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Volume 9 Chapter 41 Bulletin Board, You’re Being Ridiculous

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[D・V・D!] Thread discussing Shirogane Aqua Part 3741 [D・V・D!]
7 774@dvd still here? *Hi-P3erver
D・V・D! D・V・D!
8 Anonymous
D・V・D! D・V・D!
9 Anonymous
D・V・D! D・V・D!
10 Anonymous
D・V・D! D・V・D!
13 Anonymous
Completely crazy LOL
15 Anonymous
What will happen if they release a DVD for beryl&beryl…?
16 Anonymous
This self-proclaimed high-performance server is too obsessed with desires LOL
18 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
V・H・S! V・H・S!
21 Anonymous
22 Anonymous
Sensei, how old are you…
23 Anonymous
Sensei, you’re harsh LMFAO
By the way, I have a Beta at home
25 Anonymous
I see, you’re one of us too!!
Well, I have both at my house too…
27 Anonymous
Laser disc: did you call me?
29 Anonymous
Clearly, I didn’t call
32 Anonymous
I heard that the famous inn in Awaji is fully booked until five years from now
They seem to have stopped accepting reservations beyond that because the increase in prices
I also heard that they closed reservations for cancel waitlist
35 Anonymous
I also tried calling, but it didn’t work
36 Anonymous
It seems like the cottage where everyone from Beryl stayed will be exhibited for the guests
I heard that Tenga-senpai’s basketball and the chef hat he used will be displayed
Also, things like the playing cards they all played with and the futon where Toa-chan and Aqua-kun slept together too
39 Anonymous
To add on, Aqua-kun’s bike that he rode can be seen even if you’re not staying at the hotel
We are currently discussing where to exhibit it on Awaji Island. It has a signature on it, so come take a look
By the way, it seems like we are negotiating to temporarily borrow the beryl car that four people rode during periods when Osaka, Hyogo, and Kagawa are not using it
I overheard my boss saying that we can borrow it on the island
43 Anonymous
Thanks for the information. There are many travel plans revolving around beryl&beryl being planned in the travel industry. It’s funny that the first stop of the itinerary is a convenience store
45 Anonymous
No matter when I go to that convenience store, it’s always crowded
They were saying it might go out of business..
On the contrary, I thought the surrounding convenience stores were not good, but because that place has become a tourist spot, the surrounding convenience stores are well-off with customers who want to use them slowly and comfortably
49 Anonymous
I work at the headquarters there, but do you want to hear a story about that store recording the highest sales in one day for a convenience store?
50 Anonymous
Money moves just by Beryl being in motion. Eventually, money might move just by breathing the air. LOL
53 Anonymous
Actually, there are people who come to the Holy Aqua Religion asking for the air that Aqua-kun breathed out. By the way, that person was convinced to join and received a free bag of air as a welcome gift
55 Anonymous
Looks like they cunningly convinced people to join!
57 Anonymous
Are you saying that’s the way of the Holy Aqua Religion?!
58 Anonymous
Disgusting, that’s just how the Holy Aqua Religion is!
61 774@Holy Aqua Religion is a great place, huh? *Hi-P3erver
Please note that defamation against the Holy Aqua Religion will be subject to deletion
64 Anonymous
Hey, LOL
65 Anonymous
>> 61
No good, this high-performance server-chan has been hacked
67 Anonymous
>> 61
This guy is already done for. She might have been infected with a computer virus
69 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Listen up, guys
Even if you make a mistake, don’t just join the Holy Aqua Religion, okay?
I’ll say it again, absolutely not
Good kids, this is a promise I made with Hagetoru-san!
Never ever join only the Holy Aqua Religion!!
72 Anonymous
75 Anonymous
The weirdest guy suddenly started saying something sensible and I spewed out the tea I was drinking LOL
76 Anonymous
Is it hate towards your own kind!?
78 Anonymous
Of all people, why does this guy have to say it LOL
79 Anonymous
LOL, don’t you say that!!
81 Anonymous
Speaking of the atmosphere, I feel like the air quality has been bad lately. Is it just my imagination?
83 Anonymous
I was thinking the exact same thing. It’s like chewing tasteless gum
85 Anonymous
There’s a chance that Aqua-sama is somewhere else. Maybe he’s filming in a different place like beryl*beryl did?
88 Anonymous
Finally, there are people who are starting to understand if Aqua-kun is here or not based on the air quality, LMAO
90 Anonymous
It seems like there are evolved humans here, huh?
92 Anonymous
This is the turning point for humanity
Whether to become a new person or remain an old person
I’m sorry, but I will advance to the next stage
94 Anonymous
*Bing!* The pressure of this air…! Sorry, I don’t understand at all
95 Anonymous
Excuse me, how can I evolve into a new person?
98 Anonymous
If you go to the Holy Aqua Religion, you might become one
They might even turn you into a human who has undergone surgery for enhancement
100 Anonymous
See, it’s a dangerous place after all
101 Anonymous
Huh!? Can I also become a Driver?
105 Anonymous
They’re still getting excited over such a boring conversation, LMAO
110 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
We apologize for the wait, everyone
We have just sent an email with the information for the first half of Beryl’s national live tour!
January 7-9 in Chiba Prefecture (Tokyo Laugh-O-Gram Studio)
※January 7 is only for Chiba residents, January 8 is only for residents of the Kanto region, and January 9 is only for new adults (free)
※Videos of the Coming of Age Ceremony will be broadcasted live on the national broadcasting station and will be previewed at various venues across the country
February 17-19: Mie Prefecture (Ise Grand Shrine, etc.)
※On the 17th, only residents of the Tokai region can attend. On the 18th, only residents of Mie Prefecture can attend. On the 19th, only residents of the Kansai region can attend
March 10-12: Fukushima Prefecture (Futaba Town, Namie Town, etc.)
※On the 10th, applications are open nationwide. On the 11th and 12th, only victims of the disaster can attend (free of charge)
※The ticket fees for the 10th and the total merchandise revenue over the three days will be fully donated to the recovery efforts in the Tohoku region
※Donations through super chat on the streaming site will also be accepted (these will be donated to the disaster-affected areas nationwide)
April 28-30: Hokkaido (Goryokaku, etc.)
※On the 28th, only those who have applied for the collaboration tour with various travel agencies can attend. The program will last for three days
※On the 29th, only residents of Hokkaido can attend. On the 30th, only residents of Hokkaido and Northeastern Tohoku can attend
May 19-21: Hiroshima Prefecture (Karuga Seaside Park, etc.)
※On the 19th, it is open to fans from all over the world as part of the nationwide tour, the only event targeting international fans
※On the 20th, only residents of Hiroshima Prefecture can attend. On the 21st, only residents of the Chugoku region can attend
※Please note that the regulations will be strict due to the summit held during this period. Thank you for your understanding
June (schedule pending): Ishikawa Prefecture (21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, etc.)
※We will inform you of the details once they are finalized
Additionally, all events will be live-streamed for free throughout the entire schedule. We are also planning to set up PV venues where you can purchase goods, so please stay tuned for further updates. For detailed information, please check your email
116 Anonymous
Awesome!! Good job, Nee-san!!
I was surprised that the start is not in Tokyo. I thought Tokyo was in Kanto
120 Anonymous
As expected, only Nee-san is capable
122 Anonymous
I was watching beryl&beryl, so I kinda knew it would be in March
Please come to Kumamoto and Niigata too, someday!
123 Anonymous
I saw the details. I see
I think it’s good to collaborate with the government and local municipalities to ensure safety and fairness at the local events
Otherwise, it could be a difficult situation
126 Anonymous
I work for a major construction company, and I’m going to be busy with this nationwide live tour
Several municipalities have already started planning for tours in the coming years, and there have been discussions about constructing large live venues and hotels with the help of companies and citizens to hold live events
128 Anonymous
Yeah, Beryl reached out to local municipalities nationwide and asked them to raise their hands if they could host it
My local government is the same way, but there were places where we reluctantly gave up at that time
Also, I heard that it was quite difficult to decide to hold a live performance in Fukushima Prefecture
Not only major companies and the government, but I heard that the Arabian Peninsula Federation is also cooperating
133 Anonymous
Arabian Peninsula Federation? Why again…
135 Anonymous
Maybe it’s related to the current soccer global tournament?
There are stadiums made of containers and materials loaded on those containers. They can be disassembled and the materials can be reused, and they can be transported again on containers
Also, temporary housing should be reusable… Maybe it will be used because there is a shortage of accommodations or something. If what >>128 said is true, I think it’s probably related to that
138 Anonymous
Ah, I see. When I see this kind of thing, it’s impossible without the government’s involvement
Once our government decides to do something, both the ruling and opposition parties cooperate, so things go quickly
Kokucho-san, the leader of the opposition party, is also promoting policies in line with the Arabian Peninsula Federation’s policies, so they have a strong connection and they are definitely taking action
143 Anonymous
The top two leaders of the ruling party and the opposition are the only ones in our country who eat 380 yen soba from the morning after staying up all night and discuss the future of this country with the surrounding customers
147 Anonymous
Chairman Fuji Ranko also likes soba, and it was revealed that she bought soba to Akua-kun at Beryl and Beryl the other day, and her older sister Shion-san also likes soba
150 Anonymous
Do you have any irrelevant information that only people related to Fuji’s faction who know that Fuji soba is only treated to people they like bothered to know?
Even though the two of them always clash in the parliament, it’s a different story when that’s over
Although it’s not a matter of getting along, our country’s opposition and ruling party only deal with how they treat men
As for other policies, individuals with similar opinions gather and discuss regardless of party affiliation
The recent debate between Kokucho and Shion-san vs. the Prime Minister was really interesting
It’s only in our country where the top leaders of both the ruling and opposition parties team up and debate with the Prime Minister for some reason
Even though no one could join the debate midway and even the viewers were tired, those three kept talking from morning till midnight without breaks, and people in the live commentary thread were begging for it to end so they could eat and sleep
157 Anonymous
Since Aqua-kun appeared, the parliament has become more interesting, so it’s better to watch it
However, the ministerial meetings broadcasted on streaming sites are not good, LOL. They only talk about Aqua-kun and Toa-chan. It’s unnecessary, right? LOL
163 Anonymous
I saw that, LOL
165 Anonymous
I don’t know why, but I saw it too. When I saw it, they were discussing the issue of whether to mention Aqua-kun’s name first or Toa-chan’s name first
168 Anonymous
Actually, they have been talking about that for several months. Can you believe it?
170 Anonymous
Don’t worry. They only talk about that no matter when you watch. That’s the ministerial meeting
175 Anonymous
Because that is a very important discussion, I think it should be raised in the parliament, not the ministerial meeting!
178 Anonymous
I wonder. Whether to mention Toa-chan’s name first or Aqua-kun’s name first. Just thinking about it made my heart race for some reason
180 Anonymous
I have a feeling that it’s better to stop talking about that. There’s a chance the country might become divided. Since the whole country is moving in a good direction, I hope they keep it within the ministerial meeting
184 Verification team *9n2SARETAi
Everyone, would you like to watch the final of the soccer world tournament that will start soon? There will surely be something good
187 Anonymous
190 Anonymous
No way…
191 Anonymou
The cause of the bad air has been revealed!
194 Anonymous
Earlier, Tama-chan said after the stream ended, “Let’s watch the soccer world tournament together,” did something happen?
198 Anonymous
Look up. Look up >>184
Anonymous 201
Earlier, Shintaro-kun also tweeted on SNS, “Let’s watch it together with everyone.”
203 Anonymous
Hey, on that variety show where Tenga-senpai made a guest appearance, he said we should watch the soccer world tournament together later. Who will appear?
207 Anonymous
I said look up. Look up >>184
209 Anonymous
Changed the channel
210 Anonymous
The users on this bulletin board are trained to obey what Nee-san says. They’ve been trained too much..
213 Anonymous
If it were Hagetoru, Shumi, or Chinposuki, things wouldn’t have turned out like this
217 Anonymous
Is there anyone who listens to what they say?
220 Anonymous
I wonder if we’ll win today. I hope we make history by winning
222 Anonymous
Please help us, Sawa-neki! Miyama-neki!
Lead us to victory with your power, W-neki!
226 Anonymous
Wow, I’m starting to feel nervous
I usually only watch the World Tournament
230 Anonymous
Oh… they’re here!
235 Anonymous
Are they going to sing before the match?
I wonder who it is
237 Anonymous
I thought Aqua-kun would be performing, but it turns out to be Aria Catalini
239 Anonymous
As expected of a world-renowned opera singer, she’s amazing
243 Anonymous
Oh, I saw Kokucho Agewa!
She’s actually here. She was with a group of really busty women
246 Anonymous
Even though it’s lyrics from another country, it’s a good song
249 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, are you still not here?
253 Anonymous
255 Anonymous
256 Anonymous
259 Anonymous
260 Anonymous
(Sound of panties getting ruined)
263 Anonymous
He came and made my uterus tremble with his voice alone
266 Anonymous
Baritone Aqua-sama is here!
268 Anonymous
A baritone voice is cheating
271 Anonymous
I guess we’ve gotten used to Aqua-sama by now
But then he surprises us and ruins our panties
Seriously, this is on a loop
275 Anonymous
As my mom said, I should have worn a diaper when there was a fun atmosphere with Aqua-sama
278 Anonymous
I always wear urinary pads to be prepared for encountering Aqua-sama at any time. I’m too much of a genius!
282 Anonymous
When I tried not wearing pants while watching movie at home just like Hagetoru, it turned into a disaster… Damn, I shouldn’t have believed what that person said!
287 Anonymous
This is bad..
295 Anonymous
Oh no, the live thread is starting to speed up before I can go to it
301 Anonymous
It’s been a while since the joint concert of Aqua-sama’s baritone voice, otomezaki, and Mary!
304 Anonymous
As a Mary’s school student, I’m reminiscing about that time and getting excited in the group chat like an idiot
308 Anonymous
Wow, Aqua-sama is not losing to Aria Catalini-san..
311 Anonymous
If opera skills are added to Aqua-sama’s ability to express emotions, no one will be able to handle him anymore..
315 Anonymous
Hey! Shumi appeared!!
317 Anonymous
Shumi’s face is all sweaty!!
319 Anonymous
320 Anonymous
Shumi is too popular LOL. Is Aqua-sama’s little sister next to her?
323 Anonymous
It’s so amazing that I’m in awe. It’s not something that happens often to be able to sing in a place like this!
328 Anonymous
This makes me even more excited for the Christmas festival and next year’s nationwide tour
332 Anonymous
Both of them are singing in local costumes, and Aa-sama’s skill is incredible… Catalini-san is also wearing a very sexy outfit, is it okay to show that much skin?
339 Anonymous
Kokucho Agewa, former princess Manaat who left the royal family, and Kythera from the Stars Orthodox Church
The visuals were so impressive. And everyone had big chests, it surprised me as a woman
345 Anonymous
It was a really good song
348 Anonymous
350 Anonymous
No good. My v*rginity was trembling the whole time
354 Anonymous
Isn’t it crazy that just his voices make my uterus shake?
355 Anonymous
The applause and atmosphere are amazing!
357 Anonymous
Even though I don’t really understand, when I watched the screen, I knew they did something incredible
360 Anonymous
362 Anonymous
I found the president!
363 Anonymous
President Atori!
366 Anonymous
President Atori, thank you as always!
370 Anonymous
The person next to the president, I thought she was crying all the time, turns out it’s Aqua-kun’s mom!!
373 Anonymous
375 Anonymous
Of course, if my son performed on such a big stage with a world-famous singer, I would cry. If I were a parent, I would definitely cry
378 Anonymous
Mom, don’t cry!
380 Anonymous
Ugh… If I called Aqua-kun’s mom “mom”, it would feel like we’re married or something, but the atmosphere is serious, so I can’t say something so silly…!
384 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari and Tsukimachi Ayana are also here!
386 Anonymous
Ayana-chan and Kohina Yukari are comforting mom too
389 Anonymous
Ayana-chan has a chance, doesn’t she? After all, they have been through a lot together, so maybe they are dating?
392 Anonymous
They are definitely dating each other. Otherwise, she wouldn’t come
395 Anonymous
Everyone loves Rina-chan too much and supports Ayana-chan too much, LOL. On the other hand, nobody even talks about Kohina Yukari-senpai, LMAO
398 Anonymous
I understand Ayana-chan, but not Kohina Yukari. Aqua-kun, it’s better to stay away from that woman and Hagetoru. Also, you should reconsider Morikawa
402 Anonymous
Morikawa is here, LOL
404 Anonymous
Hogekawa just casually appeared!
406 Anonymous
Hey hey hey hey, it’s the finals of the world tournament! Is it okay for Hogekawa to be on the national broadcast!?
408 Anonymous
Morikawa Kaede doesn’t make mistakes in crucial moments. That’s all from Morikawa the sommelier
411 Anonymous
Can you believe it? This girl, she’s serious-looking now but the day before yesterday she was doing lotion sumo on TV. There were about 100 complaints to the national broadcast about what she was doing
415 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s song is also playing during the player entrance!
419 Anonymous
This song used to not have lyrics
422 Anonymous
Is that a lie? It’s a song by Michelle, who picked a fight with the trash punks. This was unexpected
426 Anonymous
Michelle said before that she can provide Aqua-kun with even better songs than her. I see. So that’s what it means, LOL
433 Anonymous
Starsboy was a good song, but Task is also a good song
437 Anonymous
Prime Minister, LOL
441 Anonymous
Who’s next to the Prime Minister?
448 Anonymous
Sumeragi Kukuri-sama, Prime Minister, Her Majesty the Queen Shams, Shumi’s mother, and Shumi’s big sister. It was this lineup
452 Anonymous
Finally, Sumeragi family’s top, Kukuri-sama, appear on the stage
459 Anonymous
Whoa, it feels like a battle is about to begin
463 Anonymous
464 Anonymous
467 Anonymous
Huh? Isn’t this girl Lucia-chan?
471 Anonymous
The girl who was walking at the front of the Stars and holding hands with a player, she was the girl from the refugee camp, right?
I remember that she started playing soccer because Aqua-kun signed and donated a soccer ball to her, and she got a contract with the strong Stars team and became a bit of a sensation here too
475 Anonymous
The genius girl, Lucia Mortlitch-chan! (T/N: From Volume 7 Chapter 17)
478 Anonymous
Lucia-chan probably didn’t expect to meet Aqua-sama either. She must be smiling
482 Anonymous
Isn’t the Stars team also getting pumped up from this? Lol
489 Anonymous
Come on, everyone!
496 Anonymous
I thought maybe there would be players with er**ct n**ples, but it seems to be okay. Pros are really different, after all
501 Anonymous
If it were me, I probably wouldn’t be able to make it to the entrance without wetting myself
505 Anonymous
Mary-sama appeared!
513 Anonymous
Looks like Chairman Fuji Ranko is getting along well
516 Anonymous
I caught a glimpse of Shumi before, so it’s confirmed that she has moved to this country
519 Anonymous
Is Stars doing okay?
Can they breathe properly after the top two popular members were poached?
523 Anonymous
Mary-sama, since you’re here, could you make appearances on TV here as well?
It was great when she is in “It’s okay to laugh!” program and the bodyguard, and Akua-kun made a surprise appearance on the show afterwards, which was fun
528 Anonymous
It was hilarious when Aqua-sama, the bodyguard, was fooling around with Mary-sama and then the self-proclaimed wife, suddenly appeared from behind, it was the best LOL
I want to say “Shumi-sama” regularly, so I’ll ask again LOL
534 Anonymous
Huh? Self-proclaimed wife was taken by self-proclaimed wife’s grandmother from Aqua-sama?
537 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei is here too!
541 Anonymous
Found Nee-san!
542 Anonymous
Found Nee-san!!
545 Anonymous
550 Anonymous
So Hakuryuu-sensei was saying “VHS” from here, LOL
556 Anonymous
Nee-san, you must be exhausted
Even while you’re out, you’re still making announcements on the bulletin board, impressive!!
559 Anonymous
Nee-san is so popular LOL
I saw her for the first time, but I understand now
If it were me, just making eye contact with her would make me wet my pants
562 Anonymous
Wait, is that scary-looking woman Nee-san? Would I look like her too in future? I’m 18 years old, but I’m told I have a really mean look and look like a delinquent
My height is in the late 170cm range, and my chest size is bigger than a G cup, but is that okay? Even someone like me, does Aqua-sama have a demand for me?
568 Anonymous
Wait a minute, wasn’t there an incredibly beautiful woman?
571 Anonymous
Oh no! There’s a woman here who’s just as beautiful as Mishu-sama was when she was young. Who is she?
573 Anonymous
There’s a girl who is not inferior to Shumi and Aqua-sama in terms of facial attractiveness. Who is she?
578 Anonymous
Emily Yukishiro. She’s the daughter of the Yukishiro family and a college student who attends Mary University. I think she might know Kanon-sama
584 Anonymous
There was a level of beauty that shocked me
589 Anonymous
Her face is beautiful, but her breasts are too big..
595 Anonymous
Isn’t it okay for Aqu-tan if the chest is big too?
601 Anonymous
This means even Shumi will be stolen
603 Anonymous
Shumi, if you keep fooling around, Aqua-sama will be stolen from you!
608 Anonymous
Mysterious beauty excites the users of the bulletin board, LOL
615 Anonymous
Is this the national anthem of Stars?
622 Anonymous
Could it be that Aqua-sama also sings the national anthem?
635 Anonymous
There were quite a few people with big chests. This gives me hope
642 Anonymous
On the contrary, I feel down because I am small. But my little sister will definitely do her best!
656 Anonymous
Oh no, when I thought maybe I have a chance, the atmosphere becomes tense
663 Anonymous
The national anthem is coming soon!
675 Anonymous
Aqua-sama has arrived!!!!!
678 Anonymous
He’s wearing a kimono!
680 Anonymous
685 Anonymous
The kimono looks great!!
689 Anonymous
He’s wearing a formal kimono!
694 Anonymous
There might be one-touch ones, but the dressing expert did their best in that short amount of time!
702 Anonymous
Damn. I never thought such a moment would come
705 Anonymous
Can’t sing because the applause doesn’t stop, LOL
712 Anonymous
Morikawa talks incredibly well
718 Anonymous
Damn, this person is seriously talented when it comes to interacting with Aqua-sama
723 Anonymous
Morikawa is really provoking
727 Anonymous
Is this the girl who can go on a date with Aqua-sama… It’s frustrating, but I have no choice but to admit it
734 Anonymous
As a Morikawa sommelier, I can’t see ahead because of the excitement. That’s why I can’t quit being a sommelier. *exhales*
741 Anonymous
She usually stutters, so why only at times like this… This person, seriously, LOL
743 Anonymous
Damn it, even though she is Chinposuki… she still does that, LOL!
749 Anonymous
752 Anonymous
This is also a legendary announcement, right?
754 Anonymous
This is Morikawa’s potential. Of course, no matter how much trouble she causes, they care about her
758 Anonymous
Morikawa-san, famous for being strong on the big stage with a strong mental
761 Anonymous
If it were other announcers, they would have made a mistake instead
768 Anonymous
Here it comes..
770 Anonymous
It’s coming..
772 Anonymous
775 Anonymous
776 Anonymous
780 Anonymous
Huh? Are you kidding me?
783 Anonymous
While he was singing, the thread completely stopped, LMAO
786 Anonymous
He was singing the national anthem, so I sang along
789 Anonymous
When I sang facing the screen, it felt like I was duetting with Aqua-sama, it was the best
792 Anonymous
795 Anonymous
798 Anonymous
This makes even Shumi shed tears
803 Anonymous
Listening to our national anthem makes us shed tears…. Shumi, you may have been born and raised in a different country and race, but you are now a respectable Japanese person. Welcome!
806 Anonymous
Oh no, there was suddenly an influx of posts on SNS and I was left behind in an instant
810 Anonymous
Now even the national broadcast is experiencing image distortion. Are you alright? Keep up the good work!
814 Anonymous
Even in the States, they are praising it as amazing
819 Anonymous
Here in the States, everyone is getting excited even though it’s another country’s national anthem
823 Anonymous
Hogekawa just mentioned it earlier, but this is a truly historic achievement
832 Anonymous
Oh no, even the internet news sites are in trouble
845 Anonymous
Current headlines on news sites
– Mr. Shirogane Aqua, a historic achievement
– Praised by the world, various media applaud Mr. Shirogane Aqua’s achievements
– Mr. Shirogane Aqua’s secret entry that no one noticed
– No one can stop him anymore. How far will Shirogane Aqua go?
– A performance that takes over the world. Catch the missed livestream here
– Chin——Morikawa Kaede, once again a legendary announcement. Is the national broadcast the winner again?・SNS is buzzing about a mysterious beauty. What is the relationship with Shirogane Aqua?
– Beryl announces a nationwide tour. They will perform a new song with Aria Catalini on March 11th
853 Anonymous
Hey, LOL
856 Anonymous
Wait a moment, LOL
857 Anonymous
What the… LOL
859 Anonymous
There’s definitely someone from this bulletin board here, LOL
865 Anonymous
871 Anonymous
Rather than national broadcasting, it seems like Morikawa is the real winner here
With this trend, it seems like private broadcasting might request Morikawa to become a freelance through the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications
Alternatively, other stations might hurry to find talent on the same level as Morikawa
Even though they’re not announcers, Sato and Morita, who were involved before, were good
If they can involve a wide range of people, not just announcers, they might bring out a different kind of appeal compared to Morikawa, I think
880 Anonymous
Damn, this bulletin board is getting super slow
882 Anonymous
This bulletin board is a piece of sh*t!
885 Anonymous
Go for it, Saba-chan!!
891 774@Remaining HP 3 *Hi-P3erver
No good. This is one of those rare cases…
896 Anonymous
900 Anonymous
909 774 *Hi-P3erver
…Now, transitioning to power-saving mode
For a while, the AI function will be temporarily suspended
915 Anonymous
Oh nooooo!
917 Anonymous
Don’t die, Saba-chan!!
921 Anonymous
Regarding the internet going into a frenzy when Aqua-sama sings the national anthem
926 Anonymous
This might be tough
Beryl’s HP dropped
932 Anonymous
Saba-chan is managing Beryl, and her HP dropped!
Maybe there was a worldwide surge in access
937 Anonymous
It seems the Stars bulletin board also went down
945 Anonymous
Huh? Is this place the internet’s final defense line?
949 Anonymous
Hey guys, stop posting for a moment
950 Anonymous
Everyone, calm down and stop posting for a while
956 774 *Hi-P3erver
Code Aqua issued
Starting the forced shutdown of the bulletin board to preserve the data
962 Anonymous
963 Anonymous
967 Anonymous
968 Anonymous
Saba-chan, are you going to die…?
972 Anonymous
975 Anonymous
RIP, Saba-chan
978 Anonymous
Hang in there, Saba-chan!!
980 774 *hi-p3erver
Switched from AI to manual mode
The forced shutdown of the bulletin board has been lifted, and it will transition to a reduced mode for a while
Posting to threads other than the Beryl main thread will be stopped for the time being
983 Anonymous
Manual mode!?
985 Anonymous
Huh!? The real person!?
986 Anonymous
The real person behind Saba-chan has arrived!
989 Anonymous
994 774 *Hi-P3erver
The restoration of Beryl’s HP is scheduled to be completed within one hour
The bulletin board is scheduled to return to normal within two hours
The recovery of the AI function will be monitored and is planned to be restored within three hours
Thank you for your cooperation
1000 774 *Hi-P3erver
Also, starting from now until the bulletin board is restored, only myself and those affiliated with Beryl will be able to create threads
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please wait until the next thread is created

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