Returnee 11 2

Chapter 11 Transformation

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 This anger is terrible and as dark as the depths of the ocean

 ”Let go.”

 I pull Kyouka into my arms and grip Sakaki’s wrists

 It is hostile

 No, it is a feeling close to murderous intent

 The feelings that swelled up inside of me were subconsciously aroused, unknowingly revealing the ferocity that I had been trying not to show to Kyouka earlier

 ”Now, now. Boyfriend-san, don’t be so angry. Besides, it’s her choice, you know… Ouch, it hurtssssss…!!!!”

 A sound rang out

 It was a sound that was very familiar to me

 *Crack, crack, crack! It was the sound of a human bone breaking

 This sound was the sound of Sakaki’s wrist breaking, and at the same time, this sound was the sound of my finger breaking. I was holding Sakaki’s wrist so tightly that I did not even notice my own fingers breaking

 As soon as he hears this, Sakaki lets go of Kyouka’s arm and fell down on his knees

 The people around him did not know what happened and just looked blankly at the sound of Sakaki’s scream

 In the middle of it all, I pulled Kyouka’s hand and we walked out of the park without saying a word. By that time, there was no one to hold us back, just Sakaki’s grunts echoing in the park at night


 Third Person Perspective

 Her thin fingers moved in a circular movement

 Her fingers were making a muffled sound, and she could hear her breathing coming from somewhere

 She was so absorbed in her s*xual activity that she didn’t even realize that it was her own moaning

 For some reason, the burning in her body had not subsided and just remembering what had just happened, a hot sensation started to slowly flow out from between her legs. Her clitoris was so sensitive that a light touch with her own finger made her feel like she was going to pop

 But she didn’t want to do so now. While enjoying the subtle sensation of almost cumming and not cumming, she was picturing the scene that had just occurred in her mind

 The look on Shuu’s face when he had gotten really angry just now. It was burned into Ayano’s mind and she couldn’t get rid of it

 It made her excited to think back on it now

 It’s not that he’s cool or anything. She was just lusting after him

 And at that time, everyone was making a fuss about taking Sakaki to the hospital because his wrist bone seemed to be broken, but she didn’t care about that

 Some of the guys seemed to be debating whether or not to go after Shuu, but in the end they decided to take Sakaki to the emergency hospital first. However, Ayano left them there and came back to her house straight after that

 It was because she wanted to pleasure herself

 The feeling was the same as a week ago. She was happy, and it felt so good

 At that time Ayano had clearly felt that her crotch was getting wet just by being near Shuu

 (Aaahhh, it feels so good. More, more…)

 While lying on the bed, her body trembled twice or thrice

 Ayano finally understands in her foggy head that she has blew up

 She pushes up her full breasts with her right hand and starts to roll the tips of her nipples with her tongue

 She licks them up with her long tongue, bites them sweetly with her teeth, and sucks on her nipples with her pouty lips

 The fingers of her left hand naturally reach her crotch, and her cunt begins to make gurgling sounds. Her cunt was already melted unbelievably, and her white love juice was running down her thighs, soaking her sheets

 Despite the fact that she had climaxed deeply once, her s*xual desire did not subside at all

 (Penis… I want Shuu’s p*nis)

 Ayano suddenly realized that she was thinking such a thing for some reason

 She doesn’t think that she has fallen in love with Shuu or anything like that. Still, for some reason, she felt an urge to be poked hard in her pussy and to have her pussy stirred up inside of her

 At first, a week ago, she suspected that she had been drugged

 But she soon realized that it was unlikely. All she had eaten at Suu’s house was sushi and pudding. And although she drank tea, she herself witnessed the scene of pouring hot water directly from the pot and pouring it into the tea

 And the pudding was brought by herself. Even the sushi would not have been mixed with something strange in time

 Besides, the fact that Ayano came to the house must have been an unexpected event for Shuu. Well, she had thought that maybe he had prepared for such a situation from the beginning, but she just couldn’t believe that such a serious person like Shuu would do such a thing


 By now, the reasons for what had happened were half unimportant to Ayano

 It was more the disappointment she felt when she came home and pleasured herself right after that. The feeling that the happiest she had ever felt in her whole life was gone. After that, only the feeling of not being able to feel good no matter how many times she pleasured herself

 And such a feeling that she had missed came back to her mind when she met Shuu a little while ago

 Even if Shuu had done something to her, it was no longer a matter of concern for her. No, deep down she wished for more if he had done something, so much so that she soaked her crotch with her wish

 That’s not to say, however, that there wasn’t a part of Ayano that set off alarm bells. But the feeling was so great and so vicious that it blew all that away

 (Is he back already? Shuu. I mean, it was a date, wasn’t it?)

 Ayano knew Amazawa Kyouka

 She is such a cute girl. Even though they are in different classes, she knows her name and face. Ayano was rather surprised that Sakaki, a man who loves women, did not know her name

 But knowing this, it did not make her heart ache in particular

 So, it is not that she fell in love with Shuu. What she was feeling was not that she had fallen in love with him. Still, she doesn’t know why, but her instinct as a female is probably attracted to Shuu as a male. And at this moment, Ayano made a judgment

 After confirming this in her mind, Ayano decides to take a bath and wash herself carefully in order to go to Shuu’s house now

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