whispered softly in my left ear.

 ”Oh, Aa-chan… if you can’t stand it anymore, instead of Yui-san or Kotono-san, I’ll let you touch mine… okay?”

 Um… let’s pretend I didn’t hear that. I keep telling myself over and over that I didn’t hear anything.

 ”So, Mana-neesama, what did you say you needed?”

 ”Yes, Your Majesty the Queen Shams. Regarding this matter, may I add this person to Aqua-sama’s security?”

 Mana-sama claps her hands.

 Then a woman in black clothing comes out from the back, scratching her head lazily with a cigarette between her fingers.

 Huh? Something… feels like we’ve met before. Have we met somewhere?

 My question is soon answered.

 ”Nice to meet you, um, Aqua-sama? My name is Akiko… Akiko Ryback! Nice to meet you, boy!”

 ”Oh, um, yes. I’m Shirogane Aqua. Nice to meet you too?”

 Akiko Ryback…? Huh? Ah… cou-could it be Akio-san!?

 Certainly, with her tied hair and all, her body is feminine but the atmosphere… um… I am not just confused, but bewildered.

 When Akiko-san sees Rinon-san behind me, she waves her hands vigorously with a smile.

 On the other hand, Rinon-san has a very pale face. I wonder if she’s okay.

 ”Hm? You, Rinon… Rinon Sarges, right! It’s been a while! Are you doing well? Oh, right. What happened to Crusch, your buddy? She didn’t die in some random field before the instructor, did she? Ah, it brings back memories.”

 ”Shh, Akiko-san, shh! I’m Kagari Rinon now, and Crusch is living as a civilian under the name Pegonia. So please, speak softly…”

 I wonder if those two know each other?

 Rinon-san seems flustered, but Akiko-san seems happy or excited to meet someone she knows.

 ”Hmm… If that’s the case, I should have brought that maid too. Well, we also have a ninja, and just in case, we have Saba-chan, and Kythera has brought some crazy powder addicts, so it should be fine even if something happens.”

 Behind me, Kukuri-chan is muttering something with a serious expression.Hmm… For now, I should pet Fi-chan’s head to calm myself down.


 I gently stroke Fi-chan like a cat, trying to avert my gaze from Akiko-san.

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