Returnee 10

Chapter 10 Troublesome Day

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 ’The price is immediate, and the price is…]

 I couldn’t get those words out of my head.

 It was from a dream I had this morning.

 Maybe I heard those words somewhere a long time ago. That is why they appeared in my dream, I think. But I can’t remember where I heard it.

 Is it in the other world?

 No, it is quite possible that the dream is the result of my brain’s modification of a saying from this world, which is similar to the one in the dream.

 I have heard that a dream is a story made up of fragments of people’s past memories, randomly pieced together. If it is so, there is no need to worry about it at all.

 Anyway, it is useless to think about it.

 There may be no meaning in it. Even if there was a meaning, there is nothing I can do as long as I can’t remember it.

 Even though I thought so, the words stuck in my mind for some reason and I couldn’t get rid of them for a while.

 ”Shuu-kun, what’s wrong? You’ve been dazed since a while ago. Are you tired?”

 Kyouka’s voice, who was sitting right across from me, brought me back to myself.

 At the moment, we are at a stylish café-restaurant in front of the station. We were having a small meal thereafter window shopping. And it seems the restaurant is bustling with the noise of customers, indicating that it is a prosperous place.

 Then, as the time was already past dusk, tired office workers are starting to go home at the same time.

 ”Hmm? It’s nothing. I just had a strange dream this morning. I was just remembering it.”

 ”Hehh, is that so? What was it about?”

 ”Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything serious.”

 ”Umm, maybe it was a lewd dream.”

 ”Why would you say that?”

 ”You don’t have to hide it. That’s what a healthy boy does, right? So, did I come out?”

 ”Unfortunately, what came out was a more glamorous and mature woman.”

 ”Muu~, alas. So, Shu-kun, are you also interested in such things?”

 As Kyouka asked this, the purple color of [Uneasiness] suddenly became darker in her mind.

 ”What do you mean by that?”

 ”Well, it’s like a girl’s body… you go out with her, and when the time comes, you’re disappointed because she’s not what you expected.”

 ”Ah, I see. That’s what it’s like. Well, I don’t know. I mean, is such a thing bothering you too, Kyouka?”

 ”Yes, it bothers me. I know it’s not something I can do anything about, but I want to know what Shuu-kun likes.”

 Could it be that she has a complex?

 It seems to me that Kyouka has no physical complex at all. However, is it possible that this is a problem that only she has?

 In this scenario, it is not likely that the purple color is the color of [Shame]. Nevertheless, the fact that [purple] has become stronger probably means that the complex has become stronger.

 However, I could easily understand that the complex was not about the size of her boobs.

 ”There are a lot of things in general when it comes to my preferences. It depends on the upper body… or the lower body… or the shape… or the color… but each one of them has its own preference.”

 It’s not the color, it’s the shape.

 The strongest reaction was to the upper body.

 But the shape of the breasts?

 No, the size, of course, but they didn’t seem to be sagging at all. Then, the rest must be nipple or areola shape.

 ”Well, if I had to say, I like bigger breasts and butts. The rest I haven’t really thought about that much.”

 I think this is a safe answer. In other words, I just tried to match Kyouka’s characteristics with those of the others.

 Even if it is irrelevant, it is prohibited to touch the color of the person’s body because it may be perceived as vulgar. The point is that I only need to remove the parts that the person does not want to be touched.

 This method using cheats is just a partial imitation of a method used by a mentalist on TV, but I am a professional who can actually see emotions, and I used to be very useful in the other world.

 ”Hmm, boys like boobs, don’t they? It’s strange since they’re just a lump of fat.”

 ”Maybe so. In a way, it’s almost like worship or faith.”

 ”Hehehe, worship and faith. You’re exaggerating. Then, mine is a god for Shu-kun.”

 Kyouka says this matter-of-factly.

 Anyway, I feel that our relationship is drastically closer than ever before. Maybe it’s because I have been saying honestly how much I like Kyouka.

 Before, it was difficult for me to say these words. But by saying these words, I think this has led both of us to reaffirm our love for each other. Even if one of us is covered with desire.

 ”Do you guys have a minute?”

 Suddenly, a voice from the outside drowns out the sweet, private world between the two of us.

 The annoying outsiders are the ladies who were sitting next to us.

 Apparently, they had been listening to our conversation.

 ”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude. I heard you guys talking about religion and beliefs. Auntie just thought it’s very nice that young people like you are interested in God.”

 ”Ah… no, that’s not what we meant.”

 ”No, no, I’m really glad that a pretty girl like you is interested in religion. Well, if you look at this pamphlet, you’ll see that there is a God in this world who listens to our problems and invisibly saves us every day. Look, everyone has trouble, don’t you think? And you must have some troubles that you can’t tell anyone, don’t you?”

 ”Ah, well…”

 ”Yes, yes, it’s natural. But don’t worry. Everyone does. But when you ask God to listen to your worries, your heart will be cleansed and you’ll be saved from all the bad things. It makes us really happy. You see, Auntie had a hard time in her life because of my husband. That’s when I found out about the Gospel of Love and joined the faith, and it changed my view of the world. And so…”

 ”Oyama-san, Oyama-san. Isn’t it a little bit dangerous for a minor? Besides, the assistant bishop said we should rescue working people.”

 ”Ara, Kudo-san. I didn’t hear that. On the contrary, the Founder often tells me that he wants young and pretty maidens to serve God’s side. He said that a pure heart of faith is necessary for noble teaching.”

 That’s a pretty skeevy god.

 I don’t deny religion itself, but how can these guys believe in such nonsense?

 Well, God is not to be messed with. Let’s get out of here as soon as possible before things get any worse.

 ”Shall we go now?”

 ”Yeah, you’re right.”

 ”Wait. It’s better for both of you if you listen to me a little more carefully. If you don’t, you’ll regret it.”

 ”No, thank you. Besides, we have exams coming up next year and we don’t have time for this.”

 ”Don’t do this again, Oyama-san. I’m sorry. She’s not a bad person but she gets like this sometimes.”

 The one who looks relatively sane gives a friendly smile and a light bail.

 I thought I could hear hysterical voices behind us, but we ignored them all.

 After paying the bill and leaving the restaurant, Kyouka and I laugh at each other. By then, all the bad feelings were gone.

 ”That was amazing, wasn’t it? I was overwhelmed.”

 ”Yeah. There are people like that in this world. But I would never want to get involved with them.”

 I didn’t like religious people in the other world either.

 Well, if I had to say whether I liked it or not, no one liked it even if I did not. However, it is rare to find a person who believes in the existence of God more than I do. I mean, I’ve been to other worlds before.

 I had no plausible explanation for the phenomenon except that God had caused it.

 ”Well, let’s go home.”

 ”Yes, I had a great time today. I’m looking forward to next week.”

 ”Then, if you want, you can come over to my place now.”

 ”Ehh, I don’t want to do anything too naughty today. Ah, no… It’s not that I don’t want to do it with Shuu-kun. It’s just, I’m not ready yet…”

 ”I’m kidding, I’m kidding. We should keep it this way for a while too. Well, it depends on how things turn out.”

 ”I’m sorry. But I really want to be with Shuu-kun. Hey, listen. Do you want to go by the park for a little bit?”

 ”Hmm? No problem.”

 We both sit down on a bench in a nearby park.

 As we looked around, city lights had already started to turn on, illuminating the park in the dark of night. There was not a single person in the park, just Kyouka and me. We also did not speak to each other.

 And for a while, we sit down next to each other and just the two of us pass by without talking about anything.

 But, suddenly, I felt a soft touch on my cheek.

 It was Kyouka’s lips.

 I turn my head toward Kyouka, and our lips meet again.

 At first, it was a light, pecking kiss. The second kiss is a slow, thick one as if we were seeking each other out.

 For Kyouka, this was her first time kissing me, although I had already done so with Kyouka. Despite her face turning bright red, Kyouka’s aura was filled with the Green color of [Happiness].

 But then, I feel Kyouka’s lips leave mine.

 ”Does this mean I’m Shuu-kun’s girlfriend?”

 ”Yes, that’s right.”

 A bitter memory comes back to me.

 So far, it’s the same as before. No, I thought I was doing much better than before.

 But why do I have the feeling that I can’t go on like this? I can’t help but feel that something is missing that binds Kyouka’s heart.

 I wonder what it is…

 ”Hmm, aren’t you the one? The one of Ayano’s childhood friends… what’s your name again? Katsuragi? No, Kaburaki, I think.”

 At that moment, I heard someone else’s voice in the dimly lit park.

 If he knew my name, it was probably someone I knew.

 Still, for some reason, today is a day when I am disturbed a lot.

 But then, I felt a peculiar and somewhat smelly sensation of trouble coming from the other side, with my whole body.

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