Returnee 19

Chapter 19 The Poison of Muldeur

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 On the way to the convenience store, I stopped by to test it and found that the visitor sensor was working well.

 The clerk could not see me.

 When the automatic door of the entrance opened, he turned his head toward me for a moment, but he must have thought that the strong wind had caused a malfunction. Right away, the clerk was back to his work as if nothing had happened.

 After confirming this, I left the place without entering the store.

 I had almost completed the preliminary check.

 However, this is not my main goal. I have another object in the interdimensional storage, which I want to study in this world.

 I just decided that it would be better to hide myself in a mirage coat when I study it.

 Because I wanted to keep it as secret as possible this time.

 The same goes for the other things that I wanted to keep secret. But this time, even if nobody finds out that I am the one who did it, the consequences of it will surely cause a great deal of trouble. So I wanted to reduce the risk as much as possible.

 Because it is no exaggeration to say that this is something that people all over the world want.

 Now, as I arrive at my destination, a general hospital, I sneak inside through the entrance of the emergency room at night.

 I open the sliding glass door just a little and slip in between the doors.

 Perhaps because I entered quickly and quietly, the people in the night reception room on my right were not aware of my presence.

 I continued straight down the corridor as if nothing had happened.

 When I reached the central corridor of the second-floor atrium, I changed my direction and headed for the lobby.

 Now I remember that I had been to this general hospital several times in the past. However, I had no idea where it was.

 When I reached the lobby, I checked the signboard and found that the children’s ward was on the third floor of the east wing and above.

 While heading to the east wing, I use my ability to look for patients with incurable diseases who are hospitalized in this hospital.

 This ability works fine if I can clearly recall their names and shapes, but it does not work well if I recall them under vague conditions.

 I am not quite sure how it works, but for some reason, I seem to have succeeded in narrowing down the search this time.

 I knew that if this didn’t work, I would have to find it on my own. However, it was obvious that it would take a long time for me since I could not read medical records at all.

 I ignored all the patients with incurable diseases in the west and north wings.

 Maybe they all are adults. Because the ones I’m looking for now are children whose illnesses are unlikely to be cured.

 The reason is simply that children are less likely to be noticed. Against the child, I was going to use the poison of Meuldur.

 It was comprised of the blood of Hydra, which is a deadly poison, pieces of jet stone, the heart of a ghoul lord, a phoenix bird egg, and five advanced antidotes.

 I was able to make them thanks to the recipe written in the forbidden book of Algabana, but the existence of Muldeur’s Poison was originally known to every alchemist.

 In the other world, the ultimate goal of alchemists would be the elixir of immortality.

 Whether or not they actually study it, it is something that every alchemist dreams of at least once.

 However, until I came back to this world, I have never heard of its discovery. Even in the Book of Algabana, there is no mention of the method of immortality.

 Maybe it is impossible even in the other world. Some people even considered it to be a divine taboo in the true sense of the word.

 The next goal of alchemists who gave up the elixir of immortality was a panacea (All-purpose medicine).

 If it is simply medicine to heal injuries, there is a convenient substitute called ‘healing potion’ in the other world. However, the healing potion only heals injuries much faster than usual.

 The chance of death is much lower because the healing potion prevents bleeding. However, it has no effect on diseases and illnesses.

 For me, healing potions and elixirs are useless, but I have been studying them because of my interest in alchemy. In this connection, I came to know of an anecdote that has been passed down to me.

 Once upon a time, there were twin alchemists, Mule and Deur, who lived in hiding in a remote forest.

 They were not only good alchemists, but also very good at magic.

 Alchemists need not only their wisdom but also the means to obtain rare materials. And these alchemists had it.

 After years of research, they succeeded in creating a panacea.

 Creating the elixir that no one had ever been able to achieve before.

 But the tragedy began when they used the elixir to save the daughter of a man they had befriended from a fatal illness.

 Word spread quickly, and with it, Muldeur’s name gained fame.

 It did not take long for people from all over the world to come to Muldeur with requests for the elixir. Among them, there was a person who received the elixir of Muldeur at a high price and whose life was actually saved.

 However, some of the materials are very rare.

 There was no end to the number of applicants, and there are only three bottles of the elixir left in Muldeur’s possession. Even if they were being offered a large sum of money, it was impossible to give them away to all the applicants.

 After much consideration, Muldeur decided to give the potion only to those in power who could not refuse it.

 However, it did not take them long to realize that this was a big mistake.

 It wasn’t long before they realized that this was a big mistake, for one of the bottles had fallen into the hands of the third prince of the country where Muldeur lived. It is said that the third prince, who had been suffering from an incurable disease for many years, began to suffer as soon as he drank Muldeur’s elixir, and met his untimely end.

 Sooner or later, it was going to be a problem.

 The toxicity of hydra is not the problem. After all, the poison is neutralized by the antidote.

 The problem was that there were people who were not compatible with the potion itself, even if only a small percentage of them were. Rather than curing the disease, the drug could cause rejection and even death.

 It just happened to be a person of national importance.

 And the fact that Muldeur had overlooked this possibility was their own fault and was passed down as a lesson to them.

 As a result, Muldeur was executed, and all the results of their years of research were reduced to ashes in this dark tale.

 This is the anecdote related to Muldeur’s poison, and there was also a speculative rumor that one of the soldiers who burned down Muldeur’s house secretly brought back the results of their research.

 I don’t know how much of it is true, but it is a fact that the method was written in the Book of Algabana. It also described how to minimize rejection.

 Back to the current situation, I climb the stairs and arrive at the third floor.

 Because it was nighttime, no one passed me up to this point, but this was not the case from this point on.

 There was a nurses’ center in the center of the room, and I could see two nurses who were stationed there at the edge of my field of vision.

 There might be other nurses patrolling on this floor, too and I did not want to bump into them.

 So, I moved closer to the direction where my ability pointed me, keeping my footsteps stealthy and paying attention to my surroundings.

 When I finally arrived at the hospital room 307, there were two nameplates with the names written on them.

 There was only one more blank space, so it was probably a three-person room.

 From this point onward, I can only hope that no one is watching this place with a surveillance camera or the like. With gloves on, I put my hand on the lever-type doorknob, opened the door just enough for my body to pass through, and quickly slipped into the hospital room.

 Once inside, I realized.

 I realized that the ability pointed me to this place, and to two places at the same time.

 This means that the ability points to both of these two children. I sensed that there was another place on the upper floor that was also pointed to by the ability, but one person was enough.

 When I opened the partition curtains, I found a boy and a girl sleeping, one on each side.

 Moonlight illuminated their sleeping faces.

 I looked down at their sleeping faces with a cruel gaze and I was torn between the two.

 The boy’s name is Satou Yuuki. The girl’s name is Houjou Kaede.

 The same nameplate as the entrance of the hospital room was placed above the bed with the name of the doctor in charge. I was torn between the two names, not because I wanted to waste medicine for both of them, but because I was afraid that a miracle would happen to both of them at the same time. It was just that it would be a bad idea to have two miracles happen at the same time.

 Now, I take off my gloves and take out an ampoule with a cork stopper of my own making from the interdimensional storage.

 I pour the contents into the mouth of the boy who is sleeping with his mouth open.

 The amount is about 2ml. Considering that a teaspoonful is 5 ml, it is only a rough estimate, but probably about right.

 If more than this was given, it would be bad in case of rejection. This dose would be given five times for a total of five weeks. The boy did not seem to notice it, probably because the dose was very small. He was still in a deep sleep, as he had been before.

 For a while, I waited for the results.

 If a red rash started to appear all over his face, the result was that he was not a match, unfortunately.

 However, after I waited for about 10 minutes, the boy’s face did not change at all. After confirming this, I quietly left the hospital room.


 ”Thank you very much. I’ve been wanting this shoulder bag for a long time.”

 ”No, no. If you want to thank me, you should thank Yasu-san. It’s a present from Yasu-san to Akari-san.”

 ”I know that, but Yasu is the kind of person who would only give me a single flower on my birthday. But as long as it’s a gift with a lot of feeling, I’m happy with it.”

 Right now, I was at Yasunaga’s place.

 The reason why I went all the way to this bar, even though I knew I could not get drunk, was because of my relationship with Yasunaga.

 Even though I understand that Yasunaga is not doing me a favor, it would only make an awkward situation worse if I keep refusing him because of our business relationship. While pretending to take advantage of Yasunaga’s goodwill, I was planning to play lightly with him so as not to owe him anything.

 ”Akari-chan, I’ll take your place.”

 ”Ah, Sayaka-san. Then, please. Masuda-san, see you next time.”

 Akari left the table and Sayaka sat next to me.

 I did not pick her. On the contrary, I told Yasunaga that it would be fine with me if he could find an available woman.

 But now, to tell the truth, I did not expect that Sayaka, the number one girl in the bar, would be assigned to me.

 ”Are the other customers all right?”

 ”Oh, no? Am I interrupting?”

 ”No, not at all. I just thought the other customers weren’t good enough to be bothered by you.”

 ”Hehehe. It has nothing to do with the bar. Actually, the bar didn’t tell me to come here, I just wanted to get close to Jay-san personally.”

 ”I see…”

 Sayaka pours sake into my cup as she says this.

 Her bewitching smile seemed to have the scent of an adult woman, something that Kyouka and Ayano did not have.

 ”So, have you thought about what happened last time?”

 ”Yes? What do you mean by “last time”?”

 ”Well, I was wondering if you’d be interested in keeping me around.”

 ”What? Wait a minute. Was that serious? I thought it was a joke or something.”

 ”I’m serious. If it’s not too much trouble for you, Jay-san, I’d like to be your partner.”

 ”With all due respect, isn’t that what Yasunaga-san asked you to do or something like that?”

 ”Yes, that’s exactly what he meant when you came the other day. But what I am telling you now is a completely different story. Am I not enough for you?”

 ”No, it’s not that kind of thing. But I’m a bit confused by the suddenness of the matter.”

 After saying this, a hand reaches out to my thigh.

 Sayaka’s fingers were touching my thighs as if they were playing with my legs.

 This kind of aggressive approach from the woman makes me suspect that something is going on there. However, it is probably only for money.

 Besides, the mask of James Masuda is not bad at all. Even though he is getting a little old, he is a dandy middle-aged half-Japanese and half-foreigner.

 ”You may think I’m a crazy woman when I say this, but I can tell by intuition that you are the right person for me.”

 ”Well, that’s interesting. Do you see something?”

 ”It’s more like I can feel rather than see. My grandmother had a strong intuition. So, like her, I try to follow my intuition when I make a decision.”

 Well, this talk of intuition and such is probably just an excuse.

 Sayaka must have heard from Yasunaga that I have a certain amount of money. To be honest, I would feel safer if she clearly told me that she was just after my money.

 ”Hmm. It’s certainly a tempting offer, so I might consider it…”

 ”Well, then, Jay-san. If it’s convenient for you, why don’t we go out for a drink just the two of us afterward? Actually, I have to leave early today. You can think about whether you want to keep me around or not later.”

 ”Yes, that’s fine.”

 I was able to give my consent because her aura was such that blue of [Reassurance][Calmness] and a little yellow of [Expectation][Interest], which was hidden in the blue color.

 People who try to deceive others often wear black or purple. I thought at least Sayaka was not trying to set me up since I could not see any of those colors.

 However, I may have made some excuses to myself, but I could not overcome my ulterior motive after all.

 And before I knew it, I was already beginning to wonder how to make this Sayaka woman my own.

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