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Chapter 17 Nightmare

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 [At that time, thy mind may think that it is a word, or that it is a tad imitation, but it is not. There is meaning in that. And thy desire will also become true. ]


 Shuu, who is sleeping next to Ayano, looks at her with a pained expression on his face

 Ayano sees this and wonders what to do for a while

 She thinks that Shuu is probably having a bad dream. She would like to wake him up gently if she could, but before she went to bed last night, Shuu told her something

 If she is going to sleep with him, she said not to wake him up until he woke up on his own. He said that he hates to have his sleep disturbed more than anything else

 Since he has stated so, the only thing she can do is to watch Shuu’s pained face as he sleeps next to her

 These are the words of her beloved lover, with whom she has been in a relationship since yesterday. So, even though she is doing it for his sake, she can’t break it so easily. However, after last night, she couldn’t help but worry about Shuu

 Shuu had said that they had already talked things over, but Ayano wondered if Shintaro, Kenji, and the others would be so easily convinced

 It is true that Shuu does not seem to be injured

 However, it was almost 2:00 a.m. when they finally returned home, and Shuu fell asleep before she could ask him about the details. As he was sleeping, Ayano also fell asleep with Shuu in her arms, but she was the only one who woke up early when she heard Shuu’s groaning voice

 Still, she was relieved that Shuu had returned home safely

 However, she was also concerned about the somewhat grumpy expression on Shuu’s face when he came back

 Ayano was worried

 It was good that he had gone to talk to them, but in the end, all he did was to be intimidated by Sakaki and the others, right? She was afraid that Shu was trying hard to hide this fact from her

 So, Ayano thought she would ask him about it later. But she can’t ask too fussy. Shuu would probably not like it and she doesn’t want to do anything that Shuu doesn’t want to do

 After all, she loves him, but she can’t say that he loves her as much as she loves him. She knows that their relationship is distorted in this way

 Anyway, she quietly gets out of bed so that Shuu does not wake up, and goes downstairs

 Ayano is wearing only her underwear and a sweatshirt borrowed from Shuu

 The lower half of her body is almost completely exposed, and she immediately misses the warmth of the futon

 Still, she quickly grabs two bottles of tea from the refrigerator and goes back upstairs to Shuu’s room

 For the note, she did not do anything with Shuu before going to bed last night

 Ayano had been dressed like that in anticipation, but Shuu fell asleep as soon as he came home. Despite her disappointment, she was happy just to be able to sleep with Shuu even without that

 Even now, if she had not been so worried, she would have been filled with an unbelievable sense of happiness

 Thinking about it again, she would have never thought that she would fall in love with Shuu so much before

 She herself fully understands that the physical pleasure Shuu gives her has something to do with it. But she also realized that it was not the only reason

 In the first place, she did not dislike him

 Well, they used to go back and forth to each other’s house until middle school because they were next-door neighbors. But now, the moment she realized that the reason for her loss of interest was simply a misunderstanding, the balance of her feelings shifted

 ”Ah, I’m sorry. Did I wake you up?”

 When she came back to her room, Shuu was already sitting up and stretching with his hands raised above his head

 ”No, I just woke up.”

 ”Well, that’s good. Here, take this.”

 She hands a plastic tea bottle to Shuu, who is still lying on his upper body under the covers, and Ayano quickly climbs into the bed next to him. As she felt Shuu’s warmth, she no longer wanted to leave

 She wraps her legs around Shuu’s thighs and moves her face down to his chest. Because of the close contact, she felt something hard around her thighs

 (Ah, it’s getting big. Is this what they call morning wood?)

 Ayano’s hand slips into Shuu’s sweatshirt and touches his important part

 At first, her fingers lightly touch the top of his underwear. But then, her fingers become bolder and bolder, and eventually, they slip into his underwear. The long, slender tips of her fingers grasped Shuu’s hot thing and began to slowly work it up and down

 ”Shuu, it’s getting bigger.”

 ”Of course, I’m getting a morning wood when I get that kind of stimulation.”

 ”Hey, hey. Can Ayano suck it?”

 ”What, you want to do that in the morning? Even though you haven’t given it with a mouth before.”

 Ayano herself was curious, too

 But she also hoped it would make Shuu feel a little better. She also had a perverse desire to serve this male

 All of these combined led to Ayano’s desire to give him a service

 ”But I feel sorry for you because you’re so full. Am I wrong?”

 ”No, not really. I’d like to take a shower, too, so let’s move to the bathroom. In that case, Ayano’s the one who’s going to do it. I’m sure you’ll get so aroused that you’ll soak the sheets and stuff. But blowing pee and stuff all over the place is the best feeling ever, isn’t it?”

 ”You don’t have to say it so clearly…”

 ”Hey, you don’t mind showing your breast and etc, but you’re ashamed of such things? Even though you’re peeing like a fool with your face so loose and so comfortable.”

 Shuu’s words gave Ayano a thrill

 She wondered if she might be a masochist. Maybe she was a pervert who felt pleasure from being humiliated by Shuu

 Shuu’s face also showed a look of cruelty. To Ayano, it looked as if he was enjoying tormenting her

 ”You’re mean…”

 ”Don’t you like it when I’m mean?”

 ”Uhh… I like it. I like it when Shuu says mean things to me and when he’s mean to me.”

 Shuu’s face comes down to hers, and their lips meet for a moment

 Ayano’s head was spinning and she felt light-headed. Apparently, no matter how unreasonable he might be to her in the future, she would forgive him with just one kiss

 After all, such a kiss made Ayano’s emotions filled with happiness and no matter how many times they kissed, it would never be enough

 ”Well, I’m sure we’ll be soiling the sheets here soon anyway. So, let’s go downstairs.”


 Ayano followed Shuu downstairs

 She already feels no resistance to Shuu seeing her naked. In fact, she even wanted him to take a closer look at every part of her

 Now, in the small changing room, she and Shuu undress each other, exchanging lovers’ kisses

 Ayano secretly checks Shuu’s body as they play with each other, and finds not a single bruise on his body. At least there was no sign that he had been beaten by Sakaki and the others

 Ayano felt a little relieved that they might have been able to talk it out

 ”Well then, I’ll wash your body.”

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