Returnee 22

Chapter 22 Like a Dog

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 Main Character’s Perspective

 I gently touched her breasts over her clothes.

 At my sudden action, I felt her body tense up in my embrace.

 ”Mm… Shuu-kun, you pervert…”

 ”I know it’s a day off, but I’ve been studying hard all day. Shouldn’t I be rewarded with something like this?”

 ”I don’t understand why I have to give you this reward.”

 ”Isn’t that what a lover is supposed to do? If I do this to a stranger, I’ll get caught.”

 ”Geez, I can’t help it. Just for a little while, okay?”

 We had kissed each other many times in a secluded place on our way home from school.

 But this was the first time I touched her breasts.

 Although it is not like me, I have not been able to make a move on Kyouka. I don’t know where this weakness comes from.

 Is it because I don’t want Kyouka to hate me?

 Well, ever since I came back to this world, I feel that I have not been able to control my emotions well.

 I was fine even though I did such a terrible thing to Ayano.

 On the other hand, I have felt a little affection for Ayano.

 The same is true for Sayaka. I was ready to make her crazy as if it was natural for me to do so.

 But for some reason, I, who am supposed to be so ruthless, can only have tender feelings for Kyouka. If it is out of love, there is nothing wrong with it.

 However, when I was asked if it was really so, I couldn’t quite nod my head. I myself have no idea which one is the real me.

 However, there is one feeling that I know for sure. It is a possessive desire to own these women.

 This is the one thing that I have in common with all of them, and it must be my true feeling.

 If I wanted to, I could make this Kyouka depend on me just like Ayano.

 But the slime is certainly no more.

 Maybe the slime I used on Ayano will split, but what happens to a parasitic slime once it is parasitic is an unknown field to me. Even if it splits, there could be two slime parasites inside Ayano.

 But if it’s an aphrodisiac, I have it in interdimensional storage.

 It was something I used to use when I was playing with women in the other world. In terms of giving pleasure for a moment, it would be as good as the bodily fluids of an incubus. So, there is nothing wrong with using pleasure to corrupt a woman.

 There may be some women who cannot be bound by pleasure alone, but Kyouka has an extraordinary fondness for me. If pleasure is added to it, it seems to me that it is possible to make her depend on me.

 But if I do it now, I feel that I will fail. I guess my traumatic experience of being rejected by Kyouka might be having an influence on me.

 ”You touch it too much. Do you like breasts, Shuu-kun?”

 ”Yeah. All men are like that. Some women like men’s chests, too, right? If you want, Kyouka, you can try your hand on my chest.

 ”No thanks. I’m not interested in Shuu-kun’s chest, but if anything, I prefer this one.”

 Saying this, Kyouka kisses me.

 But she still seems embarrassed to kiss me, with a hint of pink on her cheeks.

 Still, the tip of Kyouka’s tongue reaches out to me fearfully and twirls around my tongue a little. She was not too aggressive, but I enjoyed this first kiss for a while.

 At the same time, I saw the green of [happiness] spreading in front of me.

 However, there is still a little bit of purple [anxiety].

 I am wondering what that anxiety is. But even if she suspects my relationship with Ayano, I can’t make any more excuses for it.

 It would probably only lead to a lot of confusion.

 The only thing I could do now was to act like a high school student following Kyouka’s smiling view of love.

 I feel like that’s all I can do right now. And the time when Kyouka rejects me is still a long time away. There was still some time left before that.


 Third Person Perspective

 The moment Shuu texted her that he was on his way home, Ayano felt her own feelings rising up.

 She herself thought at that moment that she was like a dog that was waiting for its master to come home. If she had a tail, she would be wagging it right now.

 Maybe she should try to dress up as a dog next time and Shuu would be pleased with that.

 Thinking like that, it seems like a very good idea. But then, she should ask Shuu to put a tail on her pussy.

 As she thought about it, she realized that her pussy was slowly drooling.

 Still, there was one thing Ayano could not ask Shuu to do. Other than that, she can show Shuu anything he wants.

 And that is to ask him to play with her anus.

 She wonders how good it would feel to have Shuu’s p*nis, which makes her feel so good, play with her anus. After all, sometimes, when she couldn’t see Shu, she used to think about that, and she used to put her fingers in and out of her anus.

 That alone used to be enough to make her feel good, but now she misses his p*nis.

 Of course, if Shuu doesn’t want to do that, she can’t force him to do it. Because what Shuu says has become absolute for her now.

 (Haahh, I want to have s*x soon. I want Shuu’s p*nis.)

 Even if she doesn’t have s*x with Shuu, she is happy enough just to be with Shuu. There is no doubt about that.

 However, while making out with Shuu, Ayano can’t help but want to suck his p*nis or get penetrated by him.

 It is an undeniable fact that her s*xual desire has something to do with it.

 Of course, she wants to serve the person she loves, and she is happy if Shuu feels good about it. So, she feels somewhat unsatisfied if Shuu’s p*nis is not in her cunt or in her mouth.

 And there was that moment.

 The pleasure of having Shuu’s semen in her mouth and in her cunt. It was a moment of unparalleled bliss for her now.

 (I wonder how long it will take him to get home. If I waited in front of his house, he would be annoyed.)

 Suddenly, there was a squelching sound.

 Before she knew it, Ayano’s fingers had slipped into her panties and were rubbing her cunt and clitoris. Her mind had already memorized the shape and smell of Shuu’s p*nis.

 So, while fantasizing about its shape and smell, Ayano continues to rub her pussy.

 She had masturbated so many times because she hadn’t been able to see him yesterday, but now she couldn’t wait even a few more minutes.

 Ayano knows that Shuu is dating another woman right now.

 Shuu doesn’t try to hide it at all.

 Still, jealousy doesn’t come up in her heart. All there is a feeling of loneliness because he doesn’t care about her and she didn’t think it was strange or anything.

 The reason for this is that Ayano’s importance to Shuu has changed from herself to Shuu.

 Ayano herself believed that people become jealous because they value themselves more than the other person they love.

 She is unilaterally showing a one-sided great deal of affection to Shuu, but she does not expect the same from Shu. However, she hoped that Shuu would not hate her and that she would have his company when he came back home. And that was enough for her.

 It is safe to say that she is no longer interested in any other guy but Shuu.

 Even Sakaki, whom she used to like a little, is looked at with cold eyes nowadays, wondering why she is interested in him. She also hasn’t talked much with Sakaki since then.

 Initially, when he invited her to play with him, she made many excuses such as she was not in a good mood, but gradually she got tired of saying no to his invitations and as soon as she complained to Shu about it, Sakaki suddenly stopped talking to her.

 In fact, it seems that Sakaki is even avoiding her more than Shuu.

 She does not know how they talked about it, but she is sure that Shuu said something to Sakaki. The timing was too good to be considered a coincidence. Then, as a result, Ayano’s opinion of Shuu as a dependable person was further enhanced.

 After thinking about it, Ayano’s body jumps.

 Masturbation certainly makes her feel good. But she also felt that this was not it.

 She is aware that she has become addicted to s*x with Shuu. She is also aware that she has become the kind of woman who would flirt with a man that Ayano despises.

 But even the fact that she has become such a woman seems to make her happy now.


 Main Character’s Perspective

 ”Ah, ah… Mmm… My butt feels amazing.”

 ”What is it? Does Ayano dog feel so good here?”

 ”Hyaan, It’s so embarrassing. Because Shuu is fingering Ayano’s butt. Shuu should not be in such a dirty place.”

 ”But, your ass hole is so tight, and now you’re saying that? Are you okay with that? I’m really gonna pull my finger out, you know”

 ”No, no. Please give it more. Ayano really likes it in the butt. I want you to play with my butt more.”

 Ayano was on all fours and wiggling her ass in front of me.

 She tried to cover it up by saying she was imitating a dog or something, but the way she raised her ass up and pointed it at me showed her desire to be touched in the ass.

 Even a little finger trace around her anus made her buck her hips, and her cunt started dripping.

 Judging from the aura of [Excitement] and [Anticipation], it was clear that Ayano was only pretending to be reluctant.

 The reaction was more than I expected when I put my finger in her butt. I even thought that maybe she was feeling it more than her pussy.

 ”Heh. I didn’t know Ayano was a pervert who gets cum in her ass. Such a pervert is said to be the most beautiful girl in school. I wonder what the guys who like you would think if they knew that Ayano, who’s usually so proud of herself, is actually such a pervert.”

 ”Only Shuu. Only Shuu is allowed to see such a perverted Ayano. Ahhh, ahhh… my butt feels so good.”

 The tightness is a little stronger in the anus.

 But it still sucks like a pussy. I understood without inserting it that it was a very comfortable hole.

 ”Well, it’s very tight. If you can cum with just my finger in your ass-cunt, I guess I will put my dick in there.”

 ”Yes, I’m fine. Ayano wants your dick. Please put Shuu’s dick in my butt.”


 Without much resistance, Ayano’s asshole swallows my dick. I pushed it deep into her ass and started to move my hips slowly.

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