Returnee 21

Chapter 21 Woman in Memory

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 ”Those are lovely angel wings. Since when did you start getting tattoos?”

 I couldn’t help but say those words.

 I didn’t mean anything by it. I just saw a familiar tattoo and couldn’t help but mention it.

 She was on all fours on the bed, holding my manhood with her hand and licking it slowly from the base with her tongue, and then she stopped for a moment.

 ”It’s embarrassing to say this, but I had a youthful impulse when I was a teenager. I think it was about six or seven years ago?”

 I touched the tattoo on her back with my hand as if tracing it, remembering a memory.

 I wondered why I had forgotten it until now. It was as if that part of my memory had been completely wiped out. Such a memory had disappeared into oblivion.

 Her name was the same as my memory, Sayaka.

 I think she was five or six years older than when I met her, but I am sure it was her.

 Sayaka is an older woman whom I fell in love with when I had just started working.

 I am beginning to remember her little by little.

 I met her on the way home from a drink with my boss. I think it was when I stopped by a food stall to get some ramen for dinner. Sayaka was sitting alone at the stall.

 She was drinking sake like she was trying to make it up to the ramen.

 Seeing Sayaka like that, I was curious about her, and that’s when I approached her.

 Of course, I had an ulterior motive, or rather, I had a reason because Sayaka was very beautiful.

 It seems that the fact that she was a strong drinker and that she had my type of face helped.

 We hit it off and became friends in no time, and I remember that we had s*xual intercourse a few times after that. However, in the end, she dumped me one-sidedly.

 When I recall all these memories, the various memories associated with her come flooding back to me like a flood.

 Sayaka in my memory was indeed covered with scars.

 No, I think she was in worse condition than now. In those days, I was not interested in such things, so we only lightly played SM together, and I think we had mostly normal way.

 At that time, I thought that Sayaka was satisfied enough with me because of her good reaction. But when she told me that she was not satisfied having intercourse with me when we parted, I remember that I was quite shocked.

 The question is why that memory was missing.

 I have always had the feeling that some of my earlier memories were missing. But it was just my imagination.

 In other words, it is just the result of the passage of 16 long years in my mind, and I did not think it was so strange if I had forgotten the memories of when I was 17 years old.

 However, this time is different.

 It is difficult to imagine that I could forget someone whom I fell in love with even for a moment since I met Sayaka after I became a member of society.

 It is true that in the case of amnesia, it is said that people tend to forget more recent memories than those from a long time ago, but is it possible for me to have forgotten everything about her?

 The first thing that came to my mind was the existence of the Time Traveler’s potion.

 Considering the past events, it is not surprising that I came to the conclusion that it might have been the cause of the problem.

 I thought that my going back in time might have caused a part of my memory to be damaged.

 The memories that should have been there were forcibly overwritten.

 Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a defect in memory.

 If this is the reason why I cannot remember some of my memories, it seems to make some sense. It may not mean that they have disappeared completely, though, since I can recall them if I have a chance to do so.

 Though it is not yet confirmed, I thought that it is quite possible.

 Still, I never thought that I would meet Sayaka again in a different way.

 Is it fate?

 I’m not a fate theorist or anything, but I can’t help but feel that there is some kind of mysterious fate between me and Sayaka. Moreover, from what I see now, I think it’s safe to say that this “something” is working in my favor.

 In fact, “something” seems to be telling me that I should corrupt this woman.

 Anyway, I put my hands on Sayaka’s hips and try to pull down her panties.

 Sayaka knows what I want and lifts her hips.

 Then, I move my fingers from her ass to her exposed pussy, and touch her clitoris.

 And since I know a little about this woman’s body, I knew that she would be pleased if I played with her clitoris in a way that I squeeze it hard.

 As I intended, Sayaka, who had her face buried between my legs, reacted with a jerk. The force was strong enough to cause pain to a normal woman. But Sayaka starts to let out a small moan from her mouth at the caresses which seem to be a little rough.

 After removing her panties, Sayaka opened her legs and changed her position so that I could touch her more easily.

 This time I put my finger deep into her cunt and rubbed her belly from the inside.

 At this, Sayaka showed an extraordinary reaction.

 She moved her body and began to move up and down impatiently, and it was obvious from the reaction of her lower body that she was quite weak in this area. Sayaka, who had suddenly felt her sensitive point, started to suck the cock eagerly as if she couldn’t resist any longer.

 Meanwhile, I rubbed hard on the part where she felt stronger green emotion, and Sayaka’s face comes off from the cock, and her face distorted with anguish.

 Her face was not as relaxed as before, and it looked to me as if she was desperately trying to resist the pleasure given to her.

 ”No, not there! I’m going to cum!! That part is weak. Ahhh, stop! I’m gonna cum!!!”

 *Twitch! Twitch!

 The lower part of her body bounces as she slams her hips down.

 Her body is as sensitive as ever. It is strange to say “as usual”, but it is because I know the other Sayaka.

 However, at that time I was not aware of the fact that Sayaka was never satisfied. I could not realize that no matter how much she seemed to feel, the essence of this woman is nothing but masochism.

 Even though I saw this scar with my own eyes, I treated her as a woman with a normal s*xual habit.

 No, even if I had understood it, this woman might have been too much for me at that time.

 After thought so, I put on a condom, went behind Sayaka, and inserted my dick into her without asking.

 I decided to drive Sayaka into the corner with a hard piston.

 Anyway, I still had a lot of time on my side.

 And I had a lot of leeway on my part, partly because I had fucked Sayaka before her foreplay got into full swing.

 However, the raw s*x with Ayano was so much more pleasurable that I couldn’t help but think it was too subtle compared to that.

 Well, Sayaka’s pussy is not too tight either. It’s just that Ayano’s pussy was too good. And that’s not so bad because I can enjoy this kind of s*x. Another reason is I feel ejaculation as soon as I insert my p*nis into her pussy.

 Anyway, I slam my hips roughly against her big ass.

 When I look at Sayaka, she seems to be clenching her teeth and enduring the oncoming pleasure. It is as if I am forcibly raping a woman who does not want to be raped. It was like animalistic s*x.

 *Pound! Pound! Pound!

 The sound of our hips hitting echoed loudly. Sayaka’s cunt, which was already fully formed, had become a pot of flesh that only wriggled and moved in response to my cock.

 And since a few minutes ago, Sayaka has been climaxing repeatedly in a short period.

 She is a very physically responsive woman.

 Or maybe she is a masochist by nature, and she is physically compatible with me. That’s why I guessed that she was satisfied with me.

 As I thought so, I slap Sayaka’s buttocks, which were feeling my s*x with just a hard slap.

 ”Hey, tighten your cunt more!”

 I stopped moving my hips once and ordered Sayaka strongly.

 I let out my true self because I was getting excited. Besides, I was a little aroused by the rough s*x I hadn’t had in a long time. So, I decided that there was no need to hide my true self from this woman.

 On the contrary, I thought Sayaka would be more pleased with my attitude.

 ”Y-Yes… I’m sorry.”

 ”Don’t you feel sorry for me, coming all over yourself?”

 ”I do feel sorry. So, please forgive me, Master. Your cock feels so good, I can’t take it anymore.”

 ”Don’t make excuses. What did I say? I told you to satisfy me. So why are you the only one who gets to enjoy it? Huh?”

 ”Yes, exactly as you said. Please finish me off so you can enjoy Sayaka’s pussy as much as you want.”

 ”Sayaka, get on top and swing your hips.”

 ”I understand. I’ll take your cock from the top.”

 Sayaka, who had just taken off her bra, straddled me sitting on her hips, completely naked.

 Her big breasts were covered with traces of nipple piercings, which I guessed she used to have. She does not have piercings now, but once they have been in that state for a long time, the holes will never be filled up.

 Seeing such a scar, I decided to try using an advanced healing potion on her.

 It should have a regenerative effect, restoring the scar or whatever to the original state of the living creature. I’ve been thinking of using it on someone sooner or later, though not as much as Muldeur’s poison. But I thought it might be a good idea to try it on this woman.

 Then, I need a guarantee that Sayaka will not tell others about it to others.

 The best way to do that would be to make Sayaka mentally and physically dependent on me.

 ”Does this cock feel so good?”

 ”Yes, Master’s cock is too strong. I haven’t been fucked by such a stiff cock in a long time.”

 Well, that’s what I’d expect if she’d been with a bunch of old men.

 It’s not like SM is a hobby that she awakens from a young age, either, and it’s no wonder that she has to deal with older men to some extent. She told me that it had been quite a long time since she had had s*x. So, it was no wonder that Sayaka was like this, as she was being pounded hard by a young teenager’s cock.

 Now, Sayaka was hugging me and shaking her hips frantically. My cock, which was deep inside her in a tight position, finally felt ejaculation from the tightness of her vagina.

 ”I’m going to cum!!”

 ”Yes, please come!”

 I released my semen into the condom.

 At about the same time, Sayaka seemed to have a big climax.

 Sayaka collapses onto my chest with a satisfied look on her face. As I looked at her face, I thought back to the past when things didn’t go well with her.


 ”Master, you were wonderful. How was Sayaka’s taste? I hope it satisfied you a little.”

 ”Yes, it was not bad.”

 I can see a little white of [trust] and [acceptance] in Sayaka’s emotion. Or, in this case, maybe I should say [loyalty].

 In any case, it is not enough. At this level, I still trust Kyouka more than her. I guess I need that tool to get this woman to fall seriously.

 But for now, I take some money out of my wallet and give it to Sayaka.

 I had promised her this money from the beginning. It is neither too much nor too little for a mistress.

 For me, it was just enough to pay her monthly, and I didn’t mind if she thought of it as a financial relationship at first.

 Because I knew that this woman would eventually become mine, body, and soul.

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