Returnee 4

Chapter 4 Body Transformation in the Name of Alchemy

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 For about three years until I found the petals of the millennium plant.

 I did not spend all my time on the search.

 After all, the contents of the Book of Algabana were full of new discoveries that amazed even me, a man who had already gained a great deal of knowledge about alchemy.

 Among them, there was a bio-alchemy using living creatures, and the slime I used this time was one of them.

 —It is a mysterious method of captivating the opposite s*x.

 This method makes one object mentally and physically dependent on another object so that the object cannot be separated from the other object.

 It’s a way of making people dependent on pleasure.

 In the other world, there is a monster called slime, which is a standard in fantasy worlds.

 However, they are not that dangerous. They are omnivores and eat anything, but they do not have strong enzymes for decomposition except for some species of slime which are highly acidic. For humans, they were not that dangerous.

 Anyway, this slime monster had an interesting characteristic.

 Basically, the food it feeds upon determines its attributes and habits. Once this happens, the slime will prefer only that food and will consume almost nothing else.

 However, of course, in the wild, the preferred food may disappear completely from the surroundings.

 Because of this, the slime moves slowly and wanders around in search of its food.

 However, if they still cannot find food, they try to parasitize other organisms as a last resort.

 This means that if they find themselves in a situation where they cannot survive without food, they try to survive by assimilating into other organisms. Of course, the host organism will not easily allow foreign organisms to invade, and they rarely succeed.

 But if the slime manages to assimilate, it is said that it secretes a special mucus to inform its host of the whereabouts of its favorite food.

 This is all I know about the ecology of slime, the story of secondary symbiosis.

 And this is where the alchemy comes in.

 In the process of slime nucleus division and multiplication, the child nucleus basically inherits the attributes of the parent nucleus.

 However, this does not completely determine the attributes of the child nucleus, which may change slightly depending on the food habits of the child nucleus immediately after the division.

 On the other hand, the nucleus is not born with no attributes. This is because the nucleus inherits some of the attributes of the parent nucleus even immediately after the division.

 However, the slime that was needed as a material for bio-alchemy was the non-attribute-free slime. Or, perhaps, it is more correct to say that they are almost non-attributable.

 And so, the first step is to put the nucleus into the mana potion-filled culture medium.

 The source of the mana potion is magic power. Well, magic itself is non-attributable.

 Strictly speaking, however, a mana potion is not completely attribute-free, since it contains water and other substances.

 Then, the nucleus is fed with the favorite food of the parent nucleus and is raised. Once the nucleus has been fed, its attributes become less prominent.

 The nucleus becomes weaker than the parent nucleus. And this process is repeated many times.

 It takes about three to six months for it to split. And ultimately, it took more than two years to produce slime with almost no attributes.

 After this first stage, it is time to move on to the next step.

 To this non-attribute-free slime, I give it attributes in the opposite direction.

 I take the slime out of the mana potion culture and put it into the feeding tank, and then feed it with my semen. I also mix in my saliva, sweat, and urine from time to time. As a result, after about two months, the attribute of the slime is established, and its attribute is now my semen.

 It is strange to say that the attribute is semen, but in this case, it would be easier to understand if it is considered a staple food.

 In the third step, I give it a change of its attribute.

 The material is the body fluid of the incubus.

 The bodily fluid secreted from the body of an incubus is said to be much more dangerous than drugs in this world.

 And this time, I used an incubus’s bodily fluid because my s*xual target was a woman, but if my target was a man, I would prepare a succubus’s bodily fluid.

 However, I can’t confirm the effect of this method, since it doesn’t work on me at all, whether it is an incubus or a succubus.

 According to the Book of Algabana, the ecstasy, euphoria, and s*xual pleasure of the incubus will turn even a virgin into a slut in no time. Such a thing is not so common in the other world, and I had a hard time finding it.

 As it turned out, a nobleman in a far northern country had summoned an incubus and was using it. Well, he was a demon himself.

 At that time, I sneak into his mansion, quickly chop off the head of the incubus, and then chop his body into pieces. Basically, anything, even living creatures, can fit in the interdimensional storage, but for some reason, anything that can’t be lifted with one hand won’t fit.

 After throwing the dismembered body of the incubus into the interdimensional storage, I decided to ask this nobleman how to summon a demon in exchange for his life.

 But the amount of materials he had was enough for one summoning. Still, I wouldn’t want to go through all this trouble if I could summon the demon by myself. I wanted to make sure that I had a way to get it for the future.

 However, when I heard that it requires 1,000 people to be sacrificed, I gave up early.

 Anyway, I will feed the incubus with its bodily fluids along with the food later.

 The slime with the incubus’ attributes established does not change even if other food is fed to it. However, it is interesting to note that, after a while, the slime started to secrete mucus, which has the same effect as that of the incubus, from its body every time it eats. This seems to be a change of habit.

 And as I mentioned earlier, even after assimilation, the slime still secretes a small amount of this mucus when it senses the approach of food. It is probably a kind of drooling in pleasure.

 This was the slime that I used on Ayano.

 Maybe, it takes about two or three days for the slime to be completely assimilated and solidified. And when that happens, Ayano won’t be able to get away from me.

 Just imagining that moment made my crotch swell up.

 Thinking back, I have not had a woman for a long time because I have been too absorbed in my research for a while now.

 But I’m not going to make a move now.

 I’m going to enjoy the process of Ayano’s dependence on me and her degradation, even if only a little. That’s what I want—to get back at Ayano for leaving me.


 ”I feel tired.”

 The next morning I went to the living room and found Ayano sitting there.

 Even though she is in a coma before, she should recover naturally as soon as the pollen is removed from her body.

 She would probably be in a coma for 5 or 6 hours before waking up. Though it is not clear when she woke up, it seems that Ayano did not go back to her house.

 She was still in her jersey, half lying on the sofa and playing with her phone.

 ”You must have caught a cold.”

 ”Well…maybe. I feel like I have a fever. Do you have any cold medicine?”

 ”I think it’s in the cupboard next to the kitchen. Just go home and sleep. I’m going to school.”

 It’s probably just the slime assimilation. There should be no pain, but it is hard to get rid of a little bit of discomfort.

 And she’ll probably feel strange for a couple of days.

 ”No, I don’t want to go back.”

 ”What? Why are you staying here? Are you going to miss school?”

 ”Yeah. I’m tired and I don’t want to go home.”

 ”But you can’t stay like that forever. No matter how bad your behavior is, you’ll be reported missing if you’re away from home for days.”

 At the moment, her aura is blue for [Reassurance][Calmness] and gray for [Sadness][Distress]. There is a little bit of white for [Acceptance][Trust] mixed in.

 Maybe her impression of me has changed after yesterday’s exchange?

 Frankly, I don’t know what part of it was trustworthy to Ayano. Or is it possible that she had already trusted me a little then?

 ”I don’t like things I don’t like.”

 ”Tsk, do what you want. But I’ll tell Auntie that Ayano’s staying here.”

 ”Hmph! Whatever!”

 As soon as she said that, Ayano pulled the blanket covering her feet over her head. She turned her back to me in a sulky manner and got ready to fall asleep on the sofa. There was nothing I could say to her now. And I’m beginning to realize that this must be Ayano’s way of rejecting me.

 ”I’ll leave the door unlocked. If you get hungry, you can rummage in the fridge for something.”

 Anyway, I’m ready for school.

 That’s all I told Ayano, and I left the house.

 Although I was concerned about Ayano, it was the first time in 16 years that I would be going to high school. For the rest of my life, at least on the surface, I would have to try to look like a normal person.

 That was all I could think about at the time.

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