Returnee 7

Chapter 7 Smell

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 ”Then, I’d like to introduce myself again. My name is Sawai Yasushi (Yasu). I’ve just been assigned to you.”

 ”Yo, Yatchan!!”

 ”Shut up, Akari. This is an important moment. Be quiet for a second.”

 ”Ehh? It’s okay. It’s a celebration.”

 ”Pardon her, she’s an idiot. Well, let’s start again… I’d like to propose a toast. Wishing Masuda-san and Yasunaga big bro success in this new business you’re starting together… Cheers!!!”


 As the toast is signaled, glasses are raised high everywhere.

 I followed suit and lightly raised my glass. The glasses clink against each other, almost spilling the full amount of champagne.

 I stare at the champagne glass with a somewhat complicated feeling.

 The deal with Yasunaga goes smoothly.

 Not only without delay, but for me, things went better than I had expected. I had succeeded in getting him to agree to most of my conditions, except for the share.

 Basically, the contact is from here.

 I prepare about two or three gold pieces a month, but I decide the date of the transaction. The place of payment is Ando Finance, which is also Yasunaga’s office which we had discussed earlier. It is a black-market bank run by Yasunaga.

 And if I cannot procure the actual goods after the third year, this deal will be terminated.

 To tell the truth, there should be enough stock for 30 years.

 And at first glance, there seems to be no point to accept the last condition. I mean, the reason why I made the deal like that is because I wanted to be able to withdraw from the deal whenever I wanted.

 I will associate with these people, but I don’t want to be held tightly by the collar.

 That’s why I didn’t even set a period of time at first.

 I said that they could terminate the deal anytime as soon as I could no longer procure the actual goods.

 However, Yasunaga was very reluctant to accept that condition.

 It may be natural from Yasunaga’s point of view, but it would not be good if he simply said “Yes, I quit” after the investment was made. As a result, the final solution was to continue the plan for at least two years.

 They even wrote a memorandum of understanding that in case I had to terminate the deal within two years due to some unavoidable reasons, I would pay 50 million yen as a penalty fee.

 Well, I feel like I was defeated by half in the end, but it doesn’t matter anyway, because I have no intention to pay the penalty even in such a case.

 Anyway, it doesn’t matter.

 Still, the alcohol didn’t taste good to me.

 It may be partly because my body, which is still a teenager, does not enjoy the taste of alcohol. However, it is not that I was a drinker. And it was not that the alcohol was that cheap.

 Compared to the sake of the other world, there seems to be a big difference, even considering the difference in brewing techniques.

 Well, it’s been 8 years since I have had a drink from the earth.

 From the very beginning, I had a bad premonition that this was not what I expected.

 I can taste it. So it’s not that I can’t drink it. But no matter how much I drink, I don’t feel the intoxication that is so important.

 Yes, my body was not going to allow me to get drunk even after I came back to this world.

 ”Shall I get you something else to drink? I don’t think you like it that much.”

 Yasunaga notices that my glass is not getting empty, so he speaks to me thoughtfully.

 ”Eh, Jay-san, you don’t like champagne? Then what would you like? Whiskey? Wine? Or brandy? Actually, I like sake the best.”

 The sweet smell of sake wafts past my nose.

 A woman with her big tits shaking and her arms intertwined with mine was next to me, making a sweet, feline voice.

 She was a businesswoman named SSayaka, who had started to call me “Jay-san, Jay-san” in a friendly manner.

 But sake?

 I remember there was a woman who liked sake in the past. Was she a member of the company?

 She was a heavy drinker, and I remember I was surprised to see that she could drink about one bottle of sake and still feel fine. But I don’t remember her face well, so she might not have been very pretty.

 Compared with her, this woman’s face seemed to me to be quite well-shaped. Her face was so unnaturally beautiful that I suspected her to be a plastic surgeon.

 Well, in such a dark place, she might look like that depending on her makeup.

 Still, she seems to be number one in this bar, which can be called a high-class bar, so her appearance must not be bad in anyone’s eyes. Moreover, she seems to have spent a lot of money on her body, which to my eyes is first-class in every respect.

 Seated next to Yasunaga is a newcomer, Kaori, who looks like she is not yet ready to be a cabaret girl.

 According to the story, she is still a college student. However, Kaori herself said openly that the reason she works part-time here is to have money to play with, so maybe it is my imagination that she is still a newcomer.

 Next to her was Akari, a thin and brainless-looking woman, who was sitting close to Yasu.

 ”No, this is all right. I’m just the type of person who likes to drink alcohol slowly and savor it. I’m enjoying it.”

 ”I see. If you have any problem, please don’t hesitate to tell me.”

 I was now being entertained by Yasunaga in celebration of the business deal and as a welcome party for the closing of the deal.

 It had been a long time since my last party, so I was expecting more drinks than women, but when the drinks were not so enjoyable, I felt down all at once.

 Until that day when I was twenty-five years old, I had been drinking a certain amount of alcohol for business, but in the other world, the drinks were always too sweet, and I couldn’t get drunk at all, so I had stopped drinking.

 Well, it can’t be helped.

 This is a side-effect of the cheat.

 I myself already knew that my body without the anomaly would not get drunk. Besides, it’s a very convenient thing that only the part of my body is restored to its original state when I come back to this world.

 However, I can’t help feeling depressed when I think that I will never be able to get drunk again.

 To beat my sinking mood, I downed the rest of the champagne in one gulp.

 Then, Yasu, a thug sitting across from me, looks very auspicious and starts to talk to me.

 ”Ah… Masuda-san…”

 ”Yes, what is it, Yasu-san?”

 ”You can call me “Yasu” if you like. I mean, I was rude to you when we first met. I’m really sorry.”

 ”Oh, you mean that. I don’t mind it at all.”

 ”Eh, what is it? Did Yatchan do something wrong again? That’s why he’s getting beat up like this…”

 It was Yasunaga who did it.

 Akari seemed to have misunderstood something terribly, but it was not hard to see it from the situation. Yasu also had a subtle expression on his face and kept his mouth shut as he looked at Akari.

 He was probably in trouble because he could not say that Yasunaga had done it to him, even if he wanted to correct the misunderstanding.

 ”Masuda-san, how about the girl? I’ve already arranged with all the girls in this bar, so any of them will be fine. How about SSayaka tonight? If you don’t like SSayaka, you can go with Kaori from here. Akari is Yasu’s girl, so please spare her the trouble.”

 SSayaka, who was sitting next to me, smiles seductively and peeks into my face.

 As expected of a woman in the prostitution business, her expression seemed to have enough power to make a man lust after her. Like a siren’s song when she preys on her prey, her smile captures a man’s ulterior motive and does not let go.

 There must be dozens of men who were deceived by this smile.

 ”Well, unfortunately, I’ve been suffering from diabetes for the past two years. Since then, it’s been very bad. It’s hard for me to do my best.”

 To tell the truth, I have to admit that I have been feeling quite unsettled.

 To be honest, if I had a chance to have a relationship with a woman of this level in the past, I did not. If I had continued to work as an office worker, I would not have been able to get her.

 However, I still did not trust this man Yasunaga with all my heart.

 He is a man whom I can’t help but hate. I do not dislike this Yasunaga man at all. He is not a bad business partner, and for some reason, though it is only my first impression, I feel that I get along well with him. But he smells like me somehow. If asked if I still trust him, I have to deny it.

 He is a gangster after all. And I just met him today…

 Besides, all the women working there must know that this bar is run by a yakuza.

 To have a relationship with this woman is like stepping into Yasunaga’s territory unprotected.

 I don’t know the degree of relationship between Yasunaga and this SSayaka, but it is better to assume that their relationship is based on a certain level of understanding of each other’s situation. I don’t think he would recommend his own woman to others, so I don’t think he is in a physical relationship with her.

 Besides, if I were naked, she might feel a little uncomfortable because of the gap between my aging face and my young body. Not that it would make any difference, but I didn’t want to take too many risks just yet.

 ”Ara, is that so? But I don’t mind having fun with such men. I know how to do it.”

 ”Well, SSayaka likes older men, doesn’t she?”

 ”I don’t like to have fun with anyone who is older than me. But I think Jay-san is good for me.”

 ”What do you think? SSayaka says this too, so you can keep her around if you want. This girl’s former client has gone too, and she’s freelance now. Though, she’s a costly woman.”

 ”That’s not true. Despite my appearance, I lead a very modest life. Right, Akari-chan?”

 ”That’s right. SSayaka-san’s a cheapskate… in a good way. Ouch! What’s the matter, Yatchan? Don’t hit me out of the blue.”

 My interest in SSayaka was not only because of her looks.

 But the quality of her aura is very interesting.

 The strongest color is blue, which is [Reassurance][Calmness], and the other colors are not so strong, and they stay like that all the time. To say the least, it is a rare type of aura.

 In the best case, her mental state is always stable, but in the worst case, she has almost no interest in me at this moment.

 Nevertheless, the sweet smell emanating from SSayaka’s soft body was enough to stimulate the lower half of my body, which had not had a woman for a while.

 ”Big bro, I’m coming in.”

 I was about to surrender, but a thick voice stopped me.

 The moment I looked in the direction of the voice, I felt as if I had been pulled back to reality from a dream world.

 That guy… I saw him… somewhere…

 ”Akuzawa, huh…? There’s a guest here. Don’t get violent like you did the other day.”

 ”I know, big bro. I’m just going to drink tonight.”

 Hmm, I don’t think I knew any gangsters. So, maybe it’s an illusion?

 Maybe there was a guy in the other world who looked like him.

 Skinhead, Daruma figure. He was generally a man with a strong build, and his chest was more than twice as big as mine is now. He was not so tall, but still, he looked taller than me.

 He was a man who reeked of danger differently from Yasunaga.

 ”Do you know him?”

 ”Yeah, I do. His name is Akuzawa, and he’s my sworn brother (兄弟分). He’s an old-fashioned gangster who only deals in violence and women as his prey.”


 ”He’s from the same gang as me, but he’s not a good guy and I think you should stay away from him.”

 ”That’s unusually harsh, Yasunaga-san.”

 Talking about Akuzawa, Yasunaga’s [Hostility] and [Dislike] black color was getting stronger. It seems he did not like Akuzawa very much.

 Well, in any organization, there are always frictions, so it is not surprising that the members do not get along with each other.

 ”It’s all getting a little complicated. What do you want to do? Do we change the river bank? Or I don’t mind if I take SSayaka home with me afterward.”

 ”That’s a very tempting offer, but I’m afraid I have to decline for now. I’ll leave it for another time. I have some other plans after this.”

 ”I see. That can’t be helped. Then, we’ll talk about it another time.”

 With these words, he leaves the room.

 And just then, I also thought that it was about time for me to leave.

 After shaking hands lightly with Yasunaga, I quietly left his bar, where the atmosphere was gloomy.

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