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Chapter 23 Phone Call from Mother

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Third Person Perspective

 Ayano clearly felt the sensation of a foreign object entering her anus

 Even before the penetration, she was afraid that she might come from the anticipation alone. And now, at the moment of the insertion into the hole she had been waiting for, her mind went blank with the stimulation that seemed to pierce her brain to the very core

 In a normal sense, this is a hole that should never be inserted

 But she felt a sense of immorality that a p*nis had entered there. Such a sense of anticipation and immorality was in her mind at the same time, but even this was just a spice for her pleasure. Originally, she had been sticking her finger in the anal hole. Although she knew that the hole was also a sensible place, her brain was filled with more pleasure than she had imagined in her head, and all that escaped from Ayano’s mouth was a wild moan of pleasure

 ”Ah… Ah… Ah… Ahhh…”

 It was natural that the sensation was different from the one when she had been put in her cunt

 But perhaps the act of anal s*x itself was more special to Ayano than the difference in sensation

 She was on all fours like a dog and was being penetrated from behind with a pseudo-anal penetration. It was an act she had been waiting for, but at the same time, it was proof that she had surrendered to Shuu as a female from the bottom of her heart

 Although she had already devoted herself to Shuu from the bottom of her heart, she was not ready to give up her life

 Still, she does not think that this was a mistake. Rather, for some reason, this pleasure seems to have taken away what little remained inside her. It was violent as if she were being raped

 And all she could do now was to surrender and bow down to the sensation

 (This is great. My ass-pussy is amazing. I can feel it stirring in my stomach. It feels so good I’m going to die. It’s driving me crazy.)

 The pleasure of her rectum being gouged out was so great that Ayano was worried that she might go crazy from the pleasure

 The pleasure was so strong that Ayano feared she would lose her mind

 However, it is not unpleasant

 Rather, the pressure in the pit of her stomach, a sensation similar to oppression, was causing her to feel both physical pleasure and mental pleasure

 Well, even normal s*x is incredibly pleasurable

 After all, when Shuu ejaculated on her, she felt as if she was living for this moment

 But now, this is not the same as the happy pleasure, this is the pleasure to make a woman submit. She felt that this was a pleasure to remind her that she was just a miserable female

 The shame of being fucked in the ass is rewritten as love and reverence for Shuu

 More strongly than when she was fucked in the cunt

 Every time he digs deep inside her, she feels as if he is ordering her to memorize the shape of his p*nis in her anus. It’s as if she’s telling him implicitly that her asshole is a hole for pleasuring his p*nis

 *Thrust! Thrust!

 The p*nis penetrated deep into her body as if it were a wedge as if it were cutting into the part of her that lay deep in her heart

 Ayano had wished for this herself, but she almost felt as if she was being forcibly penetrated to dominate her. She herself thought that she must be a slut, since she felt joy at the thought of being penetrated

 However, Shuu’s movements were very slow

 She couldn’t help but feel frustrated

 She had been so absorbed in the pleasure of being rushed that it drove her crazy, and she had lost her strength a while ago

 Her crotch is leaking pee, and her hands are trembling on the floor. Her upper body has fallen down because of it, and her big boobs are crushed on the floor

 Still, she held her buttocks high in the air, so that she could accept a p*nis as much as possible

 Now, her mind is occupied with the pleasure she gets from anal intercourse. Even in such a muddled state, her body was more greedily seeking the p*nis

 ”Does it feel so good in your ass?”

 ”Ah, ah, ah… My ass-pussy is so good. Haah, hahhh… it’s great, it’s so great…! Ayano feels great in the asshole. I’m sorry for being an asshole pervert. But, ah, ah, ah… please. Ayano’s perverted ass pussy, please make me cum more with Shuu’s strong p*nis… Ah, ah, ahhhh…”

 She wants Shuu to thrust into her roughly and roughly as he did to her pussy, and make her more aware of her position as Shuu’s pet

 Such is what Ayano finds herself wishing for

 She also wants Shuu to abuse her and treat her as less than a human being

 If it makes Shuu happy, then she feels happy

 She also realizes that she is having such an abusive thoughts now. The fact that she had gotten so much pleasure from the anal torture had torn her to shreds, even the slightest bit of pride that remained in her, and made her realize that she belonged to Shuu

 Now, she wiggled her hips as if begging

 It might have been her imagination, but she even felt her anus moving like a living creature. It was as if it was desperately trying to swallow Shuu’s p*nis

 It was embarrassing to her that she becomes such a pervert and had such a lewd anus

 And yet, she reaches down and starts rubbing her pussy

 Her cunt is surprisingly wet and slippery to her own surprise, and her slippery love juice begins to make a sticky and lewd sound. Her hard erect clitoris was so sensitive that just a slight touch made her hips jump involuntarily

 Now, every part of her body felt so good that Ayano was not sure if she had just come in the anus or in the clitoris. Still, her body was seeking more pleasure, and she began to move her hips frantically to entertain the cock in her asshole

 ”Ah, ah, ah… Shuu’s p*nis is amazing! I love this p*nis that is making Ayano feel so good inside of me. Ayano can’t live without this p*nis… Ah, ah, ah!”

 ”Hey, don’t move your ass so hard. I’m at my limit, I’m gonna come soon, okay?”

 ”Ah, ah, ah, hahh… Put it out! Please. The moment you cum is the happiest moment for me, Ayano!!!”

 If he shot his semen in her ass right now, she’d fly away for sure

 From experience, Ayano knew this in her head. If that happened, she would be in heaven for a while

 She had a slight desire for a little more anal torture, but her cunt tingled just remembering the moment she had been cummed on

 Even Ayano, who had never had s*x before, knew that her reaction was a little strange. Like the first time she felt this unbelievable sensation, she suspected that she was drugged

 Still, Ayano couldn’t keep doubting once her body had experienced that sensation

 Following Ayano’s words, Shuu’s hips began to move wildly, and finally, as if to stop her, he pushed deep into Ayano

 At that moment, Ayano felt something hot being expelled into her stomach, and she sank into the most wonderful feeling of euphoria


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