Returnee 8

Chapter 8 Physical Change

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 3rd POV

 Kato Ayano has been in a bad mood for the past couple of days.

 She has been irritable even though she is not menstruating, and she wants to lash out at anyone and everyone. Is it because she had a quarrel with her parents about five days ago?

 Or was it because she caught a cold after that and couldn’t go out anywhere?

 Ayano herself did not know. She was so irritated that she didn’t even feel like going out. The only thing she was sure of was that she was irritated about something.

 Yet, the reason why she went back was simply that her mother was noisy.

 She told Ayano to go and thank Shuu (Shuu) properly for his kindness, even if it was only for one night. Her mother had even gone to the trouble of preparing a gift box too.

 Ayano was tempted to complain about whether she needed to do so after all these years, but she could see that they were going to quarrel again, so she had no choice but to follow her mother’s words this time.

 ”What is it, Ayano? Do you run away from home again?”

 Her childhood friend, Shuu, peeks out of the doorway and says jokingly.

 The flower pots rattling nearby in the gust of wind make Ayano feel as if they are laughing at her together.

 Although it was still far from winter, the air outside was bitterly cold.

 Ayano had to put on a heavy coat even though she was only going to be right next door, and at one point she thought about stopping to go outside. Of course, she had the excuse that she was too sick to go outside.

 Still, Ayano pressed the doorbell of the house next door, and now, when she saw Shuu’s face, her body shivered subconsciously. She did not realize that it was not because of the cold.

 ”I just wanted to thank you for the little help you gave me the other day.”

 Ayano shows Shuu the gift package containing a sweet from her mother.

 Ayano knew that her mother was very fond of Shuu.

 Shuu is an honor student and used to be a good friend of hers.

 Their parents are also close neighbors, and just before Shuu’s parents went away to Hokkaido, they came to visit Ayano’s house to ask them to take good care of their son. It was not unusual for them to jokingly suggest that the two of them should date, without knowing anything of their relationship until very recently.

 Although Ayano does not dislike him in the least, as she has grown up, she has become dissatisfied with him only because of his personality.

 In a word, he was too serious and boring. So, he is not the kind of person she would be thrilled to meet.

 (But the last time I saw him, he seemed to have changed a little bit…)

 ”Heh… I didn’t know you’d become such a smart girl. Well, come on up.”

 (I see, his language has become more manly than before…)

 To Ayano, Shuu’s polite words in the past only made her feel undependable.

 It is not that Ayano likes men who are just rough. However, since Ayano does not have a father, she is subconsciously looking for strength in the opposite s*x to pull her along.

 That’s why she started dating bad guys like Sakaki and the others in high school.

 ”Nah, I just brought this for you today…”

 ”Oh, I see. But, wait… You’ve come at a good time. I was thinking of dining on some sushi, but the delivery guy didn’t deliver for one person. If you haven’t eaten yet, go ahead and eat.”

 ”Well, I haven’t had dinner yet. Still, sushi, huh…? If it’s the rotating kind, I’d rather not eat it.”

 ”I don’t know if it’s to your liking, but it’s high-end sushi. It’s pretty good.”

 ”Is that so? Then, I’ll eat it.”

 Thinking that the sushi was delivered from a restaurant, it must be tasty in its own way, so, she nodded her head. Anyway, Ayano also liked sushi, and she realized that she was hungry.

 Now, following behind Shuu, they walk through the front door and enter the house.

 The air in the heated room was comfortable. Ayano’s body was relieved to be free from the cold. She should have been irritated all the time before, but now that she was at Shuu’s house, it didn’t bother her anymore.

 ”Well, you can sit wherever you like and pick up whatever you want. I’ll make you some tea now.”


 Ayano herself was surprised that the words of thanks came out of her mouth so frankly.

 She feels elated, or at least she feels good. Or should it be called a happy mood?

 Ayano thinks that must be why she said those words.

 Upon entering the living room, on the table was a huge sushi tub.

 Even if Shuu is a growing boy, it is a very big amount of sushi that he can’t eat by himself. He had said that the delivery was not for one person, but isn’t this enough for three or four people?

 This fact makes her more surprised that Shuu was planning to eat it all by himself.

 Anyway, Ayano sat down on the sofa and picked up a piece of sea urchin, her favorite among the sushi items, from the sushi tub in front of her and put it in her mouth.

 ”What’s this, it’s good.”


 Shuu returns with a cup of tea for the guests and holds it out to Ayano. After accepting the tea, Ayano decides to have another sea urchin.

 The sea urchin was still delicious.

 She also tried the sushi with eel, which seemed to be made of half a piece of eel, and it was also fatty and tasty.

 ”Wasn’t it quite expensive?”

 ”Sort of.”

 ”Did you celebrate something?”

 ”It’s not really a celebration, but I’ve been craving a lot of delicious food lately. I went to a barbecue restaurant, ate ramen noodles, went to eat pork cutlets, and spent a lot of money.”

 ”Heh~, I envy you. You’re so rich.”

 What Ayano really envied at this time was the fact that Shuu’s parents were not around and he could behave as he liked.

 Ayano did not dislike her mother at all, but sometimes she wished her mother was not there.

 Even though she felt self-loathing at how selfish her wish was.

 As Ayano thought such an absurd idea that if she were in the same position as Shuu while eating the expensive-looking sushi in front of her.

 At the same time, however, she felt a subtle discomfort in her body.

 (What is it since a while ago? My chest is throbbing. And the lower half of my body…)

 Ayano felt something wet between her legs.

 Ayano notices that her body is experiencing a slight increase in s*xual desire.

 (Come to think of it, my ovulation day is coming up. I haven’t been pleasuring myself lately. Maybe I’ll do it later when I get home.)

 Ayano does not dislike the s*xual activity.

 In fact, she liked it as much as anyone else, or maybe even more than anyone else. She also thought she was a person with a strong s*xual desire.

 Of course, she has a desire to have intercourse.

 However, she also had a fear that once she gets a taste of it, she might get addicted to it like doing it alone.

 Nevertheless, Kato Ayano was too proud to be the kind of woman who would easily open her legs. Even if she never thought so.

 It seemed that Ayano herself really believed in her maidenly fantasy that a virgin should only give her virginity to a man whom she truly loves and would consider marrying.

 ”Oh, pudding from Yokado (洋果堂)?”

 Her mother gave her a sweet package that contained a pudding.

 One of the puddings was left behind and the rest were put away in the refrigerator when Shuu came back from the kitchen with a spoon. And he started to eat the pudding in front of Ayano’s eyes.

 ”Where’s mine?”

 ”No, I don’t bring it.”

 ”Why not? There were still plenty, weren’t there?”

 ”I put the rest in the fridge to eat later. Besides, this was given to me as a thank-you, wasn’t it?”

 ”Don’t you usually serve it to your guests as well?”

 ”What a noisy guest. Here.”

 Shuu then offers Ayano a half-eaten pudding.

 Ayano starts to eat the pudding, complaining in a whisper about giving her a half-eaten pudding, but she has no choice.

 At that moment…

 ”Mmm… Ah, ah, ah”

 Ayano’s hips jumped of their own accord.

 And unintentionally, Ayano drops the pudding in her hand.

 Her body starts to twitch and her head starts to spin dizzyingly.

 It feels as if something melted into sludge is gushing out from deep inside her womb.

 She also feels that her nipples are painfully sharp in her bra. Her whole body is sensitive. All this information starts to stimulate Ayano’s brain at once.

 Ayano had no idea what had happened.

 However, there is one thing that she does know. The only thing Ayano could understand now was a certain feeling.

 (It feels good…)

 She feels something that shouldn’t come out of her crotch. And *squirt! Maybe pee is coming out with it.

 She did not have any feelings of being dirty or anything like that even though she was at a friend’s house, and he was not her boyfriend.

 No matter, she felt so good, and she felt happier than she had ever felt in her whole life.

 (Am I coming?)

 That was all that Ayano could barely make out in her half-muddled mind.

 She did not know what was causing it. No, it would be more correct to say that it felt so good that she couldn’t even think about it.

 She felt as if she was being licked and caressed, and her whole body was tingling and numb.

 Ayano was so absorbed in the pleasure that she did not care about anything else.

 Now all she could do was pray that the pleasure would not escape from her.

 But then, in the distance, she thought she heard Shuu say something.

 ”Hey, Ayano.”

 Ayano has no idea how long she has been doing that.

 The pleasure has not left her yet, and the ecstatic feeling lingers in the air.

 However, when Ayano manages to recover enough to think, she soon notices a cold sensation between her legs, and also notices that her skirt is a little wet.


 Ayano rushes to the restroom.

 She takes off her skirt in the bathroom and finds it even worse.

 It looked as if she had wet herself. Her panties were soaking wet, and a little yellowish traces of pee could be seen mixed in.

 (What happened here?)

 She felt a little uneasy. However, her uneasiness was soon overwhelmed by the tingling sensation coming from between her legs.

 And without hesitation, she pulls her panties down to her feet.

 Ayano then immediately knew what the pleasure was. It was her enlarged clitoris, which was as large as possible.

 Her puckered clitoris popped out of its skin, and she could see it was bright red and bloodshot. Below it, she saw her lovely little cunt opening and closing its mouth, as if it was looking for something to feed on.

 She herself thought that her clitoris was relatively large compared to that little cunt, but she did not remember it being so enlarged, even during masturbation. Even now, her clitoris was hungrily transmitting tingling pleasure to Ayano.

 (If I touch it now…)

 She can’t help thinking about such a thing.

 The happy feeling continues, trying to push Ayano’s rationality away.

 She wants to play with her clitoris right now.

 She wants to put her finger in her hole while playing with her clitoris, and rub it as she always does when she pleases herself.

 (How good would it feel if I do it now?)

 Ayano’s thoughts were almost filled with such thoughts.

 The sane thought that she could just do it after she got home was far away from her mind.

 But just as she was about to…

 ”Ayano, are you okay?”

 If she hadn’t heard the knock at that moment, she would have done so without shame.

 ”Eh, yeah. I just have a stomach ache.”

 ”Really? But the material was fresh and I don’t think you’ll get a stomachache.”

 ”Hmm, I think it’s lunch.”

 ”Ah, I see.”

 She wipes the wet part with a piece of toilet paper. It’s not a mess that can be fixed with toilet paper.

 But there is nothing she can do now. And having confirmed that Shuu’s footsteps are moving away from her, Ayano cleans up the mess as best she can, puts on her panties and skirt, and leaves the bathroom.

 ”I’m sorry, I’m going home now. The sushi was delicious.”

 She walks quickly through the passage next to the living room.

 Ayano then reaches the front door trying to hide, feeling relieved that Shuu had not noticed her.

 And as soon as she opens the front door, cold air rushes toward Ayano’s body. Ayano felt that the cold air had a cooling effect on her body, which was still in a state of arousal.

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