Returnee 9

Chapter 9 Greed and Greed

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 Pink for [Sexual Desire] and green for [Happiness].

 Three days ago, Ayano’s emotions were so excited that I was afraid that these two auras would fill the living room.

 To be honest, I did not expect such a dramatic effect on Ayano.

 Of course, it was my intention.

 I was just trying to get her to ingest some of my saliva and see how she reacted to it.

 I had no intention of bringing it to the point of unintentional intercourse. I thought that a very small amount of saliva would not cause such a big problem, and that’s why I did that.

 In short, I was just taking a wait-and-see approach. However, I must say that I myself had underestimated the situation, at least to some extent.

 Her eyes were vacant and unfocused, and her mouth was hanging open as if she were dumbfounded.

 It must have been about five minutes. During that time, no matter how many times I called out to her, she did not respond.

 But she responded in such a way that even I, who was watching her, could tell that Ayano had climaxed many times.

 The lower half of her body jerked, and it looked to me as if Ayano was shaking her hips frantically.

 I don’t know if Ayano herself noticed, but there were traces of liquid left on the living room floor.

 It was definitely love juice or squirt. There was also a little bit of urine in it.

 I can’t say for sure, though, because Ayano ran to the toilet, and I quickly wiped it up with a rag along with the spilled pudding debris.

 Besides, Ayano’s emotions were filled with almost two kinds of auras at that time.

 Such a reaction with only a very small amount of saliva is indeed a bad thing.

 I was worried that she might not be able to have intercourse or even kiss properly.

 However, I can think of some reasons for that. It was because I gave the slime more hunger than it needed.

 If I assume that the slime became frenzied and secreted more mucus than usual when it realized that it hadn’t been fed for a long time, it makes a lot of sense.

 Besides, human beings get used to the sensation sooner or later.

 When I was first sent to the other world, I used to writhe and cry out in pain, even though I was not so badly injured.

 But at some point, I became okay with injuries that would have ripped me to the bone. Of course, this is partly because I knew that my body would regenerate itself soon, but even so, it was never painless.

 Thinking about it that way, Ayano will eventually get used to the pleasure of it. In fact, she will be unable to live without me. And I think the effect was enough to make her feel greedy for me.

 Well, in the other world, I did not experiment with the parasitic slime at all.

 The reason why I didn’t try it is that I had completed the time travel potion before I actually tried it in the other world. To be more precise, I should say that the elixir was completed before I could decide whether to use it or not.

 I was planning to use it on the woman who betrayed me, Lucie.

 I wanted to make her dependent on me, bring her to her knees, and torture her and abuse her as much as I could. But there were too many problems to do so.

 How could I lure her out?

 There was no way that Lucie would take me up on my invitation. On the other hand, even if I intended to attack Lucie in her sleep, it would be impossible to use cannibal pollen as I had done to Ayano, because the people around her might find out about it.

 And then there is the problem after the slime parasite.

 In the other world, there is magic. One of them was a spell called “State Analysis” to check a person’s health. Because of this, there was a risk that it would be exposed by the magic.

 Well, in the Book of Algabana, the important part of what happens if the “State Analysis” is used after the parasite is born was not described. And the fact that the book does not include such a part as a cautionary note may mean that it is not known simply by “State Analysis” magic.

 However, it may be that the author of the book has a character that I like, that is, he says that he just has to kidnap such a thing and lock it up by force.

 Anyway, the Book of Algabana was full of mysteries.

 It is not known when it was written or who wrote it.

 However, from the names of places and objects mentioned in the book, it is highly probable that the book has existed for more than a thousand years. The biggest mystery is that it couldn’t stored inside my interdimensional storage.

 However, I thought that this might be related to some kind of protection on the Book of Algabana, as can be inferred from the fact that the book was as new as if it were brand new, even though it must have existed for quite a long time.

 Well, while I was hesitating to take such a risk, the secret potion was completed.

 Just as I was thinking about this and thinking about the future, someone came up to me and said.

 ”Hey, Shuu-kun, do you have any plans this weekend?”

 Right now, I was on my way home from school.

 I changed my shoes and was just about to walk out the front door.

 But then, Amazawa Kyouka appeared, with two dimples on both cheeks.

 Lately, I have been coming home with Kyouka every day. I have been doing so since before I came back to this world, though I am just tracing my past memory that I have been doing so since the beginning of my second year of high school.

 We walk home together in the same direction for about 30 minutes. From the outside, the relationship between us must seem like that of lovers.

 ”Hmm, is it the weekend? I haven’t decided yet, but I’ll probably go somewhere.”

 The yellow of [Expectation] turns into the gray of [Disappointment].

 The expression of Kyouka, who was walking next to me, also changed to a somewhat disappointed one.

 Kyouka is really just like that, I thought at that time.

 I didn’t know she was such an easy-to-understand person.

 And at that time, I couldn’t take the last step toward Kyouka, and I felt that I couldn’t confess my feelings to her.

 Everyday I worried about what if it was just as a friend and I was mistaken?

 This is probably due to the fact that I used to be a person with a reserved personality.

 But more than that, I knew that Kyouka had turned down every single men, even though she was quite popular among them.

 Of course, among them, there were some good-looking male friends who were, from my point of view, quite friendly with Kyouka.

 I remember that Kyouka had an innocent personality, and although she was a different type from Ayano, there was no doubt that she was quite pretty, and she often received confessions of love from them. Compared to those guys, I was not sure that I was the only one who was special to Kyouka.

 Even though Kyouka has expressed his feelings so clearly…

 ”I see. That’s a pity.”

 ”No, maybe you wanted to ask me out? But, Kyouka has club practice on weekends, don’t you?”

 ”Geez! Shu-kun, did you listen to what I said? I told you the week before last. The pool is no longer available, so it’s just voluntary training until spring.”

 That must have been before I came back to this world. And I thought we probably talked about such a thing, but I don’t remember it at all.

 I don’t remember such details of the conversation, but now that I think about it, it is true that she had hardly been going to the swimming club activities since the beginning of the fall.

 ”Ah, I might have heard something like that. I’m not really interested in club activities, so I’ve completely forgotten about it.”

 ”Ugh, you don’t remember. What a rude attitude! We’ve been going home together for a long time now, you must understand that I don’t have club activities, right? Now, do you still want to leave me alone?”

 As soon as Kyouka says that, she quickly walks around in front of me. Then she pulls down the blazer of her school uniform with her hand and starts to show off the tan lines on her chest.

 The marks of her swimsuit were clearly visible on her wheat-colored skin.

 Her cleavage was hidden between her white bra, which I could see glimpses of. Vertical and voluptuous twin dunes were also showing their presence just as if they were ripped out through the gap of the bra.

 Compared to Ayano’s breasts, her breasts are comparable to each other.

 I like Kyouka’s breasts better than Ayano’s in terms of size, but not in terms of shape. I don’t know why I can say so even though I haven’t seen what’s inside.

 ”Here, here. You must remember it well. You called me a slut at that time, you know.”

 ”Of course, if you do such a thing in a public place, you are a slut, aren’t you? And if you are that embarrassed, you shouldn’t have done it in the first place.”

 The purple color of [Shame] was spreading all over my eyes.

 Seeing the color of her aura, it should have been my words. But at the same time, I knew that the yellow color of [Expectation] was strong. Kyouka’s way of appealing to me was the best she could do.

 Well, I faintly remember that there was a scene like this in my previous memory.

 She told me that she could go home right after school now that she could no longer use the swimming pool, and that she didn’t have to wait for me anymore, and she showed me a glimpse of her breast.

 But then, I didn’t notice such explicit appeals before. No, no. It’s not that I didn’t notice it, it’s that I didn’t try to notice it. It’s just that I was a coward before.

 ”I’m not embarrassed!”

 ”Yes, you’re right. You’re not embarrassed, you’re a slut.”

 ”T-That’s not. I said I’m not a slut.”

 ”Yes, yes. The woman I like is not a slut. Then let’s go on a date.”


 ”I said, let’s go on a date this weekend.”

 For a moment, Kyouka’s expression froze.

 But I don’t need to hear her reply to know from the green color of this [joy].


 Even though the person she was going on this date with was me, I was almost taken in by Kyouka’s smile of happiness at this moment.

 Maybe it was because I had been thinking about my relationship with Kyouka from a somewhat different point of view.

 Even this playful conversation played a role in keeping me as an inhabitant of this world. This casual conversation with Kyouka keeps me as an ordinary person.

 However, I am eager to own this woman by any means possible.

 On the other hand, I don’t want to be hated by Kyouka this time.

 I love Kyouka that much, but I am so greedy that I have no intention of letting Ayano go.

 And I want to bind Ayano with pleasure and make her dependent on me.

 I thought at this moment that the mixture of these various feelings was also changing my emotions into something incoherent and even more greedy.

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