Returnee 16

Chapter 16 Negative Emotion

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 The light from the portable LED lanterns makes a shadowy figure of me attacking Sakaki on the walls of the factory. To me, it seemed as if the shadows reflected my inner self.

 As Sakaki takes a serious hit from my attack, he falls backward onto his butt.

 I hit him with a knee kick from the right side, and it caught him precisely on the left side of his chin.

 Sakaki tried to stand up immediately, but he seemed to have suffered a slight concussion.

 His arm that supported him only twitched and shook. Although I applied the blow with much caution, he should not be able to move properly for the time being.

 A blow to the jaw is fatal even to a well-trained fighter. The impact itself is not so bad because it is released, but human beings cannot endure the act of having their brains violently shaken. It was the same in the other world as it is in this world.

 ”Tominaga, hurry up and suck that guy’s d*ck!”

 Before I knew it, the me from the other world was appearing.

 The brutal, insidious me.

 I had a feeling this would happen.

 But I’m not talking about multiple personalities or anything like that. It’s just that since I’ve come back to this world, I’ve been trying very hard not to let it affect me.

 I suppose that’s what I am when my true self is peeled back. I’m not so different from them. No, I must be a far worse scoundrel than them.

 I knew that, but I couldn’t stop myself.

 ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please don’t do that. I’ll get down on my knees or whatever.”

 ”I said, ‘Suck it,’ right?”

 I run toward Tominaga and kick his body as hard as if I were kicking a soccer ball.

 ”Gggh! …I-I’m sorry. P-Please don’t do this to me. As you see… Please forgive me, Kaburagi-kun.”

 Tominaga falls to his knees.

 He looks like a coward.

 To tell the truth, I don’t think he has any intention to do anything to me anymore. Even if Sakaki and the others force him to do something, he will probably refuse with all his might.

 So there was little point in doing anything more.

 But the reason why I could not stop resenting this guy was because I did not like the way he looked at Kyouka.

 Especially, that lecherous look he gives to Kyouka.

 It was something I couldn’t overlook, just because he had a distorted fantasy about my girl. Together with her disgusting attitude toward me, it had somehow turned into an unforgivable sin.

 Just thinking back to those eyes, my body naturally moved and I started kicking Tominaga around like a madman.

 ”Gggha! N-No, stop it. This is impossible. I really can’t do it… Mmh…”

 ”Tsk… If you can’t do it, then your asshole won’t be a virgin anymore. Ah, right on time, there’s a bunch of tools and stuff around here that might be able to help you out. How about that spanner wrench?”

 As soon as Tominaga hears my words, he starts to cover his butt with his hands desperately.

 Does he think he can get away with that?

 If I forcefully hold him down, there is nothing he can do.

 It seems Sakaki, who had been listening to our exchange, shouted at me as if he was trying to use his last strength.

 ”Kaburagi, you bastard! Do you know what will happen to you later? Many of our acquaintances are related to the gang. You’d better look forward to it!!”

 ”Sakaki. You’re looking good right now! You’re the coolest guy I’ve ever seen… coming up with threats like that…”

 ”Shut up!!!”

 I try to make fun of his sarcasm, but I can’t say the same thing about others.

 What I’m going to do is no different from what Sakaki just said. The difference is in the position of the winner and the loser.

 Just then, I heard a car horn honking from outside the factory.

 The timing was perfect as if I had timed it perfectly. However, it was also the signal for the end of my fun.

 I had timed it in advance, expecting it to take almost an hour, but it seems that the other side was ready earlier than I had expected.

 ”Tominaga, you’re lucky. It seems I’m running out of time.”

 I approached Sakaki and grabbed his chest.

 I made him stand on the spot by force even though his legs were wobbling and he was still trying to fight.

 ”Don’t be violent, Sakaki. I’m just trying to wake you up a little. I’ll show you how small the world you know is.”

 ”What are you talking about, you son of a bitch? Let go of me! I said get off me!”

 ”Hey, Tominaga, you come with me. Or I’ll put a wrench in you. Don’t worry. We’re just going for a short walk outside the building.”

 I lead Sakaki out of the building, dragging him halfway.

 Tominaga was reluctantly following behind me as he still covered his butts with his hands.

 I guess my threat of digging his ass with a tool must have worked. Well, it was not only a threat, but I would likely have actually done it if I had had enough time.

 As I stepped out of the building, I saw a car parked outside the factory site, near the rail-like gate that I saw at first.

 From the car, a man gets out.

 This man gets out of a black Mercedes Benz, which looks like a typical car, and he is dressed in a way that is instantly recognizable as a member of a certain group. The man was Yasu, a member of the Rindo-clan.

 Yasu got out of the Mercedes Benz and seemed to be looking around him, while he was glancing at us.

 The distance between us is about 50 meters.

 I can see Yasu from here. Sakaki and the others must have caught his figure too.

 Even though it is in the darkness of the night, the city lights are shining around the gate, and they are illuminating Yasu’s figure, though dimly.

 On the other hand, Yasu could hardly see this side of the building.

 I had already confirmed this before entering the building. Except for the fact that I could see someone in the darkness, people could not recognize my face clearly.

 Now, I take my hand off Sakaki’s chest and move a little bit away from him.

 When I reach a place where Sakaki and his friends cannot hear me clearly, I take out my cell phone from the left pocket of my jeans and start to make a phone call.

 Then, Yasu takes out his own phone from his right pocket and adjusts it to the mouth of the cell phone, and starts to talk.

 ’Hello, is this Masuda-san? This is Yasu. I’ve just arrived at the designated location.]


 ’I can’t understand what’s going on because it’s a little dark, but there seem to be some kids here. Are they related to Masuda-san?]

 ”Let’s leave the kids alone. Anyway, I thought this place was uninhabited, so I designated this place, but it might have been a playground for the kids.”

 ’Oh, they’re not. Then what should I do?]

 ”I’m sorry, Yasu-san. I’m nearby too, but I can’t go out in the open because of the bad kids. I can see your figure from here, but could you wave your hand toward me just to make sure it’s you?”

 ’Yes, I understand.]

 Yasu waves his hand in a big gesture. In response, I raised my right hand lightly.

 ”It’s been confirmed.”

 ’If it has nothing to do with Masuda-san, do you want me to go over there and kick the crap out of these kids?]

 ”No. Let’s leave the kids alone. I don’t think it’s good for them to remember your face clearly in a business deal like this.”

 ’That’s true. Shall we change locations temporarily?]

 ”There’s a pier straight ahead towards the sea. I’m sorry, but let’s move there. I’ll go after you so that the kids won’t notice me.”

 ’I understand. Is Masuda-san going to be all right?]

 ”Ah, excuse me. I may have to use this place again in the future, so I’d appreciate it if you could scare the bad boys a little. You don’t have to touch them. If you could just say something to them right then and there like, ‘If you get too carried away, we’ll kidnap you all together,’ or something like that. I’m sorry I’m asking for so many favors.”

 ’I see. If that’s the case, it’s no problem.]

 ”I’ll hang up now. We’ll talk at the pier.”

 Yasu comes to a few steps toward me and shouts loudly.

 I had warned him beforehand not to enter the premises, but he seems to have forgotten about it.

 ”Hey, hey, you kids! Don’t get too carried away, or we’ll kidnap you all!”

 With these words, Yasu returns to his car and leaves the place without hesitation.

 ”That was Sawai Yasushi of the Rindo clan. You must have at least heard of the Rindo-clan, right? Well, maybe you guys have misunderstood me because I usually play the role of an honor student, right?”


 ”I also don’t want to be like this, if I can help it. The fact that I know someone like that is not my power. But, you know, if I don’t make that clear to people, you’ll stay on your toes, won’t you? That’s why I asked you to come all the way out here.”

 ”…I was wrong.”


 ”Kaburagi-kun, I’m sorry. I’ll return all the money you gave me.”

 ”I told you that money was for your treatment. I don’t want it back. I’m just saying that you should be satisfied with the money. And, you know, don’t talk to anyone about this. And make sure you tell the guy who’s growing inside. Okay?”


 The feeling of hostility had completely disappeared from Sakaki.

 Before, I had clearly shown the difference in our abilities. But his feelings had not disappeared yet.

 However, this happened as soon as the real fighter came out. Even though I had made the last move in anticipation of this, I was still in a complicated state of mind that I could not explain. Perhaps a clear and visible form might be more effective against this kind of person.

 However, I had a strange feeling at that time.

 Maybe I lost interest in them when I saw that Sakaki had become so quiet. Frankly speaking, it’s not surprising that I felt foolish.

 Besides, I should feel relieved that they will not do anything to my girl anymore.

 But there is something more than that.

 To put it simply, I had almost no feelings for Sakaki and the others.

 I had lost all the negative emotions that I used to feel.

 The hostility, the hate, and the anger that had flared up in an instant had suddenly and completely vanished, leaving me with a feeling of being somehow incomprehensible.

 I had no idea why.

 I had never experienced anything like this before, and I naturally felt something eerie in it. However, no matter how much I thought about it, I could not come up with an answer. I could only abandon my thoughts with a feeling of unconvincing.

 Now, I turn on my heel and walk out of the abandoned factory in silence.

 Behind me, I hear Tominaga sighing in relief and Sakaki giving a small cluck of his tongue in response to the sigh, but it no longer matters to me.


 ”I’m sorry, Yasu-san. I’m sorry for calling you out of the blue at this time of night and making you wait.”

 ”No problem. Our business is like a real business from now on. And we don’t care if it’s late at night or in the morning, as long as we make money this way.”

 ”I’m glad to hear you say so. This is the amount for this session. Please accept it.”

 Saying this, I hand Yasu the gold ingot with the attache case.

 The attache case is a new one I bought for the transaction. I can’t keep using my father’s suitcase.

 Yasu opens the attache case and confirms that there are three ingots in it, and then hands me a thick envelope instead.

 The envelope contains three million yen.

 It was the amount of money that I had asked him to use immediately as a part of the money.

 I had approached Yasunaga to see if there was any way we could make a deal right away since I urgently needed the 3 million yen. He said that the rest of the money, after deducting the amount from the account, could be paid next time.

 However, it does not mean that I actually needed the money. It was just an excuse. It was only a pretext to call Yasu to put pressure on Sakaki and the others.

 However, it would be a complete disaster if Yasu remembers the face of Kaburagi Shuu himself.

 It is not clear what the purpose of preparing James Masuda was. It was a little bit of a set-up for that purpose.

 ”Okay, I have your hold. Then, I would be glad if you give it to me as soon as possible next time. Also, I have a message that you can come and have a drink at the former bar whenever you like. I will ask my big bro Yasunaga to take care of your feet.”

 ”Thank you very much. Even though I made a lot of requests this time, you kindly accepted my request. Please tell Yasunaga-san that I would like to prepare for the next meeting as soon as possible. Also, I will visit his bar when I have free time. I know it’s not much, but I would like to thank you for the trouble I have caused Yasu-san this time.”

 Saying this, I took about 100,000 yen out of my money and handed it to Yasu.

 It was not out of gratitude or apology, but only as a preparation for the next time, something similar happens.

 ”No, no, I can’t accept such a thing. We make a good profit from our business.”

 ”Well, then, let’s do this. Please accept this money from me for Akari-san. I had a lot of fun the last time we drank together. Could you give Akari a present with this money instead of me?”

 ”For Akari… Then, okay. If that’s the case, I would appreciate it very much.”

 ”Well then, we’ll talk about it next time. I’ll contact you as soon as possible.”

 ”Yes, I understand. I look forward to working with you again next time.”

 The Mercedes Benz with Yasu in it drives away from me.

 With everything done as I had hoped, I return to Kaburagi Shuu in a nearby public restroom. However, as I hurry home, my mind is still in a fog.

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