Mercenary 7

Chapter 7

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 Since there is a U.S. military base nearby, there are many U.S. soldiers who send their children to the japanese school.

 Although there are schools on the base as well, the reason is that parents want their children to experience Japanese culture since they are in Japan.



 American students with dreadlocks and afros attend school just as normally as Japanese students.

 Because of these students, the school rules are loose.

 The school basically does not tolerate any problems, except for impure s*xual intercourse.

 The school also backs up female students in case they get pregnant.

 This is probably the most loose school in Japan.

 Naturally, the more loose the school is, the more the students are likely to have more problems.

 Like him, for example.

 (I wonder if there are any good females here…)

 John Klebold.

 He has a military-style crop and big earrings in each ear.

 On his neck, he has a tattoo of a two-headed eagle.

 Needless to say, anything other than a close-cropped head would be against school rules in any school.

 As for the tattoos, it is banned.

 However, this school is different.

 Since many of the students are Americans, dreadlocks and tattoos are allowed as long as the cultural background can be explained.

 In Klebold’s case, that is.

 He walks with girls on either side of him.

 His family has been a military family for generations, and after leaving the military, they became a politician.

 It is not surprising that a high school student would have a mistress or two.

 He probably has an illegitimate child already.

 (Oh, that girl is good.)

 Klebold has his eye on a certain Japanese girl.

 That girl with a waving ponytail is a famous person.

 Her name is ‘Kitaoji Tsukasa’.

 Her family is a doctor, and she is a talented girl from a famous family that has a great influence on the Japanese political world.


 He calls out to her, but she ignores him.

 Upon closer inspection, he finds her talking to a boy next to her.


 Annoyed, Klebold puts his foot in front of the boy.

 (Just trip!)

 But his wish doesn’t come true. The boy jumps to avoid him without looking at his footsteps.

 He reacts as if he knew what to do.


 And the next thing he sees is the boy’s middle finger.

 The boy laughs as he turns around.

 ’You little shit’

 His laughs seem to say so.

 (…son of a bitch…)

 The declaration of war makes Klebold very angry.


 ”Ah, hey!”

 He steals a metal bat from the bag of a member of the baseball team who just passed in front of him.

 And then he swung it at the boy.


 Seeing his action, the girls around him run away.

 ”Hey, that guy’s in trouble!”

 ”Call the teacher!”

 All at once, the other students move away.


 Klebold swings the metal bat down like a kendo player.

 Everyone thought the boy was dead.



 The boy shifts his head and catches it with his shoulder.


 There’s a dull thud.


 Not once, but twice, and even Klebold can’t hide his shock.


 Tsukasa hurriedly examined the boy.

 Being the daughter of a female doctor, she immediately makes a diagnosis.

 ”A bruise!”

 ”Of course.”

 The boy, Kitaoji Ren was calm and collected.


 His white eyes made Klebold back away.

 It’s scarier than when his military father really scolded him.

 He reminds him of a real instructor who once played an American soldier in a movie, who knew the Vietnam War.


 Just looking at him, he can’t stop shaking.

 He drops the metal bat, and is knocked down.

 Soon after, he is caught by the police who rush to the scene.

* * *

 ”He’s a strange one, isn’t he?”

 ”That happens sometimes.”

 Tsukasa was worried about me with a bandage on my shoulder.

 Ever since I came back from the hospital, she’s been following me around.

 ”But it’s amazing. You didn’t fight back.”

 ”‘The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.’”



 In my former life, I was a mercenary, but in truth, I’m a pacifist.

 Just like Robert Capa, famous for ‘The Falling Soldier’ and so on, who, after WWII, put ‘Unemployed’ on his business card and rejoiced in peace.

 I, too, prefer peace.

 Killing each other is in the game.

 ”I’m glad. No retaliation.”

 ”Why are you saying that?”

 ”If you’d have retaliated, they’d have taken you in.”

 ”That’s true.”

 Tsukasa seems to think that I became a victim because I was afraid of getting arrested, but in fact, there is another reason.

 I restrained myself in order not to kill him.

 If Tsukasa and the onlookers had not been there, I would have exerted my power to my heart’s content and killed him.

 (Though I don’t really forgive him for it.)

 While he was in the ambulance, I reported to Robinson and asked him to find out who this guy was.

 And I succeeded in getting the dirt on his family.

 Later, the CIA will go to his parents’ house in the U.S. and do some things.

 Maybe, he will have the same misfortune as the Kennedy family.

 I’m not a Buddhist, but I bow my palm.

 ”Hey, you stupid couple. You should only flirt with each other in a hotel or on the bed~!”

 ”Teacher, that’s s*xual harassment!”

 With a thud, the classroom shakes.

 One of the characteristics of this school is that the homeroom teachers are mostly young people.

 The school actively hires first-year college graduates and those in their early twenties, intentionally keeping the age gap between students and teachers small.

 By doing so, the school aims to reduce the generation gap and deepen the interaction between the students and the teachers.

 A student jokes with his homeroom teacher.

 The relationship between Tsukasa and me is almost school-sanctioned.

 It is rare to find a school that allows such a free love affair.

 ”Takkun, how many kids do you want?”

 ”Hey, hey, stop saying that!”

 ”Are you talking about a foreskin? Or are you talking about a rubber?”

 The homeroom teacher was always talking dirty.

* * *

 A few hours later,


 ”Good morning, Klebold-kun.”

 ”! What’s the meaning of this?”

 Klebold is facing Robinson in a dark room.

 They are not on equal footing.

 Klebold is tied to a chair.

 ”Hey, take it off! Take this off!”

 ”I can’t.”

 Robinson lights a cigarette and takes a drag.

 Needless to say, he’s a good-looking guy, so he makes a good picture.

 ”You’ve crossed the Acheson Line.”

 ”? What are you talking about?”

 ”You’ve got no respect even for your own parents, do you? What your ancestors have been protecting for generations… you’re going to change it to a red one.”


 ”The next president will be a red one, okay?”

 ”Oh, hey! I’m gonna…”

 ”Our current leader hates you very much. Poor thing. Your age won’t even be 20.”


 He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but he knows it’s a critical situation.

 ”You’re kidding, right?”

 ”The leader doesn’t get offended by jokes.”

 As he said so, there’s a knock at the door.

 ”Oh, you there?”

 Robinson opens it,

 ”Excuse me.”

 A man in black comes out, dressed in black, sunglasses.

 ”Hey, hey, is this a movie?”

 ”It’s a good thing you can still make jokes. You’re a family of soldiers, right?”

 ”Oh, come on―”

 The men put a hood over Klebold’s head.

 After that, no one knows where he is.

* * *

 ’―A California congressman was attacked by unknown assailants last night, killing his entire family. The president’s approval ratings have plummeted after he expressed his condolences and said he would “talk to them if they were terrorists―”‘

 Conservative broadcasters, who hate left wing party, were happy to report the news.

 Sharon watched it on the base’s television.


 She looks mystified.

 The president has a bad reputation among some military personnel because of his disarmament policy.

 Every time his approval rating drops, they gleefully throw raw eggs at the posters.

 Seeing this, a senior officer sits down next to Sharon.

 ”What’s the big deal? Another regime change?”

 ”Maybe, I think so.”

 California has been a big voter for the left wing.

 Since 1992, the left wing parties have been winning in consecutive elections.

 It is a crucial district in presidential elections.

 It has 55 electors, the largest number in the nation.

 The number of 55 is very much needed to get more than 270 electors (as of 2020).

 ”This may not be related to this case, but just the other day, the son of this congressman was involved in an assault case.”


 ”Yes. I can’t believe it happened at my child’s school. Maybe the school on the base is safer?”

 The senior officer shows her a newspaper.


 '[An American student is arrested for assault]

 An assault has occurred at Myojin Private School.

 The suspect is a 16-year-old American male student.

 He came to school in an intoxicated state and assaulted a Japanese student, hitting and kicking him with a metal bat.

 The student sustained a bruised shoulder and other serious injuries.

 The motive is under investigation.’


 A small article with a photo.

 It must have been taken by one of the onlookers with a smart phone.

 The victim’s face is not visible, but he seems to be protecting a female student.

 Although it is not mentioned in the article, there may be a story behind the story of a male student protecting a female student from being entangled in a fight.


 As she thought this, she felt an electric shock penetrate her body.

 She recalled a memory of her late father.

 One year, on Independence Day, she was walking in the city with her father, dressed up in his military uniform, when a stone was thrown at them.

 When she looked at the culprit, she saw a man holding an ‘anti-war’ placard.

 He probably knew that his father was an American soldier.

 And then, a second stone comes flying at them.

 This time, it was a bigger one.

 The first stone seems to be used to measure the distance, set a target, and then aim with the second stone.


 Sharon, who was very young, did not understand the hostility and just stood there.

 Looking back now, it is clear that she was insensitive.

 A larger stone almost hits Sharon on the head.

 Just before,


 Suddenly, her father steps in between the two and takes the blow himself.

 Blood flows from his head.

 Other people who noticed the commotion protect them, and the man is caught by a policeman.


 Sharon realizes for the first time that her father has bled on her behalf.

 She wipes the blood desperately, but it doesn’t stop.

 In contrast to Sharon’s impatience, her father was calm and collected.

 ”Sharon, listen to me. The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

 ”? Who?

 ”A great man in India named Gandhi, who said that/”


 ”You don’t need to understand it now. When you’re angry, be angry only for the good of others. Be kind, okay?”

 She still remembers her father’s soft smile as he spoke to her like a bodhisattva.


 ”Senior, can I have this newspaper?”

 ”Uh, yeah. Is there anything good in there?”


 Although he’s not her father, this boy has an air of similarity with her father.

 The curious girl, who had been studying all her life, was attracted to the boy as if she was led by him.

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