Returnee 20 2

Chapter 20 Woman’s Identity

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 A girl I happen to meet falls in love with me at first sight and asks to be my mistress. I wonder if such a good story is so easy to come by

 ”I have to warn you, I might show you something a little unsightly.”

 Hearing those words, I guessed to some extent

 It was natural to think so, considering our previous exchanges

 It is not that I have not considered this possibility at all. If so, it would make sense in some parts

 However, that would have meant that Sayaka had already guessed my true nature. That’s why I was just denying the idea

 I have been wearing a mask both last time and this time. Not only on the outside but also on the inside

 My attitude was supposed to be polite to the point of condescension, and I was supposed to be very careful not to make a mess

 And then, in front of my eyes, her one-piece dress falls off

 What appeared from under the dress was, after all, just as I had imagined

 ”So you’re a masochist, huh?”


 ”Then, you also thought I was a sadist, didn’t you?”

 ”Am I wrong? I’m sorry if it was my one-sided misunderstanding.”

 Sayaka’s body in just her underwear was covered with swollen marks all over

 A small tattoo was visible showing through around her pubic bone

 The parts of her body that would be exposed were properly hidden from view, but even so, such scars could only have been left by an expert who had fallen deeply into the game. It is highly possible that Yasunaga knew this kind of woman and recommended her to me

 Of course, it is not impossible that there was a private locker room in the bar, and that Sayaka had kept this scar well hidden

 Anyway, I have some experience in dealing with such masochistic businesswomen in the other world. However, I can’t say that Sayaka’s intuition was completely right

 I myself am not a true sadist

 Even if I had a little bit of that, I could not say that I had a sense of joy in it

 I indeed have no hesitation in hurting women. But it is just that my senses are basically numb

 I was only able to do such things because I treated them as livestock, not human beings

 Still, if it is a type of sadist who feels pleasure in subjugating others mentally, rather than physically, then she is not mistaken

 But in any case, I did not intend to correct Sayaka’s misunderstanding

 Anyway, I have many ways to treat her. It is because I have a tool to completely corrupt such masochistic pigs. And from my experience, there was no doubt in my mind that if I used such a tool on this masochistic girl, she would be addicted to the pleasure of the tool

 Of course, I couldn’t just suddenly bring out the tool here and there

 ”Well, I wonder about that. But, I understood it at least. I don’t even know why Sayaka-san suggested this…”

 ”Well, then…”

 The pink of [Desire] and the yellow of [Expectation] become intense at once

 Emotions that had been stable for a long time are now shaking dramatically. However, I know that these feelings do not come from [Love]

 It is nothing but carnal desire

 ”So, is it OK? But you have to do it my way. And let’s just see how it goes for now. If I don’t like it, that’s the end of it.”

 ”I understand. That’s fine.”

 ”Today is just a taste. Shall we start with a normal one and see how much you can satisfy me?”

 ”Yes, I will be happy to serve you.”

 Sayaka sits right next to me in her underwear

 I felt her face with flushed cheeks approaching me from the side. It was a face so well-defined that it could be described as an actress’s face

 The weeping dark circles at the corners of her eyes were very impressive, and her body was superb. Her skin is also white and translucent

 To some people, the scars on her body might look ugly. The fact is that I did not think the scars were beautiful either

 Still, I didn’t think all this perfect beauty would be spoiled by the scar

 As I thought so, I felt a wet sensation on my lips

 It was more of a caress with lips and tongue than a kiss

 It was a caress to make the other person feel good, rather than to make herself feel good. She moved her lips around not only my lips but also my ears and neck with her tongue, pressing it against me gently and stickily

 Then, with my hands behind my back, I let myself fall into her caresses for a while

 While she continued to caress me, she also tried to undress me, and I moved my body a little to accommodate her

 One by one, the buttons were undone, my shirt was taken off, and the belt was pulled off. The movements were so smooth that it looked like something she was accustomed to doing

 ”Do you work out? And you look so fierce here. You look so young like you’re in your twenties.”

 Sayaka asked me this while touching my bare p*nis

 I knew she would find out, but she seemed to be simply admiring me rather than distrusting me

 And since I’m not muscular, I’m sure there was some flattery in there

 ”Yes. I still take good care of my health.”

 ”So, that’s a lie? What about the story about sugar?”

 ”Well, that’s true. I don’t want you to be too concerned about it, so I respectfully declined your request at that time.”

 ”Hmm, I see. But I didn’t know you had such a nice thing. May I serve you with my mouth?”

 ”Yes. Whatever you like.”

 Sayaka was gently handling my p*nis with her right hand, while she opened her mouth wide and seductively moved her mouth as if she was holding my cock in her mouth

 Her expression was flirtatious and she seemed to be full of the joy of a masochistic pig who was allowed to suck my dick

 From her face to her neck. From her neck to her breasts

 Slowly, slowly

 Her head is gradually moving down toward my crotch as she licks every part of my body to make sure I am satisfied. And all I had to do was just let myself be pleasured by it


 I noticed something. I noticed that Sayaka had another tattoo on her back below her shoulder blades

 The moment I saw the other tattoo hidden on her back..

 I remembered the alcohol-loving woman from my memory and it matched perfectly with Sayaka’s

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