Returnee 18

Chapter 18 Dedicated Woman

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 Main Character’s Perspective

 It has been a little more than a week since Kyouka and I kissed and became lovers. Or, to put it another way, it’s been a week since I took Ayano’s virginity.

 And now, I was living a life of debauchery with Ayano.

 Although I let her go home in the middle of the night, we continue to do it night after night after night.

 And since Ayano is currently on the pill, she begs me to do raw without a care in the world. This woman looked like a woman who had gone crazy for lovemaking with me.

 She is intoxicated by my kisses, heated by my thing, and crazy about fellatio.

 Moreover, Ayano seems to be burying her face in my groin more often than not these days.

 I suspect that serving me has become the essence of Ayano’s existence. Compared to the Ayano of my memory, she was a different person.

 However, the only strange thing was that the auras she emitted when she was with me were mostly limited to two kinds: green of [Happiness][Joy] and pink of [Affection][Sexual Desire].

 There was a little yellow of [Expectation][Interest] occasionally mixed in, but almost no negative feelings were found.

 Normally, no matter how much someone loves his/her partner, or even if the partner loves him/her, he/she would have at least a [Jealousy] feeling if he/she is getting along with other women. However, the [Jealousy] was hardly shown in Ayano.

 In other words, what Ayano has at the bottom of her heart now is her devoted love.

 Maybe that is why.

 Even though I love Kyouka, I feel that I have a little bit of affection for Ayano as well.

 She spoils me by saying she doesn’t want to go home yet, and even when I was talking with Kyouka over the phone, she looks like she wants some attention.

 Well, I allowed her to be a little selfish. But then…

 ”You’ve been going to school with Ayano-chan a lot lately, haven’t you?”

 On the way home, I was taken aback by Kyouka’s comment.

 It made me guilty.

 This happened because I had given my tacit approval to Ayano’s behavior and she started to come to my house in the morning to pick me up.

 I thought lightly that it would be all right if I pretended to be a stranger when we met each other.

 After all, it is not that we actually go to school flirting with each other. Just an occasional conversation, and we would be childhood friends who went to school at the same time.

 However, I may have been a little naive in my thinking.

 I have noticed that Kyouka’s emotions have been mixed with [Anxiety] and [Anguish] for the past two or three days.

 Because of that, I was worried inside. I wondered if she might have sensed something.

 ”Yeah, she’s been hanging out with a lot of dangerous people, right? You know, like the guy we met at the park the other day. Ayano’s mother is worried about her. So, she’s been asking me to do some things for her.”

 ”Hee, it’s not easy being a childhood friend.”

 ”Maybe so. But, don’t you have such a relationship, Kyouka? Male or female?”

 I think the excuse was a little bitter, but what the aunt said was true.

 She was concerned about Ayano’s behavior and asked me what kind of people Ayano was hanging out with and if any of them were her boyfriends. To be honest, I could only answer that I didn’t know much about them.

 ”Me? Some girls were close to me in elementary school and middle school, but we are not neighbors. Besides, I don’t think my friend’s parents would ask me to do something for them.”

 ”Well, I’m not being asked to do anything either. But they seem to be a bad group of people. I can’t just leave her alone.”

 ”That’s true. Tominaga-kun is a very nice person when it comes to talking with him in class. But the last time I saw him, he was scared of me…”

 Well, of course, he was.

 He liked Kyouka. Though in the past tense.

 Now he’s expressing purple feelings of [Fear] towards Kyouka. That’s how scared he is of me.

 He doesn’t make eye contact with me very often, and when he needs to talk to me, he calls me “Kaburagi-kun”, and the people around him look at him quizzically.

 Still, it was quite understandable.

 A person who had been a bully in the class suddenly began to behave condescendingly only toward me.

 To be honest, I wondered whether I should make him stop calling me that or not. However, I felt that it would be somewhat unnatural to make him stop now. In the end, I had no choice but to ignore Tominaga.

 ”I’ll take care of Ayano. But I’ve got a bigger problem right now.”

 ”What? What is it? I’m here to help you in any way I can. As long as it’s not s*xually explicit. But if it’s something light, I might consider it for a while.”

 ”Kyouka? Well, I think that’s a little difficult.”

 ”Why not! You’ll never know unless you tell me! Hey, hey, Shuu-kun. I can give you some advice even if I can’t solve your problem.”

 ”Really? Then, I’ll tell you… you see, I got the results of the test today and my score dropped drastically.”


 ”Especially in English. I wouldn’t say it’s devastating, but at this rate, it might be a little difficult to get into the university I want to go to now.”

 Probably because of the years of blanks.

 I couldn’t solve any problems that tested my memory.

 I’ve been trying so hard to learn the other world’s language. So, I had forgotten English, which I did not need.

 In a sense, it was inevitable, since this is the important part of the time travel potion that allows me to go back to the past while keeping my memory.

 However, it is not so much that it interferes with my daily life, and I can recall it immediately when I am told about it. In fact, I have been able to learn the lessons relatively easily once I have reviewed them.

 Though I had no idea about the name Yukina that Ayano had told me the other day.

 ”Hey, by the way. What time are we going to meet for our date tomorrow? Or maybe you forgot?”

 ”10:00 A.M, and I remember it. Still, I told you it’s hard to give me any advice. And how did you do on the test, Kyouka?”

 ”Hmm, it was okay. Not so good, not so bad. Oh, but then Shuu-kun’s grades will drop and you’ll get into the same college as me, right? So that solves my problem.”

 I couldn’t help but laugh at Kyouka who started to develop such a crazy theory.

 However, I think I was able to fool her about Ayano. It seemed that there was no further question about what had happened with Ayano and me.

 ”Yeah, that might be a good idea.”

 There is no need to follow the same path as last time.

 There is no need to study hard and get into a good university. If the time comes, I can get as much money as I want.

 Even if it was to integrate myself into this society, I had no intention to work seriously.

 ”That’s right. With my ability, I thought it would be tough for me to get where Shuu-kun wants to go. Even now, I’ve been studying hard. But is there something wrong with you that your grades suddenly dropped?”

 ”Well, I don’t think anything in particular happened.”

 ”Ah! Maybe you haven’t been able to study well since the last time I kissed you?”

 Kyouka jokingly makes a kissing gesture near my face. I guess she is trying to tease me with this gesture.

 Her expression is so joyful that she seems to have no worries at all.

 ”I see. That may be the cause. Then I’ll ask Kyouka to take the blame. Maybe on our date tomorrow.”

 ”What? Is that an invitation for a naughty thing?”

 ”What are you talking about? I want to buy a new reference book and you’re going to accompany me.”

 ”Ugh! I’m ashamed that I was so easily fooled.”

 ”You’re falling for it because you’re thinking of all kinds of dirty things.”

 ”That’s not true! I’m not like Shuu-kun!!”

 Kyouka jumps to my neck, half in embarrassment and half in frustration, and kisses my cheek as if she’s going to bite me.

 But I was feeling a little uneasy because the aura of [Anxiety][Anguish] had not disappeared from her.


 ”As I thought, it’s recognizable. This thing.”

 I mutter to myself as I replay my computer screen frame by frame.

 I’m testing something I took out from the interdimensional storage.

 It was a mirage coat.

 It is a coat that makes my appearance disappear like a mirage, making me invisible to those around me.

 It was made from the nucleus of a monster called Mirage Cat, which disappears when it attacks its prey, a piece of alexandrite, greater buffalo-tanned leather, and a vine of evergreen grass.

 As I can expect from the above materials, they are not that difficult to obtain.

 However, this coat wasn’t perfect.

 After all, there are people in the other world who are better at manipulating and detecting magic than I am. From their point of view, there was a possibility that they would notice someone’s presence, even if they couldn’t see it.

 Even if they cannot be seen, there is a danger that their presence will be revealed.

 Still, it would be difficult for human eyes to distinguish the presence of a person, as I might expect.

 It might be a little strange, but it would be just an optical illusion. And in this world, although no one can detect the magic, there is an existence of surveillance cameras. I was just testing to see what happens through the eyes of electrons.

 As a result of capturing the image with a digital camera that shoots at 10 frames per second, I could see a slight distortion in the image.

 It was as if the space was distorted only in that area.

 Although it was not clear that the object was humanoid, there was still a possibility that the observer would notice the existence of something there. If it was connected with a criminal act, it would be even more likely.

 On the other hand, I was surprised that the infrared night mode did not cause any problems. After all, I was more worried about the infrared night mode.

 By the way, the reason I did this is because I was thinking that I would be able to steal as much as I want by combining this Mirage Coat and the interdimensional storage.

 However, it is a bit impossible to commit a perfect crime with this combination. Though, there is only a slight difference in the way it is there.

 I don’t want it to cause some kind of commotion.

 Besides, there was a possibility that it might attract public attention as aliens, psychics, or the latest scientific weapons. At least, I thought I would not use this Mirage Coat to steal.

 And if I did not wear gloves, my fingerprints would be left on the coat.

 On the other hand, if I wear a glove, it will not be judged that I am using the coat directly, or I will not be able to use the interdimensional storage.

 And even if it misidentifies the infrared night mode, it is probably just a visual deception. There was a great possibility that the infrared sensors of the security system would be triggered.

 Of course, now that funding is available in other ways, there is no need to cross such a dangerous bridge.

 It’s not perfect, that’s for sure.

 Still, I do not doubt the usefulness of this coat.

 The point is to avoid going to places where there are security devices. If I am caught on a surveillance camera, it should not be a problem unless someone needs to watch the video over and over again.

 After all, it would be completely unnoticeable on normal playback.

 At this moment, Ayano should be at home, as I told her to be. She has been staying at my house for the past week, and I was thinking that this was not a good idea.

 So, I left my house with my mirage coat on.

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