Male Idol V9c7

Volume 9 Chapter 7 Shirogane Aqua, Everyone is Tired

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Would you like to come and eat at my place?

 When I casually said that to Morikawa-san every time I appeared on the show, I never expected it to lead to a party that involved various people and celebrations.

 ”I came to play, junior!!”

 ”Senpai… you’re early. It’s been 3 hours…”

 How much has this person been looking forward to this? And how did he bring all these housewarming gifts here? Just with the gifts brought by senpai, it already filled up a whole room… And there are baby cribs, diapers, and bottles… Senpai, you’re too eager. Look at Kanon, look at my wife’s face. It’s all red!!

 ”Senpai is really a good person, huh?”

 ”Yes, unlike Master, Tenga-senpai is a really thoughtful and wonderful man. If only Master could make this usable as soon as possible… *glances, glances*”

 Pegonia-san, you don’t have to make sound effects out loud. And those gestures of rubbing your stomach are completely inappropriate.

 ”Wow, this is the famous home of Shirogane Aqua-sama. How grateful…how grateful…”

 ”Akira, is it really okay for us to come at such an early time? Are you sure you didn’t make a mistake with the time? I hope we’re not causing any inconvenience…”

 Senpai’s mom and his grandma also came with him. We briefly greeted them after the Halloween event, but this is the first time we’re meeting them properly like this.

 ”Hello, please make yourself at home.”

 ”Oh, yes. Thank you. Sorry for coming so suddenly.”

 I smiled at Yumeko-san and told her not to worry.


 ”Hm? What’s wrong, Kanon?”

 ”Nothing. I just…thought Aqua is…quite sweet to Senpai’s mom.”

 Hmm, now that it’s mentioned, it might be true.

 ”Aqua, remember not to get involved with married women. It’ll only complicate things.”

 ”I-I’m really fine, don’t worry.”

 Honestly, I have my limits too. I definitely don’t want to get involved with senpai’s or Shintaro’s mom… I want to believe that.

 ”Is that so, Aqua?”

 I averted my gaze from Kanon, who had a piercing look. It’s not because I have anything to hide. It’s a strategic retreat. Yeah.

 *Ding Dong!*

 Oh, it seems like someone has arrived at just the right time. I welcome the new guest to my new home.

 ”Sorry. I heard senpai was coming… If I’m causing any trouble, I can take him back…”

 Knowing that senpai came first, Shintaro came running out of breath.

 ”It’s okay, it’s okay. The house is spacious, and I’d rather have you stay and relax too!”

 I patted Shintaro’s shoulder and then turned my gaze to the person next to him.

 ”Aqua-san, long time no see.”

 ”Kiyoko-san, I apologize for just exchanging greetings last time. By the way, I heard from Shintaro that the shelf broke and it was a big trouble. If you want, I’m always here to help, so feel free to ask for advice.”

 As I said that, Kiyoko-san put her hand on her chest and looked up at my face with moist eyes.

 ”Thank you, Aqua-san. Men are really reliable, aren’t they?”

 Kiyoko-san is wearing an elegant dress today. Even though it’s just called a dress, there are various patterns, from sexy ones that emphasize the chest, to cute ones that Kanon and Lapis often wear.

 The dress Kiyoko-san is wearing is elegant and simple, not emphasizing the chest or revealing a deep cleavage. But… I was almost knocked out by the fragrance that escapes from the few centimeters of cleavage peeking out from that dress.

 ”Oh… the allure of a mature woman… the charm of a married woman… the gracefulness of a widow… amazing…”

 ”Miss, please be careful. If my intuition, honed on this battlefield, is correct, she is the most dangerous person among the women by Master’s side! If we don’t keep a close eye on her, Master will be devoured in seconds. Those fragile-looking ones are always the most promiscuous in bed! Never be deceived by appearances!!”

 It seems I heard something, but anyway, I invited Shintaro and Kiyoko-san into the house and introduced them to my family. I didn’t want to leave one person out, so I informed Toa through a messaging app that the two of them had arrived first.

 Soon after, I received a message from Toa saying he would come right away. I thought I would sit on the sofa and relax for a moment, but then the doorbell rang loudly.

 *Ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong!*

 Ah! Who is it already! I know even if you don’t ring it so much! I opened the door with a slightly annoyed expression.

 ”I’ve arrived~♡”

 I pretended not to see anything and silently closed the door.

 ”Hey! Open it quickly!”

 Ugh, there was nothing. I yawned and turned my body towards the living room.

 *Ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong!*

 Alright! I get it, I understand!

 ”Good morning. Kohina-senpai, why are you here so early?”

 ”It’s obvious, isn’t it? I wanted to bother you by coming early!”

 Should I just close the door like this…

 ”Oh! You were trying to close it quietly just now! Let me in already!”

 Kohina-senpai clung to the door, slid her foot in, and forcefully entered the house. D*mn, there’s no one more desperate than Kohina-senpai when it comes to bothering someone.

 ”Oh, you’re living in such a nice place! Since I’m here, I might as well live here too!”

 Kohina-senpai made coffee with the coffee maker in the kitchen and plopped down on the sofa as if it were her own. Wow, she’s only been here for five minutes and she already completely made herself at home. And she’s even eating the tea sweets brought by Shintaro without permission, which is making Shintaro upset.


 When I looked at Kohina-senpai with a stern gaze, she seemed to have noticed something and clapped her hands.

 ”You don’t have to make that face. I brought a housewarming gift properly. Here, come over here.”

 Kohina-senpai stood up from the sofa with a smug face and beckoned me to come to the corner of the room. As I looked at her smiling face, I had a bad feeling…

 ”Here, this.”

 Seeing Kohina-senpai’s gesture of wanting me to open it quickly, I reluctantly opened the paper bag and checked the contents.

 ”Hmm…? What’s this? Pieces of paper…?”

 I thought the numbers looked familiar, and then Kohina-senpai whispered softly in my ear.

 ”If you get bored with your wife, you can use my data.”

 Huh? Huh!? What is this person saying!? I completely understood. This numbers is for that. It’s the personal ID that serves as the basis for the data used in the s*men extractor. In other words, the numbers engraved here are… Kohina-senpai’s… no, no, no! That’s definitely not okay!

 ”I’ll tell you, making excuses that you’re not interested won’t work on me. When I intentionally forgot to lock the dressing room door, you were definitely looking at me from top to bottom while I was changing, right?”

 D*mn, so that was a trap after all!! I should have felt something strange about her different, seductive expression and the way she awkwardly covered her body.

 In the first place, in this world, women try to show off their changing clothes, so now that I think about it, her reaction was clearly strange.

 The reason I was easily deceived by such a simple trap was probably because the underwear Kohina-senpai was wearing was not the childish one I had expected, but rather the kind that an adult woman would wear, and because her appearance, which is usually youthful and loli-like, was different when she took off her clothes and revealed her proper female body.

 Wait a minute. If I think about it, when she accidentally showed her bear panties before… Oh no, could that have been a trap too? No, maybe the whole sequence of events was already set up from the beginning. Ugh, is this what adults do? It’s cowardly to toy with a boy’s innocent emotions!

 ”Seriously, if you’re so sexually driven, you definitely can’t be satisfied alone. It’s not necessary to rely on this kind of data, I can actually be your partner, but for some reason, you seem quite shy about that.”

 Ugh… I couldn’t say anything in response. In reality, I couldn’t argue back after what happened that day when I used Kohina-senpai as material for mas***bation. And now, Kohina-senpai pressed her body even closer to mine and pointed to another paper bag inside the paper bag.

 ”I also put the underwear I was wearing at that time, as well as the bear panties, inside that small paper bag. So if you really feel like releasing it with another girl, use those.

 Don’t make your wife cry by im***gnating in some random place. Your wife is just like you, always dreaming, and if another girl gets pregnant before her for no good reason, she’ll definitely fall ill. There’s even a slight hint of jealousy, so use me properly to avoid getting stabbed with a knife.”


 Kohina-senpai told me she’ll give me her new underwear after I use it. Ugh, she even noticed that I have a liking for women’s underwear… I slumped and unsteadily made my way back to where I was before.

 ”What’s wrong, Aqua? You have a face like you’re about to disappear… Are you okay?”

 ”Yeah… I’m fine.”

 I can’t win… Kohina-senpai is clearly too strong. I was forced to slump even more on the sofa.

 *Ding dong!*

 It seems like someone has come again. I stood up from the sofa again and headed towards the entrance with a dejected expression.


 With this energetic voice, I immediately knew who had come.

 ”Morikawa-san, hello.”

 ”Aqua-kun, nice to see you!”

 I felt relieved seeing Morikawa-san full of energy as usual. Compared to Kohina-senpai, she’s not twisted at all, or rather, she gives off a pure vibe like Kanon. It seems like friends tend to gather similar people, Emily-san and Morikawa-san also give off a pure vibe like Kanon.

 ”Kaede-senpai, you came.”

 ”Hehe, I’m here!”

 I felt a warm and heartwarming feeling when Kanon and Morikawa-san hugged each other tightly. Girls’ interactions like this are the best. I understand that, so I won’t get in the way. Any guy who forcefully inserts himself between girls will either be modestly told to go away or should just disappear.

 ”But isn’t it a bit early?”

 ”Huh? Wasn’t it this time? And everyone else is here… huh? Ah…”

 Morikawa-san checked her schedule book again, her mouth trembling as she let out a flustered voice. Somehow, I feel like she mistook it for the schedule of the next day or something.

 ”Sorry… this is from two years ago.”

 I almost fell over on the spot. It’s not just a day or a week off, or even a month read wrong. It’s from two years ago!? Does the schedule book from two years ago still exist in her house? I don’t know what to say. It feels like I caught a glimpse of Morikawa-san’s absent-minded or lazy personal life.

 ”Kaede-senpai is always like that, huh?”


 ”Well, I’m not praising you.”


 Kanon-san, let’s leave it at that. Morikawa-san sat down on the sofa looking dejected. By the way, Kohina-senpai, who heard that conversation, burst into laughter. This person… someday, I’ll definitely make her understand.

 *Ding, dong!*

 Oh, who is it? Surely there won’t be someone who makes such a mistake with the time, or someone who wants to cause trouble like Kohina-senpai… No, there is one person. My mother.

 ”Aqua-chan!! Your beloved mom is here!”

 You know, I’m still a high school boy in the midst of adolescence. Well, I guess guys are always in some form of adolescence all year round, but a little more consideration wouldn’t hurt, okay? It’s a good thing we’ve reserved this floor; if there are neighbors, we’d definitely have to move out.

 ”Hey, hey, you’re keeping your beloved mama waiting outside, Aqua? You’re quite the disobedient child.”

 D*mn it, Kohina-senpai had to come and tease me. I reluctantly opened the door and invited in my mother and the others.

 ”Nice to meet you, Shirogane Marin-san. I’m Kohina Yukari, and I’ve acted together in a drama with Aqua-san.”

 Huh? Who is this? I’ve never seen Kohina-senpai like this before. Seriously, I was taken aback by Kohina-senpai’s polite greeting, as if we were close.

 ”I couldn’t do more than greet you last time; I apologize for that. Nice to meet you properly now.”

 ”No worries at all, and thank you. I’ve heard from President Atori that you’ve been protecting Aqua-chan from the dark side of the entertainment world. I should have thanked you properly, but my greetings are a bit late.”

 Mother and Kohina-senpai deeply bowed to each other. Huh? Senpai? Who are you really?

 ”Aqua-chan, it’s good that you have such a polite senpai to take care of you. You know, I’ve heard that the entertainment industry can be a scary place. I was worried that you might get marked by other actresses like a cat territory.”

 The way mother spoke… That’s a lie. Seriously, I’m completely falling for it. Kohina-senpai then turned to Lapis, who was standing next to mother, and gave her a warm smile.

 Hey, what’s with that smile? I’ve never seen her like this before in my life.

 ”Nice to meet you too, Lapis.”

 ”Awawa, it’s the real Kohina Yukari. Yes, nice to meet you too.”

 Come to think of it, Lapis is a big fan of my honor student big brother. Maybe she’s a bit nervous around Kohina-senpai? Well, she is the protagonist, after all.

 After a brief greeting, I led Mother and Lapis into the living room. Along the way, Kohina-san, who had made eye contact with me, smiled in a way that suggested she didn’t want the family to see.

 ”Hey, Aqua, it seems like you’ve inherited being a pushover. Are both Mom and your little sister okay? Haven’t they been fooled into buying useless stuff, like paintings or vases that you’ve used? I bet if I said Aqua used it, they’d buy it without hesitation. No, maybe I should try it.”

 Hey, please don’t play around with my family like that! Someone, please come to my rescue soon… I quickly messaged Ako-san and Ayana to let them know that Kohina-san had already arrived.

 *Ding, dong!*

 Who could that be now? There shouldn’t be any troublemakers left, so it should be fine…

 ”Yes, yes, just wait a moment.”

 I rushed back to the entrance and opened the door.

 ”Senpai, you’re already here? Wait, Aqua!”

 I hugged Toa tightly. Thank goodness! Finally, someone decent has arrived!

 ”Awaawawawawa, Onii-san and Aqua-san…”

 ”Onii-chan… when you decide to get married, let me know!”

 Oops, I accidentally hugged him too tightly. I released Toa and explained the situation.

 ”I see. I had a feeling something like this might happen, so it’s a good thing I prepared early.”

 As expected of Toa. He understands everything even without me saying it.

 ”Kanata-san and Subaru-tan, thank you for coming today.”

 ”Thank you for inviting us. And here, this is a housewarming gift from us. Please take good care of the Nekoyama family from now on!”

 Of course! Toa, Shintaro, Senpai, everyone is practically family already, so please don’t hesitate. I shook hands firmly with Kanata-san and then turned to Subaru-tan.

 ”O-onii-san, it’s been a while since the beauty contest. I appreciate your help back then.”

 ”Subaru-tan is already like a little sister to me, so when you’re in trouble, you should immediately rely on me.”

 Ahh, Subaru-tan is so cute today too. The nurse outfit she showed me in the final round of the beauty contest was great, but the combination of her feminine and boyish everyday clothes and short haircut is irresistibly good.

 Seriously, how can idol agencies in the world overlook such a cute girl!! Oh, I got an idea! When Ako-san comes later, I’ll subtly promote Subaru-tan. Please, let me support Subaru-tan and make me spend money on her!! This big brother will promote her.

 ”Aqua… You’re definitely not thinking of anything good, right?”

 ”Hm? Did you say something?”


 I lead the three of them back to the living room. For now, I’m too occupied with the big problem child, so I’ll leave it to Toa to take care of my mother and the others. Shintaro will take care of the senpai, Kanon will take care of Morikawa-san, and Toa will take care of my family, and I will control Koahina-senpai. It’s a perfect formation and one-on-one defense. With this, we can handle any clumsy situation accurately! Yes, there was a time when I thought about such things too.



 I forgot. My wife was just as clumsy as Morikawa-san… There’s no way a clumsy person can take care of another clumsy person. Alright, alright, what happened this time?

 ”What’s wrong, Kanon?”

 ”I, I accidentally broke all the eggs…”

 ”S, sorry, when I tried to catch them, my strength was too strong and it turned into a disaster…”

 How did it end up like this!? Seeing the two covered in egg mess, their underwear was visible. Kanon was wearing fairy-like underwear with a blue theme, and Morikawa-san was wearing bright flower-patterned underwear with a yellow theme.

 Both of them are amazing. Thanks! I silently prayed in my heart. D*mn it, usually it would be a delicious development, but right now I don’t have the luxury to observe their underwear carefully while being excited about it.

 ”Pegonia-san, please take the two of them to the bath, do the laundry, and I’ll go buy eggs at the supermarket downstairs!”

 I hurriedly headed to the entrance. When I wore my casual sneakers and went outside, I ran into Shitori-onee-chan who had just arrived at the front entrance.

 ”Oh, Shitori-onee-chan”

 ”Aa-chan, what’s wrong?”

 Today, Shitori-onee-chan is wearing casual clothes instead of a suit. Come to think of it, she said she had something to do at university today.

 Initially, Shitori-onee-chan helped Beryl while attending university. Although she became a full-time employee at Beryl later on, now that the company has grown, I think it’s okay for her to focus on university.

 But Shitori-onee-chan has been working at Beryl while still attending university. I’m grateful and happy to have family by my side, but I’m worried if it’s becoming too much hard work. Maybe we should take some time to talk together.

 ”I’ll go buy eggs downstairs, so please take care of mother and the others!”

 ”Ah, sure, got it. Can Aa-chan handle it without big sister?”

 ”I, I can handle it!”

 She’s not a little kid, after all… Sometimes I think Shitori-onee-chan mistakes me for an elementary school student or a kindergartener. Even when I was at my parents’ house, she would ask if I could go to the toilet by myself.

 What on earth was she saying? Moreover, at lunch, she would ask if the miso soup wasn’t too hot and blow on it for me… At night, she would ask if I wasn’t scared to sleep alone and offer to sleep together, wearing underwear that made her nipples visible. I almost fainted at that time.



 While waiting in front of the elevator, Hakuryuu-sensei came out from the elevator that had just arrived. This is how I meet Hakuryuu-sensei face to face again since our date.

 ”Hakuryuu-sensei, long time no see.”

 ”Ah… ah… I-I’m sorry… I… I still… today…”

 I see, maybe sensei came a little early to refuse. And judging by her appearance, maybe she wanted to apologize to Kanon and me. Even though I told her not to worry, she mentioned in an email before that she wanted to apologize to both of us. To calm down the trembling Hakuryuu-sensei, I gently hold both of her hands.

 ”Sensei, I’m actually the one who should apologize for that time. I answered without seriously considering Hakuryuu-sensei’s feelings… So, could you give me some time? I’ll make sure it won’t be too late, and I’ll seriously consider our relationship. So let’s get to know each other better.”

 ”Yes, b-but, I, I, I, I, I, I kissed you forcefully…”

 ”By the way, I didn’t mind the kiss at all. So please don’t worry.”

 Kanon also told me that when dating a woman in her late twenties, I should be prepared for that. Even though I already have a messed up sense of distance when it comes to women, it seems I can’t get away with not having that intention. They told me I should have been cold from the beginning. Well, it’s quite difficult. I wish we could get along more easily. That’s why I thought I should try harder.




 While standing in front of the elevator hall, Director Hongou, Kobayakawa-san, and Abe-san (Commander of SYUKUJYO) came up from below.

 ”What’s going on with you two?”

 ”Oh, well, we just happened to have a little chat.”

 As usual, Director Hongou is wearing a tracksuit and bathroom sandals. With messy hair tied up with a hairband, and slightly ill-fitting glasses slanted and falling, it might give the impression of being sloppy to some people.

 Even though Director Hongou usually looks like this, she is a very beautiful woman when she dresses up properly. I remember when she came to the wedding later, she looked stunning in a dress and well-groomed hair. It’s a personal choice how to dress, but I can’t help but think it’s a waste for someone so beautiful.

 ”Thank you, Kobayakawa-san and Commander, for coming today. Everyone else is already here.”

 ”Thanks, Shirogane. I came with an empty stomach.”

 ”Yuki-chan’s stomach was growling earlier. And Commander, you shouldn’t be here on private time. Aqua-kun!”

 Grrr. Everyone’s attention is focused on Kobayakawa-san’s loud stomach growling. Haha, indeed, but I think it’s nice that she’s not embarrassed.

 Even when I cooked after the filming of Heaven’s Sword, Kobayakawa-san ate everything without leaving any, so I always end up making too much. With Morikawa-san and others, I can’t help but want to cook endless meals for those who enjoy eating. Well, I guess I have no choice. I’ll conquer everyone’s stomach with my homemade dishes today too!

 ”Oh, sorry, but everyone go inside first. I’ll go buy some eggs at the supermarket in the apartment building!”

 I say that and get on the elevator, pressing the button to go down. When I reach the first floor where the supermarket is, I meet someone I know in the elevator hall.

 ”Oh, Ako-san, and Kirika-san, MojaP, and Nobu-san too!”

 ”Oh? Aqua-kun, why did you come all the way down?”

 I explain the situation to Ako-san. Looking closely at Ako-san’s face, she’s hiding the dark circles under her eyes with makeup. Well, I had a feeling, but I really need to make her rest forcibly somewhere. Maybe I’ll consult with Kohina-senpai later. She usually jokes around, but she seems to listen seriously when it comes to Ako-san.

 ”I see, in that case, Kirika-san, please take care of Aqua-kun.”

 ”Yes, of course.”

 ”No, it’s a supermarket in the apartment, so it’s okay to go alone,” I was about to say, but I was interrupted by the words “security” and “awareness” from the two of them.

 Ugh… I think it’s okay without worrying that much. That supermarket has a lot of security guards for some reason.

 ”Hmm, going shopping at the supermarket together, it’s like a newlywed couple in a manga, isn’t it?”


 Kirika-san’s face turned bright red at Nobu-san’s comment.

 Oh well, that’s not it. Nobu-san, please don’t play around with my manager.

 ”Haha, you really are a sinful man, Shirogane!”

 I was slapped on the back by MojaP.

 Come to think of it, I wonder if these two are married… I should ask next time.

 Looking back, I feel like I’ve talked about various things with these two, but we haven’t had that kind of conversation.

 ”Well then, I’m off.”

 ”Take care, both of you. Aqua-kun, don’t follow strangers. Especially big-breasted women.”

 I-I won’t follow! Well, if there’s a big-breasted woman, I might glance at her, but I’m not that much of a klutz!

 ”Is it just eggs that we need to buy?”

 ”Since we’re here, let’s buy a little extra just in case.”

 Kirika-san and I push the cart and put the necessary ingredients into the basket.

 ’Like a newlywed couple, huh?’

 I remember Nobu-san’s words and my face turns red.

 When I looked towards Kirika-san, her face was even redder than mine.

 She’s trying to maintain her composure, but her expression hasn’t changed. But she can’t hide her bright red earlobes. Ah, really… Kirika-san, it’s unfair to show me such a cute side.

 ”I-Is this enough?”

 ”Yes. Well then, let’s go to the cashier. And thank you for helping.”

 ”N-No, it’s part of my job…”

 Ugh! That embarrassed look and atmosphere, it’s already not just work!!

 I really want to lecture her to realize how cute she is.

 Honestly, I want to line up all the girls who are at my house today and tell them to realize that they’re women from head to toe.

 After all, I’m a man too. I’ve used all of them as targets, and I’ve been taken care of by several women.

 Well, I can’t say such embarrassing things, and it would be a crime to say something like “I used you as material for mas***bation” yesterday. Especially Kirika-san, I’ve been taken care of by her so many times when we were at the gym… I can’t count how many times I’ve been grateful for the shower room there.


 As we wait in the elevator hall with our bags, a group of familiar faces approaches us.

 It’s Chairman Fuji Ranko, Itsuki Yakumo-sensei, and President Morinaga Megumi. And there’s one more person of the same age. I wonder who it is?

 ”Chairman Fuji Ranko, thank you for yesterday. Let’s secretly go eat anmitsu together next time.”

 ”Yeah! Then next time, let’s secretly go eat ozoni together. I know a delicious place.”

 Actually, the chairman secretly treated me to anmitsu the other day.

 To tell the truth, the woman I’m dating the most is not my wife or anyone else, but Chairman Fuji Ranko.

 By the way, the second most frequent date is with Kohina Senpai, who is often forcibly taken. But I have to keep it a secret because Kanon would get mad…

 ”I envy you. I want to go on a date like Ranko-chan too.”

 ”Yeah, it’s unfair that it’s always Ranko-chan.”

 ”Haha, then let’s all go out to eat together next time.”


 ”It’s a promise, so don’t forget!”

 Yeah, Megumi-san and Yakumo-sensei seem happy too. By the way, in this situation, Chacha-san, also known as Merry-san in the commercials, was invited. However, it seems that she got nervous around the other members and ended up getting a fever this morning. Oh well, that’s too bad. I might visit her later to see how she’s doing.

 ”Oh, by the way, I actually brought a friend today…”

 ”I-I hope it wasn’t too much trouble?”

 I wonder who it is? When I had a question mark floating above my head, Yakumo-sensei answered my question.

 ”Ta-da! It’s the author of the Pink Rose, Murai Kumano-sensei! I brought her here today as a special guest!!”

 ”Wow! I’m really happy. Nice to meet you, Sensei. I’m Shirogane Aqua, an idol under Beryl Entertainment.”

 I shook hands with Sensei. I should also get her autograph later for my wife Kanon and Washimiya-san, who said they’re fans.

 ”Ah… this is the real thing…”

 The real thing? Are you saying that Sensei is the real deal? Come to think of it, this time, I invited Hakuryuu-sensei, Yakumo-sensei, and also Tsukasa-sensei, but she declined. While I was thinking about that, I almost bumped into someone coming out of the elevator.

 ”Oh… sorry.”

 ”I-I’m sorry, I’m the one who should apologize.”

 After exchanging a slight nod with a resident of the same apartment building, we got on the elevator and headed upstairs. When I returned to my floor where my house is, Ayana was standing in front of the elevator hall for some reason. It’s scary, or rather, it’s exactly like the scene when Rina was waiting for Sayuki for a duel.

 ”Oh, you’re back.”

 ”Ayana, were you here?”

 When I asked Ayana, she said that I was chatting and shopping for a long time, so she came back to check on me because I was coming home late. I’m glad we didn’t miss each other.

 ”Did anyone else come?”

 ”I just got here, so how would I know?”

 ”Oh… right.”

 While having a casual conversation, we all entered the house. Oh… Ayana, who took off her coat, was wearing a sweater underneath. It’s nice, not that it’s big, but I can see the curves clearly. This Aqua-kun really loves that kind of thing.

 ”No shame.”

 ”Huh? Did you say something?”

 ”Oh no, nothing~”

 I wonder what it is. It’s bothering me.


 ”*Cough cough*”

 ”Maybe I should stretch a bit.”

 Huh? Why is everyone suddenly stretching or arching their backs and puffing out their chests? Oops, I was spacing out, but everyone has gathered, so I should start making dinner.

 *Ding dong!*

 As soon as I stood up from the sofa, the doorbell rang.

 ”Coming~ Please wait a moment. I’m coming now.”

 Could it be that Emily-san has arrived? Thinking that, I went to the front door and was surprised to see an unexpected person.

 ”I came~♡”

 ”What the heck!?”

 That way of saying “I came” feels like déjà vu, and why is Emily-san wearing a maid outfit? There are so many things that I’m curious about, but why are you here, Grandmother Mary!!

 ”Aqua, what’s wrong? I think I heard some screaming… What the heck!?”

 Kanon-san and I had the exact same reaction.

 ”G-Grandmother, why are you here!? Weren’t you just back from your trip!? And, Emily-senpai? What are you doing? Is this some kind of joke!?”

 ”Hehehe, actually, I decided to leave the royal family right away and move here. Teehee! I’ll be living on the floor below starting today, so please take care of me!”

 Whaaat!? Grandmother, you’re kidding… I mean, is it really that easy to leave the royal family!? And what about that touching farewell!? Give me back my tears!!

 ”Hehe, it’s good for you, my dear grandchild. From now on, you can meet Grandmother whenever you want.”

 ”Yeah, you’re right.”

 Hey, Kanon, don’t fall for it. And that maid over there definitely knows everything. I mean, she had a huge grin on her face earlier. Ah, look, Kanon, she just high-fived Grandma! Ugh… my wife is so clumsy, she missed the important scene.

 ”So, why is Emily-senpai wearing a maid outfit? Are you joking? If you’re joking, please leave.”

 Hey, my wife, you’re being harsh only to Emily-san.

 ”Eh, ahahaha, well, actually, there are various reasons…”

 ”Hehe, I heard from Emily-san that she needed money… so I decided to hire her. Please take care of her.”

 What!? Emily-san, a graceful and lovely beauty, with a super sexy body, is a maid!? Grandmother, can we seriously trade her for our maid named Pegonia?

 ”That’s, that’s the reason, so, um, please take care of me.”


 I grab Emily-san’s hands tightly.

 Ah, her hands are so soft. Just touching her skin feels so good, it’s like cheating.


 ”Emily-san, if you ever don’t have money, you can come to our place. I’ll prepare meals for you too. So please come and visit every day. Kanon will be happy too.”

 Even now, her wrists, waist, legs, and neck are too slender. What will she do if her big and sexy breasts lose their shape!? Let me, as a breast connoisseur like myself, tell people that they are like national treasures! So please be more aware of them, Emily-san! But to protect the precious things that should be passed down to future generations, this Shirogane Aqua will take action!


 Oops, I noticed my wife’s cold gaze and quickly let go of Emily-san’s hands.

 Oh no, I might have been caught. Safe!

 I guide the two of them into the room, trying to divert attention.

 Alright, let’s have dinner this time…

 *Ding dong!*

 Yes, yes, yes, yes! I understand!

 I knew it. I had a feeling something like this would happen.

 ”Yes, yes.”

 ”I’m sorry for arriving a little early, Aqua-sama. Did I… inconvenience you?”

 I look behind Miyuki-san and see someone of the same height as me, hiding their face and figure with a large hoodie. Who could it be?

 ”Oh, no, it’s totally fine…”

 I turn my gaze back to Miyuki-san. Well, if Miyuki-san brought them, it should be fine.

 There’s no point in talking here, so I invite the two of them into the house.

 Miyuki-san enters the house and greets Kanon and my mother.

 ”Miyuki-san, thank you for coming today.”

 ”I-I hope it’s okay. I’m an outsider…”

 ”Don’t worry about it!”

 I can’t help but be curious about the person wearing the hoodie, so I look at them again. Then the person slowly pulls down their hood and reveals their true face to us.


 ”Oh my…”

 ”No way…”


 It’s no wonder the women were surprised. The person who appeared before me was a man. And it’s not just any man; he was incredibly handsome, almost like an actor.

 ”Nice to meet you, Shirogane Aqua-kun. My name is Kuga Rihito. Today, my sister couldn’t come, so I brought a housewarming gift in place of my sister, and I also brought a wedding gift because, well, I doubt that idiot of a sister of mine gave it to you.”


 Come to think of it, Reira mentioned having a twin brother. Wait, a sister? Which is it? Which one is the truth?

 ”Thank you very much. I’m sorry for the trouble. I’ll be sure to thank Reira-san later. Oh, and I’m Shirogane Aqua. Nice to meet you as well.”

 I shook hands with Rihito-san. Shintaro seemed to recognize Rihito-san, giving him a slight nod. Then, as I looked at the business card Rihito-san gave me, I was surprised. He still seemed to be in his twenties, yet he held the position of Special Secretary to the Prime Minister. That’s impressive. He looks quite intelligent, and he doesn’t give off a clumsy vibe like some others I know.

 ”Actually, today I came here hoping to have a little conversation with you. Would you give me some of your time?”

 ”Ah, yes. Sure, that’s fine.”

 After asking Pegonia-san to prepare beforehand, Rihito-san and I headed to my bedroom to have a relaxed conversation.

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