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Chapter 14 Seed of Anxiety

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 I was honestly at a loss as to what to say to Ayano

 Naturally, I thought that there was no way she could get pregnant. That’s why I was fine doing it raw, and I don’t think she needs to take the pill

 However, I can’t really explain my thinking, and it would be normal for Ayano to think that there is a possibility that she could get pregnant since I was doing it raw

 This is where the discrepancy between us arose, and I had not prepared a way to reconcile the difference

 So, when she told me about the child, I could only somehow cover it up

 In fact, in the other world, it was common practice to do it raw

 If a woman gets pregnant, the man does not necessarily have to take responsibility

 It is a world where there was almost no obligation or idea that a woman had to marry because of her pregnancy

 Well, most of the inhabitants took the option to become husband and wife because of having a child, but it was not necessarily an obligation

 Of course, if the woman was a daughter of a noble family or born into a wealthy merchant family, the story would be a little different

 Other than that, it was common for the woman to give birth on her own, or to use a drug to abort the child, and that was the end of the story. There were not only abortion pills but also birth control pills. Well, it was an uncivilized world where women were considered to be responsible for the birth of their children

 Such crude and barbaric sensibility, which could be described as an otherworldly blur, has not left me yet, I guess

 ”Well, if you really want to get pregnant, you can think about it then. But more than that. It’s about time you told me what happened to Sakaki and the others after that.”

 I was so engrossed doing it with Ayano that time just kept passing by

 The clock was almost 11:30 P.M

 It was a Saturday night, so Ayano’s mother probably wouldn’t be too loud about it. Well, I have no problem with Ayano staying over today. Besides, I thought it would be a good idea to do it one more time after getting into bed and then go to sleep comfortably

 But right now, I’m more concerned about Sakaki and Tominaga

 ”Ah, that’s right. Shintaro… I mean, Sakaki Shintaro. He said Kenji’s (Tominaga) bone was broken and he was in pain… so much pain that even for a man he was screaming so loudly. He said he was going to the hospital. Still, is it possible that Shuu is actually a strong fighter? We’ve been together since elementary school, but you never showed any signs of it.”

 ”Kind of, maybe I’m stronger than them. Still, that’s all?”

 ”Yes. Ayano left right after that. Oh, by the way…”

 ”By the way…?”

 ”Kenji (Tominaga) might try something to Shuu, so just be careful.”

 ”Hmm, that guy…”

 That reminded me of something

 I had been wondering about Tominaga’s black aura

 Among the colors of the aura, this black is the one I should be especially careful of

 Although there are not so many people who have this emotion, I have to pay attention to them

 I don’t think it would happen so often because the inhabitants of this world are bound by morals and reason, but it is a problem that can’t be ignored at all

 ”Yes, I think he said something bad. Well, I don’t think he has the guts to pick a fight by himself. He’d only fight against women and children at most. He’s the kind of guy who hides behind Shintaro and brags arrogantly, even though he’s weak himself. But you should watch out for Yuuichi because he’s a fighter. It’s usually Shintaro and this Yuuichi who actually fight.”

 ”Is Yuuichi one of the big guys?”

 ”Yes, Yuichi is the one who is big and looks like he’s hungry for women, and Nobuo is the one who is tall and has a good face. You know Kenji (Tominaga) and Shintaro, don’t you Shuu?”

 ”Yes, I know. So, it’s not this Yuuichi guy, but Tominaga who said he was going to do something to me, right?”

 ”Yeah, I think Kenji (Tominaga) is just talking. But what worries me a little is that Yuuichi seemed to be sympathizing with Kenji (Tominaga). He only listens to what Shintaro says, but if he doesn’t, he can do some pretty dangerous things…”

 Ayano stammered

 From her attitude, I had a bad premonition

 ”I don’t know if it’s true or not, but Yuuichi once got a girl he knew drunk and raped her forcibly. Shiori told me so. We were protected by Shintaro, so we were fine with it. Still, we were careful to never be alone with Yuuichi.”

 ”Really… Even though you knew that, did you think lightly that you would be safe just because Sakaki was there?”

 ”I’m sorry. Shuu, don’t be angry. Ayano is sorry too.”

 Anxious and worried feelings flooded through me

 This concern was not directed at Ayano alone. It was also for Kyouka

 There was a possibility that Tominaga’s hostility toward me would turn toward the women I knew

 This is what made me feel uneasy at that time

 ”Do you know where they might be now?”

 ”Well, they’re probably back from the hospital by now, and they’re probably at a convenience store or an arcade in front of the station. And the abandoned factory on 3-chome (3rd district)? It’s about a kilometer away from the station, straight toward the sea. There are only factories around there, and not many people come there at night, so people often hang out there. If it’s a convenience store or an arcade, the police or a patrolman will come to patrol the area late at night.”

 ”Then, you don’t think they’ve gone home yet?”

 ”Yeah. I think they usually stay up till late in the morning on Saturday nights. Ayano doesn’t stay with them all the time either. I usually return back, so I don’t know.”

 If it is like this, I will use my ability to locate Tominaga

 And as Ayano just said, the direction seems to be in the direction of 3-chome

 ”I’m going out for a while.”

 ”Eh? Shuu, are you going to do something to Shintaro and the others? Don’t do it. No matter how strong Shuu is, there are four of them. What if you get hurt?”

 ”Don’t worry. I’m just going to have a talk with them. And even if it’s not my fault… I’ll have to pay for the treatment. And about that too. Ayano, you must stay here and wait for me. Don’t do anything unnecessary like asking Sakaki and the others to do something just because you’re worried about me.”


 ”What is it? Can’t you listen to me?”

 ”No, it’s not that. Are you sure you’re okay?”

 Instead of answering, I kiss Ayano

 Gradually, the purple of anxiety is replaced by the green of happiness. After confirming this, I change back into my outerwear and go out alone to the city at night, where the silence is still

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