Mercenary 6

Chapter 6

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 According to the Pentagon, the U.S. military is stationed in more than 150 countries.


 ・United Kingdom


 ・South Korea


 Among these, the most influential in world history is the base in Turkey.

 During the Cold War, it was placed there to check the Soviet Union, which provoked the Soviet Union and became one of the remote causes of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

 The U.S. military bases in Japan are also inseparable from the rest of the world.

 After all, during the Vietnam War, troops were deployed from here.

 Well, left wing citizens’ groups have been campaigning against the war for this reason.

 However, it is needless to say that Japan was also a dark place in the Cold War, since the involvement of the KGB in this support was revealed after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

 Besides this, the Soviet Union negotiated with the Japanese government to withdraw the U.S. military bases from Japan in exchange for the return of the Northern Territories.

 At that time, the Japanese government refused the offer because of the Japan-U.S. alliance, but if they had believed the offer, they might have been invaded like Germany and the Baltic states.

 Now, the U.S. forces in Japan are the largest in the world(*1).

 And the number of troops stationed in each country is as follows.

 Japan: about 55,000

 Germany: about 35,000

 South Korea: about 26,000

 Turkey: about 12,000

 United Kingdom: about 10,000

 At its peak, there were more than 150,000 U.S. soldiers in Iraq due to the war, but most of them have now been withdrawn, and the withdrawal from Afghanistan and other countries is underway under President Trump’s policy (*2).

 The U.S. forces in Japan are also indispensable for China and Russia, which are not on good terms with the U.S.

 In fact, the U.S. military base had been located in the Philippines since 1947 as a countermeasure against the Soviet Union, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the necessity of the base was reevaluated and the U.S. forces withdrew from the Philippines in 1992, taking advantage of a natural disaster.

 Soon after that, China illegally occupied the Philippine territory, and the U.S. forces eventually returned and the two countries settled back into their original positions.

 Since 2001, the two countries have cooperated in the war on terror.

 And as recently as 2017, when a civil war broke out in the Philippines, the U.S. Special Forces supported the Philippine Army.

 Therefore, the argument that the U.S. bases in Japan are unnecessary is not realistic unless the U.S. administration becomes a far-left party.


 ”Sharon, are you looking at your father’s picture again?”

 ”Ah, I’m sorry.”

 ”It’s okay. It’s good to take care of your family.”

 Her superior smiles and rubs Sharon’s shoulders.

 Sharon has beautiful blonde hair and Western-style blonde hair and blue eyes.

 Her height is 170cm (5.58 ft).

 Since the average height of American women is 162.2cm (5.3 ft) (*3), she is taller than most Americans.

 The superior officer sits next to her and takes a hearty bite of meat on the bone.

 Just like a pirate.

 ”So, why did you choose to live in such a peaceful country?”

 ”My father was a soldier of war. So, I wanted to live in a peaceful place.”


 Japan is said to be one of the most popular countries among U.S. soldiers because it’s free from wars and crimes, although it has a lot of natural disasters.

 Japan is probably the only country in the world that has cutting-edge technologies such as automobiles and video games, while still retaining temples, shrines, old-style Japanese houses, sumo wrestling, and other cultural aspects that are not found in the West.

 ”Well, I admit that you are a White Japanese. Thanks to you we have good relations with Japan.”

 Sharon’s status is civilian in military employee.

 She is not an official U.S. soldier.

 Instead, she is an interpreter on dispatch from the Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University.

 ”Thank you very much.”

 ”So, wonder girl. Are you keeping up with basic training?”


 ”I’m not sure if you know that, but you should at least know how to defend yourself, even if you’re a member of the military. Sexual harassment and assault are commonplace.”

 The problem of s*xual assault within the U.S. military is deep-rooted. For example,

 ・The Tailhook Incident (1991)

 ・The Aberdeen Incident (1996)

 ・The Air Cadet Academy s*xual assault case (2003)

 These cases are publicized scandals, and the Department of Defense has issued its own countermeasures against s*xual assaults.

 The U.S. military has also created its own definition to confront the problem.


 Sexual violence is,

 ・Intentional s*xual contact characterized by the use of force

 ・Physical threat

 ・Violation of dignity or a situation in which the victim does not or cannot consent.

 The crime can be defined as above.

 As for the s*xual violence includes,


 ・Sodomy without consent (oral s*x or anal s*x)

 ・Obscene assault (unwanted, inappropriate s*xual contact or caress) and attempt to commit this act'(*4)


 In the military, the term s*xual violence has a far-reaching meaning that includes everything from violent s*xual acts such as rape, forced sodomy, and violence with the intent to commit rape or sodomy to obscene violence.

 Although obscene violence includes violent acts, violence is not a necessary condition for the crime.

 Obscene violence can be a mere s*xual contact without the consent of the touched person.(*5)


 In 2004, the ‘Unit for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence in Military Schools’ was established(*1).

 Due to the secretive nature of the military, many victims may have to cry themselves to sleep.

 Also, the U.S. military is still a conservative organization.

 In 2011, the military service regulations that prohibited homos*xuals from serving openly in the military were abolished.

 2016 Opening all military occupations in the military to women

 2018 Began accepting transgender volunteers for enlistment

 However, there may be some misogynistic or homophobic U.S. soldiers who dislike being in the same space as women and other s*xual minorities.

 The superior officer continues.

 ”You’re a beautiful and talented woman, so many men must be courting you, right?”


 ”Don’t be modest. It’s a fact.”

 She spits out a piece of bone.

 It’s refreshingly, boldly brawny.

 ”This is my advice to you as a superior, but you’re popular with some women too.”


 ”Opportunistic homos*xuality.”

 Opportunistic homos*xuality―originally, it refers to heteros*xuals (straights) who choose the same s*x as the object of their love or s*xual activity as a compensatory act under the circumstances where the opposite s*x is unavailable (e.g. military, prison, same-s*x dormitories, etc.). (*1).

 Especially in boys’ and girls’ schools, there are cases in which a person is temporarily attracted to the same s*x when his/her s*xual orientation is not yet formed or is in the formative stage (*1).

 However, since they are originally heteros*xual (straight), this homos*xual tendency will disappear as soon as the environment in which they can obtain the opposite s*x is restored by military discharge, release, graduation, etc. (*1).

 In other words, opportunistic homos*xuality is not caused by the fundamental s*xual orientation itself, but it can be regarded as a s*xual preference temporarily formed in the environment (*1).

 However, it is also pointed out that some people who experienced occasional homos*xuality were originally bis*xual, and according to this theory, the bis*xual tendency would continue to exist afterwards (*1).

 This is horrifying and gives Sharon chills.

 After all, she is not a homos*xual.

 She is heteros*xual (straight).


 ”…well, it seems you hate it. But if you have a problem, you can talk to me.”

 ”Thank you very much.”

 Sharon is relieved to have a reassuring friend.

* * *

 (I’m glad to hear that she’s doing well.)

 I feel relieved at the sight of my daughter.

 Now, I’m in the crowded cafeteria at Yokota Air Base.

 I stop hacking at the right moment.

 I’d like to see her in person, but I’m glad to hear that she’s doing well.

 This is the result of a night of deliberation.

 As I close my smartphone, I feel a look.


 ”Don’t say onomatopoeia.”

 ”Isn’t it cute?”

 ”Yeah, I guess.”

 ”But it’s not good manners to fiddle with your phone at lunch time.”

 ”I’m sorry.”

 ”It’s okay if you’re sorry. Eat it, eat it.”

 The lunch box is filled with meat and potatoes.

 For health reasons, 90% of it is potatoes and carrots.

 I feel like a vegetarian.

 ”You’ve been cooking a lot of meat and potatoes lately, haven’t you?”

 ”Yes. I’m training to be a bride.”

 ”Oh, yeah~”

 I take a bite.

 ”…It’s too sweet.”

 ”Maybe I put too much sugar.”

 ”Next time, be careful.”


 I won’t blame her if she fails to cook.

 Because the boss at home is the wife, just like in any other country.

 On the other hand, a wife who randomly interferes in the work is a bad wife.

 Just like Elena (1916-1989), the wife of the Romanian dictator Ceaușescu (1918-1989), was originally a good wife, but when she visited China, Jiang Qing (1914-1991) advised her that “a leader’s wife should be involved in politics” and so, they created “Ceaușescu’s Children”.

 In the meantime, hecause of her personal vindictiveness, Jiang Qing also abused her power and ostracized the traditional performing arts.

 She also persecuted her romantic enemies one after another, and ousted her husband Mao Zedong’s allies one after another.

 But heaven did not overlook her, and in the end she was arrested and finally committed suicide.

 Since her close friend Elena was also shot dead in the Revolution, the two were in the same boat.

 Another example is Margot (1927-2016) from East Germany, who lived a luxurious life with her husband Honecker (1912-1994), even though they lived in a communist country.

 A good wife is good, but a bad wife is characterized by her husband’s misunderstanding of her husband’s power, his misbehavior in politics, and his extravagant spending.

 Now, in Tsukasa’s case, she will not make the same mistakes as those wives.

 She is also indifferent to politics in a good way, which is one of the reasons why I like her so much.

 With Tsukasa, I think we might be able to make a good family.

 ”But, Takkun, I wish you’d be a little more assertive.”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”I made a mistake, so I want you to be angry with me. It’s nice of you to be nice to me, but I can’t grow up.”


 If Tsukasa were a soldier and a direct subordinate, I could reprimand her like a certain sergeant, but unfortunately, she is a civilian.

 Besides, there is a law against power harassment.

 This law is for private companies (large companies from June 1, 2020, and small and medium companies from April 1, 2022).

 Anyway, getting angry is tiring for me, too.

 ”I understand your feelings, you know? But it’s no reason to get angry…”

 ”You like me, don’t you? About me?”

 ”Hmm? …Well, yeah.”

 ”Then you should be angry when you’re angry. We’re going to be a family, after all.”


 Even though I care about Sharon, she’s got her own life.

 I also have a new life, literally.

 So, in order to put the past behind me, I will have to focus on Tsukasa from now on.

 ”Then I’ll punish you for being too lenient.”

 ”Punishment? But I don’t like pain, okay?”

 ”It doesn’t hurt. Close your eyes.”


 She said she wanted to be punished, but when the time came, she didn’t want to be punished.

 She’s like a slut who invites someone to the hotel room, but then gets nervous on the bunk, like a virgin.

 …Oops, that was a bad analogy.

 That was rude of Tsukasa.

 I take it back.


 Tsukasa closes her eyes.

 She must be thinking that she is going to be hit on the head by a sword.

 Her eyes are filled with tears, and she looks as if she’s about to fall.



 *Twitch! She shivered.

 If I had been on Tsukasa’s shoulder, I might have felt an earthquake of intensity 7.

 ”Be careful next time, okay?”

 What I did was kiss her on the forehead.


 Tsukasa’s eyes widened at the unexpected touch.

 At the same time, I pulled away.

 ”Hey, what was that?”

 ”That was punishment.”

 ”…did you hurt me?”

 The way she said it.

 It makes me laugh.

 ”In a broader sense, maybe.”

 ”Geez, I can’t get married now.”

 ”That’s okay. I’ll marry you.”

 ”…! Really?”

 She goes from teary-eyed to smiling.

 She’s so cute.

 ”Are you sure? You’re not lying, are you?”

 ”I don’t know. Only God knows.”

 ”Geez~ You’re so mean~”

 Tsukasa beats my chest.

 She’s so cute.

 If I didn’t have a kid, my son (dick) would be getting it in the nuts.

 Now, before I know it, the bell rings to announce the end of the lunch break.

 Tsukasa is still smitten even after the bell rings to announce the end of the lunch break.

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 *1: Wikipedia

 *2: BBC, November 17, 2020

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 *4: The Army’s Academic Guide

 *5: Defense Force 2005 Report on Sexual Harassment and Violence in Military Schools

 *6: Nobui Taichi, “False Germany <1> ≒ Industrial Products Made in East Germany,” Shakai Hyoronsha, 2009.

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