Returnee 3

Chapter 3 Selfish Person

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 ”Hey, hey, are you staying… at my place?”

 ”Isn’t it okay? Uncle and Auntie are in Hokkaido right now, right? And I’ve stayed here before.”

 ”That was in middle school. How many years ago was that?”

 But in fact, it was only about two years ago. However, at that time, it felt like a long time ago to me.

 Of course, 16 years had passed in my mind, but it was also probably because somewhere in my heart I wanted to erase the past with Ayano from my memory.

 ”If a girl asks you to stay over, I think a normal guy would be happy, right?”

 ”Haah~… We’re not that kind of relationship. Besides, wouldn’t it be enough to apologize to Auntie with one word, even if it’s a lie or not?”

 ”No. It’s not my fault.”

 She’s so selfish.

 I couldn’t understand why she had to stay at my place.

 It would have been more understandable if she had done it for me. But perhaps not. To put it bluntly, it was just because my house was next door and she knew my parents were not home.

 ”You were probably out late at night, weren’t you? Auntie must be worried about you.”

 ”It’s none of your business. Everyone else is the same.”

 ”You mean Sakaki and the others? But if you’d gone out with them…”

 ”What? Are you going to lecture me?”

 At that moment, [Anger] and [Excitement] flare up. It seems that my words have upset Ayano’s calm.

 But wait.

 Why am I trying to give her friendly advice?

 Why don’t I just let this girl go? I don’t even like her right now. Anyway, we’ll break up and we’ll be strangers.

 ”No, I don’t mean that. But what’s the fun in playing with them? They just hang out at convenience stores and arcades and talk till midnight. I don’t know what’s so fun about it. Maybe you’ll get angry again when I say this, but to tell the truth, I haven’t heard much good news about them.”

 ”Hmph!! Shuu will never understand. Because you’re a good boy. You won’t do anything bad. No, you can’t do it because you’re too scared.”

 ”I’m… a good boy, huh?”

 ”That’s right. Shuu would never do anything outside the rules of society. Shuu just want stays in his safe place, looking around, living his life as he’s supposed to.”

 Ayano, she’s the one who doesn’t understand anything.

 ”Though, I’m not saying it’s wrong. But you’re not like me.”

 ”Then, what if you’re in danger? Auntie’s worried about that too.”

 ”I can take care of myself.”

 At that moment, I felt the heat quickly fading from my body.

 It was the summer of the third year of high school when rumors began to circulate that Ayano had been gang-raped by Sakaki and his friends.

 I don’t know if it was true or not, but it is a fact that Ayano was acting strangely at that time. Her bossy, queen-like attitude had disappeared and her attitude toward Sakaki seemed to have changed to a somewhat flirtatious one.

 If I look at her optimistically, it might look like the face of a person whom she fell in love with, but if I look at her pessimistically, it looks like the sorrowful face of a person whose weakness has been seized.

 But in the end, I did nothing. I dismissed it as Ayano’s own fault, no matter what it was.

 Then, with that guilt, should I help her?

 Should I be meddling in her life because I want to prevent my childhood friend from getting into trouble?

 –No, no way.

 But, I am not such a saint. I’m not a good person, and I know that.

 Yes, I know that now.

 I was merely frustrated by the fact that Sakaki took Ayano.

 I just can’t forgive the fact that she didn’t belong to me.

 I’m frustrated with Ayano for leaving me, even though I don’t like her much myself. I am selfish as well.

 But I am not a superior person who can complain about Ayano or Sakaki. Besides, can I really live my life pretending to be a normal person, playing the good boy that Ayano says I should be?

 All I can say now is that if things continue as before, Ayano will probably end up becoming Sakaki’s woman again.

 Then, let’s just start with warning…

 ”Hey, I gave you a warning. Even if Auntie gets mad at you later, I don’t care. I’ll leave a change of clothes and a blanket out for you. If you’re going to change anyway, go take a bath.”

 ”I know, I know.”

 Ayano’s mouth twitches in frustration, but the [Angry] red is slowly fading.

 I said nothing more and silently watched Ayano get up and walk to the bathroom. It’s not that I was so dumbfounded that I didn’t want to say anything anymore. Rather, I made a decision at that moment.

 I felt a dark emotion. If I could have seen my own aura at this time, I would have been dyed pink with [Desire].

* * *

 A sweet smell filled the living room.

 This sweet smell like berries boiled down into jam, but with a pungent smell.

 In fact, it was a dangerous smell.

 In that world, everyone knew these dangers, unless they were a child of tender years.

 If they smelled even the slightest bit of this sweet smell, they were told to leave immediately.

 If they don’t take the proper precautions and let themselves be lured by the smell, they will soon fall into a coma. A deep sleep that never awakens, no matter how hard they are beaten or hurt. And only a slow, digestive doom awaits them.

 This smell was from pollen dispersed by a cannibalistic flower called Devil Flower to lure its prey.

 I had released the Devil Flower pollen into the living room late at night when Ayano had gone to bed.

 If it had affected me in this world, Ayano might have found me lying on the floor of the living room. Or it was possible that neither of us had been affected at all. But, as expected, I was unaffected. Then there was Ayano.

 When I looked at Ayano, I found that her aura had completely disappeared.

 The aura of Ayano is invisible only when she is in a deep sleep or when she is a dead person.

 However, no one has ever died directly from inhaling the pollen of Devil Flower.

 Even if a person is in a coma, he/she breathes spontaneously and wakes up spontaneously after a certain period of time. Unless they are preyed by Devil Flower while they are in a coma, it should not be a big deal.

 However, if they carelessly approach the Devil Flower, they will end up in a second disaster, and their fate in the other world depends on whether other people can prepare countermeasures or not before they are preyed upon.

 Now, I approach Ayano.

 Lying on the sofa, Ayano seems to be sleeping soundly, and I lightly tap her cheek twice or thrice.

 There is no response.

 Just to be sure, I forcefully pushed up her eyelids to check the state of her eyeballs, and found that she was definitely in a deep sleep.

 ”I guess this is the kind of person I am after all…”

 I had expected to feel some resistance or hesitation toward criminal acts now that I was back in this world, but I felt nothing. I feel as if I’m somewhat numb to such feelings.

 ”Anyway, it’s a little late for that, isn’t it…?”

 I move the blanket out of the way.

 She’s a good-looking girl, I thought to myself again.

 She seems to have a pretty well-defined face, as people around her are fond of her.

 The bridge of her nose was straight and the apex of her nose was turned up a little as if it was clear, which gave her a cheeky look.

 Her eyes were a little droopy, but the clear double-layered eyes showed her strong will. Her full lips were glistening with pink lip gloss.

 Her breasts were about an E cup.

 She is a slender E, so she looks like she has big breasts. Well, her breasts alone are sure to attract the attention of men.

 ”Let’s do it.”

 I reach out my arm to the interdimensional storage.

 I grab what’s inside and pull it toward me. Then I drop it onto Ayano’s body.


 The colorless, transparent object falls on Ayano, and it shivers. This creature probably didn’t expect to be in another world after a long time in the storage.

 Now, the slime was slowly crawling on Ayano’s body.

 It was after a month of deliberate fasting.

 It seems to be desperately searching for food. It moves very slowly, and its wriggling, writhing behavior does not seem very dangerous.

 But I know how dangerous this slime is. I made it, after all…

 Slowly the slime reaches Ayano’s face and stops when it reaches her glossy lips. Then, after a while, it enters Ayano as if it had made up its mind.


 After watching it, I left the living room. There is nothing else to do now. I don’t know if I can help her now that the slime is gone. Besides, I have no intention of doing so.

 But I was so disappointed at that time.

 Even after what they did to my childhood friend, I was still surprisingly unaware of what I was feeling…

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