Returnee 2

Chapter 2 Colors

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 Red for [Anger][Excitement].

 Black for [Disgust][Hostility].

 Gray for [Sadness][Pain].

 At a glance, it looks like this.

 In the first place, it is difficult to judge the color of the aura.

 But, basically, I have classified the emotions of a person into 9 kinds: red, blue, yellow, green, pink, purple, gray, white, and black.

 Strictly speaking, however, I have come to the conclusion from my experience that the colors of [Anger] and [Excitement] are the same in red, but there is a slight difference between them in reality.

 Nevertheless, it is difficult to judge the difference precisely, and it is a little vague to say that the red color is [anger] or [excitement].

 I mean, emotions change from time to time, and usually, at least three or four different colors appear to overlap each other. However, each color appears to be independent of the others, so they don’t appear to be mixed together.

 I am only guessing that these colors are caused by such feelings, and I have no evidence to support my guess.

 Anyway, I can’t answer the question, because even the person him/herself doesn’t have a 100% understanding of their emotion.

 However, I think I am doing reasonably well.

 And the first time I noticed this ability was when there was a fight at a tavern I stopped at.

 I had noticed the aura itself before, but I thought it was a common phenomenon in the other world, and that it was visible to the eyes of the people around me.

 In short, I thought they were such a kind of creature.

 However, I realized the relationship between the green aura and the red aura when I saw the people around me, who were enjoying drinking and chatting with each other, turn red all at once when they got into a fight with each other.

 Well, at that time, I just vaguely thought that aura turns red when people get excited.

 ”Why are you staring at me so long? It’s disgusting.”

 Perhaps Ayano thought I was being weird or something, and she glared at me.

 She must also think I was giving her a dirty look. Though, it was a complete misunderstanding.

 But I didn’t care about that.

 Anyway, if I believe in the Book of Algabana, the only thing I can bring back to the past is basically my memory.

 But it does contain a remedy.

 It said that if I put one of the things I wanted to take with me into a string basket woven from the mane of a bicorn and prana grass, the source of magic, and wear it on my body, I could take it with me into the past. So, after much consideration, I chose a spellbook of barrier magic.

 However, I lost everything else. But I still wanted to go back to Japan. Even if I had to throw away everything valuable.

 Since I had fully intended to do so, I was confused. Because I thought it was because I was in another world that I had that ability in the first place, and even if I didn’t, it would have been eight years from now when the ability would have been revealed. But now, it’s different.

 ”Well, I’m just wondering why you’re soaking wet. It shouldn’t be that wet from your place, right?”

 ”If you know that, bring a towel quickly. Or do you want me to go up there soaking wet? If so, I’ll do it.”

 I got a bath towel from the bathroom and tossed it to Ayano.

 Ayano covered her head with it and started to dry her hair.

 While Ayano does this, I go back to the living room by myself and get lost in clearing my head. I hear Ayano’s footsteps walking down the hallway. She was probably heading for the bathroom.

 In the air, there was no flow of magic.

 Although I was not very good at magic, I always felt the flow of magic in the other world.

 It is the most basic of basics, and if I can’t feel the flow of magic, I can’t use magic well. Moreover, the flow of magic power influences my evasive action.

 In the other world, if a person is good at detecting the flow of magic power, their chance of survival will be greatly different from those who are not good at it. That is why I remember training hard.

 Just to be sure, let’s try the magic of a gentle breeze. It is a beginner’s magic and of little use, but it is relatively easy to learn.

 ”No luck, huh?”

 As it turns out, I couldn’t attract or form magic at all.

 I tried to see if it would work, but contrary to my expectation, there was no response. It is natural, but perhaps there are no magic elements or spirits in this world.

 Then, is the interdimensional storage also useless?

 After confirming once again that Ayano’s presence has disappeared toward the bathroom, I grasp the empty space.

 There was a feeling of a tremor.

 My beloved sword, Lady Bug, burst through the air with a shuddering sound.

 It is a small sword with a length of 50cm (≈19 inches), refined from the spine of a true ancestor vampire. I named the sword Lady Bug because she was as fond of blood as when alive, and the way she sucked the splattered blood looked like she was covered with spots on her back like a ladybug.

 ”Is this one usable…?”

 I press Lady Bug lightly against my left hand and gently pull it out.

 My palm is slightly smeared with blood, and a bright red line is drawn. Suddenly, Lady Bug shakes with joy and sucks the blood of my hand. Seeing this, I hurry to put the vampire’s sword back into the interdimensional storage.

 In a way, her blood-sucking appetite is bottomless.

 If left unchecked, it would suck the blood of its prey until the prey is dried up. Moreover, she is a gourmet and does not care much for the blood of wild animals. It mainly preferred human blood.

 However, the more blood it sucks, the sharper it cuts.

 I didn’t cut myself that deeply.

 Even so, it would normally take a few days for this wound to completely disappear. But looking at the wound that is already almost closed, I am convinced I haven’t lost my unique ability…

 Of course, I can’t help smiling.

 Besides, inside the interdimensional storage is a treasure trove. It is full of all kinds of minerals, plants, and dead creatures that I have collected for alchemy.

 Since the storage in the interdimensional storage, where time does not elapse, prevents deterioration over time, I have thrown in not only precious materials but also other materials, such as ordinary stones I found on the ground, and anything else that I could find.

 At any rate, there was no capacity limit. But I didn’t check the limit, so I don’t know for sure…

 If this is the case, I regret a little that I should have collected more precious metals and jewelry.

 No, there must be enough money in my collection to cover 10 lifetimes. However, when I think that I can’t get any more, I feel somewhat lost.

 I was tempted to try more things, but then I heard Ayano’s footsteps approaching and had to stop for a moment.

 Checking it again, Lady Bug is neatly stored away in the interdimensional storage. So, nothing dangerous should have been released.

 After confirming this, I deliberately throw myself down and lie down on the sofa.

 ”Can I borrow some clothes? Anything laundered is fine.”

 These were the first words out of Ayano’s mouth as soon as she came into the living room.

 It is neither a thank you nor an apology.

 Well, it would be understandable if our relationship was that of lovers or something similar. But we are just childhood friends. And Ayano must be well aware of the reality that we are on the verge of estrangement.

 Regardless of this, Ayano plugs in the hair dryer she brought from the bathroom, sits down on a different couch from me, and begins to dry her hair.

 It reminds me of how she used to be like this.

 She is blunt, arrogant, and self-confident.

 She seems to believe that others do things for her as a matter of course, and she does not doubt it in the slightest. I don’t know if she was aware of it, but she had some kind of queenly air about her.

 Not only to me but to everyone. Even Sakaki and the others were making a fuss over Ayano. But, it was until the summer of my third year of high school…

 Now, looking at her aura, I see that the gray of [Sadness][Pain] is fading away and the blue of [Reassurance][Calmness] is gradually increasing.

 Nevertheless, black for [Disgust][Hostility] and red for [Anger][Excitement] remain intense.

 But the fact that the blue color of [Reassurance][Calmness] has increased while the red color has remained unchanged suggests that her emotion is probably not [Excitement] but [Anger].

 ”I think I have a jersey in the closet, I’ll take it out later. So, what happened?”


 ”Hey, you… I don’t want to ask you about the details of what happened, but it’s a problem for me if I don’t know at least a little bit about it. You can’t just show up at someone’s house and ask them to give you a free lift.”

 ”…I had a fight with my mother and ran away from home. So I went to Shiori’s place but she wasn’t home. That’s why I’m here with you. Understand?”

 At first, I didn’t get the name Shiori. Is she a friend who has recently become good friends with her?

 But I think there was a girl by that name in Sakaki’s group. I got the impression that she was a flashy girl who liked to dress like a gyaru (gal) like Ayano.

 More and more threads of memory start spinning in my head.

 I remembered that this event had happened in the past.

 Yes, I remember that I had rejected Ayano at that time because I was angry at her ranting and raving and taking it out on me.

 ”So, what are you going to do? Sneak out when your mother goes to bed?”

 ”I don’t know. Maybe I’ll stay here.”

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