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Chapter 11 Transformation

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 Main Character’s Perspective

 It is almost dark in the park

 But, a group of about six people appears from the darkness

 They are the ones who appear to ruin the sweet space between Kyouka and me

 All of their faces were familiar to me

 Especially, the two women

 Ayano and a girl named Shiori, who I think is a good friend of Ayano

 And the guys were Sakaki, Tominaga, and two others

 Tominaga was in the same class as me and Kyouka, and he seemed to be a very attractive guy in our class. But when he joins Sakaki and the others, it was hilarious to me that he didn’t seem so much. I won’t go so far as to say that he is an errand boy, but I felt he was like a borrowed cat when I saw him in the past. I guess he is a typical type of person who is strong at the bottom and weak at the top

 As for the other two, I only vaguely knew their faces, and I didn’t even know their names

 ”Oh, it’s Kaburagi and Amazawa-san, isn’t it? What are you doing here?”

 Tominaga approaches me with a sly smile on his face

 For me, his face was obviously the kind of face I don’t want to interact with. It was the exact same expression as the trash I had seen so many times in the other world

 Following Tominaga, Sakaki and the others followed him. They had vulgar and distorted expressions on their faces as if they had found an interesting toy, which was too obvious

 However, only Ayano looked somewhat uninterested

 It had been about a week since then, and I had the impression that Ayano was somehow avoiding me. However, she didn’t say anything to me, so I don’t think it’s because she sensed something. Besides, Ayano and I were originally in different classes, so we didn’t see each other that often

 ”Nothing. We’re just on our way home now.”

 ”Hey, hey, you looked like you were hugging each other just now. I don’t know, maybe I’m looking at it wrong…”

 ”Who knows? Anyway, it’s none of your business.”

 ”Oh, you’re right… But you know what, Kaburagi-chan…? You’re gonna get hurt if you act like that in front of a girl.”

 ”I have no intention of doing that. Let’s go, Kyouka.”

 I take her hand and try to leave

 But Tominaga moves in front of us again to block my way

 ”Wait a minute. Don’t be so cold. We’re in the same class. Let’s get along with each other a little bit.”

 I sighed involuntarily

 I had met a troublesome guy

 Tominaga’s aura is now strongly black

 But there are two kinds of black, one of which is definitely hostility

 The other black is [Hate]. And if it is not the black of [Hate], I guessed it is the feeling of [Jealousy]. It’s not surprising. It’s a familiar sight to me, so to speak

 That means he likes Kyouka, too. In fact, this kind of aura was not uncommon among people who saw me and Kyouka getting along with each other

 Though, other guys have a relatively strong green aura of [Joy] and a pink aura of [Desire]. Tominaga’s aura, on the other hand, was conspicuously black, and in my eyes, he looked terrible

 ”Yeah, maybe when we meet again in class.”

 ”Well, well, don’t say that. You can go home alone if you want. But you can leave Amazawa-san. Moreover, Kaburagi-chan, it’s better for you to do that than to get hurt, isn’t it? Don’t worry. We’ll take full responsibility for getting her home.”

 Tominaga’s face breaks into a sly smile

 I wanted to punch his face. If it were the old me, I would have done so, no matter what. But I’ve just made up my mind to live as peacefully as possible in this world. At least, on the surface. After all, in this world, I can’t just do whatever I want as I have done so far

 Just when I was trying to calm myself down, a woman’s voice interfered with me from the side

 ”Hey, Kenji. You shouldn’t do that. Don’t you think it’s wrong to do so?”

 The voice stopped Tominaga. Surprisingly, it was Ayano’s voice

 ”Oi, Ayano. Are you taking his side, your childhood friend or whatever?”

 ”That’s not it. Well, threatening a weak-looking guy to get a girl isn’t cool…”


 Ayano and Tominaga start struggling nearby

 Tominaga probably had no intention from the beginning to force Kyouka to do anything and was just expecting me to be a coward who would get scared and run away. However, it seems that Ayano did not see it that way. Still, it surprised me that Ayano, who was so cold-hearted, offered to help me out, but I didn’t have time to think about that right now

 I took advantage of the time when Ayano and Tominaga were arguing, and I passed by Tominaga’s side while protecting Kyouka. Then, we were about to leave the park

 Honestly speaking, he almost made a move on Kyouka

 Well, even if he did, I am confident that I can handle these guys lightly

 Still, now is not a good time

 Because Kyouka is here. That does not mean that I will put Kyouka in danger

 Whether I do it while protecting Kyouka or not, it doesn’t matter

 It was a question of my feelings… my own feelings of not wanting to show Kyouka the violent side of me

 And one more thing

 It was because Kyouka’s thin arm, which she was holding my hand at this time, was trembling slightly

 ”Heeh, what’s this girl’s name? I didn’t know there was such a cute girl in the same class as Tominaga. Please introduce her to me too.”


 At that moment, I felt a jolt from behind me and turned around

 I saw that Sakaki’s guy was forcibly holding Kyouka’s other arm

 ”I won’t do anything to your boyfriend. So, it’s okay. Let’s exchange e-mail addresses or something.”

 At that moment, my blood started to boil

 My head likes to explode. Deep inside of me, a certain feeling fills up everything

 —Something that belongs to me

 Don’t touch it with your dirty hands

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