Returnee 15

Chapter 15 Where Fear Goes

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 The autumn wind blows through the air as if it is blocking my way. The streets are deserted, and the lights spilling out of the windows of the houses are sparse.

 Right now, it is almost midnight.

 I went to the abandoned factory that Ayano had told me about.

 After that, I received a reply to my e-mail from Kyouka, to whom I had casually inquired about her safety. So it is not that something happened. Still, I wanted to settle things to some extent tonight.

 I didn’t want to be bothered by them again and again in the future. So I thought I’d make a clean end of it here.

 With this thought in mind, I naturally started to walk faster.

 The direction in which my ability pointed was the same.

 I found that Sakaki was in the same place as Tominaga. It seems that he did not return home properly after he went to the hospital.

 I felt he was a stupid fellow.

 His wrist was broken, but he thought it was nothing?

 Well, the broken finger bones of my left hand are already almost attached to each other. It will be no problem if I push it a little.

 Besides, I have done reckless things with a broken bone many times before. There have been many cases worse than this one.

 Anyway, since my life or death depended on it, I couldn’t afford to talk about the condition of my bones.

 There will always come a time when the situation requires me to push myself a little bit. Unfortunately, I was not in an environment where I could whine and complain until such a time. Nevertheless, my bones didn’t strangely stick to each other.

 But it would not be so in the case of Sakaki.

 I don’t know how far the bone has broken, but it should take at least a month for her wrist to heal completely.

 On the other hand, the fact that Sakaki is still walking around in the streets suggests that he is not in such a bad condition that needs to have surgery, considering the fact that he is only in a cast.

 As I was walking, I sensed that my goal was near.

 If the direction that my ability pointed to is slightly different from the direction I was heading, it means that the destination is that much closer.

 As I predicted, the place that looked like a collapsed town factory soon came into my sight.

 The entrance gate is left open.

 The rusted rail-like gate told me that the workers there were already gone.

 The light from the city lights shone through the gate, creating a stage of light around the gate, which should have been dimly lit.

 Somehow, the ruins of an abandoned factory gave me an eerie and gloomy feeling. The light seemed to be like a moth light that was shining to lure me inside.

 This time I do not go in through the entrance, but turn around and start walking around the factory.

 In the distance, I heard what sounded like laughter. The laughter seemed to come from inside the building. I thought it was definitely Sakaki and the others.

 The building was in such a state that the windowpanes were broken and a part of the building was exposed. I was sure that Sakaki and his friends were inside the building.

 Judging from their presence, it was probably just the four of them.

 It is not impossible that one or two people might have joined them later, but even so, there should not be that many of them. Even if I rushed in and attacked them by brute force, I could have easily overpowered them.

 However, it would be better to make one more push for the sake of the future.

 Thinking so, I took out some items from the interdimensional storage and started to make preparations.


 ”What? Who the hell are you?”

 ”Hey, aren’t you Kaburaki? How dare you show your face here!”

 Yuuichi and Tominaga notice my appearance and start to make a fuss in a bad tone of voice.

 Nearby, Sakaki, who was sitting on a machine in the factory, was silently staring at me. His arm was in a cast as expected, and he seemed to be in the middle of smoking a cigarette with his other hand.

 ”Why are you here…!? Ah, damn it! Did Ayano talk to you? She’s talking about our hangout.”

 Tominaga says to Ayano who is not here.

 Just a few moments ago, the sound of a cast hitting the machine rang out from nearby, as if to show his annoyance with me.

 I approach Sakaki, who is making the noise, and take out an envelope from my pocket that I bought at a convenience store on the way here.

 ”Here is the money for your treatment. There are 200,000 yen inside.”

 I present the envelope containing 200,000 yen in cash to Sakaki.

 To me now, it is just a small amount of money. But for these guys, it must be a lot of money.

 It is not only enough but more than half of the money would be returned to me in change as long as I do not suffer from a serious injury that would require an operation.

 Sakaki took the envelope, checked its contents, put it aside, and talked to me.

 ”It’s not enough. Get me 300,000 more. Otherwise, I won’t be satisfied even if you apologize to me now.”

 Sakaki said as if he was going to spit at me.

 Following his words, Yuuichi, a big guy, came toward me and interrupted our conversation.

 ”I heard your name is Kaburaki. I’ve memorized your face. It’s no use trying to escape. I know you live near Ayano’s house. And that woman, Amazawa, I think? I’ll let you off the hook if you introduce me to her. Because I’ll take good care of her. Well, whether Shintaro would be satisfied with that or not is another story.”

 Yuuichi’s hand is placed on my left shoulder and I saw a lecherous smile spreading on his face.

 It was obvious that Sakaki would not be satisfied if I obeyed Yuuichi’s words. After all, it has nothing to do with his injury.

 And as Ayano had told me, the fact that Yuuichi was very hungry for a woman was obvious from his face.

 Meanwhile, Tominaga was standing behind him, surrounding me as if he was joining me. The other guy, Nobuo, seemed to be smiling and enjoying what was going on from a distance.

 Anyway, I was not trying to give the money to these guys by any means.

 This money is just insurance in case Sakaki and the others try to run away to the police with their tails between their legs.

 The amount of 200,000 yen itself is not important.

 Even if it is 500,000 yen as Sakaki says, I can pay it easily. But it would be too much to give them 1,000,000 yen.

 In other words, the fact that they received this money as a medical fee was important.

 However, I was concerned that there might be a possibility that they tried to claim the damage to Sakaki’s wrist to the police after receiving the money even though they had already reached a settlement with me.

 For me, it was not them that I was afraid of now. It was this society.

 I want to avoid a situation where I have to deal with the police or the law. There are things out there that simple force and violence alone can’t defeat.

 However, this does not mean that I should live seriously. I am not averse to criminal acts at all, as long as it does not attract the attention of the police and others.

 I don’t know what will actually happen, but I am sure that these guys are not likely to act in such a way because of the money they received. It was just that I thought it was necessary to block their actions ahead of time.

 ”So what are you going to do? Kaburaki. You can pay me 300,000 more or I will beat you up right here and now.”

 ”Hey, hey, Sakaki. Don’t get me wrong. You’ll get 100,000 for your treatment. The other 100,000 is for them. So, I’m going to beat them now.”


 –At that moment…

 My right hand plunged into Yuuichi’s groin.

 Yuuichi bent forward, and I kicked his face with my knee this time.

 I grabbed Yuuichi’s hair and dragged him down to the ground. Then I climbed on top of him and punched his face again and again from above.



 A dull sound echoes in the area.

 As if in response to the sound, Yuuichi’s moans like a squashed frog reach my ears.

 Tominaga, Nobuo, and even Sakaki are unable to do anything or say anything in response to my sudden violent behavior. But I ignored them and just continued to hit Yuuichi.

 Now, looking down at Yuuichi’s aura, I see that his aura is filled with the purple color of [Fear] and the gray color of [Pain] because of my one-sided violence, and I watch him with a cold gaze.

 Of course, this time, I am holding back.

 I have been relying on Lady Bug for most of my life, but I have no experience in fighting. In fact, in the beginning, fights were a common occurrence.

 Still, I knew how much damage he had suffered by the feel of my blows.

 ”So, what did you say? Did you say something about what you were going to do to Kyouka?”




 Yuuichi doesn’t answer me and seems to be struggling to guard his face with his arms so that I don’t hit him in the face.

 I didn’t care about that and still continued to hit Yuuichi’s face.

 His face was already stained red with a nosebleed, and my fist started to slip. Still, I didn’t stop punching Yuuichi’s face.

 At that time, I finally felt Sakaki start to move on my right side.

 I felt the impact of the kick from my side to my back.

 But I quickly caught the impact by putting my fist on the ground and staring at Sakaki from a sitting posture.

 Without a pause, Sakaki kicked me again with his right leg.

 I caught his kick several times and succeeded in squeezing his ankle between my arm and my torso.

 ”What is it, Sakaki? Do you want me to break your right leg this time?”

 I applied a little force to it to squeeze it just a little bit.

 Sakaki desperately tried to pull out his leg, but once I had it firmly trapped, he could not pull out my restraints with only one leg and his balance was not good enough.

 ”Stop! Let go of me! Get off me, you bastard! Kenji, Nobuo. Beat him.”

 Tominaga’s is probably not going to do it.

 He must think objectively, while he was listening to Sakaki’s words.

 Because at this time, an aura of [Fear] occupied Tominaga’s mind.

 It may have something to do with the fact that Sakaki’s wrist had been broken. In addition to that, Yuuichi, the other dependable person, was beaten to a pulp right in front of him.

 Maybe, Tominaga’s heart was defeated by fear because he witnessed this.

 For the other handsome guy, Nobuo, I sensed that he felt a little bit of [Fear] toward me. However, this much [Fear] may be overcome by [Anger] or other feelings.

 Anyway, I released the restraints on Sakaki’s legs.

 As a reaction, Sakaki lost his balance and fell backward.

 I slowly get up and approach Nobuo.

 Then, I lightly stroked Nobuo’s face with my fist, and that was enough.

 With that one blow, Nobuo seemed to lose his remaining will to fight, and he collapsed on the spot, sitting on the floor like a woman, his hands crossed over his head, and he hid his face in a crouch.

 ”So… That leaves Tominaga.”

 Now I approach Tominaga.

 Tominaga does not move at all in response to my approach but just shakes his face from side to side.

 ”No, stop it. Kaburaki-kun. I-I’m…”

 I wonder what he’s trying to say after all this time. I was a little concerned about it, but I thought I should break his heart thoroughly instead of worrying about it now.

 So, I grabbed Tominaga’s hair and head-butted him in the face with all my might.


 Tominaga covered his face with his hands.

 It seems some dark part of me that has been hidden gradually grows into a shadow. The smell of blood was exciting me, and I could feel my own blood boiling.

 While feeling this, I drag Tominaga, whose hair is still in my hands, toward Yuuichi, who is still in a slumped position.

 ”This Yuuichi guy seems to have a lot of s*xual desire because he is not popular among women. I feel sorry for him. So, Tominaga, you should suck his d*ck for him. Okay?”

 Yuuichi tries to crawl away from me as soon as he hears my words. But I stomped on his belly from above.

 ”Hey, be quiet! I’m trying to make you feel good. Or do you like it painful like that?”

 ”Stop it, you bastard!”

 The voice was not Yuuichi’s or Tominaga’s. It was Sakaki.

 At that moment, I leaped into the air and plunged into Sakaki with my knees, who seemed ready to jump on me.

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