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Volume 9 Chapter 8 Shirogane Aqua, is Not to Be Overlooked

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 Two men, in a closed room, discussing, something is bound to happen….

 ”Oh… impressive. Is this the real thing?”

 Rihito-san carefully observed the transformation item of the Heaven’s Sword that was placed in the room. The rhinoceros beetle he is currently holding is the one I used when I first transformed.

 There are several official replicas of this rhinoceros beetle, which are used as backups in case of emergencies and also for events by the production committee. That’s why the backup transformation tools have actually been used for filming at least once for an event.

 I don’t really understand, but according to the staff, the ones that have been actually used give a more authentic feel. The original and the replicas have several differences, and the ones I know are that the original has the name “SOUJI KENZAKI – AQUA SHIROGANE” engraved on the back cover, along with the date of the first transformation recorded and the air date of the first episode.

 ”Thank you for showing me various things. However… I wonder if it was really a good idea for me, a first-time acquaintance, to be invited to your room? Earlier, I was looked at with envy by several women in the living room… I feel sorry for them.”

 ”Ahaha… I’m sorry.”

 Since we’re already standing and talking, I suggest Rihito-san to take a seat. Initially, I thought about letting him into Kanon’s work room and reception room, but instead of doing so, I invited him to my room in order to have a more relaxed environment for our discussion. Kohina-senpai taught me that deliberately dragging someone into your personal space is also a negotiation tactic.

 ”By the way, how is your current life? Are there any troubles?”

 ”Not really… Oh, but…”

 Hmm, what should I do? I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to ask a first-time acquaintance about these things…

 ”If there’s something bothering you, please let me know. If there’s anything I can help with, I’ll cooperate, and if you have any worries, I can listen and offer advice.”

 Oh… he gives off a reliable and mature big brother vibe. Maybe he can help me solve the problems I’m facing. So I decided to take the plunge and consult Rihito-san.

 ”My wife is too cute and it’s causing me trouble.”


 Huh? Did I say something strange? Oh, no, maybe I haven’t conveyed what I wanted to say clearly.

 ”My wife is too cute, and it’s making every day difficult. I don’t want it to affect my work, so I have to exercise some self-control…!”

 And yet, every day, every single day… she tempts me with cute gestures, provocative outfits, and lingerie! I’m also an idol, you know. I’m trying to sincerely engage with my fans.

 I have to resist overflowing youthful desires and endure every day, every single day… just so that my activities as an idol won’t be affected. And you know, I also love children.

 No, I don’t mean it in a weird way. I can’t help but think that our child, Kanon and mine, whether it’s a boy or a girl, will be absolutely adorable. I’m… I’m struggling so much, you know? I’m putting in so much effort, working hard, and suddenly being thrown into this world, finally being able to make my fans happy.

 That’s why, like this, every day, every morning, every night, every second, it’s really tough because Kanon is too cute, and I feel pathetic and sorry for my fans… But still, my mind is always that of a healthy high school boy. But I’m an idol. Yes, because I’m an idol, I’m trying my best every day to balance my desires. Deep down, I really want to solve the declining birth rate problem caused by natural pregnancy in this country, as a man.

 But you know, recently I’ve received letters from elderly people saying that they found a sense of purpose and became energized… So, I want to create events that can make everyone feel energized, even though for now I can only hold events in Tokyo, in this country… I want to use idol activities to bring energy to people all over the country!

 That’s why I’m working hard too. But as a man, I also want to strongly resolve the declining birthrate issue. Even so, because I’m an idol, if I have work the next day, I properly restrain myself and endure.

 Enduring, and enduring… but the problems just get postponed and the situation remains the same, nothing changes, right Rihito-san!? You might not understand, but Kanon… my wife is really cute.

 From an outsider’s perspective, she may seem like just a clumsy person, well… even from my perspective as her husband, she’s just a clumsy person. But even so, she’s so cute that it drives me crazy.

 No matter how much I endure as an idol, every day, every day, she approaches me pretending to be an innocent girl! No matter how many times we do it, it’s just like when she was a virgin! She’s still the same girl from back then!

 Ah, she’s so cute! Even though she perfectly matches my preferences, she tempts me every day, d*mn it! It’s unbearable. Kanon just walking normally, or even sitting down, constantly excites me!

 Even when I’m eating, I’m getting an er*ction just by looking at Kanon in front of me. But even so, I endure because I have work the next day. So, please realize it, you clumsy person!

 I really want to resolve the declining birthrate issue with Kanon! Huh!? Wait a minute! If Kanon and I have a baby, maybe Grandmother Mary will also be happy and the issue of elderly people will be solved… no, that’s not right, that’s not it.

 I want Kanon to graduate from school, together with everyone! She looks happy going to school even now, and I don’t want to be the only one left behind, as her classmate… I want to spend three years together with Kanon…

 ”Oh, I see… that must have been tough… yeah.”

 Oh, uh… did everything come out of my mouth? I wish I could disappear… I wrapped myself in my futon on the bed.

 ”Um, well… I don’t really understand what you’re talking about, but I might be able to give you some advice that could help.”

 Really? I poke my face out from the wrapped futon.

 ”First of all, there’s no reason to have to repeat a year in school just because you have a child. You can notify the school and get support, as long as you don’t fail any classes. And since Otomezaki Academy, where you both attend, is an advanced school, they offer extracurricular classes for pregnant students 24 hours a day, and there is also support for obtaining credits from the country. Of course, support will continue even after giving birth, so please rest assured.”

 Seriously? I crawl out of the futon and sit on the bed in a kneeling position.

 ”Just to make sure, um… is it only your wife who arouses your desires?”

 ”No, I get excited by anyone who tries to seduce me. I have complete confidence that I’ll fall for it in seconds, even without any honey trap.”

 Because there are so many attractive girls, you know. Among them, the one who has become a threat recently is a woman named Pegonia, who serves as Kanon’s maid.

 She’s quite a troublemaker, always trying to do something. Even last night, while Kanon was in front of me with an excited face waiting for the food, on this side of the kitchen, hidden from Kanon’s view, she was trying to touch herself below the waist.

 Well, it’s my fault for getting an er*ction, but the reason I got one in the first place was because Pegonia-san lifted up her maid uniform’s long skirt and showed me her sexy underwear under the kitchen counter.

 ”I… I see, there are still some men with strong sexual desires nowadays… but your strong sexual desire may be a bit abnormal. In that case, you could marry many wives or have many mistresses. If you have a strong sexual desire at your age, you could even ask your classmates to be friends with benefits or ask your family for sexual relief. If you don’t want it to affect your idol work, you could even receive sexual favors from someone using their hands or mouth… Although it seems quite wasteful to waste young sp*rm… but there have been cases in the distant past.”

 Hmm, I see. I was surprised to hear various things from Pegonia-san and Kanon, but I need to quickly get used to the common sense of this world. When I hear about mistresses and friends with benefits, I still feel like it’s not a good thing, but I was surprised to hear that it’s like a status for women here.

 ”In that case, I strongly recommend consulting with your assigned official, Miyuki-san. She is an elite in that field as a S*men Extraction Officer of the National Confidentiality Bureau. She should know gentle ways to extract s*men that won’t make men feel tired or affect them the next day. She should also support and manage fatigue recovery through meal menus and ensuring enough sleep. If you don’t mind, you could make her your mistress and give her a room. I’m sure she will work devotedly every day. Many S*men Extraction Officers consider it the greatest joy to serve men.”

 Miyuki-san… The current relationship between Miyuki-san and me is a bit complicated. I know that Miyuki-san thinks about me very seriously. So I have to face those feelings properly and come up with some kind of answer.

 That’s why I invited Miyuki-san on a date. First, I want to get to know her well and then think about whether I want to make Miyuki-san my wife. I have already told Miyuki-san and Kanon about it, and they have both agreed. Honestly, rather than having a half-hearted responsibility like a mistress, I want to properly marry and adore her every day. Kanon already knows, but I really like being affectionate.

 ”By the way, are you willing to have an arranged marriage?”

 ”Arranged marriage… you say?”

 ”Yeah, from the perspective of a secretary, our country wants you to marry a powerful noble of this country.”

 Noble… When I glanced at the arranged marriage list, there was a document that said noble. I remember it well because that person had G-cup breasts.

 ”But personally… well, as a fellow man, I think you should marry the person you love without worrying about such things, and I don’t think you need to accept an arranged marriage forcefully. So, if you want to refuse but find it difficult, consult with me or through your mom or Miyuki-san to Amakusa Shikimi-san. With our intervention, there should be no noble that you can’t refuse.”

 That’s a grateful offer, but I feel like Rihito-san would have a hard time if I did that. I just have a feeling.

 ”Or… alternatively, you could marry a noblewoman. Or maybe take my foolish and promiscuous sister, but that might cause some trouble. And, well… I was surprised to see her wearing a maid outfit earlier, but it would be a natural flow for you to marry Yukishiro Emily-san from the Yukishiro family through your connection with Kanon-san.”

 ”Huh? Emily-san is a noble?”

 According to Rihito-san’s explanation, among the top six noble families, one of them is Emily-san’s Yukishiro family. Wow… I thought she seemed like a sheltered young lady, but she really is a young lady.

 Well, comparing women’s beauty may not be appropriate, but in terms of pure beauty, Kanon and Emily-san are the top two in my opinion. They clearly surpass the beauty of many beautiful women in this world.

 If there is a difference between the two, Kanon is the more beautiful girl, and Emily-san is the more beautiful woman. If Kanon has a healthy beauty, Emily-san has a fragile beauty that makes men want to protect her.

 That’s why I immediately understood when I heard that she was a noble. There is not a trace of vulgarity in her. I want my perverted maid to learn from her.

 But on the other hand, Pegonia-san might have been good too. If Emily-san were my maid, I would be worried if I could endure without sexual harassment.

 If an idol were to sexually harass, he would be the worst scumbag. But then, her sexy body and maid outfit go well together. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the blindfolded Sister’s are the same. She easily destroy my reason.

 ”Or… should you be with someone that no one in this country can touch…”

 ”Someone that no one can touch?”

 ”Oh, she must have come to your cultural festival too. The Sumeragi family’s Kokucho. At least, even other nobles would never pick a fight with her. She is loved that much, and we, the six families, know better than anyone how terrifying it is when she gets angry.”

 Oh, Koku-chan does indeed look like a young lady. She’s one year older than my Lapis, but she clearly has the composure of an adult.

 Even compared to Ako-san and Kirika-san, who usually look proper around me, Koku-chan seems even more composed. Ako-san sometimes acts cute like she used to, and Kirika-san sometimes does something unexpectedly natural and cute, but Koku-chan doesn’t have that kind of atmosphere.

 By the way, Mother and Kohina-senpai are exceptions. Huh? What does it mean to be an adult? Now I’m curious to ask the opposite.

 ”However, I’m not forcing this on you. But I don’t think it’s a bad thing to take it as knowledge. It’s not a bad idea to know various things to protect yourself. With knowledge, you can prepare for certain situations and increase the chances of making better choices even if unexpected events occur. I want you to know that.”

 I see… I remember the words that Kohina-senpai told me before.

 ’I heard from Ako, you have amnesia, right? In that case, practice how to deceive someone when they ask you about it. Until you understand why they said that, it’s better not to talk carelessly.’

 When we were casually eating together, Kohina-senpai told me that.

 ’Okay? If something unexpected happens, the first thing you should think about is protecting yourself. Deceive, stall, do whatever it takes to escape from that situation. If you think you can’t handle it on your own, talk to your mom, Ako, or me… basically, consult an adult. If it’s something difficult to talk to a woman about, it’s better to talk to the boys around you. Never try to handle something you think is really dangerous on your own or make decisions on your own. Got it? Anyway, you…’

 Even now, I feel the pressure from Kohina-senpai at that time. After that, she immediately returned to her usual self, so I forgot about it until now…

 ”I understand. Thank you for everything.”

 ”Don’t worry about it. It’s part of my job. And also, Shikimi… I mean, the director of the National Confidentiality Bureau asked me to talk to you once.”

 I see, I understand. Even this clumsy Aqua-san somehow clicked with me. The director of the National Confidentiality Bureau, Amakusa Shikimi-san, is the person whose name I heard when my mother explained the arranged marriage. I see. Are they in that kind of relationship? I look at Rihito-san with a smile on my face, just like Kohina-senpai.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”Oh… well, I was wondering if Rihito-san is married.”

 When I asked that, Rihito-san’s face clouded slightly.

 ”W-well, I am from a noble family. I have four wives, but it’s just for show.”

 Wow, really?! Wait, if that’s the case, then Amakusa and Kuga have different last names…

 ”Hmm, I can tell what you’re thinking. That’s why I said it. I want you to marry someone you love. You and I were both candidates to be the head of our respective families, and at that time, there were complications in every household. Our paths were never meant to intertwine. I remember my foolish sister saying that she would take care of things if I became the head. Well, I didn’t agree with her, so Reira probably left the house…”

 Rihito-san gazes into the distance, lost in thoughts of the past. Seeing that, my heart tightens and I feel a sense of pain.

 If I hadn’t ended up with Kanon, what would have happened? Just imagining it makes me feel so much pain.

 Rihito-san’s suffering must be even greater. I feel frustrated because I can’t do anything for him, and I don’t know what to say to him.

 ”I’m sorry, Rihito-san…”

 D*mn… I always say that I want to make someone smile, but look at me now. I apologize, but I can’t find the right words to say to Rihito-san. Seeing my face like that, it seems to make Rihito-san feel guilty.

 ”Well, that’s all in the past, and we’re both adults who have settled things within ourselves. So it’s not something you need to worry about. But… what do you think of Reira? She’s still running away from home even at 27. Please, even though she’s foolish, if you think she’s even a little good-looking, please take care of her!”

 ”Uh… well, Reira-san is indeed a beautiful person…”

 ”Is that so? Just think about it… She’s still my sister after all. And, please, she hasn’t come back at all, so I’m really worried. So if you have a chance to meet her, please go to her, even if you don’t care about me.”

 For a brief moment, I felt like I saw Rihito-san’s true face. I think it’s presumptuous of me to want to help him. But earlier, when I mentioned his sister, Rihito-san’s face made it impossible for me to just ignore it. I’m not mature enough to do that.

 ’Anyway, you should rely more on the adults around you. You’re still a child, so it’s okay to be a little spoiled. You can be more selfish, and you should give Ako a harder time. But instead, you always act like an adult and never show any cuteness to this big sister.’

 D*mn, she always acts like a little kid, doing annoying things, but she’s always like that. Everyone pushes me forward. They support me. They protect me. But among them, Kohina-senpai is a little different. She’s always in front of me. And she looks back to make sure I’m following. Oh, that’s strange… Even though it’s Kohina-senpai, it feels a little like being led by mom.

 ”Oh, I guess we’ve been talking for a while. I’m sorry for keeping everyone waiting, and I might get scolded if I monopolize you too much. Shall we go back to the living room?”


 Maybe there’s nothing I can do for Rihito-san. So I’m thinking of causing a little trouble for the adults, as Kohina-senpai suggested. I might be able to hear more from Miyuki-san or my mom. And above all, I’m planning to work with Reira-san soon. If there’s even a slight possibility that I can do something for Rihito-san, I won’t give up.

 After all, there’s no way I can leave someone who still shows a smile like that, as if they’re still suffering. It was the same with that person whom I admired in my previous life. So…

 Don’t underestimate idols!

 On the verge of death, I remember the last words that person I admired wrote in their notebook. Taking me to a scenery no one has ever seen before. That’s what I promised Ako-san.

 And I haven’t forgotten who told Toa, Shintaro, and Tenga-senpai to come along. Someone who didn’t gives up before even trying can’t be an idol. Delivering smiles to everyone. That’s the ultimate idol that person and I aimed to be.

 It’s the true Shirogane Aqua… Here I go!

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