Returnee 5

Chapter 5 The Existence of a Girlfriend

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 A cold wind, which stings my cheeks, is blowing right beside me.

 It felt unusually chilly for the middle of October, probably because of the cool autumn rain last night.

 It might have been cold by yesterday, but I can’t recall it. It may or may not have been a cool summer and it may have been cold early on.

 I try desperately to recall the past, but my vague memories keep going round and round in circles. I was feeling anxious and impatient with the connection between the past and present that I could not find any connection with the past.

 In fact, I don’t remember much of the past until yesterday.

 Who I was with, what I talked about, what I did.

 How many faces and names of my classmates do I remember? What was my homeroom teacher’s last name? My class and seat?

 To tell the truth, I don’t think I can remember so much. It almost seems too much.

 The scenery of the city remained faintly in the corner of my memory. I also vaguely remembered the way to the school.

 Even Ayano’s name, with whom I had such a close relationship, did not immediately come to my mind. How much have I forgotten?

 ”Good morning, Shuu-kun.”

 All of sudden, I heard a voice on the way to school.

 The voice made me startled. It was because it sounded familiar.

 In fact, I can say that the unique husky voice sounded all too familiar to me. At least I haven’t forgotten the owner of this voice.

 Or perhaps it is better to say that I can’t forget her.

 But for a moment, my heart is in turmoil.

 I felt a tightening in my chest. Even now, a lump remains in my memory.

 It was a memory that I could not forget even if I wanted to.

 If I’m talking about the present moment, then this person is definitely the person who occupied most of my heart. Yes, even compared to that Ayano.

 The owner of the voice—Amazawa Kyouka, was my girlfriend, even if it was only for three months.

 Even though we are not in a relationship at this point, in my mind, she is someone with whom I have had a real-life relationship.

 This piece of bittersweet memory that I can’t forget was once again taking shape in a single form.

 ”Mmm, Kyoka…?”

 ”What’s wrong? You don’t seem to be in good spirits.”

 ”Hmm… is that so? But I’m the same as usual. I’m just not in high spirits all morning like you.”

 Kyoka immediately comes up to me and starts walking next to me.

 Her height is 167cm, rather tall for a woman. She has a model’s figure and her hair is cut very short. She has a lovely face with a clear nose and eyes.

 And two dimples on her cheeks.

 But more importantly, I liked her smile.

 I can say that there was nothing I disliked about her appearance: her slender legs, her tanned wheat-colored skin, her firm buttocks, her long and firm breasts, which were visible through her clothes, but not so big as to be big.

 But the thing I liked the most was definitely her smile.

 ”Uhh, are you somehow making fun of me?”

 ”No, I’m complimenting you. You’re always so optimistic.”

 ”Ah, I see… but you must be making fun of me!”

 ”You noticed, huh? But I really mean it as a compliment.”

 ”There are many better ways to compliment someone. You won’t attract girls like that, Shuu-kun.”

 I saw her aura was white for [Acceptance][Trust] and pink for [Affection][Desire]. In addition, there is a little bit of green for [Happiness][Pleasure].

 Though I expected this to some extent, I was surprised at the positive response.

 ”It’s okay. As long as I’m only popular with Kyouka.”

 After what I did to Ayano just last night, I don’t know what the hell I’m saying to her. I myself did not know why I had said such a thing.

 But I was sure that we had exchanged such nonsense before. Besides, I decided to pretend to be a normal high school student on the surface.

 But did I have to play the role of such a frivolous guy?

 Ah, yeah.

 Maybe it’s because deep inside of me, I still have a strong desire not to show Kyouka my dark side.

 ”Wh-Wh-What are you talking about!?”

 ”Don’t be shy. Don’t be shy.”

 ”I’m not shy!!”

 Kyoka’s ears are stained red from my unintentional words.

 I don’t need to see her aura. I can tell by the look of embarrassment and happiness on her face… Well, I know how Kyoka was feeling toward me at that time. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who felt the same way.

 Then, why on earth?

 ”Shuu-kun, is something wrong with you today?”

 ”Is it? Ah, so that’s what it looks like to you, Kyouka.”

 ”Yeah. Is something wrong?”

 ”Well, I’ve been thinking about something. Maybe I’ll try to be honest with myself a little bit in the future.”

 ”Heh~. I see. That’s why you said such an awkward line. But it’s okay, isn’t it? Shuu-kun is a bit of a reserved person in many ways.”

 Kyouka’s husky voice, which I have missed so much, is pleasantly soothing to my ears.

 Strangely, I can accept what Kyouka says even though she says similar things just like Ayano. Maybe there was something like that in the old me.

 ”I’m not trying to do anything. So don’t take it so hard. Anyway, look. We’re going to be late, so let’s hurry.”

 At this point, my relationship with Kyouka is that of a very close man-woman relationship.

 If one of us takes one more step forward, our relationship will change dramatically. But that future can only lead to a catastrophe.

 But what does that matter? After all, I just want her to be mine, too, don’t I?

 It doesn’t have to be a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

 I get what I want by force. That’s how I’ve survived. And this girl betrayed me in the end. What’s there to be modest about?

 But, is it really all right?

 Why did Kyoka dump me? If I could at least find out why…


 ”Is that girl back home?”

 I had managed to finish my first day as a student, and I was back home.

 There were a few risky moments, but I managed to get through them. In other words, no one paid that much attention to me.

 I found that I had been worrying too much because I could remember many things when I stood there.

 I often couldn’t match the name with the face, but I could just nod my head and act sleepy until someone called out the name.

 However, I felt so bored in my student life for the first time in a long time that it seemed to me to be more of a problem than anything else.

 And, it seems when I came home after passing the boring student life, Ayano was already gone from my house.

 The only traces of Ayano’s presence were a jersey and a blanket that had been thrown roughly on the sofa. I don’t expect her to be grateful or attentive from the beginning, but it would be nice if she would at least be feminine enough to put her clothes in the laundry basket.

 More importantly, I have more important things to do now.

 I change my clothes in the downstairs bedroom, take a travel suitcase out of the closet, and run out of the house with it.


 Right now, I’m in front of a high-class apartment. There was no nameplate on the front door.

 I pressed the doorbell, and the heavy-looking door opened slowly and noisily. However, the door stopped after opening a little, as if it was still chained.

 Through the gap, a man peeks out and asks me.

 ”Who are you?”

 ”My name is James Masuda. I’m here today to discuss something with you.”

 ”Oh, you’re Masuda-san? Then, which Masuda-san are you?”

 ”Which one? Oh, I see. If that’s what you mean, I guess I’m unaffiliated.”

 I could see the man frown.

 The black color of [Hostility] [Dislike] suddenly becomes stronger. No, in this case, I guess it’s [Caution].

 It is more appropriate to think that he was alarmed by my response. Probably, the other party thought that he asked for the name of the organization. However, I think that my response, which he did not expect to be asked such a question, made him distrust me.

 ”You say you are not affiliated with any organization, have you been expelled before? I hope you are not one of those who have a warrant circulating.”

 ”No, no, I’m not expelled, I don’t belong to any organization at all. I’m just looking to do business with you.”

 ”Business? Are you referring to one of ours? I can call him if you’d like.”

 ”Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to do business with one of your people until now.”

 Well, in this world, I don’t have that kind of acquaintance.

 But in the other world, I’ve had good contacts with hoodlums and crime syndicates.

 ”So, are you talking about protection money? If so, I’ll go through them.”

 ”I’m not talking about protection money, I’m talking about doing business directly with you people.”

 ”What? Are you kidding me? I mean, you’re an amateur, right? And do you think you can just show up at our office and ask us to do business with you? You have to have someone in between you and us or something.”

 ”No, I’m absolutely not kidding, but unfortunately I don’t have such an acquaintance. And now, I’ll figure something out.”

 ”Masuda-san, you’ve got to stop fooling around. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?”

 Of course, I do. I went to the trouble of looking for them.

 But it wasn’t that hard since I relied on my abilities.

 This is the office belonging to the Rindo clan of the Sanriku-kai, a designated crime syndicate.

 ”Of course, I already know that. And I’m sure it’s a good story for you too.”

 ”That’s enough, you son of a bitch! I said go home while things are quiet! !”

 Suddenly the man’s attitude changes to that of a thug, and he begins to raise his voice.

 The red of [Excitement] is not so intense, and his voice is probably used for the argument. Well, this is more suitable for him because he looks like a hoodlum.

 ”Hey, Yasu! What the hell are you doing?”

 Along with such a voice, I notice a new presence approaching me on the other side of the door.

 ”Well, big bro (Aniki). Some strange old man came to our office out of the blue and started talking nonsense about wanting to do business. He didn’t have any introduction from anyone, he just wandered in here.”

 ”Heh, business, huh? So, what is this business of his?”

 ”No, I don’t know yet…”

 ”Well, all right. Sounds like a good story. Besides, I smell money. My intuition’s pretty good at times like this. Then, I’ll ask him myself.”

 ”Eh? Did big bro need to do this? Well, I don’t think he’s a gunman or something, judging from the atmosphere.”

 After that, the thug-like man withdraws his face.

 As if replacing him, a man with a certain dignity peeks out.

 ”Sorry for the trouble caused by our young man. I heard that you want to do business. Uhh…”

 ”I’m James Masuda.”

 ”Masuda-san, is it? My name is Yasunaga. And what kind of business do you want to do?”

 This guy seems to talk fast. And he certainly has good instincts.

 I was having a hard time deciding what to do when I got into a back-and-forth with a thug.

 To be honest, I couldn’t think of a good way, since I had used more direct methods in the other world. But in this world, it would be impossible for me to force my way in and push my way through the conversation while the other party is upset.

 Well, to be honest, I can’t deny that it was a bit aimless.

 Anyway, I take something out of the suitcase in my hand for now.

 ”This is…!?”

 Yasunaga’s aura instantly changes to yellow with expectation and interest.

 ”Heh~, is it golds?”

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